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					                              AP United States History
                                AP Test Prep Sheet
                                  Mr. McCann
                               Strive for Excellence 3-4-5
The Test
The AP United States History test consists of three types of questions: the multiple-
choice question, the document-based question, and the standard essay question. Both
types of essay questions are referred to as free response questions. In evaluating the
exam, essay answers account for 50% of the grade.

Time Factors
The US history exam is 3 hours and 5 minutes in length. You are given 55 minutes to
answer 80 multiple-choice questions.

The essay sections of the test take 2 hours and 10 minutes, in which you must answer one
DBQ and two essays. The regular essays are presented in two sets of two questions; you
must answer one question from each set (two total). This time is divided so that you have
15 minutes to read and analyze the DBQ and 45 minutes to write it. You will then have
70 minutes to answer the two essays. It is suggested that you spend 5 minutes reading
and making notes on the two questions and 30 minutes writing each answer. Watch your

Content Allocation
1600-1789: 17% or 13-14Q 1790-1914: 50% or 40Q 1915 to Present: 33% or 26-27Q
Political Topics- 35% or 28Q
Social Topics- 35% or 28Q
Diplomacy and International Relations- 15% or 8Q
Economic Topics- 10% or 8Q
Cultural or Intellectual Topics- 5% or 4Q
Scoring of Multiple-Choice
One-fourth of a point is taken off for each incorrect answer. Therefore, don’t guess
blindly at answers but rather analyze the choices. If you can eliminate one of two of the
answers choose from the remaining 3 or 4 choices and answer the question. Eliminating
two or more choices give you a better than even chance of a correct pick.
Approximate Scoring Statistics
To get a “3” or “Qualified”- Answer 45 and leave 35 blank
To get a “4” or “Well Qualified”- Answer 60 and leave 20 blank
To get a “5” or “Extremely Well Qualified”- Answer all you can, few as possible blank

Night Before and Test Day
Get to bed at a decent hour after studying a bit of general information from review sheet.
Have a reasonable, but not “piggy” breakfast.
Wear comfortable clothes.
Relax- Do your best! At this point, what will be will be, so don’t stress!

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