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									                                   Bentley Golf Club

                          JUNE 2009 NEWSLETTER
      Newsletter Date
      JUNE 2009

      01277 373179
      01277 372933 (Pro
                                       CHAIRMAN’S REPORT
                             I am pleased to inform you that we       The golf course, the catering and
                             have completed our fifth year as a       the pro shop are forces to be reck-
  Inside this issue          Members Club and the accounts            oned with within the golfing commu-
                             are looking very promising, al-          nity, so let’s make the most of our
  •     Chairman’s Report
                             though I should tell you that we are     strengths and tell all our friends.
  •     Captains Report
  •     Lady Captain’s Re-
                             awaiting the final figures from the      So shout it out, make a noise, bang
        port                 auditors, so we are not counting         the drum! This is not a time to be
  •     PLC                  any chickens just yet!                   shy!
  •     Finance
  •     House                It would appear that even in this        I know it is early but our next news-
  •     Competitions         very tough market place we have          letter will not be issued before we
  •     Course Report        made a profit on both Catering and       send out the A.G.M. information, so
  •     Diary
                             the Pro Shop, something in No-           I thought it best to remind you that
  •     Veterans Report
  •     Pro Shop             vember/December we did not think         we need members to stand for
  •     Juniors              was possible. My congratulations         Committees. It is important for the
  •     Secretary’s Report   go to all concerned.                     wellbeing of the club that we keep
                                                                      up our Committee numbers. If we
                             I cannot let this letter go by without   do not get the full quotas for each
                             congratulating Mark and his team         Committee we will have to address
                             for the sterling work that they have     the Constitution and make changes
                             carried out on the course. It has        therein, something I hope can be
                             never looked or played better and I      avoided. If anybody would like
                             have yet to hear a complaint from        some information on the workings
                             anybody, which in itself, is praise      of any Committee please let me
                             indeed!                                  know and I will try and help.

                             The ‘New Year’ is well underway          It is my sad duty to tell of the pass-
                             and the early signs are that our         ing of Diane Sparks and Robert
                             membership numbers are holding           Oliver, our thoughts are with their
                             up very well, with no real surprises.    families.
                             Yes, we have lost a number of
                             members, but no more than we
                             expected or should I no say more         Ted Thompson
                             than any other year.                     Chairman

                             Going forward, as I have said in
                             the past, we have a Golf Club to
                             be proud to be a member of, so
                             let’s encourage new members,
   We’re on the WEB
                             green fees and societies to join us.
                                                                outing against Bellfairs Golf Club but in the
                          CAPTAIN’S REPORT                      second round away to Langdon Hills faced
                                                                conditions of high winds and rain, and it was
                                                                freezing. The team lost by a single point but
                   Hi Everybody                                 in the true Bentley spirit (in which we hold
                                                                dear), the lads said it was the same condi-
                   I think the summer season is well underway tions for both sides. Well said!
                   and the look and condition of the course is
                   just fantastic, and a testament to decision- Roy Fisher's Seniors had an outstanding re-
                   making of Marks Stopps and his team as to sult at West Essex which was a very difficult
                   when things should be done, so well done to
                                                                place to go, and then had the luck to be
                   them.                                        drawn away to Orsett and lost by a single
The Captain                                                         point. Two tough draws but well played
If only my swing
                   In March I was invited by Roy Manning,           gents.
was that good      Dave Parsons and the rest of the Vets sec-
                   tion to visit the Royal Hospital Chelsea for
                                                                    I must congratulate all the people that have
                   lunch and a tour of the buildings and            Captained, managed or helped in any way
                   grounds, which was quite enlightening and a
                                                                    these teams that have represented our Club,
                   great day out. Our guide for the tour was a      including Andy Hall, Dennis Johnson, Paul
                   pensioner named Mac who was great fun            Barker, Roy Fisher, Jamie Wilton and thanks
                   and a fantastic character. We were informed
                                                                    to all those who supported the teams, not
                   that the pensioners had three meals a day        least the caddies. Thanks lads.
                   (the menu was quite extensive), Sky TV in
                   every room and £1.68 a pint. I nearly signed     The Norman Plumb team by contrast are still
                   up! On this trip the Vets raised £500 for the
                                                                    flying high with wins against Chingford and
                   hospital and I would like to thank Roy and       Colne Valley, with their next fixture against
                   Dave for the invite.                             The Essex. I think Roger Brown and his
                                                                    team should become MPs and then they
                   On to the golf, and the first thing I would like could claim for petrol and charter a helicop-
                   to do is congratulate Terry Horton on a hole-
                                                                    ter on expenses. Still, best of luck lads.
                   in-one on the 7th hole, a fantastic effort. Well
                   done Terry.                                      On Thursday 7th May the Bentley enter-
                                                                    tained The Society of Essex Golf Captains
                   Congratulations to Jason and David Lock for      New Captains Day. we had 88 former and
                   winning the winter pairs and also David
                                                                    present captains who all enjoyed a great day
                   Scott on winning the President's Putter, Jack    on our fine course and Jill's great food. Ap-
                   Fullick and Duncan Thain for the Green-          parently the normal wining score on these
                   haulgh Rhodes Trophy and Simon Leigh and
                                                                    events is 42-44 points, but off our yellow
                   Duncan Newman on winning the Britvic Tro-        tees 37 points won. I think the course won.
                   phy. The Golf Landscapes Trophy was won
                                                                    My thanks to Phil Wilson for helping me
                   by Graham Steed, the mid-week medal for          meet and greet everyone.
                   April was won by Adrian Coolbergen and the
                   May medal (Div 1) Richard Collins, (Div 2)
                                                                    On Sunday 24th May I was asked by Mau-
                   Wayne Ferris, (Div 3) Norman Christensen.        reen Low to start the Essex Youth Shield
                   Finally, I would like to congratulate John
                                                                    match between Bentley and Burstead. This
                   Moody on winning the winter singles, pre-        is a scratch competition for which our lads
                   vailing over my mate Eddie Carrick in the        surrender big handicaps. They sadly lost, but
                   final and then following that with a fantastic
                                                                    the way these young men conduct them-
                   44 points to win the May mid-week medal,         selves is a credit to the Bentley Golf Club
                   confirming that John is one of the club's
                                                                    and we should be proud of them.
                   most consistent and premier golfers. A well
                   done also to Eddie.
                                                                 Captain's Day is coming up on 6th June and
                                                                 Guest Day on 28th June with many great
                   The team competitions have had their ups prizes.
                   and downs. The Thornton Cup team came
                   across a very strong Stoke-by-Nayland team Have a great summer of golf.
                   in very windy conditions. The team did their
                   very best for the Bentley but sadly did not Paul Dickeson
                   prevail. The Leslie Wood team won their first Captain

        Page 2                                                       JUNE 2009 NEWSLETTER
                                                           Ladies events in March, April and May have been well
      Lady Captain’s Report                                attended: The Spring and Autumn Shield was won by
We have had a successful start to our Spring and Sum-      Emma English. The Ladies Peugeot winners, Angela
mer ladies golf and are pleased to welcome five new        Short and Liz Potter; the Ladies Ping, Norma Collins
lady members . I am sure you will recognise the new        and Angela Short and the May Bank Holiday, Bader
faces and give them a warm welcome. Chris Alexander        Mixed Greensomes winners, Sue and Jeff Hayward go
from Abridge is an experienced golfer; Louise Collins,     forward to area finals. Our best wishes for their suc-
Angie Bennett, Joanne Ward and Lorna Woodroffe             cess.
have recently taken up golf and are already making an      We had a fun day with the Mixed Easter Bunny Run.
impressive impact. Angie’s win in the K and K Trophy       The weather was perfect and our teams scored well.
on Monday 25 May helped secure another success for         Congratulations to Sue and Jeff Hayward and Phil Wil-
the Ladies over the Men. Eighteen ladies took part,        son with 87 points and a special mention for Pat
winning with an overall 519 points to 474. The men set     Wysling who won the Easter Bunny headdress prize,
a sporting challenge and the ladies responded well. It     and to Bobbie and Thelma for their support with re-
was a fun packed event!                                    freshments and prize table
We were greatly saddened by the recent death of Diane      The Vets and Ladies Texas Scramble was well sup-
Sparks and condolences were sent to the family from        ported; the food, wine and delightful male hosts were a
the Ladies Committee on behalf of Lady Members; a          perfect complement to an enjoyable golfing day. Mar-
donation of £40 was made to the Helen Rollason Heal        garet Miller, Brian Jones and Derek Harty won the
Cancer Charity from Ladies Day golf.                       team prize and Wanda Ratsma, Sandra Myles, Cliff
The favourable weather is encouraging many more la-        Wood and Mike Capper were runners- up.
dies to take part in our midweek and weekend medals        Anne Warwick and Deirdre Harvey played in the Essex
and qualifying competitions. We have a packed ladies’      Seniors Championship Qualifier in April, a competition
competition calendar throughout the season; our Medal      off scratch held at Abridge. Anne missed out by a cou-
winners in March were Tracey Derbyshire and Deirdre        ple of shots to qualify for day two in the match play sec-
Harvey; in April, Pat Wysling and Sue Hayward. The         tion; Deirdre did get through but eventually lost to a six
May Day medal winners were Elaine Marshall and Mar-        -handicapper. Our congratulations to you both!
garet Miller and the Winter Barnes Trophy was won by       Deirdre and her Daily Mail Foursomes partner, Pam
Maureen Low and Alan Levett; runners-up were Sharon        Grieve have won through to the fourth round of the
Brooks and Denis Johnson. Congratulations to you all.      competition. Margaret Miller is through to the third
The new ladies 10th tee was inaugurated in April. It has   round of the Ida Bunting Cup and the Munro Cup team
received complimentary comments all round. Now our         are through to their third round in June. We have some
only problem is that line of the trees half way down the   dedicated and successful competitors. They are keep-
fairway!. Any ideas Mark? We look forward to future        ing the banner flying for Bentley!
upgrades of other ladies tees as the Club funds permit.    Our 27- hole Spring Meeting was a successful event.
                                                           The 18- hole medal qualifier Trophy winner was Maria
                                                           Stretch with a score of 74; runners up were Olivia Hall
                                                           with 75; Pam Grieve with 76. The 9-hole Yellow Peril
                                                           team winners in the afternoon were Linda Rolph, Mar-
                                                           garet Miller and Sandra Myles. I shall not mention the
                                                           only person to lose the Yellow ball! Compliments to
                                                           Gill and staff who served up a delicious meal of fresh
                                                           salmon, asparagus and summer fruits.
                                                           The sun shone for our Guest Day and the Course was
                                                           a treat! We welcomed a wide range of visitors from
                                                           neighbouring Clubs. Scores were high and visitors
                                                           were enthusiastic about the club, the food and the won-
                                                           derful playing conditions. Winners were Grace Hockley
                                                           from South Essex and Hazel Winston with 46 points.
L to R: Maria Stretch, Mary Mahoney, Joan Ponting,         Our congratulations to Mark and the greenkeeping
Glynis Crane- Barnes, Andy Parsons and Lady Captain        team on their efforts.
Olivia Hall at the opening of the new 10th tee.            The Ladies look forward to organising the Mixed Open
Our Thorndon and Leslie Wood Mens’ teams met chal-         on 4 June; to supporting Paul on his Captain’s Day on
lenging opposition in their first rounds; the match        6 June and having a successful Lady Captain’s Away
against a very strong young Stoke by Nayland team          day to Hintlesham Hall on 29 June.
was a tough call whilst the other match was close; well    My sincere thanks to a hard working Ladies Committee
done to the competitors. The level of play at both away    who are giving their unstinting support for the busy
matches was high and a pleasure to watch; Our best         schedule of ladies events; to the Team Captains and
wishes for the success of the Norman Plumb team.           teams for their enthusiasm and dedication to raising
The Ladies Bronze team is top of the Essex League          team expectations. My thanks also to Paul Dickeson,
after wins against Braintree, Cannon’s Brook and May-      the Club Captain and Roger Brown, Vice Captain and
lands . We wish Captain Gina Rose and her team every       all club members whose support in Mixed and Ladies
success with the remaining three matches. Our Silver       events is very much appreciated. Let’s hope it’s a good
team has had a good win with Chigwell and are set to       golfing summer!
meet challenging teams throughout June.

Page 3                                                           JUNE 2009 NEWSLETTER
         BENTLEY GOLF HOLDINGS PLC                                     FINANCE REPORT

It is hard to believe but we have just passed the         At the time of writing this I have not had the
halfway stage (5 years on) towards the full repay-        end of year figures, but I am assured that this
ment of our bank loan. It has always been our             year, like the previous couple of years, we
stated objective to repay this over 10 years as our
                                                          will show a small surplus. In the current cli-
share subscription income is at its strongest during
that period and we remain 'on course' (pun in-
                                                          mate I have to say that is terrific so I would
tended !).                                                like to say thanks to YOU the Members. It is
                                                          in part thanks to you for supporting the Club
Share activity since the Open Evening in February         at social events and even just going to the
has been somewhat hectic with all people inter-           Club and playing golf because that means
ested in selling as at the date of the Open Evening       you are spending money in the Club and or
having now successfully concluded the sale of their       in the Pro shop.
shares. As is usual, with the start of a new mem-
bership year, a few new sellers have now appeared         This year again like last year Nick has turned
(as detailed on the "interested sellers listing" on the   in a small surplus, so thank you Nick for
main noticeboard). If anyone is interested in learn-
                                                          keeping the shop well stocked and for being
ing of the benefits of becoming a shareholder or
want to ask any questions, please contact either
                                                          able to obtain the items for the Members as
Cliff Knowlden or David Scott who can explain the         and when they require anything extra.
various options available. A booklet explaining the
process to purchase shares is available for viewing       Also at this time I would like to inform you of
in the spike bar (in upright tray to the left of the      our current Membership numbers we are as-
computer). This document is also available in the         suming that we will lose the usual 7% of
BGH section of the website. The process is simple,        members, which is what we have budgeted
and once a deal is agreed between buyer and               for, however it does not help when Members
seller, a detailed self explanatory note is sent to       do not renew on time and Andy and Alex
both people explaining exactly what to do.                have to phone nearly 80 people to see
                                                          whether they wish to continue with their
Unfortunately despite earlier requests, we are still
                                                          membership. Please, try and pay on time it
having some difficulties where members paying for
their shares by direct debit, change bankers without      will save us a lot of time and money.
notifying us of the change beforehand. This means
we then seek to collect money from an account that        Those that are on the ball will have seen that
no longer exists and we then get charged by the           the R.P.I (retail price index) is now into a
Bank , which creates something of an admin head-          negative figure. As stated in the Constitution
ache. We ask that if a shareholder paying by              we are allowed to increase subscriptions by
direct debit is going to change their bankers,            2% plus R.P.I., if this continues to fall we
can they please let David Scott know. Thanks.             could end up having to give money back on
                                                          renewal date next year!!!!
Cliff Knowlden
                                                          We will be seeking to address this issue plus
Charlie Green   thegreens_27@hotmail.co.uk                the date by which subscriptions have to be
01277 374181 (evenings)                                   paid at the A.G.M.
Bill Hall       Bill@hall242.plus.com
01277 212231
Cliff Knowlden c.knowlden@btinternet.com
01708 440512                                              Roger Winston
David Scott     davidescott@hotmail.com                   Chairman—Finance
01277 234663 (evenings)
Anne Warwick anne.warwick@hampden.co.uk
01708 349259 (evenings)

Page 4                                                      JUNE 2009 NEWSLETTER
                HOUSE REPORT
                                                  Catholic or not you have to laugh at this one.
The new boilers have now been installed for
the changing rooms and clubhouse. We
                                                  A Catholic priest and a nun were taking a rare after-
were fortunate to obtain an interest free loan    noon off and enjoying a round of golf. The priest
from the Carbon Trust for part of the cost.       stepped up to the first tee and took a mighty swing.
We have had a few teething problems with          He missed the ball entirely and said "S**t, I missed."
the changing room boiler due to a broken
electrical connection affecting the timer but     The good Sister told him to watch his language.
this is being resolved as I write.                On his next swing, he missed again. "S**t, I missed."

We had the Battery Doctor look at our bug-        "Father, I'm not going to play with you if you keep
gies and he has advised that the majority of      swearing," the nun said tartly.
the batteries are still in good condition. The
                                                  The priest promised to do better and the round con-
batteries have had a rejuvenating liquid in-
                                                  tinued. On the 4th tee, he misses again. The usual
jected and most have improved so that the         comment followed.
buggies will be in good working order for the
rest of the season. We will be purchasing         Sister is really mad now and says, "Father John,
one further Powakaddy for rental.                 God is going to strike you dead if you keep swearing
                                                  like that."
We have again had complaints from Joy
Fook regarding our encroaching on their           On the next tee, Father John swings and misses
part of the car park. The first half of the car   again. "S**t, I missed."
park up to the pole with the security cam-
eras attached belongs to the restaurant and       A terrible rumble is heard and a gigantic bolt of light-
                                                  ning comes out of the sky and strikes Sister Marie
the back half is for the golf club. Please
                                                  dead in her tracks.
avoid parking in any of the bays within any
of the front four lines immediately after the     And from the sky comes a booming voice .......
entrance. Your cooperation will be appreci-
ated as we wish to avoid JF taking further        "S**t, I missed!"
action. In need, the gates to the practice
field will be opened for overflow parking.

Sunday Lunches will continue twice monthly
throughout the summer provided they have
continued support – we need at least 30 at-
tendees to break even.

Trevor Martin
House Chairman


                      Page 5                                                      JUNE 2009 NEWSLETTER
                             COMPETITIONS & HANDICAP REPORT

Gaining ones first handicap

To obtain a handicap a player must submit at least 3 cards. These should be dated, clearly indi-
cating which tees have been used and marked and signed by a responsible person acceptable to
the handicap committee. When the submitted cards are reviewed any score of more than 2 over
Par for men and 3 for ladies are amended to 2 (3) over Par respectively. After these adjustments
have been made a handicap is awarded which equals the number of strokes by which the best of
the submitted rounds differs from the Standard Scratch Score. These cards should normally be
submitted within a period of 6 months.

March 2009 Medal (109 competitors)
Div 1                     Div 2                       Div 3
Jamie Wilton (05) 41pts   Stephen Warner (13) 39pts           Roy Porter (22) 34pts
Tony Smith (12) 39pts     Ian Jamieson (13) 39pts             John Tolan (28) 32pts
Mike Vincent (09) 38pts   Terry Hourihan (13) 38pts           David Birch (22) 31pts

Lay & Wheeler Trophy (SPP) March 2009 (74 competitors)
1st Richard Collins (08) 43pts 2nd Josh Rumsey (08) 38pts           3rd Bill Hall (19) 38pts

March 2009 Midweek Medal (34 competitors)
Gary Boyes (15) 37pts
Truman Cup (SPP) March 2009 (73 competitors)
1st Wayne Rumsey (17) 41pts 2nd Richard Collins (07) 40pts 3rd Stephen Trott (13) 39pts

Toveglen Trophy March 2009 ( 49 pairs)
1st Clive Shaw 40pts          2nd James McCayna 39pts               3rd Tony Mann 39pts
Mark Warren                   Brian Holdgate                        Neil Fowler

April 2009 Medal (118 competitors)
Div 1                     Div 2                       Div 3
Kevin Goldsmith (07) 42pts        Jason Lock (14) 43pts       Tony Mann (25) 38pts
Paul Brooks (11) 41pts            Terry Dearlove (19) 38pts Mark Wood (28) 37pts
Daniel Mead (06) 40pts            Graham Card (13) 38pts      Neil Fowler (22) 35pts

President’s Putter April 2009 (80 competitors)
1st David Scott (13) 7up 2nd Anthony Higgs (11) 6up 3rd Steven Heard (05) 5up

Greenhaulgh Rhodes Cup April 2009 (54 pairs)
1st Jack Fullick 44pts 2nd John Bantick 43pts         3rd Lee Alexander 42pts
Duncan Thain           Nick Bantick                   Gavin Dobinson

April 2009 Midweek Medal (23 competitors)
Adrian Coolbergen (27) 38pts

June 2009 Newsletter                                                   Page 6
May 2009 Medal (113 competitors)
Div 1                   Div 2                         Div 3
Richard Collins 74-07=6 Wayne Ferris 83-20=63         Norman Christensen 93-21=72
William Davis 75-07=68 Peter Rolph 87-19=68           Victor Maeder 100-28=72
Ian Jamieson 80-12=68   Stephen Trott 82-13=69        Neil Fowler 95-22=73

Britvic Trophy 2009 (38 pairs)
1st Simon Leigh 50pts    2nd Mike Toft 50pts 3rd Jason Lee 48pts
Duncan Newman            Ken Wills           Ian Collins

Simon & Duncan will represent Bentley at the International Pairs competition.

Golf Landscapes Trophy 2009 (99 competitors)
1st Graham Steed (20) 38pts  2nd Clive Shaw (14) 37pts 3rd John Kebbell (19) 37pts

May 2009 Midweek Medal (53 competitors)
John Moody (02) 44pts. What a fantastic round!!

Treasurer’s Shield (52 pairs)
1stRobert Edge (07) 42pts        2nd Daniel Rodwell (13) 42pts     3rd Jack Fullick (12) 42pts
Paul Barker                      Dennis Easen                      Alan Bellett

Have you made your handicap active for 2010 yet? All you have to do is enter
3 qualifying competitions in 2009 and your handicaps will automatically be-
come active in 2010. Don’t delay – enter a qualifying competition today!!!!!

John Wheatley

                     Page 7                                                JUNE 2009 NEWSLETTER
                 COURSE REPORT
                                                             Although the daytime temperatures had been
Following the hollow coring treatment to the greens          very warm during April the nights were still very
in March, I was asked on several occasions why we            cold, which was cancelling out the day tempera-
carry out this work when we do. I have asked Mark            tures so the actual soil temperature were still very
to provide members with a detailed explanation as to         low. Also we had the dilemma of whether or not
the logic of when we conduct this essential mainte-          we apply cold water from our water supply or wait
nance work.                                                  for some warm rain. We waited as long as we
                                                             possibly could before applying some irrigation to
Up until the 18th May the course had received only           them as they were drying out rapidly. This cre-
25mm of rain in the previous 15 weeks. The lack of           ated more problems because we were applying
moisture has caused a few problems with the recov-           water that was 2-3 degrees lower in temperature
ery of the greens from the hollow coring treatment           to the soil under the green surface, which at the
that was carried out on them during March.                   time was about 8 degrees. So adding the irriga-
                                                             tion water was bringing the soil temperatures
The hollow coring of the greens is an essential part         back down again to somewhere near 4 degrees,
of the greens maintenance programme and no mat-              which the turf did not like. The turf on the greens
ter what time of the year this work is carried out it will   will not really start growing until the soil tempera-
always upset a few. The Course Manger, Club Man-             tures start reaching double figures so, as you can
ager and Course Chairman sit down together with              understand, irrigating the greens was never going
the diary and agree a suitable date for both the             to improve them, just keep them from drying out.
Spring and the late Summer renovation. Usually we            We needed to be patient and wait for some warm
agree on towards the end of March to carry out the           rain to see any improvement. We cannot force
work, as usually this is a quiet time for societies, it      nature, frustrating as it may be. You would also
does not interfere with any major competitions. It is        have noticed that the Annual Meadow Grass on
also good for the greenstaff as normally during              the greens has been seeding quite heavily, this is
March there is not a great deal of grass to cut and          down to the plant being very stressed through
the winter programme work is coming to an end. It            lack of warmth and moisture and like any other
has been suggested that we core too early in the             plant, if the stress becomes serious then the
year when recovery is sometimes slow, however we             plant naturally tries to reproduce.
cannot predict the weather and it pretty much comes
down to luck no matter when we carry out this work.          The course has now received over an inch of rain
A good example was this year where the work was              during the past week and the greens have im-
finished on Tuesday 24th March and it rained for the         proved massively over the last week.
rest of that week. That was the last significant rainfall
we had until the 18th of May.        If the greens had       The new tees on the 8th and 10th that were con-
been cored anytime after 24 March then we would              structed during the winter have now had the irri-
have been struggling even more than we have done             gation supply installed to them and both are per-
so because of the extreme temperatures and lack of           forming well.
moisture received after that date. We hollow core the
greens for a number of reasons.                              All of the ditches around the course have had a
                                                             growth retardant applied to them to slow up the
1. To improve surface drainage.                              growth, which reduces the amount of man hours
2. To relieve compaction created by golfers and              it takes to maintain them and also, the less time
   machinery.                                                the staff are in and out of the ditches the less
3. To improve root growth                                    chance of any H & S issues or accidents.
4. To encourage oxygen into the root zone                    The sick looking conifer that stood behind the
5. Over-seeding.                                             10th tee has now been removed and will be re-
6. To remove any thatch.                                     placed with a Laurel hedge during the autumn
The last on the list, thatch removal, is extremely im-
portant because if the thatch levels on the greens           Over the next few weeks the greens will be top-
are not kept under control it would result in soft           dressed as much as possible to create a
spongy greens that become very susceptible to dis-           smoother putting surface and some new bunker
ease and therefore virtually unplayable during the           sand has been ordered to top up any bunkers
winter months. Most of the greens had over two               that require any fresh sand. There have been a
inches of thatch eight years ago, that’s why tempo-          few comments that the sand we purchase is
rary greens were played on throughout the winter.            building sand and contains stones, I can assure

June 2009 Newsletter                                         Page 8
you the Club buy a quality bunker sand from a very
reputable source which contains 0% stones. The
stones that appear in the bunkers are those that
migrate through the soil beneath the bunker, fall
from the face of the bunker or from the drainage
installed in the bunkers, not from the newly im-
ported sand. Many of you would have noticed the
wet area in front of the large bunker on the 2nd. This
is due to the main 2-inch pipe of the irrigation sys-
tem that feeds water to sprinkler heads around the
course. It has a small split in it and as soon as we
receive a wet spell of weather and do not require to
use the irrigation system then this pipe will be re-

Could we also remind members to repair their pitch
marks and divots and please use the divot mixture
supplied in boxes on the tees?

We have now owned the course for just over 5
years and during that time many improvements
have been made. These improvements have been
funded by both Bentley Golf Club Ltd, i.e. the mem-
bers and Bentley Golf Holdings PLC, the PLC

A detailed list of the improvements will be posted on
the various notice boards around the Clubhouse
within the next few days. Early in our ownership
Mark and I hosted an open evening, when we in-
formed members of the future plans for the course.
We plan to hold another similar event in the early
autumn when members will be able to hear future
plans for the course. Members are always invited
to submit constructive ideas and suggestions in
writing to me, and these will be discussed at the
course meetings. All written suggestions will re-
ceive a written response.

Finally, it has been decided by the Course Commit-
tee that, for a trial period, marker flags will be
placed on the flagsticks to indicate where the flag is
situated on the greens. This decision will be re-
viewed in 6 months. It will be very interesting to
see if scores improve.

Alan Levett—Course Chairman
Mark Stopps—Course Manager

                        Page 9                           JUNE 2009 NEWSLETTER
Page 10   JUNE 2009 NEWSLETTER
                                           ITEMS FOR SALE/EXCHANGE
    BARRETTS FITTED                  ————————————————————

                                     A successful swing allows good timing on the
                                     golf ball delivered from correct technique.
FOR ALL YOUR BEDROOM                 However if you have poor mobility in the hip
                                     and torso area it is likely your game is suffering.
AND STUDY FURNITURE                  Many people never give this a thought but it is
NEEDS PLEASE CALL :                  time they did. Whatever level of golfer you are,
                                     poor flexibility around the torso and hip areas
                                     will hold back your game.

ANDY BARRETT                         I offer sports and remedial massage therapy
                                     treatments, working hard to release mobility
07871 303433                         problems. Also treating other muscular aches
                                     and pains, back ache and posture problems.
01708 438239
                                     I qualified with a Sports Science Btec National
                                     Diploma. Before going on to complete diplo-
•    ALL WORK MANUFACTURED           mas in Personal Fitness Training, sports ther-
     AND INSTALLED TO THE            apy and a professional diploma in sports and
                                     remedial massage therapy. I have four years’
     HIGHEST SPECIFICATIONS          experience working in sports massage therapy,
                                     personal one to one fitness training and reha-
                                     bilitation work.
     THROUGH RECOMMENDA-             My clinic is based in Brentwood where treat-
                                     ment and assessments are offered.
                                     For further information or to book an appoint-
•    ALL WORK GUARANTEED             ment contact:

                                     MIKE COOPER SPORTS AND REMEDIAL
                                     Dip LSSM MISRM (Dip PT)
     OURS TO CHOOSE FROM,            07841 900 241
                                     To place your advert please contact the of-
                                     fice only 50p per add. All proceeds to the
•    FREE QUOTATION SERVICE          Captains Charity



              June 2009 Newsletter                          Page 11
DIARY                                                 TUES 23RD   HAVERING G.S. (20+)
JUNE 2009                                                         1ST TEE    09.00 & 13.00
                                                                  PHOENIX G.S. (16+) 1ST TEE
TUES 2ND               LIONS GOLF DAY (40) 1ST TEE                12 NOON    WED 24TH
                       1.30                                       VETS SUMMER CHARITY
WED 3RD                BENTLEY V CANONS BROOK                     LADIES MIDSUMMER CUP
                       (HOME)                         THU 25TH    VETS V CANONS BROOK
                       LADIES MEDAL                               (AWAY)
THURS 4TH              MIXED OPEN –                               MILLENNIUM CUP –
                       COURSE CLOSED FROM 12                      COURSE CLOSED ALL
                       NOON TO 4PM                                DAY
                       SEX (AWAY)                                 GOLF DAY 1st TEE 9.15 &
                       CHERRY TREE SOCIETY (16)                   12.30
                       TIMES TBA                                  DAVID WHITE (18) 1ST
SAT 6TH                CAPTAIN’S DAY – COURSE                     TEE 16.00
                       CLOSED                         SAT 27TH    JUNIOR CHAMPION SHIP
SUN 7TH                LADIES MEDAL                   SUN 28TH    MENS GUEST DAY –
                       SUNDAY LUNCH                               COURSE CLOSED
MON 8TH                THE OLD BELL G.S. (24) 1ST     TUES 30TH   HOWARD SWAN GOLF DAY
                       TEE 10.30
TUES 9TH               WAGS (20) 1ST TEE 13.00
                       VETS ECLECTIC
                       EARL OF DARTMOUTH G.S.
                       (18-20) 1ST TEE tba
FRI 12TH               CAVALIERS G.S. (TBA) 1ST TEE
                       9AM & 12.30
                       STEVE TROTT (15-21) 1ST TEE
SAT 13TH               JUNE MEDAL
                       LADIES DAILY MAIL FOUR
                       JUNIOR STABLEFORD
                       PRIVATE PARTY PM
                       PARK (HOME)                    PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THERE
                       VETS V CHANNELS (AWAY)         ARE FIRST AIDERS WHO
                       7.30 BRIDGE                    SHOULD BE CONTACTED IN AN
                       SOMES                          ELAINE BRIMSON, MARK
                       VETS GEMINI PAIRS              STOPPS AND ANDY DARNELL.
                       MIDWEEK STABLEFORD
THU 18TH               MAY & BAKER SANOFI (12-20)
                       1ST TEE 08.30 & 13.30
FRI 19TH               RAPID GOLF DAY (21)
                       1ST TEE 13.00
SUN 21ST               EMERSON PARK CUP
MON 22ND               WILLOWS G.S. (22) 1ST TEE
                       09.00 & 13.00

June 2009 Newsletter                                  Page 12

  201 CLUB


     June 2009 Newsletter   Page 13
                                        VETERAN’S SECTION

On Monday 23rd of March a party of Vets, their wives and friends went to the Royal Chelsea Hospital, the
home of the Chelsea Pensioners. We had a guided tour around the hospital and grounds and were taken
around by a very spritely 84 year old Pensioner (and yes he plays golf). We were also joined for the day
by the Club Captain, Paul Dickeson and a good day was had by all.

On Monday 20th April we played away at Theydon Bois and came away with a 5 – 3 win; this was our first
friendly of the season.

Results for Wednesday 18/02/09 42 played.
                       1st Division                                                     2nd Division
                    Hcp Score Cut                                              Hcp     Score Cut
 st                                                           st
1 Gorden Reid       19       31     3                        1 Brian Brett     18      31        3
2nd George Bent      9       30     2                        2nd Mike Anthon y 23       28       2
3rd Roger Winston   17     27c/b    1                        3rd Fred Cousins  23       27c/b 1

Results for Wednesday 25/02/09 42 played.
Today we played the 3 club competition playing off of club handicaps not the veterans handicaps.

1st Gorden Reid          19   36                         5th Peter Rolph         19     31c/b
2nd Ron Williams         25   34                        6th Water Brand          12     31
3rd Derek Harty          22   32                        7th George Bent          10     30c/b
4th David Upfold         15   31c/b                     8th Adrian Watering      23     30

Results for Wednesday 4/03/09 24 played,               due to the low numbers only two for each division
1st Peter Rolph     19     35    3                       1st Adrian Watering   19    39 3
2nd Roger Winston   16     34    2                      3RD Colin Ingle        21    31     1

On Wednesday 11th March we played the Spring Charity Competition and a total of £146 was raised for
charity . Tthe winner was Bill Hall with a score of 38 points, he has decided to donate half to the Lady
Captains Charity and the other half to Kids in Need.

Results for Wednesday 18th March          46 Played.
                    1st Division                                     2nd Division
 st                                                     st
1 George Blyth      16       31       3                1 John King           22        42    3
2nd George Bent     6        30       2                2nd Derek Harty       22        34    2
3rd Norman Green    11       28       1                3rd Frank Townley      21       33    1

Results For Wednesday 25th March      37 played
1st David Upfold           12         33     3                     1st Roy Manning     23    39    3
2nd Gorden Reid            16         27     2                     2nd Ron Frost       21    30c/b 2
3rd Peter Steed            17         26c/b 1                      3rd Mike Anthony    21    30    1

Results for Wednesday 1st April 45 played.
1st John McNeice    7       29c/b 3                    1st Brain Anderson        24    36    3
2nd Norman Green    10      29     2                   2nd Bob Gibbs             24    31     2
3rd Bill Pamphillon 16      28c/b 1                    3rd Alan Chetwin          28    30    1

Results for Wednesday 8th April 37 played.
1st Peter Rolph     16      34    3                    1st John Jones                  18    33    3
2nd Norman Green     8      31    2                    2nd Derek Harty                 20    32    2
3rd Peter King      19      30c/b 1                    3rd Fred Cousins                22    30c/b 1

Results for Wednesday 15th April      48 played.
1st Gorden Reid            14          37     3                    1st Ron Williams    21    34    3
2 Dave Heather             15          35     2                    2nd John King        19   30c/b 2
3rd George Bent             5          35     1                    3rd Peter Mockett   21    30    1

  June 2009 Newsletter                                             Page 14
Wednesday 22nd April
The Vets and the Ladies played a friendly Texas Scramble together with a meal afterwards.

Monday 27th April, we play away at Upminster and came away with a 4-4 draw
Results for Wednesday 29/04/09

                            1st Division                                                2nd Division
                       Hcp Score Cut                                          Hcp      Score      Cut
1st Water Brand          13    34        3                   1st Dave Poole   25         37        3
2nd Norman Green          7     32        2                  2nd Tony Wastell 24         36        2
3rd Trevor Martin        19     31        1                  3rd Ron Williams 17         31       1

On Tuesday 5th May The Veterans hosted the Mike Stammers Trophy. This is a annual competition
that involves 5 other clubs - Langdon Hills, Stock Brook Manor, Crondon Park, Stapleford Abbots and
Weald Park, with the final winners being the Veterans of Bentley . (Well done to all of you that played) .

On Wednesday we played our first home game of the year against Channels Veterans and came out
the winners with a final score of 6 1/2 to 1 1/2 .

18 also played the normal Wednesday games with the following results .
1st David Lawson 32pts Cut 3 on count back.
2nd David king      32pts Cut 2
 3rd Dave Pithers 30pts Cut 1.

On Monday 11th May we played away to Romford and lost 5 to 3 but all had an enjoyable day and look
forward to the return match at home.

Results for Wednesday 13 May. 41 played.
                   1st Division.                             2nd Division.
                  Hcp      Score Cut                                                Hcp    Score Cut
1st Cliff Wood     17            33c/b  3                    1st Dave Poole         22      33     3
2 Peter Mockett 20               33    2                     2nd David Lawson       25     32c/b 2
3rd Ron Lofts     16             32    1                     3rd John Pike          23     32    1

On Thursday 14th May Dave Upfold, Brian Jones, Dave Poole, and Adrian Watering represented
the Veterans at the Essex Boys Charity day held at the Bentley and came in with the best score of the
day—well done to you all.

Results for Wednesday 20th May. 42 Played.
                        Hcp    Score    Cut                                         Hcp    Score Cut
1st Walter Brand   10      37      3                         1st Dave Birch         23    33    3
2nd Tom Minnis      8      36       2                        2nd Derek Harty        18c/b 30     2
3rd Roger Winston 14       33      1                         3rd Dave Poole         19      30   1

Last but not least, many thanks to Mark and his team for all their hard work out on the course, all the
players from the other visiting clubs that have played at the Bentley this year have commented about
the good condition the course has been in.

Roy Manning.
Veterans Captain 2009

                      Page 15                                                      JUNE 2009 NEWSLETTER

The sun’s arrived so I will be out playing soon
but I must be getting older because the last 6
months have flown by.

Anyway the new stock for the 09 season has
arrived—Galvin Green clothing, Footjoy shoes,
Cutter & Buck shirts and slipovers and for the
brave men out there, some nice white trousers.

We tried the new Bridgestone balls but will start
to re-stock Srixon soon. Power caddy have
brought out the new Freeway 2 trolley and ap-
parentley we are the cheapest anywhere!

Don’t forget Titleist fitting centre—great prices!

If there is anything you would like to see in the
shop please ask and we will see if we can help.

Thanks to all the members for their support last
year. I know it is difficult with the credit crunch       IMPROVE YOUR GAME
biting but we will always try and match, if not
                                                      NICK GARRETT       CLUB   PROFES-
beat , any price you get - so just ask.
Happy golfing.                                        £20.00 HALF HOUR

                                                      £35.00 ONE HOUR VIDEO
                                                      DISCOUNT FOR MEMBERS
                                                      SEE NICK FOR DETAILS - COURSE
                                                      LESSONS ALSO AVAILABLE.

                                                      PLEASE ASK FOR ANY OTHER RE-

Page 16                                                JUNE 2009 NEWSLETTER
           7TH NOVEMBER 2009


                 7 P.M. TILL LATE




       Page 17                      JUNE 2009 NEWSLETTER
          Active/Inactive Handicaps
The English Golf Union and English Women’s Golf Association are
launching a system that identifies the competitive nature of all mem-
bers with a CONGU handicap.

As of January 1st 2010 all members are required to return at least 3
qualifying scores (Supplementary Scores & 9 hole qualifying events in-
cluded) per year in order to have an Active handicap. Those who fail to
return the stipulated number of scores will still retain a CONGU handi-
cap but may be prevented from entering certain events where an
Active handicap is required as part of the entry conditions.

Please ensure you try and submit at least 3 qualifying scores during
2009 to ensure an Active handicap for the start of 2010.

For further information please contact the Handicapping Committee or
visit the EGU website www.englishgolfunion.org

Page 18                                 JUNE 2009 NEWSLETTER
                JUNIOR REPORT                           Handicaps: Handicaps have been moving ever
                                                        downwards, and since the last Newsletter Charlie
The membership remains roughly the same at 60,          Sinclair, Jack Phillips and Bobby Finn have re-
depending on possibly one or two more not renew-        duced to 18 or below and can now play in the
ing for one reason or another, e.g. attained the age    Mens’ competitions, as long as there is an adult
of 18, or other sport - usually football - has taken    in the group. In addition, Alex Bauer, Joe Finn,
precedence. However we have just taken on 4             Jake Gordon, Ryan Scott, Isaac Hayden, Sam
new Juniors, so spaces are being quickly filled.        Farrow, Jake Brittleton and Lee Myers have also
County Competitions: The successes of our regu-         all achieved handicap cuts. Daniel Shepheard
lar players have been remarkable, and really put        has reduced into the CONGU system and plays
Bentley on the map. The last week of May proved         off 28; Club Handicapper Jack Barnett is playing
to be a highlight for many of our Juniors. The first    off 29 so is close to his target of 28.
County Youth Shield match was played on Sunday          Junior Website continues to be updated almost
24th, against The Burstead at home. Last year we        weekly – good way to ensure they are aware of
did not win a game in this Scratch competition but      competitions etc. Contact is also maintained di-
this time we won 2 of the games out of 5. Not a         rectly with Juniors - mostly by email as this is
victory in match terms but certainly a ‘coming of       quick, as long as they keep checking!
age’ for our players. Both Joe Finn and Ryan Scott      Free Coaching:        A session was organised dur-
won their matches, and Josh Rumsey held a 3-            ing the Spring break and dates will be arranged
handicapper until just losing out on the 17th – so we   during the Summer break.
nearly made it. Our team was Joe Finn (Vice Cap-        Monthly Competitions: This year we are follow-
tain), Josh Rumsey, Ryan Scott, Charlie Sinclair,       ing the Mens’ system by having Medals during
Jack Phillips and Reserve Bobby Finn - who was          the year and just reverting to Stablefords during
3 down coming onto the 16th green. He birdied the       the ‘off season’ period. Club Handicappers con-
16th, won the 17th, put his 2nd shot on the green on    tinue to play Stableford throughout the year, off
the 18th, and just missed a putt to lose the 18th.      the Red tees, until they reach a 28 handicap.
Very creditable performances by all the players.        CONGU players now earn Secretary’s Plate
It was also good to see Joe Finn playing in the         points for Medals and 3 other Annual Trophy
Leslie Wood Team and there were a few moist             Competitions. This year’s Presidents Cup was
eyes around when he won his singles match!              won by Jack Phillips with 45 points, runner-up
Junior Opens: On the following Tuesday, 6 play-         Isaac Hayden, 3rd Ryan Scott. Jack Barnett for
ers entered the Romford Junior Open. Joe Finn,          the Club Handicappers came in with 45 points,
Bobby Finn and Charlie Sinclair won the Team            runner-up Daniel Shepheard with 41.
Event and were presented with replicas and prizes,      The Juniors always enjoy playing with members
and Charlie also came 2nd in the Under 16 group.        of the club and again this year they have
On the Thursday we had 4 entering the Ilford Junior     matches against the Ladies, the Vets and the
Open and this event was won by Bobby Finn, who          Monday Club. I hope to increase the challenges
was presented with an enormous trophy (which he         by including matches against the Norman Plum
couldn’t keep!) and received a golf bag as a prize.     Team and the Ladies Silver and Bronze Teams, if
A really fantastic week – they did the Club proud!      they are all willing, as this gives them more ex-
Friendly Match: Played at home against Crondon          perience ready for their own Junior County
Park in April. Teams of 9 singles. All our players      matches.
had to give shots – we won 8 matches and halved         My thanks to the Club Captain, Paul Dickeson for
one! Team: Oliver Smith (Captain), Joe Finn, Ryan       his support, together with that of Vice Captain,
Scott, Charlie Sinclair, Jack Phillips, Bobby Finn,     Roger Brown. The parents/relatives of the Jun-
Jake Gordon, Alex Bauer, Daniel Shepheard.              iors play an important part in their golf as they
Essex Mighty Masters: Four Juniors took part in         take them around to the various venues, and
this annual event at Epping Golf Course, which is       support them wonderfully - my thanks go to them,
for beginners without official handicaps. In the        too. Finally I must not forget the Juniors them-
Tournament Jack Barnett came 2nd and Daniel             selves. It is good to see more of them entering
Shepheard 3rd – they both missed out by one shot.       the competitions and very satisfying to see how
The Chipping competition was won by Jack and            they never let up working to improve their golf.
Daniel took first place in the Putting competition.
You can see below how much they have improved           Maureen Low,
since the beginning of April. Also new member           Junior Organiser
Ryan Boxall came 3rd in the Putting.

                      Page 19                                                    JUNE 2009 NEWSLETTER
                                                     MANAGING SECRETARY’S REPORT
In 1923, Who Was:
                                                  Both our Chairman and Finance Director have
1. President of the largest steel company?
                                                  mentioned the positive finances of the Club
2. President of the largest gas company?
                                                  and yes, we are doing well when other Clubs
3. President of the New York stock Ex-
                                                  are struggling.
4. Greatest wheat speculator?
                                                  However, we cannot sit back and relax we,
5. President of the Bank of International Set-
                                                  need to keep the momentum moving forward.
6. Great Bear of Wall Street?
                                                  A Big Thank You to all those who have sup-
                                                  ported the Club via the Function Room and in
These men were considered some of the
                                                  bringing Societies to the Club.
worlds most successful of their days.
                                                  We must not forget Members who bring
Now, 80 years later, the history book asks us
                                                  guests to the Club, these all are important
if we know what ultimately became of them.
                                                  revenue streams.
The Answers:
1. The president of the largest steel company.
                                                  Dress on the Course:
Charles Schwab, died a pauper.
                                                  With the warmer weather we have started to
2. The president of the largest gas company,
                                                  see dress rules slip. Please remember - shirts
Edward Hopson, went insane.
                                                  must be tucked in, tailored shorts only with
                                                  white socks - all are available in the Pro Shop.
3. The president of the NYSE, Richard Whit-
ney, was released from prison to die at home.
                                                  Trolley Park
4. The greatest wheat speculator, Arthur
                                                  No doubt you would have noticed that the Red
Cooger, died abroad, penniless.
                                                  Path has been extended for the trolley park.
                                                  Please park your Clubs in the correct place
5. The president of the Bank of International
                                                  NOT on the bridle path or the patio area.
Settlement, shot himself.
                                                  You will be reminded via Committee members
6. The Great Bear of Wall Street, Cosabee
                                                  and regular offenders will be dealt with in the
Livermore, also committed suicide.
                                                  appropriate manor.
However, in that same year, 1923, the PGA
                                                  Thank You
Champion and the winner of the most impor-
tant golf tournament, the US Open, was
Gene Sarazen. What became of him?
                                                  Andy Hall
He played golf until he was 92, died in 1999 at
                                                  Managing Secretary
the age of 95.
He was financially secure at the time of his

The Moral:

Screw work..
Play golf.

Page 20                                              JUNE 2009 NEWSLETTER

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