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Home Ownership Handbook


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									Feel Good About
Coming Home

  Home Ownership
Can we help?
Call us on 0300 123 3456 to talk to someone in our
Customer Care Team. If you’ve got a question about
the management of your property/block or want to
check your rent, this is the number to call.
Our Housing Officers spend more time out and
about in your neighbourhoods than they do in the
office. Call the Customer Care Team if you want to
find out who your Housing Officer is.
Calls will be charged at local rates

Customer care email
Customer care line
      0300 123 3456
1   Welcome                       3
2   Management of your new home   5

3   Repairs                       9

4   Insurance                     17

5   Service charges               25

6   Selling your home             37

7   FAQs                          41

8   General complaints            45

9   Other useful contacts         47

                  0300 123 3456        2
Welcome to your Family Mosaic Home Ownership Handbook.
It gives information on how to contact us, our service
standards and the obligations of shared owners and
Please keep your handbook in a safe place so you can refer to
it when you need to. You should always read it in conjunction
with your lease, which lays out the specific legal relationship
between you and Family Mosaic.
Family Mosaic owns and manages around 23,000 homes
and, as Chief Executive, I promise that we will always strive to
provide you with the best service that we can.
With very best wishes

Brendan Sarsfield
Chief Executive

                           0300 123 3456                           4
of your new
If you have moved into           If you have moved into
a new-built home                 an existing property
The New Homes Manager            Every Family Mosaic
will manage your property        property is managed by a
for the first 12 months of its   Housing Officer. They are
life, working with residents     responsible for monitoring
to ensure they settle in         communal services delivered
well and the property            to your block. Setting and
is managed to a high             administering service charges
standard.                        is managed by our finance
Following this, the property
will be managed by a
Housing Officer. You will
                                 If you need to contact us, there
be informed of the Housing
                                 is a dedicated Customer Care
Officer’s details and you
                                 Line to deal with all general
can contact them and
                                 enquiries – 0300 123 3456.
our office based Housing
                                 They are open 8am to 5pm
Officers manning the
                                 Tuesday and Thursday and
Customer Care Line will be
                                 6pm Monday, Wednesday and
pleased to help you with
any queries on 0300 123
3456. Your Housing Officer
also manages the cleaning
                                 Service standards
and grounds maintenance
contracts for your scheme        y We will answer telephone
/ estate, and will liaise with     calls promptly
the company who provides
                                 y We will reply to voicemail
these services to resolve any
                                   messages by the end of the
                                   next working day

                          0300 123 3456                             6
    y We will acknowledge            Your lease will allow you
      e-mails and letters within     to occupy the property for
      six working days               a fixed number of years
                                     (this period is called “ the
    y We will reply to enquiries
                                     term” of lease). Most owner
      fully within 10 working days
                                     occupiers have long leases,
    y Where we provide cleaning      typically for 99 or 125 years
      and grounds maintenance        when first granted.
      we will inspect your estate
                                     The length of the lease
      at least once every two
                                     reduces over time from the
                                     date when it was originally
    Your lease
                                     The outstanding term will
    Your lease is important and
                                     therefore depend on what
    you should make sure you
                                     was left when you took over
    have a copy.
                                     the lease.
    A lease is a private contract
    between you and your             In the event of any query
    landlord and sets out            or dispute, you should first
    the rights and duties of         refer to the lease itself,
    both the landlord and the        preferably with professional
    leaseholder.                     assistance.
    It normally sets out who
                                     Can you change the
    is responsible for looking
                                     terms of the lease?
    after different parts of the
    building, who is responsible     You can vary any terms of
    for insuring it and any          your lease by agreement. In
    restrictions on how the          addition, you have the right
    property is used (for            to appeal to a leasehold
    example business).               valuation Tribunal (LVT) on
                                     specific grounds to vary your

Repairs and                      Forfeiture
management                       If you breach any terms
The terms of the lease will      of your lease we have the
set out responsibilities for     right to forfeit the lease and
the management of your           recover possession of the
building:                        property.
y For flats, where the
  freeholder (Family Mosaic)
  owns the building,
  a common arrangement
  is that we are responsible
  for keeping the structure
  in good repair, and
  maintaining and cleaning
  any common parts,
  recovering these and any
  management cost through
  the service charge. You
  will be responsible for the
  internal decoration and
  repair of your flats.
y For houses, leaseholders
  are responsible for carrying
  out all repairs.
Not all leases are the same
and you should consult your
own lease, to work out your
own obligations.

                          0300 123 3456                           8

If you have moved into          If these breakdown,
a new-built home                you should refer to the
                                instruction manuals and
Problems with your home         guarantees/warrantees
during the first twelve         given to you when you
months                          moved in to contact the
                                manufacturer to arrange to
The ‘defects period’ is
                                have these repaired.)
typically the twelve months
following the formal            If you discover a fault or
handover of the scheme          problem during the defects
to Family Mosaic. It is not     period, you should report
twelve months from the          it to us on 0300 123 3456
date you move into your         or repairs.contactcentre@
new home.             
During this time, the builder   They will ask the builder to
remains liable for any          attend to put the matter
faults or problems with the     right, and can give you
structure of the building,      information on when the
the communal fixtures           defect will be completed.
and fittings and any faults
                                For internal defects, you will
or structural / mechanical
                                be asked to provide access
problems inside your homes.
                                to your home to ensure
(White goods in your home       these can be attended to as
like your fridge, washing       quickly as possible (unless
machine, cooker are not         it is a non-urgent defect
included in the defects         which will be resolved at the
period.                         end of the defects period.)

                         0300 123 3456                            9
     If more than one sub-          Builders are not responsible
     contractor is required to      for repairs arising from wear
     attend, this could mean        and tear, damage or misuse,
     multiple visits, unless one    so it is important that you
     mutually convenient date       report all problems as soon as
     can be arranged.               you notice them, even if the
                                    decision is taken to complete
     When the defects period is
                                    the defect – to plasterwork for
     due to expire, we will write
                                    example – at the end of the
     to you to ask if there are
                                    defects period.
     any outstanding issues you
     would like to report.
                                    Otherwise, the contractor may
     In some cases, where           say that the fault is down to
     issues do arise, we will       leaseholder damage and will
     then arrange for a formal      not agree to complete the
     inspection with the builder.   repair.
     It is important that you
                                    If the fault is the result of
     do reply to the end of
                                    leaseholder damage or
     defects letter, otherwise
                                    misuse, or systems like the
     we will assume nothing is
                                    boiler and central heating are
     wrong with your property,
                                    being used incorrectly, but
     as the builder will almost
                                    are not broken, you will be
     always refuse to deal with
                                    recharged for the cost of the
     any problems that are not
                                    call out and any associated
     reported before the end of
                                    repair. (If you are unsure
                                    how to operate your boiler
                                    and central heating, please
                                    refer to your Owners’ Manual
                                    which will include instructions
                                    on how to programme and
                                    maintain the system).

                                  Communal repairs, both
                                  during and after the defects
                                  period expires, should be
It is especially important that
                                  reported to us on 0300 123
you report any damage to
                                  3456. These repairs will be
ceramic fittings, like toilets
                                  paid for as part of your service
and sinks, as soon as you
move in, as any delay will
most probably result in the       During the defects period you
contractor refusing to accept     will be responsible for repairs
liability.                        inside your home caused by
                                  you or your visitors. After the
                                  defects period, you become
Communal                          responsible for all repairs
repairs                           inside your home.
During the defects period,
                                  Out-of-Hours Emergencies
there is sometimes a need
to complete a repair to           Are repairs that present
the communal parts of a           serious health, safety and
scheme when something             security risks or could result in
has been broken or                major damage to your home.
                                  A contractor is asked to
These should be reported          make a situation ‘safe’, not
using the Defects process         necessarily to complete the
outlined above. After the         repair itself.
defects period expires, all
                                  Some examples of out-of-
communal repairs will be
                                  hours emergencies during the
undertaken on behalf of the
                                  defects period include:
                                  y Serious floods and leaks
                                  y Lift breakdowns

                           0300 123 3456                              12
     y Complete loss of electricity   Although we are
                                      responsible for carrying
     y No lighting throughout the
                                      out repairs the cost of
                                      repairs will be recovered
     y Exposed wires                  through your service
     y Damage to windows or
       doors which make the           Where we need to carry out
       home insecure                  a repair that will cost more
                                      than £250 per leaseholder,
     y Blocked drains or toilets
                                      we must consult with you
       where there is only one w.c
                                      formally about the extent
     y Dangerous ceilings,            and cost of the works and
       plasterwork and walls          who will carry them out.

     After the first year if
     you live in a new-build
     home OR if you have
     moved into an existing

     Who is responsible for
     The table on pages 14 and
     15 lists who is responsible
     for routine repairs for blocks
     of flats. It is a general
     guide and does not cover
     everything, your lease
     details the responsibilities.

Our responsibility            Your responsibility

Exterior walls and            Gas boilers which you should
foundations                   arrange to be serviced

Roofs                         Fixtures and fittings such as
                              kitchen units and sinks

Rainwater and soil pipes      Floorboards and floor tiles

Sewers and Drains             Internal non structural walls
                              – e.g. stud partition walls that
                              do not support the weight of
                              the building
Gas, water and electrical     Toilets, baths and showers
supply pipes up to the flat

Lifts                         Gas, water and electricity
                              installations within the flat

Communal heating systems      Radiators, storage heaters,
                              storage tanks and pipe work
                              within the flat

                         0300 123 3456                           14
     Our responsibility              Your responsibility

     External decorations            Internal redecoration

     Common parts decoration         Leaks or burst pipes within
                                     the property

     All window frames and           Glazing for your own
     glazing for communal            windows

     Communal entrance doors         Your own front door to your

     External communal areas
     (car parks, private estate

     If you live in a house you are responsible for all repairs once
                   the defect liability period has ended.

Major works and                   We aim to recalculate the
cyclical redecorations            sinking fund payments
                                  every year and advise you of
In addition to service
                                  likely expenditure over the
charges for routine costs
                                  repairing cycle. We will talk
we also collect money for
                                  to you about what we plan
future maintenance of your
                                  to collect for each cyclical
scheme; this is called a
                                  phase in advance of setting
“sinking fund”. This fund
                                  the sinking fund budget.
initially is calculated to
cover the redecoration cost
                                  Water leaks!
of the scheme, which will
depend on the lease.              If you are experiencing a
                                  water leak to your flat and
As your scheme gets older
                                  have another flat above
we will also start to collect
                                  you, please check with your
money to pay for things like
                                  neighbour that the leak
replacing a roof or renewing
                                  is not coming from their
a lift (major works). This will
                                  property before you contact
then ensure that you are not
                                  us. We are only responsible
faced with a large bill when
                                  for repairing leaks to
the work is carried out.
                                  communal pipe work.
All money collected as a
sinking fund is held in trust     Making an insurance
for leaseholders. We will         claim for damage to
consult you on all works we       your home
undertake that cost more
                                  We hope you never have any
than £250 per leaseholder.
                                  problems with your home
                                  but if you do then you may
                                  be covered by the insurance
                                  policies that we provide.

                           0300 123 3456                          16

What insurance are              What is covered by the
you provided with?              insurance?
This guidance is only a         Defects – In a newly built
summary; you should             property the contractor is
refer to your insurance         responsible for any defects
policy for more detailed        in design or construction of
and up to date guidance         the building for a period of
and there may be different      time, usually one year after
arrangements for some new       the date of ‘handover’.
                                Handover takes place when
From the day you move in        Family Mosaic takes the
you are protected in two        property from the builder
main ways for damage to         having agreed that the
your home:                      builder has fulfilled the
                                obligations in the building
y (For new built properties)
  NHBC (National House
  Builders Council) insurance   The builder’s liability does
  cover or equivalent           not therefore run for a year
  property guarantee            from when you move in,
  approved by the Council of    which may be some time
  Mortgage Lenders.             after the handover to Family
y Building insurance taken
  out on your behalf by
  Family Mosaic.

                          0300 123 3456                        18
     NHBC insurance – The              This includes the builder’s
     builder registers your home       failure to comply with
     with the NHBC. During             Building regulations. There
     the first two years after         is an excess of £650 per
     handover, the builder is          claim.
     responsible for loss or
                                       Building Insurance – this
     damage to the property as
                                       covers accidental damage
     a result of it not being built
                                       to the building and our legal
     to the standard agreed with
                                       liabilities as the freeholder.
     the NHBC.
                                       The policy does not cover
     This is in addition to the        your personal belongings.
     builder’s liability for putting   There is an excess of £100
     right defects in the first        per claim (subsidence
     year. If the builder does not     damage £1,000) payable
     respond then the NHBC will        under this insurance.
                                       The Building Insurance
     Most of the homes we              policy document (see
     built are covered by this
     insurance, however on             explains all this in more
     occasion we use other             detail, but you may find
     insurance with different          the following clarifications
     terms – please check your         helpful in deciding whether
     policy documents.                 you can make a claim:
     From year three to ten,           ‘Accidental damage’. If you,
     the NHBC covers damage            your family or your guests
     resulting from defects in the     accidentally damage your
     structure of the property.        home, then you will be

You are also covered             Here are some
for malicious damage             examples to help
(vandalism). The Policy          illustrate these
defines the ‘insured risks’      definitions of building
in more detail. Note that        insurance. They are
it does not cover damage         illustrative only and
caused by negligence or          each claim will be
on purpose by your family,       assessed on its own
guests or pets.                  merits.
‘The building’. This covers
                                 Example 1:
the structure of the building,
any yards, car parks,            There is an accidental fire
pavements and fences. It         in your kitchen that causes
also covers fixtures and         extensive damage. What
fittings, which may be in        could you claim for?
the common parts of the
                                 y You can claim for damage
building or in your home.
                                   to the building itself, such
For example, baths sinks           as the walls.
and doors are fixtures and
                                 y You can claim for any
fittings. If your decorations
                                   fixtures and fittings that
are damaged by an ‘insured
                                   were installed before you
risk’ (see above) they will be
                                   purchased the property (for
                                   example an oven).
‘Personal belongings’.
                                 y You cannot claim for
The building insurance
                                   personal possessions – the
doesn’t cover things you
                                   things you have bought to
have bought to put in your
                                   put in your home.
home and does not cover
decorations and finishes.

                          0300 123 3456                           20
     Example 2:                        y This is because it was not
                                         part of the fixtures and
     Water comes into your
                                         fittings when the policy
     bedroom from a flat above
     you. It damages your
     clothes, decorations and the      y The sink is a fixture
     ceiling.                            provided as part of the
                                         home you bought, so you
     What could you claim for?
                                         could claim for that.
     y You could claim for
                                       y If any tiles or wall paper
       repair to the ceiling and
                                         had to be replaced as a
       redecoration through the
                                         result of fitting the new
       building insurance.
                                         sink, you could not claim
     y Your belongings should be         for it because these are
       covered by your contents          decorations or finishes.
       insurance policy.                 If you have taken out
                                         home contents insurance
     Example 3:                          however you may be able
                                         to claim from that.
     You have bought a mirror
     which you are fixing above
                                       Example 4:
     the sink in your bathroom.
                                       The boiler springs a serious
     You accidentally drop a
                                       leak accidentally and your
     hammer which cracks the
                                       home floods. What could
     sink so badly that it needs
                                       you claim for?
     to be replaced. What could
     you claim for?                    y The boiler is a fixture
                                         so you can claim for a
     y Although it is a fitting, the
       mirror is also your personal
       possession so you can’t
       claim for it.

y You could not claim for      When you bought your
  any damage to carpets or     home you will have
  belongings as a result of    received a copy of the
  the flooding.                Building Insurance and the
                               NHBC insurance cover (or
y As in example one, this
  may be covered by home
  contents insurance.
                               If the damage is outside your
Example 5:
                               home then report it to us on
Vandals have got into          0300 123 3456.
the car park, damaged
the parking bollards and
sprayed graffiti on the car    We will investigate to
park wall. What could you      determine whether it
claim for?                     should be dealt with as a
                               repair or whether to make
y The cost of replacing the
                               a claim through one of the
  bollards would be covered
                               insurance policies.
  by insurance.
                               If the damage is inside your
y The cost of removing the
                               home, you should in the
  graffiti would have to
                               first instance report it to the
  be paid from the service
                               Building Insurers direct to
                               avoid delays in processing
                               your claim.
How do you claim?
                               The insurers will investigate
In a newly built property
                               your claim. If they think it
until the defects period is
                               should be handled by the
over, you should report any
                               NHBC, they will pass the
building problems to us.
                               matter on to them.

                          0300 123 3456                          22
     Who pays the excess?              Other things to
     Where the damage or loss
     is in the communal areas,         y always comply with any
     the excess will be met from         health & safety regulations
     the service charge fund.            that are brought to your
     All residents benefit from          attention
     the highly competitive
                                       y always minimise the risk
     insurance rates that Family
                                         and take steps to avoid
     Mosaic is able to secure
                                         further loss. For example,
     – well below what any
                                         if there is water coming
     individual would be able to
                                         into your home you need
     obtain. Having an excess on
                                         to make sure you take
     the policies helps to keep
                                         reasonable steps to stop it.
     the rates low and as all
     residents benefit from that,      y report any crime to the
     all residents share the risk if     police and get a crime
     there is a claim.                   reference number from
     If the claim only relates to
     damage in your own home,          y contact Family Mosaic or
     then you will be responsible        the insurance company as
     for paying the excess.              soon as possible
     However the insurers may
                                       y do not arrange for
     be able to help you recover
                                         permanent repairs without
     the money from a third
                                         the insurer’s permission
     party if they have been
     negligent.                        y the policy is subject to the
                                         relevant excess for each
                                         and every claim

Any further questions?        Email; zmpropertyclaims@
                              Phone; 0800 028 0336
Contact our Customer Care     Fax; 0845 600 0083
Line on 0300 123 3456 or      Policy Ref; JHA – 22S155 –
visit our website www.        0013
                              Contents insurance
Useful links:                 It is your responsibility to
                              insure the contents of your
Further details of the NHBC   home. You should take out
cover:                        a policy specific to the type
                              of property in which you live.
NHBCPublications              For example, if you live in
                              a block of flats you should
General information about     insure against damage
NHBC service                  to your property and
                              decorations caused by a
                              leak from the leaseholder
                              living above you.
The building insurance
Zurich Municipal,
Property Claims Unit,
PO Box 108,
Farnborough GU14 0XQ

                         0300 123 3456                         24

Service charges                 What are service
explained                       charges?
As well as leaseholder’s        Service Charges are payable
mortgage payments, there        by the Leaseholder on a
are other charges which         yearly basis for services
they must pay, such as          rendered. The terms of the
Ground Rent, Rent and           leaseholder’s service charge
Service Charges.                will be outlined in the lease.
                                These will set out what
What is Ground Rent?            services they will receive
                                and what they will have to
Ground Rent is a rent
                                pay for.
payable to the Landlord.
                                Service charges vary with
Because leasehold is a
                                different properties and
tenancy, it is subject to the
                                estates but may include the
payment of rent (which
                                cost of:
may be nominal) to the
landlord. Ground rent is a      y Communal Lighting
specific requirement of the
                                y Communal Repairs
lease and must be paid on
the due date. [Normally 1st     y Cleaning Communal Areas
                                y Maintaining door-entry
What is Net Rent?
                                y Gardens services
Rent, along with service
charge is payable by shared     y Communal building
owners who part rent and          insurance
part buys their home. This
                                y Management & audited
amount varies depending
on percentage owned.
                                y Sinking funds
                                y General repairs

                           0300 123 3456                         26
     Estimating the service         Although the Leaseholder
     charge                         might pay the same service
                                    charge each month, the
     Most of our leaseholders are
                                    final service charge amount
     charged a variable service
                                    for the financial year is not
     charge as detailed in their
                                    known until we have carried
     lease agreement. This
                                    out a check or reconciliation
     means we first estimate
                                    of the account at the end of
     their service charge cost
                                    the service charge year.
     and charge them for the
     service charge a year in
                                    Year end actual service
     advance, and then at the
     end of the financial year
     we check the actual cost to    Once the financial year has
     compare the difference and     ended, Family Mosaic will
     bill any additional charges,   check the service charge
     debit or credits.              expenditure at their scheme
                                    or property to see if there
     As you can appreciate, there
                                    is a credit or debit on their
     are many reasons why the
                                    estimated service charge
     initial estimated service
                                    account. The leaseholder
     charge may change during
                                    may owe us money, or we
     the year. We use known or
                                    may owe them money.
     contracted figure where
                                    Family Mosaic will send a
     possible, for service items
                                    written statement to show
     such as for cleaning and
                                    the service charge income
     gardening, but we have to
                                    and expenditure no later
     estimate for other cost,
                                    than 30th September each
     such as utilities.

Where we have spent less        We provide services such
on providing the services       as repairs, cleaning and
than we charged them there      grounds maintenance for
will be a surplus. Where        which you pay a service
we have spent more on           charge. Your lease will tell
providing the services than     you what we charge you
we charged them there           for and you will be able to
will be a deficit. An invoice   see a complete breakdown
is then raised for deficit      of these costs in the
charges. A credit will be       service charge accounts we
raised for surplus charges.     produce annually.
                                We send you a budget in
                                March each year to advise
It is important to note that
                                you of the likely costs for
for debit and credits less
                                the year.
than £50.00 per Leaseholder
per scheme are not issued       At the end of the financial
and the amount is carried       year we produce the
forward to the following        accounts to show you
years estimated service         what was actually spent.
charge. However, within each    We will send you regular
scheme if one Leaseholder       income and expenditure
has a deficit of £55.00 and     reports throughout the year
all other Leaseholders have     showing what money has
a deficit of £45.00 the whole   been spent on.
scheme will be billed.
                                The service charge you pay
                                depends on the types of
                                services provided, whether
                                you live in a house or
                                apartment and whether
                                there are shared areas or

                         0300 123 3456                         28
     Your lease specifies what       Sometimes these services
     proportion you will be          are provided by an external
     expected to pay. For            managing agent who will
     example if there are 10         bill Family Mosaic and we
     properties in your block you    then pass the cost directly
     are likely to pay 1/10th of     onto you.
     the costs.
                                     Management Fee - this
                                     covers the financial and
     What does my service
                                     administration running cost
     charge cover?
                                     of providing the service. This
     This will depend on your        is a flat rate fee dependent
     lease.                          on the type of property and
                                     whether we manage the
     The charge may include:         entire block and the estate.
     y Buildings insurance           Audit Fee - this involves
                                     arranging for an
     y Communal repairs
                                     independent audit of the
     y Lighting and heating to       service charge accounts
       communal areas                every year.
     y Bulk rubbish removal          Buildings Insurance - this
                                     covers the cost of insuring
     y Sinking funds
                                     the structure of your home.
     y Maintaining door entry        We currently insure all of
       systems                       our properties through a
                                     block policy with Zurich.
     y Management and audited
                                     Where there is an external
                                     managing agent other than
     y General repairs               Family Mosaic appointed
                                     to run the estate and
                                     Family Mosaic is not the
                                     freeholder then insurance
                                     will be included in the Estate
                                     Management Agents’ fees.

For those schemes where         Other items included in
this is applicable there will   this category are bulk
be separate mention of          refuse collection for one
this in the Statement of        off jobs and bin hire, if this
Accounts pack sent out at       is not shown as a separate
the year end.                   category of expenditure on
                                the accounts.
Please note that the
insurance covered by Family     Electricity - this covers
Mosaic does not cover the       the costs of the landlords
contents of your property.      supply of electricity to the
You should arrange your         communal areas of the
own contents insurance.         premises, which can include
                                lighting, power to lifts
Estate Management Fees
                                and any communal boiler
If you live in a scheme
where a company other
than Family Mosaic provides     Bin Hire - this covers the
an estate management            hire of bins from the local
service we have to pass         authority.
these charges on to you.
                                Communal Area
In schemes where Family
                                Maintenance - if you live
Mosaic does not own the
                                in an apartment block
freehold of your building,
                                we arrange and carry out
this may also include
                                repairs that are required to
ground rent which is
                                shared/communal areas.
payable to the freeholder.
                                These costs are paid for
Communal Repairs - if your
                                within your service charge.
home has shared gardens,
                                All of our properties
hallways or other areas, we
                                are under a long term
will arrange for a contractor
                                agreement with one of our
to carry out the grounds
                                partnering contractors to
maintenance and the
                                provide a responsive repairs

                           0300 123 3456                         30
     Other Repairs - these are         The sinking fund, also
     repairs carried out by other      called the reserve fund
     contractors (which are            or replacement provision,
     not our main partnering           is money held in trust
     contractors).                     by Family Mosaic that is
                                       put aside to contribute
     Equipment Repairs -
                                       towards the cost of any
     this covers the cost of
                                       cyclical decorations and/
     maintenance contracts for
                                       or major works to the block
     equipment such as water
                                       or estate. This is to prevent
     pump systems, electric
                                       leaseholders having to pay
     gates and health and safety
                                       big bills following works
                                       carried out.
     Lift Maintenance - this
                                       Interest and income tax
     covers the cost of any
                                       This is the interest earned
     insurance, servicing,
                                       on the sinking fund account,
     maintenance and repairs to
                                       and income tax is payable if
     the lift.
                                       the interest earned is gross
     Sundries - this includes costs    with no tax deducted at
     which are not included in         source.
     any of the other categories
                                       Cyclical Maintenance -
     of expenses shown above,
                                       these are major repair works
     for example communal
                                       (e.g. window replacement)
     water. A breakdown of these
                                       which have been done to
     costs is supplied in your
                                       the block or estate and
     statement of accounts pack
                                       are paid out of the sinking
     at the end of the year.
                                       funds, not the service
     Sinking Fund contributions        charge.
     - if you live in a flat or in a
     house with shared areas
     such as car parks, part of
     your service charge will be
     paid into a sinking fund.

Cyclical works invoiced -        This “estimate” is what
usually there are enough         is charged to you on a
funds in the sinking fund        monthly basis and forms
account to pay for major         the basis of the direct debit
repair works carried out to      payment that is collected
the block or estate. If there    from you. Your lease
are insufficient funds in        will usually define what
the sinking fund account         proportion of the charges
to pay for this then the         you pay and this may be
shortfall will be recharged to   split equally between all
leaseholders in accordance       properties in a scheme or
with their lease.                based on the size of the
                                 individual property.
Surplus or Deficit
arising at the year end
                                 A summary of the
on the Service Charge
                                 “estimated” costs is sent
Statement of Accounts
                                 out to you at the start of the
Each year we set budgets         financial year informing you
to “estimate” what the cost      how and what to pay.
of the service provision will
                                 At the end of each financial
be for the next financial
                                 year we compare the
year. We do this by looking
                                 estimates with the actual
at the expenditure for the
                                 expenditure made in the
previous year and taking
                                 financial year. The service
into consideration any
                                 charge year runs from the
unusual and/or anticipated
                                 1st April to the 31st March.
expenditure. In the case
                                 The difference is called the
of new schemes we would
                                 surplus or deficit.
compare it with a similar
sized scheme.                    A surplus is where the
                                 actual costs are less than
                                 the estimate.

                          0300 123 3456                           32
     Family Mosaic’s policy is to    If you are experiencing
     credit this amount back to      financial difficulties in
     the service charge account.     making any of your service
                                     charge payments or the
     A deficit is where the actual
                                     deficit balance arising at
     costs are greater than the
                                     the end of the financial
     estimate. Family Mosaic
                                     year, please contact your
     will recharge this excess
                                     Leasehold Incomes Officer
     amount. This will be done in
                                     on 0300 123 3456.
     the form of a one off debit
     adjustment to the service
                                     How should I make a
     charge account.
     Your share of the surplus
                                     Your lease requires you
     or deficit will be defined by
                                     to make payment in
     your lease.
                                     advance on the first of each
     There can be various            month. We encourage
     reasons why a deficit has       all leaseholders to pay by
     arisen in the year. It can be   Direct Debit through AllPay.
     difficult to predict costs in   You can also pay through
     advance and we can only         the Post Office using an
     forecast an estimate based      AllPay payment card or by
     on the costs we know will be    sending us a cheque or by
     incurred.                       making a credit/ debit card
                                     payment over the phone
     Explanations to how the
                                     by calling your Leasehold
     surplus/deficit arose will be
                                     Incomes Officer on 0300
     provided in the statement
                                     123 3456.
     of accounts pack sent out to
     leaseholders at the end of      If you have problems paying
     the year.                       you should immediately
                                     contact your Leasehold
                                     Incomes Officer on 0300
                                     123 3456.

Please remember your            y Cheque - please quote your
home is at risk if you do         account reference number
not keep up the repayments        on the back of the cheque,
on it.                            your name and address to
                                  enable us to recognise your
We also offer an
                                  payment and allocate it to
independent debt advice
                                  your account.
service for any leaseholder
with multiple debt              y Credit card and debit
problems. Please contact          cards – please call your
your Leasehold Incomes            Leasehold Incomes Officer
Officer for further advice        on 0300 123 3456 who
on this service on 0300 123       will be happy to take
3456.                             your payment over the
Actual or estimated
                                y Internet banking – if
service charges and /
                                  you need details to set
or major works charges
                                  up payment by internet
Your lease requires you           banking, please call your
to make payment for               Leasehold Incomes Officer
estimated service charges         on 0300 123 3456.
and major work charges. We
                                y Direct debit, standing
issue an invoice which is due
                                  order or payment plan -
for payment within 30 days.
                                y Please call Credit Control
Methods of payment                on 0300 123 3456 who
                                  will be happy to help. If
y Bank transfer – please
                                  one of these methods is
  quote your account
                                  agreed your invoice must
  reference number as
                                  be paid in full no later than
  the banking reference to
                                  31 March the following
  enable us to recognise your
                                  financial year.
  payment and allocate it to
  your account.

                         0300 123 3456                            34
     What happens if your            If this happens we will:
     invoice is not paid             y Apologise and investigate
     If after 30 days your invoice
                                     y Try to put it right
     remains unpaid and you
     have not set up a direct        y Give you access to our
     debit or agreed payment           formal complaints process
     plan, we will contact you         (where this applies) if you
     to discuss reasons for            remain unhappy with our
     non-payment. Should               response
     you not make payment
                                     y Offer compensation (in line
     we will pursue the debt
                                       with our policy) if we are at
     according to the terms of
     your lease and if necessary
     we will pass your account
                                     Complaining about
     to external solicitors and/
                                     Service Charges
     or contact your mortgage
     provider.                       We cannot through the
                                     complaints process consider
     Please note further
                                     complaints that a service
     possession proceedings may
                                     charge is too high or
     be taken against you which
                                     unreasonable relative to
     could result in your home
                                     the work carried out, or that
     being at risk.
                                     management charges and
                                     fees are unreasonable.
     Putting things right
     We aim to provide a high-
     quality service; however,       If a you as a leaseholder
     on occasion things can go       think your service charge
     wrong.                          is unreasonable, you can
                                     contact our Customer Care
                                     Line on 0300 123 3456

(email customercareline@       If you are not happy with in the     the recommendations of
first instance.                the Leasehold Valuation
                               Tribunal, you may appeal
                               to the Lands Tribunal under
Your query will be             section 175 of the Common
investigated and an            hold and Leasehold Reform
explanation provided to        Act 2002.
resolve the matter.
                               Permission for you to
If, after the review, you      appeal to the Lands Tribunal
remain dissatisfied with our   must be granted by the
response, you can apply to     LVT (further information
the Leasehold Valuation        is available via the Lands
Tribunal (LVT).                Tribunal website : www.
They are empowered by
                               Mosaic has the same right
the government to decide
                               of appeal.
liability for payment of
service charges.               If you believe that we
                               have not consulted and
                               notified residents correctly
The LVT website is :           and in a timely fashion in    accordance with statutory
services/ld.htm .              requirements and good
                               practice or believe that the
                               statement of accounts are
It contains applications       not clear or do not comply
and further guidance.          with statutory requirements,
Alternatively enquiries can    we will consider these issues
be made by phone 0845 600      as part of our complaints
3178. Application may be a     process. Again, complaints
chargeable service.            in the first instance will be
                               considered by the Service
                               Charge Team.

                          0300 123 3456                        36
    your home

Shared Ownership                    First of all you will need
Rents                               to tell us you want to sell
                                    your share. You then have
We cannot consider
                                    to pay for a valuation
complaints about shared
                                    to be undertaken by an
ownership leaseholders’
                                    independent surveyor who
initial rent setting and
                                    we instruct on your behalf.
increases as these are
defined by the lease.               Once you confirm you are
                                    happy with the valuation
                                    we will then market your
Shared owners can approach          property to potential shared
the Rent Assessment Panel           owners.
for further advice. Their
                                    Please note that you are
website is: http://www.rpts.
                                    also required to provide
                                    a Energy Performance
us.htm or phone 0845 600
                                    Certificate (EPC), which you
                                    must ask a EPC provider
                                    to supply before we can
                                    market your property.
If you are a shared owner you
have to give us time to offer       We charge you 1.5% of the
your share to another potential     share value as commission
shared owner.                       for selling your home,
                                    which is very competitive
If we are unable to find you a
                                    compared with estate
buyer within two months you
will be free to sell the property
on the open market.

                              0300 123 3456                        38
     It can take several months to sell your home, especially if a
     prospective buyer drops out or if you are in a chain of buyers
     and sellers.
     When you sell your home you will have to pay:
     y Our commission (1.5% of the share value)
     y Any outstanding mortgage payments due to your bank or
       building society
     y Your solicitors fees
     y Our solicitors fees (for transferring the lease to the new
     y Energy Performance Certificate
     y Any outstanding charges
       due in relation to the lease
     If you own 100% equity in your property, then your
     conveyancer will usually wish for Family Mosaic to answer
     pre-sale enquiries as your landlord.

     We charge a fee for answering these enquiries as this is not
     covered by your service charges.

     If you are interested in selling your home call 020 7089
     Please see the table opposite for the list of administrative
     charges we make in connection with selling, staircasing and
     re-mortgaging your property.

Administrative charges
Item                                               Cost *

Solicitor’s enquiries                              £105.75

Additional solicitor’s enquiries                   £52.88

Receipt of Notice of Transfer                      £47.00

Receipt of Notice of Charge                        £47.00

Staircasing processing                             £82.25

Remortgage enquiry                                 £57.00

Shared Owner Assignment of lease                   £85.19

Administration of lease extension                  £195.47

Copy of lease                                      £40.00

* Costs correct as at August 2010 - subject to change

                          0300 123 3456                      40

Can I put up a satellite        We will give you a copy of
dish?                           the cleaning specification
                                so you know what you
We do not allow individual
                                are paying for. Generally
satellite dishes to be
                                internal parts and refuse
erected on blocks of flats as
                                areas are cleaned weekly
this often breaches planning
                                and we do gardening
conditions, are unsightly
                                fortnightly from May to
and can cause damage to
                                We carry out regular estate
Newer developments
                                inspections which residents
often have a communal
                                are welcome to attend. We
dish provided or a service
                                will also display a copy of
provider will normally
                                our inspection report on the
be prepared to erect a
                                communal notice board.
communal system if a
number of leaseholders
                                How can I become
want one.
                                involved in the
If you do erect a satellite     management of my
dish it will be removed and     home?
you will be charged for the
                                We encourage you to set up
cost of this.
                                Resident Associations within
                                your schemes, so that your
How do I comment on
                                issues can be raised as
the cleaning of the
                                one. We also have set up
communal areas?
                                a Leasehold Forum where
You can contact the             we consult with members
cleaning contractor directly    on general issues of service
or you can speak to the         delivery. To get involved call
Customer Care Line.             020 7089 1042.

                         0300 123 3456                           42
     How can I buy more              As you buy more of your
     shares in my home?              property your rent will
                                     reduce and when you own
     Buying additional shares is
                                     100% no rent is payable,
     called “staircasing”. After
                                     and you will only have to
     you have bought your initial
                                     pay service charges if you
     share you can buy further
                                     live in a flat or on an estate.
     shares called “tranches”.
     The minimum tranche you
                                     Can I sublet my home?
     can buy is 10% and you
     can usually purchase up to      If you are a shared owner
     100% of your home.              you would not normally
                                     be able to sublet your
     If you wish to buy a further
                                     home unless you have a
     share, we will arrange for
                                     compelling social reason,
     an independent surveyor to
                                     such as having to re-locate
     value your home (you need
                                     because of employment.
     to pay for this before we
     instruct the surveyor).         If you own your property
                                     then you are able to sublet
     Once you know the
                                     your home, however you will
     valuation you can decide
                                     need to give us a contact
     how much you want to buy.
                                     address whilst you are not
     You will then be able to
                                     living there. You will remain
     instruct a solicitor to deal
                                     responsible for paying
     with your purchase and will
                                     relevant charges for your
     also have to pay the costs of
                                     property. If your tenant
     our solicitor.
                                     causes nuisance then you
                                     will be responsible and you
                                     could lose your home.

Can I improve my                 Can I leave my cycle
home?                            or push chair on the
                                 communal landings?
We want to give you as
much freedom as possible         It is important to keep
to change your home in           hallways and landings clear
the way you want but we          at all times because they
do need to make sure that        are a means of escape in
any changes will not have        the case of fire.
negative implications for
                                 If anything is left in a
other owners or affect the
                                 hallway we will ask you to
structure of the building.
                                 remove it, if you don’t we
You therefore need to get        will remove the item and
our written permission to        dispose of it. You are liable
carry out improvements to        for any cost we incur.
your home.
By improvements we mean :
y extensions
y conservatories
y or anything which could
  affect the structure of your

                          0300 123 3456                          44

If you wish to make a           Management Team
complaint then please           (CRMT) who will provide an
contact our Customer Care       independent investigation
Line on 0300 123 3456.          of the case and reply.
There are three stages          We will confirm to you
to our formal complaints        that we have received the
procedure.                      complaint within three
                                working days and respond in
Stage One                       full within ten.
You can fill out a complaints
                                Stage Three
form and send it to us,
complete a form on line         If you believe your
(        complaint has not been
or ring our Customer Care       resolved, it is reviewed by a
Line.                           Complaints Panel. The panel
                                is made up of two members
The complaint will be
                                of the appropriate Board or
investigated by the relevant
                                Regional Committee, one of
Regional Housing Director or
                                whom is a resident, and a
Head of Department.
                                Group Director.
We will confirm to you
                                A hearing should take place
that we have received the
                                within 25 working days of
complaint within three
                                receipt. You will be given 7
working days and respond in
                                days notice of the hearing
full within ten.
                                date and confirmation of
                                the decision of the panel will
Stage Two
                                be sent within 10 working
If you are not satisfied        days of the hearing.
that the complaint has
been resolved, you can
appeal direct to our
Central Customer Relations

                           0300 123 3456                         46

We hope you enjoy your        Tel: 0845 230 7000
new home. Here is a recap     www.tenantservicesauthority.
of useful numbers listed in   org
this handbook
                              Leasehold Advisory Service
Family Mosaic                 Maple House
Contacts                      149 Tottenham Court Road
Customer Care Line            W1T 7BN
0300 123 3456                 Tel: 020 7383 9800
Repairs during defects
0300 123 3456
                              Leasehold Valuation
Leasehold Incomes Officer
                              Tel: 0845 600 3178
0300 123 3456
Service Charges Team
                              Zurich Municpal,
0300 123 3456
                              Buildings Insurance
                              0800 028 0336
New Homes Manager
020 7089 1242
                              Rent Assessment Panel
To get involved               0845 6003178
020 7089 1042

Tenants Services Authority

                         0300 123 3456                       48


0300 123 3456   50
Talking your language
Bengali                             French

Somali                              Spanish

Turkish                             Vietnamese

This document gives you information about your home, your
rights and your responsibilities. If you need any part of this
document in large print, Braille, on CD or explained in your
own language please contact us on 0300 123 3456

        Printed on FC paper         Albion House
        from mixed sources          20 Queen Elizabeth Street
        including recycled.         London SE1 2RJ

Version 2: First published: Sept 2008, Last revised: July 2010

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