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The complete wiring accessories range                                   E-Series range
                                                                        The E-Series range of electrical wiring accessories is made
Clipsal, a brand of Schneider Electric,
                                                                        of high impact resistant polycarbonate. As well as incorporating
was originally founded in 1920. Clipsal’s                               modular design mechanisms and multi-gang capability,
innovative marketing, robustness, reliability                           its already excellent aesthetics are enhanced further with
and advanced technology mean that we                                    concealed screw caps. Traditional single and two gang socket
are now a market leading brand around the                               outlets are complemented by the renowned ‘Converta’ socket
world. Our collection of electrical wiring                              outlet, which allows single or two gang patresses to be used
                                                                        for twin or three gang socket outlets respectively.
accessories offers versatility and designs to
meet specific customer needs. Clipsal provides                          Benefits                                   Applications
                                                                        • Virtually unbreakable when subjected     • Private dwellings
Quality Assurance with both British (BS) and
                                                                          to accidental or malicious impact        • Social housing
International (IEC) standards, to ensure that we                        • Wide product range                       • Schools

consistently exceed our customer expectations                           • No additional chasing required to        • Colleges
in both product design and quality.                                       achieve more socket outlets (Converta)   • Retail
                                                                        • Surge protection available               • Offices
                                                                        • Up to 6 gang modular capability
Clipsal wiring accessories are available via a
national distributor network with a dedicated
sales team to support our varied customer
needs. The following brochure is intended
to provide an overview of the core wiring
accessory products available from Clipsal.
For more detailed information please contact
us for the latest copy of our Wiring Accessory
Product guide.                                                          E1000 range
                                                                        E1000 combines modular capability and impact resistance
                                                                        with a sleek, unobtrusive low profile design. As with other
                                                                        Clipsal ranges, screws are covered to enhance aesthetics
                                                                        and the range benefits from the option of elongated and
                                                                        illuminated rocker switches for ease of use.

                                                                        Benefits                                   Applications

                                                                        • Virtually unbreakable when subjected     • Private dwellings
                                                                          to accidental or malicious impact        • Social housing

                                                   for living
                                                                        • Wide product range                       • Schools
                                                                        • Elongated and illuminated rocker         • Colleges
                                                                          option for ease of use                   • Retail
                                                                        • Up to 4 gang modular capability          • Offices

E-Series Modular, white moulded
E1000 Low profile, white moulded
E2000 White and decorative moulded
E3000 Modern living, decorative
ESM Metal clad
Classic Retro 1920s decorative
Gainsborough Metal, traditional decorative
ULTI RF remote control and dimming
Weatherproof IP56 and IP66 rated
                                                                                E1000 range
                                                                                         Classic range
                                                                                         The Classic range is the opposite extreme to the ultra modern
              E3000 range
                                                                                         styling of ranges such as E2000 and E3000. Retaining the
                                                                                         classic look of the 1920s, Classic is not only authentically styled

E2000 range                                                                              with a timeless appeal, it also meets the safety standards and
                                                                                         technology requirements of today’s electrical installation.
E2000 is made up of 2 product ranges ‘C-Cosmo’ and
‘C-Spectra’. Both ranges provide a high degree of aesthetic                              Benefits                                          Applications
flexibility as a result of interchangeable surrounds and coloured                        • Discreetly matches the design of                • Private dwellings
rockers. Designed to be equally suitable in the modern home                                period developments and                         • Retail
                                                                                           themed rooms                                    • Offices
or in a hotel, E2000 has the flexibility and aesthetics to set any
                                                                                         • 8 different styles available
electrical installation apart from the traditional.
                                                                                         • Traditional square or oval mounting
Benefits                                  Applications                                     blocks available
• Interchangeable surrounds on switches   • Private dwellings
  and socket outlets                      • Retail
• Colour coded surrounds and              • Offices
  rockers available                       • Hotels
• Up to 8 gang modular capability

                                                                                         Gainsborough range
                                                                                         Gainsborough is Clipsal’s traditional metal clad decorative offer.

E3000 range                                                                              Available in mirror and hairline (brushed) gold and steel finishes,
                                                                                         Gainsborough is ideal for modern and period installations alike.
E3000 provides the ultimate in modern wiring accessory design.
Available in silver or white, E3000 provides the choice of either                        Benefits                                  Applications
fluorescent or illuminated indication as standard design features.                       • Range of traditional finishes           • Private dwellings
                                                                                         • Black or white inserts available        • Retail
Benefits                                  Applications                                   • Discreet switch design                  • Offices
• Ultra modern styling                    • Private dwellings
                                                                                                                                   • Hotels
• Fluorescent or illuminated rockers      • Retail
  as standard features                    • Offices
• Interchangeable surrounds

ESM range
The ESM range provides high levels of impact resistance for a
wide range of residential, commercial and industrial applications.
As well as traditional wall mounted switches and socket outlets,
modular plates are also available for added flexibility.

Benefits                                  Applications
• Extremely robust                        • Domestic garages,
• Up to 8 gang modular capability           workshops
                                          • Stores
                                          • Industrial units and
                                            commercial workshops

                                                                                                                           Classic range
                                                                                          Weatherproof range
                                                                       CLEVER             Clipsal’s range of Weatherproof wiring accessories is arguably
                                                                                          one of the most comprehensive available on the market
                                                                                          today. The choice of products available is extensive and
                                                                                          includes Aquaseal for general outdoor residential and
                                                                                          commercial applications and 56 series for general and
                                                                                          niche applications including docks, shipping etc.

                                                                                          Benefits                                      Applications
             ULTI range
                                                                                          • Robust, impact resistant                    • Modern family homes
                                                                                            polycarbonate construction                  • Executive accommodation
                                                                                          • Extremely economical                        • Hotels
                                                                                          • IP ratings up to IP66 available             • Retail
                                                                                          • Lloyds approval available on many
                                                                                            products for shipping applications

ULTI range                                                                                • IP ratings can be maintained even
                                                                                            with plugs in place
ULTI really is the ultimate in terms of electrical wiring accessory                       • Neon status indication available
design. Available in a wide range of modern colours, ULTI is
styled to complement the latest design of modern homes.
On the surface, ULTI is a simple to operate and extremely
attractive wiring accessory offer. Whilst this may be true,
much greater functionality lies beneath the surface.
Requiring no additional control wiring or control components
at the light fitting, at the touch of a button ULTI can remotely
and instantaneously provide a wide range of lighting moods
and gradual dimming of specific lamps. As no additional
wiring is required, ULTI is ideal for retrofit applications
within existing electrical installations.
ULTI uses wire free RF (radio frequency) technology and
can be operated in the traditional manner from a wall
mounted switch or using a dedicated remote control unit.
Programming is extremely simple and is no more difficult
than setting up any modern electrical appliance.

Benefits                                   Applications
• Ultra modern aesthetics                  • Modern family homes
• Wide range of finishes available         • Executive accommodation
  including Crystal Glass, Champagne       • Hotels
  Gold, Brushed Silver and Pearl White     • Retail
• Back lighting provided as standard for
  ease of location
• No additional control cabling required
  – ideal for retrofit
• Traditional wall mounted operation
• Simple to programme, remote control
  of lighting mood settings
• The system can be easily expanded
  according to changing needs

                                                                                                                       Aquaseal range
           For a copy of our full product guide
           please call 0870 608 8 608
           quoting reference CCP 5906.

           Or if you would prefer, please call
           the number above to arrange a
           visit from a sales representative.

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           Shropshire TF3 3BL
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