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					Horse Racing Tips

Horse Racing Tips

Good horse racing tips are quite commonly searched for and
less commonly found. Of course you can search online all day
long and no doubt find several people claiming to be able to
send you all of the hottest tips of the week or month and
telling you that you “simply cannot fail” with their amazing
new system. However, the problem here is that most of the
people selling these horse racing tips are buying them much, much cheaper or even
getting them for free! This clearly begs the question; where can you get them for
free too? However, when people are offered things like this for free they then begin
to look for the “catch” or hidden charges for site subscriptions etc. or even question
the knowledge of the owner. Although, if the owner was a retired British champion
jockey with credibility and knowledge seriously on his side, would you still question
these things?

Richard Dunwoody is that man. A three time champion national hunt jockey, this
man built up a great reputation throughout his career as a champion jockey.
Therefore, when he began giving away horse racing tips on a pay as you win service,
people were astounded of course – but never once questioned his integrity and
knowledge. This service, based at, is
completely “pay as you win” as previously mentioned. When you sign up to the
service you will receive a free text message whenever the team have received a
horse racing tip good enough to qualify for the service. If you decide to accept the
horse racing tips provided to you, you will only ever pay the return on a £20 stake
and only if the horse wins. Therefore, you retain whatever stake you win plus your
winnings over that of a £20 stake.

This service of horse racing tips really is unlike any other and is a great way to play.
Richard Dunwoody is offering this service as a way to give back to people and
therefore, buying horse racing tips should be no more – go to instead!

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