How to accept payments on Talkbase


                          How to accept payments on Talkbase

Introduction to Talkbase

Talkbase is Applied Language’s supplier, customer and staff portal. It enables different parties to request
services, find and assign interpreters, and manage payments, amongst others. If your information on your
Talkbase supplier profile is complete and up to date, then we are more likely to find the perfect job for you.
Good communication, professionalism and work ethics are essential to develop and maintain an excellent
working relationship.

One of the great features of this system is that it manages supplier payments, which means that your jobs and
payments will appear on it for you to check and accept. In addition, invoices are also created in PDF format for
your convenience, so that you do not have to create any!

Once you have agreed to do an assignment, you must attend, have your timesheet signed off, send this
timesheet to Interpreting and once the job is closed by Applied Language, you must go to Talkbase and accept
payment, so that it can be processed within the timeframes contained in the Terms and Conditions and our
Interpreter Handbook.


Once registered, please make a note of your login details and keep them safe. You should regularly check
your account in order to make sure the details are up to date. You may also inform the Interpreting Team of
any relevant updates at In addition, please make sure that you keep track
of all the assignments carried out for Applied Language, including job number, language, date and amount
agreed (all of this should be on the booking email). If you have any timesheets signed for assignments done
that have been sent to the Interpreting Department for processing, please save a copy for your records.
Record-keeping is a requirement for all self-employed individuals, so we expect all of our freelance interpreters
to comply with this.


Talkbase is an incredible tool that will mean less work for you. However, there may be issues every so often. If
this is the case, please inform your Project Administrator or Project Manager (using the email address that
they have used to communicate with you) and also Interpreting ( as soon
as you have noticed the issue and provide as much detail as possible and we will be happy to help.



Steps to accepting payments on Talkbase
(To see the pictures in a larger size, please zoom in using the ‘Zoom’ tool)

Step 1
Open your internet browser (Mozilla, Internet Explorer or other).

Step 2
Enter Talkbase or in the browser and click ‘Search’.

This should find the following page.



Step 3
Enter your username and password, and click ‘Login’.

Forgot your password?

If you do not remember them, go to Forgot Password? (circled in blue). Then, you will see the screen next to it.
Enter your email and the safety code requested, and your login details will be sent to you. Alternatively,
contact Interpreting at



Step 4
Once you are on your Talkbase account, click on ‘My Payments’, where you will see your payments ready to
be accepted (by you).

In order to see all your payments, place the cursor on ‘Period’ (just under the orange tab ‘My Payments’) and
click on it. A drop down menu will appear where you will be able to see an option ‘View All’. Click on the ‘View
All’ option to see all your payments (i.e. processed and outstanding). The status of the payment (whether it
has been accepted, processed or paid) has been circled in red below. You may click on ‘View Payment’ to



Step 5
If outstanding, click ‘View Payment’, check that the amount is correct and accept the payment by clicking on
‘Accept’ (circled in red below).

Once you have clicked ‘Accept’, all you need to do is wait for the payment to be processed and invoiced as per
our Terms and Conditions, and Interpreter Handbook. The sooner you accept the payment, the better.

What to do if you cannot see any payments

If this is the case, you may want to check on ‘My Job Offers’ and ‘My Current Jobs’ above ‘My Payments’, as
they may not have been upgraded yet (see below underlined in red).

       If you are unable to find any, please contact your Project Administrator and Interpreting at

       And finally, thank you for your time!



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