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In House SEO

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Presentation I gave at SMX West Conference on best practices and advice for how to build a great in house SEO program.

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									In House SEO:
Building Brands that Drive
Millions of Users
Through Search Engines
SMX West 2011
Jason Nazar, CEO Docstoc
                       Docstoc Overview

25 Million Unique Visitors/Month
  10 Million Registered Users
                       Docstoc Overview

20 Million+ Professional Documents
                           Docstoc Overview

10 Million+ Views of Embedded Docs / Month
                 In House SEO: Long Tail

 Formula for Long Tail SEO
 Site Architecture +             Title Tags;
                                 H1 Tags;
                              Content on Page;
                            Discoverable Content

                            Unique Content
# Pieces of Content +       Quality Content
                            Long Tail Terms
                           # of Pages Indexed

                              # of Links

      In-links             Quality of Links
                       Links to Long Tails Terms
                  In House SEO: Team Culture

    SEO is a Team Culture
    Not a Job Description
•Everyone is responsible for SEO

 •Bring all knowledge in house

 •Part of every product decision
                                   In House SEO: Tool Box

                       Tool Box
Keyword                      SEO Performance
Generation                   Analysis
    Google Keyword Tool        Still #1: Google Analytics
    WordTracker, SEO Book      Webmaster tools
    SpyFu                      Internal/referrer search
    SEM Rush                    keywords logs
  Keywords       Internal activity tracking
    Yahoo BOSS
                                Drive by RankAbove
                                SpyFu ReconFiles
                               In House SEO: Metrics

              Key Metrics
                  # Indexed Pages
                # Pages Indexed / Day
       % Pages Ranking Top 100 Results
   Pages/Terms on First Page Results
       Position of top 20% of Keywords
         Pages Indexed / Total Pages
            # In-links / Pages Indexed

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