CHC2D Twentieth Century Canadian History (2) by pptfiles


									CHC2D: Twentieth Century Canadian History:

Chapter Nine Questions:

Read chapter 9 of Spotlight Canada (pp. 212-230) and answer the following questions. Be
specific and detailed in your answers!

1. Identify and explain in detail the four main reasons why Germany turned to extreme political
   parties in the 1920s and 1930s.

2. What steps were taken by Hitler and the Nazis once they won power in Germany in 1933?

3. Create a timeline of the major events leading up the outbreak of World War II.

4. Do you think that war was inevitable? What do you think could have been done, if anything,
   to avert war?

5. Why was Canada unprepared for the outbreak of World War II? What was the state of the
   Canadian armed forces when war was declared? What steps were taken to prepare and
   mobilise? Explain in detail.

6. Explain the historical significance of the following:

Inflation                                     Kristallnacht
Adolf Hitler                                  S.S. St. Louis
Adrian Arcand                                 Mein Kampf
Blueshirts                                    Munich Agreement
Nuremberg Laws                                Sudetenland
Stormtroopers                                 Axis Powers

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