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                                                                                               Issue: 10
                                                                                          December 2010

                                                                              Inside this issue...

Time to deliver                                                               The first 100 days
                                                                              Decent Homes update
                                                                              Kingswear House neighbourhood

250th kitchen completed                                                       office opening
                                                                              What’s going on in your area?

                                                                             Keith Wilkinson, Assistant Director
                                                                             for Stock Investment, visited Miss
                                                                             Watson at home to celebrate the
                                                                             completion of her kitchen.

                                                                             Keith Wilkinson said, ‘I am really
                                                                             pleased to see the milestone of the
                                                                             250th kitchen installed. It is great to
                                                                             see that the contractors are working
                                                                             so well and achieving excellent
                                                                             results for our residents’.

                                                                             Miss Watson said, “I’m so pleased
                                                                             with the work that’s been done.
                                                                             Everything that was promised
                                                                             has been delivered and I found
                                                                             the workmen on site were really
                                                                             professional and hard working.
                                                                             I’m excited about Christmas in my
                                                                             new kitchen”.
As you know, L&Q took full            deliver Decent Homes works across
                                      Catford and we are pleased to say      To mark the completion, a donation
responsibility of the homes                                                  was made to the homeless charity
                                      that by Christmas 2010 we will have
in Catford on 11th October            completed kitchen and bathroom         Shelter.
2010. Since then our staff            works in over 300 homes across the
have been busy in the area            Catford, Rushey Green and Forest       To find out more about the
                                      Hill stock transfer areas.             Decent Homes works in
starting to deliver on the                                                   your area visit our website
promises set out in the Offer         Miss Watson, a resident in   
Document.                             Sydenham, has recently had the
                                      250th kitchen fitted in her home and
Since transfer L&Q and our partners
                                      has told L&Q how happy she is with
have been working together to
                                      the finished product.

‘200k turbo boost funding’
The first 100 days
                                         From day one and over the next few
                                         months you will see various works
                                         being carried out to the communal
                                         areas of the estates, blocks and
                                         street properties covered by the
                                         stock transfer. These works include:
                                         •  The deep clean of communal
                                         •  Repairs to communal lighting
                                         •  Urgent fencing and railing repairs
                                         •  Urgent tree works
                                         •  Graffiti removal
                                         •  Urgent pathway repairs

James Lisle (above) in the               •  Improved tree and grounds
                                            maintenance management
Stock Investment team
manages the First 100 day                •  Removal of lumber and fly tipped
programme. The programme
is additional funding to help            •  One off rubbish clearances from
                                            street properties
make a difference right at
the start.                               •  One off vegetation clearances of
                                            badly overgrown gardens to street
Axis who are our repairs contractors
have set up a dedicated team to work     Should you need to report any
on the 100 days, they share L&Q’s        repairs, dumped rubbish or graffiti
vision and passion for delivering high   then please call L&Q Direct on 0800
quality services to our residents.       015 6536 who will be able to assist

 Decent Homes update                                                             The works are being coordinated
 Decent Homes works in Catford                                                   from Richardson’s central site
 and Rushey Green began as                                                       compound located by Catford
 promised on the day of transfer,                                                and Catford Bridge stations in
 and since then our partner                                                      Adenmore Road. This substantial
 contractor Richardson Ltd. have                                                 compound has various features
 started work on average, in four                                                including respite facilities for
 properties per day.                                                             residents and environmentally friendly
                                                                                 technology. These include solar
 Kitchen and bathroom works                                                      powered lighting and harvested
 have been booked up to 29th                                                     rainwater to supply facilities. The
 November 2010 so as to avoid                                                    team are also dedicated to recycling
 any inconvenience to residents                                                  the waste from the works. It is
 over the Christmas holiday.                                                     carefully sorted by material on site
 They will recommence on 4th                                                     and then sent to the recycling centre.
 January 2011. In total 146
                                                                                 If you still need to have a survey
 properties across Rushey Green
                                                                                 carried out in your home please
 and Catford will have had their
                                                                                 call Richardson Ltd. to book an
 bathrooms and kitchens renewed
                                                                                 appointment on 020 8314 5984
 by Christmas.
‘£1.5m to be spent on environmental improvements’
Kingswear House                                                                  Following the successful transfer
                                                                                 of homes to L&Q, Kingswear
                                                                                 House which had been closed was
Neighbourhood                                                                    renovated and re-opened on 11th
                                                                                 October. This was opened as a local

office opening                                                                   neighbourhood office for residents,
                                                                                 as part of our promise to residents.

                                                                                 The office provides residents
                                                                                 with a local housing service.
                                                                                 The staff based there include the
                                                                                 Neighbourhood Services and
                                                                                 Asset Management teams, along
                                                                                 with Axis, our contracting partner
                                                                                 who are delivering the ‘100 days’
                                                                                 environmental works programme.

                                                                                 The office was officially opened by
                                                                                 Lewisham Councillor Susan Wise who
                                                                                 said: “I live in the area and represent
                                                                                 one of the wards covered by the stock
                                                                                 transfer. It’s been a long time in coming,
                                                                                 but I know L&Q will do a great job in
                                                                                 transforming peoples’ homes.”

                                                                                 If you need to speak to a
                                                                                 member of the team please call
                                                                                 L&Q Direct on 0800 015 6536

Your L&Q tenancy
By now you should have received
your new L&Q tenancy agreement
in the post. Please read it carefully
before you sign both copies. One
copy should be retained by you
and the other returned to L&Q in
the freepost envelope.

If you have any
queries about
your tenancy
please call
L&Q Direct on
0800 015 6536
                                        What’s going on in your area?
Show homes                              As part of our commitment to improve     Over the next six months L&Q will
                                        services we will be carrying out a       be consulting with residents in the
The show homes are still available
                                        community audit to gather information    stock transfer areas through door
for viewings. If you would like
                                        on the kind of services you would like   knocking, telephone surveys, coffee
to visit one of them to see the
                                        to receive from L&Q.                     and cupcake mornings, surgeries,
kitchens and bathrooms on offer
                                                                                 appointments and presentations
please call the Stock Transfer
Team on 0800 988 8242

‘£800k to be spent on community development in Catford’
What’s going on in your area? continued.

Multisports youth project
L&Q in partnership with S-Factor Academy and Lewisham
Council are holding free sessions every Saturday for
juniors (7-11yrs) and seniors (11-25yrs) at Ladywell Arena.

For further information please call Sonia Meggie on
0800 988 8242 or email

Leaseholder update
Section 20 consultation for the windows programme will
start in the new year with the works due to commence in
Summer 2011. Leaseholders will be fully consulted prior
to any works with the Section 20 process allowing plenty
of opportunity for leaseholder queries.                                         L&Q Stock Transfer Team
Leaseholders who are resident at the time of transfer                           Call us free on 0800 988 8242
will have their recharges for major works capped at
£5,000 (excluding VAT and management fee) in the
                                                                                L&Q Direct
first five years after transfer and again in years six to                       0800 015 6536
ten following transfer
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