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									Reference Guide to Services 2010-2011                                                             International Office

                                        International Office
The International Office works both at home and               Students who complete an approved programme of
abroad to ensure that students from the outside               studies at an exchange institution will be granted
of the UK who have good academic backgrounds                  credit for the work successfully completed and will
can obtain access to the University. In addition              progress to their next year of study. The grades
to attending recruitment events overseas to meet              students obtain at the host university will not be
potential students and their advisers, the Office             converted into Edinburgh equivalents and the
acts as a focal point for enquiries from abroad and           classification of their degrees will be based on the
can provide assistance in interpreting overseas               work completed at the University of Edinburgh.
qualifications and education systems. Most                    Most heads of schools will expect students to
international exchange programmes, which offer                be able to select courses in the host institution
Edinburgh students an opportunity to study                    of similar content and difficulty to those they
abroad as part of their degree, are co-ordinated by           would have taken here. The College of Medicine
the office. As a welfare and advisory service for             & Veterinary Medicine does not participate in
international students (both those in Edinburgh               international exchanges and the School of Law also
and domestic students spending a portion of their             has its own programme, for which enquiries should
studies abroad), the office organises orientation             be addressed to the School Office. Details of all
programmes and welcome events, it provides                    centrally organised exchange programmes are sent
advice on issues such as immigration and the law              to Directors of Studies at appropriate times during
and it maintains resources (prospectuses, notice              the academic year.
boards and newspapers) of interest to students with
an international outlook. Three annual publications           • The Erasmus programme offers similar
are produced by the International Office. (1) The             opportunities for full-year or part-year study within
Visiting Student Guide which is a general brochure            Europe. The International Office acts on behalf of
about the visiting student programme (usually                 the whole University as the institutional coordinator
American JYA or European exchange students).                  responsible for liaison with Brussels and the UK
Full details of courses available are also on-line at         Erasmus Office. Each participant subject area has; (2)                  its own co-ordinator responsible for promoting the
the International Guide provides key information              exchange opportunities, liaising with the partner
required by international students preparing to               institution regarding appropriate courses and the
come to Edinburgh for the first time. and (3) the             selection of outgoing students. Financial support
International Postgraduate Guide, which is a                  from the scheme is routed through the International
concise version of the Postgraduate Prospectus for            Office, as are the funds allocated and the paperwork
international and European students. The Office               associated with individual students and their
also maintains a web page at:              mobility grants. In addition to student exchanges, A variety of recruitment materials                  the Erasmus programme supports staff exchanges,
covering issues such as funding and English                   curriculum development, intensive programmes
Language requirements are also produced by the                and language training. As with the International
office, and our area desk staff can also offer advice to      Exchange, work successfully completed at the host
Schools on the content of recruitment publications            university will be credited towards the student's
for use overseas. We now work with a number of                Edinburgh degree.
agents overseas, details of which can be found on             • Some Schools/Subject Areas offer subject-specific
our website: (click the            exchanges which are generally managed at School
link to Our Agents' in the “Links for Applicants”             level. Informal or ad hoc exchanges or study abroad
section). Student Exchanges are managed by the                arrangements are not encouraged for students
International Office. There are three main routes             undertaking study abroad as a non-compulsory
for students to study abroad:                                 part of their programme. Non-compulsory students
• The International Exchange offers a full year of            should generally only be permitted to undertake
study in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,             study abroad on one of the university's formal
exico, Chile, Argentina, Korea, Singapore or Hong             programmes.
Kong principally for third year undergraduates.

Guiding and Supporting Students: A Handbook for Directors of Studies                                             21
International Office                                                        Reference Guide to Services 2010-2011

Directors of Studies should note that providing       Head of Office:
immigration advice is now strictly regulated by the   Mr Alan Mackay
Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner
and only the University's designated advisers are     Location:
permitted to offer advice:                            57 George Square
                                                      Edinburgh EH8 9JU
They can be contacted on:
uk (0131 650 3470) and at EUSA's Advice Place.        Office Hours:
Directors of Studies may, however, continue to        Monday-Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm
provide information.                                  Telephone:
Contacts:                                             0131 650 4296

General matters relating to overseas recruitment      Fax:
should be referred to the Head of Office, Alan        0131 651 1236
Mackay (0131 650 4299,            Email:
International exchanges enquiries should initially
be addressed to Sandra Morris (0131
650 4300,

Visiting Student enquiries should be directed to
Clare Swindells (
The International Office assists visiting students
and their 'home' universities on a range of issues.
The office is open throughout the year and staff
and students are free to call into Reception within
office hours.
Particular Points for Directors of Studies
Visiting students: Matters concerning admission,
concessions or on-course enquiries are not dealt
with by the International Office and should be
directed to:
CHSS: Ms Alexandra Baker Weblink: www.hss. Undergraduate/visiting/VSDoS.htm
Email enquiries:
CS&E: Contact: the Admissions Officer for
Visiting Students Weblink:
Email: email:
Similar matters for full-degree overseas students
will be dealt with by the appropriate College staff
in the undergraduate or postgraduate sections.

22                                           Guiding and Supporting Students: A Handbook for Directors of Studies

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