Social Media Marketing

					These are social media sites in that they provide a virtual community in which to
spread ideas, communicate and stay updated with the news by connecting those who
know each other in real life, or those who share a common interest or goal.
  There are many ways that you can utilise this type of media for social media
marketing, and these kinds of sites provide a perfect environment for the spreading
and sharing of ideas - making them perfect for advertisers and marketers.
  In particular social media marketing can make rapid use of viral campaigns. Viral
campaigns are campaigns which encourage the general public to share and spread the
advertisers 鈥?message among their peers thereby doing the work of the marketers for
them. The idea here is that someone sees an advert or a message that they enjoy or
find entertaining and that they then decide to spread it with a few friends. Each of
those friends then spreads the message with a few others, and this continues under
millions upon millions of people have seen the campaign. This then means you can
reach many more people than you would otherwise be able to reach and all at barely
any cost. Of course for this to work the original message needs to be catchy and
unique enough to pique the interest of the viewers and to get them to spread it with
their peers.
  Social media marketing is perfect for viral campaigns because the community is
already there to share it with. YouTube videos provide perhaps some of the most
common examples of campaigns that have gone 鈥榲 iral 鈥?and there are many
videos that almost everyone with access to the internet have at some point seen. If
these carry an advertising message then this is one of the very best ways to reach a
large audience.
  Facebook is another great place for this kind of viral social media marketing as this
has many facilities for marketing such as the ability to set up groups and events, and
allows other people to invite members to those groups if they like them. It also has the
ability to 鈥榣 ike 鈥?ideas, or to become a 鈥榝 an 鈥?of something, all of which
enables marketers to use many tools to spread a message. Twitter meanwhile also now
has the ability to 鈥榬 etweat 鈥?something and this way all of your viewers can see a
tweet you liked that someone else made. This way a link can be seen by millions of
people in moments if you can reach someone with enough followers. Any of these
sites, like any digital marketing, then have the advantage of being online meaning that
viewers can quickly and easily follow a hyperlink to visit the site for more
information. Great digital marketing makes the most of social media marketing by
including the ability to share a site, link or video on those social networking sites;
even better marketing will be designed specifically to take advantage of the vir al
nature of these websites.
  social media marketing and social network marketing