Create Video Profile Part 2

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					Create Video Profile Part 2

To create a profile of the company or the "Company Profile" things you do first is melakukana
research or study.
When was the company's stand, the field of enterprise business and what services it offered and
so much information that you need to gather or you dig for your convenience to support creating
a profile of a company. This work should you do before you do the shooting, so this important
research or research carried out long before the shooting.
To prepare this you have to do the following activities:

   1. Finding                                                                        Information
      This should be done, it should be noted earlier, the context of research and study here
      does not mean to investigate or gather information without the knowledge of the relevant
      parties       within      a     company,        school,      department,       organization.
      Is not this what you do, you are doing is looking for company information, where
      information will be filming process your reference later. Of course you should take the
      time to this, so shooting done with optimal implementation.
   2. Conducting                                                                      Interviews.
      To search for information, the most effective method is to ask some questions in the
      interview                                                                           session.
      Of course you previously make a schedule with the company, so that they can provide
      information without disrupting its activities. Confirm to those who qualified or worthy to
      be interviewed. Starting from the executive level, managers to employees. Ask some
      important questions you want to know, for example when the company was incorporated,
      the business or what services they offer to the public, is there any other subsidiaries,
      What are the benefits they offer to the public or the clients of this company. and many
      other questions of course, you have prepared before doing the interview
   3. Collecting                                                                         Material
      In addition to shoot video. You have to collect photos for material insertion. Every
      camcorder is available capturing image facility, it would be optimal if you use a digital
   4. Creating                                                                          Narrative
      For audio, Besides Preparing the background music, the which is far more Important is
      the narrative. Narrative material cans be obtained from interviews Had he done before.
      When the later stages of editing, narration Until paste is eventually walk in harmony with
      a dish visualization.

So, how ready an action to make a video profile of the company, to perform this action necessary
equipment you can read my earlier posted a video profile of the company part 1

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