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					Smart Phones & other Mobile
               My Le
           Julia Choicer
             Yue Yuan
          Eugene Linkov
            Joanna Ong
Intro [Eugene]
       • Smart Phones are defined
         to be enhanced mobile
         phones that perform
         functionalities other than
         the typical phone.
       • These enhanced features
         can be anything from email
         and internet to a full
       • The definition of “smart “
         keeps changing as more and
         more new functions are
         introduced to mobile
             Societal Impact [My]
• Keeps you organized- functions as a personal diary,
  electronic organizer, has automatic reminders, and a
  contact list
• Faster communication- you can stay connected to the
  internet more often, easier to send emails and chat with
• Information at your fingertips via internet- faster
  connection to the internet, you can get news coverage,
  weather conditions, and so much more
• Innovative way of taking notes- with the qwerty keyboard,
  you can take notes as fast as you normally type on a
• Better way of sharing information- transfer files to friends
  while online, or transfer files to friends via email
                 Criticism [Julia]
• Cumbersome- a bit bigger than most regular phones
  that serves the same function of communication
• Hard to use- although the keyboard is very useful, it
  also takes a while to get use to using it; the navigations
  on the phone are also difficult to use at first
• Fragile- if compared to a regular phone, smart phones
  are less durable, and if dropped, they are more likely to
  be damaged
• No third party installable applications- specifically the
  Offer Opinion Piece [Joanne]

•Like SmartPhones
  •Many features


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