Senior NCO shares her tale of un by wuyunyi


									                                                        March Air Reserve Base, California


                                                                 Friday, January 18, 2008
Civilian personnel
 offers workers
by Army Sgt. Sara Moore
American Forces Press Service
- In its second year of imple-
mentation, the Defense Depart-
ment’s new civilian personnel
system is meeting its goal of
shifting the department to a
performance-based pay sys-
tem while giving employees
the power to boost their own
careers, two officials with
the program said here Jan. 7.
     The National Security Per-
sonnel System now covers about
130,000 of the department’s ci-
vilian employees, and feedback
has been positive about the sys-
tem, which ties employees’ pay
raises and bonuses more direct-
ly to annual performance eval-
uations, Michael Dominguez,
principal deputy undersecretary
of defense for personnel and
readiness, said in an interview.
     “What I’ve been hearing
is, the system is doing what
we’ve intended it to do, which
is to galvanize conversations                                                                                                 (U.S. Air Force graphic by Jesse Suazo)
in the department and with
our employees about our mis-
sion (and) what it is we need to
                                     Senior NCO shares her tale of unreported rape
achieve,” Mr. Dominguez said.            by Amy Abbott               1994 when a March Field se-        at March, she was asked out on     sports and stuff, why don’t you
   DOD officials recently issued              Editor                  nior noncommissioned officer        a date by a technical sergeant.    come back to my place and we
the 2008 NSPS pay schedules,          Because of the nature of the   said she was raped by a co-        She met him at the bar, had two    watch a movie.’”
which were effective Jan. 6.       following story, the Beacon is    worker. Instead, she kept quiet.   glasses of wine and they sat and     She went. While there he
This year, 60 percent of the       protecting the name of the al-       “I truly believe that if we     talked.                            began to make physical ad-
base salary increase for federal   leged victim.                     had a SARC I would have gone          “We had a lot in common         vances.
employees will go to pay in-          The Air Force’s Sexual As-     to them,” she said.                and shared many of the same          “I said no and he said ‘oh
                                   sault Response Coordinator           While a young senior air-       interests. He said, ‘I know you
    Continued on page 8            program wasn’t in place in        man stationed on active duty       are very athletic and you watch       Continued on page 6

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2             January 18, 2008                                                                                                      Beacon
                                                                                    Shirts Corner
Volume 73, Number 02
                                                      PRICELESS ADVICE
                                      Did you know your credit could affect your security clearance?
COMMANDER:                           Commentary by Senior Master                 how much and what kinds of loan terms        and an ending date, like for a car loan
Brig. Gen. James L. Melin
                                       Sgt. Ionne Barnes-Joshua                  (interest rate, etc.) lenders offer to you   making monthly payments, which is
PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICER:                452nd Aircraft Maintenance                when you apply for a loan. It is always a    like having good cholesterol, whenever
Maj. Donald Traud                          Squadron First Sgt.                   plus to try to improve your FICO scores      you can, pay the bill off. A suggestion
                                                                                 and of course, the better the score, the     would be to use your tax refund rather
EDITOR:                               Hello again fellow Airmen and Hap-         better rates you can get from a lender.      than blowing it on toys. When you pay
Amy Abbott                         py New Year. Your 1st sergeants would               Just so you know, in order for your    off an account, do not close it as it can
(951) 655-4138                     like to give you some information that        three FICO scores to be calculated, each     help to raise your credit score.
                                   you may not be aware of in this article.      of your three credit reports must contain           Opening a new account can be a
PUBLIC AFFAIRS STAFF:              Yes, it is your credit score and status.      at least one account, which has been         problem too, so if you really need more
LaGina Jackson
                                   Did you know that your credit could           open for at least six months. In addition,   credit, try to get the available credit line
Capt. Caroline Lorimer
                                   affect your security clearance? Well, it      each report must contain at least one ac-    on one of your existing cards increased
Senior Master Sgt. Matt Proietti
Tech Sgt. Mike Blair               can. Everything we airmen do is as a          count that has been updated in the past      instead. Having older accounts on your
Staff Sgt. Joe Davidson            team. If one of the team is a weakness,       six months. This ensures that there is       history is a plus also. Raking up a lot
Senior Airman David Flaherty       we really have a problem.                     enough information and enough recent         of credit quickly can be a negative, too.
(951) 655-4137                           Many of us at some time may have        information in your report on which to       Do not have a lot of inquiries into your
                                   or will have some kind of money situ-         base a FICO score on each report. (My-       credit status as that also is a negative.
The Beacon is published by         ation. That is an unpleasant fact and in      Fico).                                       You are entitled to get one free copy of
Aerotech News and Review,          the credit focused society we live in is             So, what can you do to make sure      your credit scores per year from each of
456 East Ave. K-4, Suite 8,        unavoidable in some cases. Here is what       you do not fall victim to the credit-en-     the credit bureaus.
Lancaster, Ca., 93535. Aerotech    happens when you apply for a credit           compassing snare? Pay your bills on                 If you wish to reestablish credit,
is a private firm in no way         card, a car loan or a mortgage. The lend-     time. Delinquent payments and collec-        opening new accounts responsibly and
connected with the U.S. Air        ers need to know how big a risk they          tions have a negative influence on your       paying them off on time will raise your
Force. For advertising, contact    will be taking if they loan their money to    score. If you have past dues and you can     credit score. We do have resources on
Aerotech at (877) 247-9288.        you. Fair Isaac and Company, (FICO®)          catch up on your payments, catch them        base to help anyone who may need help
The Beacon is published under      scores are the scores for your credit         up. Remember, paying off a collection        with budgeting, or understanding more
exclusive written contract with    most lenders use to determine how big         agency does not necessarily mean they        in depth how detrimental a bad rating
the 452nd Air Mobility Wing.       a risk you are to them. You have three        will remove the negative from your ac-       can be to an Airman’s career.
This commercial enterprise         FICO scores, one for each of the three        count unless you have a written agree-          Well, we shirts would really appreci-
Air Force newspaper is an          credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion,         ment. Negatives will stay on your report     ate it if any wing member would write
authorized    publication    for   and Equifax. Now, each of these com-          for seven years. Once you have paid          to us through this vehicle (the Beacon)
members of the United States       panies gauge your credit score on in-         them off, they stay current from that        and let us know of any concerns or ask
military services, retirees and    formation they keep on file about you.         point on.                                    us any questions. We would be more
family members. Contents           This information may change monthly                 Make sure you keep our balances        than happy to answer any questions and
are not necessarily the views      and this depends on whether you buy           on your credit cards low, high balances      address any issues you feel are relevant
of, or endorsed by, the U.S.       something new, pay something off or           affect your rating negatively and think of   to the success of our military life here
Government, Department of          you miss payments on your existing ac-        revolving credit as you would bad cho-       at March.
Defense or the Air Force.          counts. These three FICO scores affect        lesterol. If your account has a beginning
The appearance of advertising
in this newspaper, including
inserts or supplements, does
                                           If you have questions or items you wish the first sergeants to address in the “Shirts Corner,”
not constitute endorsement
of the products or services by           please contact Senior Master Sgt. Ionne Barnes-Joshua via e-mail at Ionne.Barnes-Joshua@
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status,    physical   handicap,     50 APS            1st Lt. Eric Olson         SMSgt. Carlos Shoda 452 CES-Prime Beef MSgt. James Denton
political affiliation or any         56 APS            2nd Lt. Britnee McIntyre   TSgt. James Vicente    452 CS           Capt. Vincent Mivehchi MSgt. Christine Devin
other nonmerit factor of the        452 AES           Maj. Cheri Finn            MSgt. Juliana Simmons 452 SFS           1st Lt. Richard Burgess Lt. Col. Cary Connors
                                    336 ARS           SMSgt. Deborah McGuane                            452 SVF          SrA. Devin Foreman      SSgt. U. Peneranda
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staff of the 452nd Air Mobility     452 AMXS          SSgt. Robert Huerta        SrA Todd Duyao         752 MDS          Maj. David Sell     SMSgt. Bernadette Meeks
                                    752 AMXS          TSgt. Ronald Oda           SSgt. Fred Mantanona 452 SE             Maj. Robert Quirk       SMSgt. Buddy Byrd
Wing Public Affairs Office at
                                    452 MXS           CMSgt. Russell Temple      1st Lt. John Neubecker 163 RW           Maj. Brenda Hendrickson
March Air Reserve Base, Calif.      4 CTCS            Capt. Hamilton Underwood   TSgt. Lisa Turiano     AAFES            Stephanie Kuykendall
All photographs in the Beacon       Fire Depart.      Billie Edwards                                    304 SB           Spc. Tracy Ellingsen
are Air Force photos unless         452 MSS           SrA Shelly Bradshaw        A1C Araceli Saucedo USMC 4th Tank Bn. Capt. Stefan Sneeden 1st Sgt. Erl Fortsoe
                                    452 CEX           MSgt. Phillip Maffett                             Navy/USMC Reserve Lt. Brock Miller       YNC Anthony Moore
                     Beacon                                                                                                                  January 18, 2008                                                   3
                                                                      Maintenance squadron works
                                                                        toward successful ORI

Staff Sgt. Ryan Slanina, a fuel cell technician from the 452nd
Maintenance Squadron, uses a speed handle to open the center
wing fuel tank of a KC-135 Stratotanker refueling aircraft during   Photo of full-face supplied air respirator used by fuel cell technicians from the 452nd
inspection at March, Jan. 9. (U.S. Air Force photo by Val Gempis)   Maintenance Squadron to inspect fuel tanks of aircraft at March ARB on Jan. 9.

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     i S         i     f
Aerobic Schedule is as follows:                                               The next Sports Advisory Council Meeting        Fitness Center Activities
Monday       F2F Self Defense/Capoeira                             0600    will take place on January 23rd at 1000 in            Lunchtime Volleyball will take place from 1230-1430 to
                                                                           building 426. These meetings allow unit sports     allow participating units to prepare for the upcoming Volleyball
             Bootcamp                                              1100
                                                                           representatives to share ideas and suggestions     season. Any units that need a specific time to practice should
             Cardio Kickbox/Capoeira                               1700    for our Fitness and Sports program. Please         contact the Fitness Center to make a reservation.
                                                                           contact the Fitness & Sports Center for more          Fit To Fight Push up & Sit Up competition will take place
Tuesday             Step & Core                                    1100    information. 655-2292                              on February 6th at 1100. This is a fun way to jump start your
                    F2F Self Defense                               1700      You can sign-ups for Volleyball Intramurals      preparation for your PT test, and to test your fitness level.
                                                                           at the Fitness and Sports Center. The season       Sign-ups will be taken at the Fitness Center. Come out and
                                                                           is tentatively scheduled to begin on February      claim your prize!
Wednesday           Spin                                           1100    12th. The coaches meeting will take place on       NEW EXERCISE INCENTIVE-FIT FOR LIFE!!
                    F2F Self Defense/Capoeira                      1700    January 30th at 1200 in building 426. Letters        The new incentive program will consist of strength and
Thursday            Cardio Kickbox/Capoeira                        1100    of Intent are due no later than January 30th. We   cardio fitness training to help participants prepare for their
                                                                           are looking forward to a fun and competitive       PT tests and maintain a fit lifestyle. All participants will be
More fitness classes will be added to the schedule in the coming months.    season.                                            rewarded with a Fit for Life t-shirt. Sign-ups will be taken at
Please call the Fitness Center for more information 655-2284                 The Fitness Center is seeking Certified Fitness   the Fitness Center.
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                                                                           Smith at (951) 655-2292 for more information.      of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday.

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Beacon   January 18, 2008   5
6           January 18, 2008 Open the door to recovery                                                                        Beacon
                                 Senior NCO shares her                       thing our parents told us not to do. You      “The Air Force has come a long way
    CRISIS                       tale of unreported rape
                                                                             shouldn’t have been there so you got
                                                                             what you deserve.’ Statistically sexual
                                                                                                                        since I joined,” said the now senior
                                                                                                                        NCO. “I think it’s phenomenal the av-
INTERVENTION                           Continued from page 1
                                                                             assualt reports are truthful. Our
                                                                             system is so careful be-
                                                                                                                                enues that we have in place to
                                                                                                                                      help people.”
    Points of Contact            come on, you don’t come all the way         cause sexual assault is                                         What differentiates
                                 over to my place and not want to.’ I went   such a serious crime.                                          the program is it gives
                                 to get up to leave and he followed me to    The system is too                                                 victims the option to
     Local Resources:            the door and tackled me – he just pulled    hard on (the vic-                                                  make a restricted or
Command Post 951-655-4665        my pants down and had his way with          tim), it is just too                                               unrestricted report.
One-Source 1-800-342-9647        me. I was trying to fight him and saying     much,” she said.                                                   As per the Depart-
                                 no. I was crying the whole time.”              According to                                                    ment of Defense,
    Mental Health Issues:            When her attacker finished, she ran      the base’s Sexual                                                  the SARC, as well
Mental Health Clinic at Los      home in tears.                              Assault Response                                                   as medical staff on
Angeles AFB (Active duty)            She decided not to go the base hos-     Coordinator, Debby                                                base, have full legal
Office 310-653-6860               pital, instead choosing a local commu-      Ross, the sergeant’s                                            authority to take a
After hours 310-345-6441         nity hospital where she sat for about six   story is all too com-                                        restricted report, which
                                 hours. A police officer and counselor        mon.                                                      means the command is not
                                 were brought in and asked her to give          “Sexual assault in the mili-                      notified and a legal investiga-
       Sexual Assault:           names. She declined.                        tary has historically been underreported   tion is not initiated.
March SARC 24/7 Crisis               “I have just seen so many times that    because of the fear and the shame in-         “The moment (victims) start making
Intervention Line 951-655-       it’s always a woman’s fault and I wasn’t    volved,” she said. “People come up to      their own decision, the moment they de-
7272                             willing to do that. I was one of maybe      me all the time (saying) this happened     cide to come in and talk to me, is part
Riverside Area Rape Crisis       two women out of 80 men in the squad-       five years ago, this happened 10, 15        of the recovery process,” said Ms. Ross.
Center 24/7 1-866-686-7273       ron and I was afraid that it would turn     years ago.”                                “If they want to concentrate on their own
Between Corona and San           against me. Ten years of active duty           Mrs. Monroe-Heaps said a victim’s       wellbeing, on their own recovery minus
Diego 1-866-373-8300             being in a predominately male arena;        silence is the perpetrator’s number one    any investigation, that is their choice. I
                                 it had always been about drinking and       weapon. Because of this, a rapist at-      don’t encourage anybody to do anything
     Domestic Violence:          sex. I love serving my country and I just   tacks nine to 15 times before they’re      except get medical help and get in a safe
                                 felt that was the way it was and to have    caught and a child molester between 30     place.”
Crisis Line 24/7 (counseling,
                                 a career in the military you just had to    -60 times.                                    Ms. Ross said that over half of the
shelter for women, children      accept it.”                                    The Air Force initiated the SARC        women that report sexual assault are fear-
& teens) 1-800-339-SAFE              Debora Monroe-Heaps, director of        program in 2005. According to the          ful for their physical security and lives.
(7233)                           programs for the Riverside Area Rape        452nd Air Mobility Wing Commander,         The ability to not initiate an investigation
                                 Crisis Center, echoed the sergeant’s sen-   Brig. Gen. James Melin, the initiative     lets the victim focus on their own recov-
     Suicide Crisis Line:        timents, saying that oftentimes society     has a twofold purpose. The first is to      ery, she said. A victim has the option to
         Riverside -             immediately places the level of blame       insure that people who have a problem
County Dept. of Mental           on the victim.                              understand that they have someone who
Health 24/7 Western Region           “When a sex act occurs and there is     will listen to them. The second part is
951-686-HELP (4357)              no conesnt and some level of force used,    educating everyone to be a good wing-
         California -            the public says, ‘gosh, you did some-       man and to watch out for each other.
Youth Crisis Line 24/7 for All
Youth Issues 1-800-843-5200
For ages 12 - 24 to assist          OUTREACH CENTERS
with depression, suicide,         Crisis Intervention information can be obtained at the various
runaway, AIDS and more.           locations around base in both Spanish and English:
    Los Angeles County -
Suicide Prevention 24/7 Didi      Lobby of Billeting (24/7 365 days a year)
Hirsch Community Mental
Health Care 310-391-1253          Back Street Cafe (lunch & dinner)
Toll Free in L.A. county 1-       AMC Terminal
877- 7CRISIS (727-4747)
                                  Legal Office
National Council on Problem       Family Support Center                                                                 Debby Ross, March ARB SARC.
Gambling 1-800-522-4700           Chaplain Office
Ca. Compulsive Gambling 1-
800-322-8748                      Services Office
Gambling Hotline 760-320-
0234 or 1-800-522-4700            Security Forces
Employee Assist. Program
                                  Training and Education
(EAP for DoD Civilians)           Commissary
1-800-222-0364                   Gym
                                  All of the Reserve Centers (off base)
                       Beacon                                                                                                       January 18, 2008                                  7
make an unrestricted report later.          information.                                   common repercussions are the creation
   “Since 2005, reports have increased         The next question asked is whether          of a hostile environment, making people
because of the restrictive reporting -      the victim would prefer a male or fe-          uncomfortable and lowering employees’
- because they (the victim) don’t have      male victim advocate, a fully trained          self-esteem.                                      The biggest myth about sexual
to back themselves into a corner,” Ms.      volunteer who stays with the person               “It’s not enough to treat someone af-       abuse is that the victim lies about it,
Ross said. “The program is truly survi-     and assists in every step of the recovery      ter the fact,” said Ms. Ross. “We want         according to the director of the Sex-
vor centered. That’s a huge, huge differ-   process. This can include counseling, a        to do prevention and, for the Air Force,       ual Assault Prevention and Outreach
ence.”                                      forensic exam, the morning after pill --       that means changing the culture.”              Office at Lackland Air Force Base.
   Previously, specially trained individ-   whatever it is the person needs. March            This summer the Air Force will es-             Dr. Charlotte Moerbe, a psycholo-
uals weren’t available to assist someone    ARB has five victim advocates who               tablish new training to address sexual         gist who once worked in a San An-
who had been sexually assaulted.            have attended 40 hours of mandated Air         assault. The Air Force has also been           tonio rape crisis center, has made it
   “You didn’t have any reporting op-       Force courses pertaining to the special        pushing the Wingman program which              her life goal to educate people about
tions,” said General Melin. “If you as an   duty.                                          encourages Airmen to look out for one          sexual assault and the misconcep-
individual felt that you were assaulted,       The SARC then offers the victim the         another and speak up when they see             tions that surround it.
the only avenue you had was to go to        choice of making a restricted or unre-         something inappropriate or wrong.                 “A large number of our cases in-
your commander or supervisor. For one,      stricted report. If an unrestricted one is        “I personally can’t emphasize enough        volve our younger generation, and
the supervisor or commander didn’t          chosen, the command is notified and an          that I want people, regardless of what         most cases involve alcohol,” Dr. Mo-
have any place to go to get advice on       investigation is initiated. If the choice is   happened to them -- it doesn’t just have       erbe said. “For many of them, regret
what to do, the requirements, how to        restricted, the victim is still offered help   to be sexual -- to be able to go to some-      does not mean rape. Unfortunately,
handle it and, two, they weren’t particu-   without notifying the command or be-           one,” said General Melin. “Start with          many times it does. There is no gain
larly well qualified to deal with the emo-   ginning an investigation.                      the SARC, start with your commander,           to lie about sexual assault.”
tional stress of the situation.”               Mrs. Monroe-Heaps said, sexual ha-          start with your first sergeant -- and say          According to the Federal Bureau
   The SARC is on duty 24 hours a day,      rassment is the most common form of            ‘something happened to me.’ That’s a           of Investigation, sexual assault is the
seven days a week, to take emergency        assault in the workplace. A frequent           start.”                                        nation’s most underreported violent
calls. Ms. Ross said the first priority is   type of this is quid pro quo, literally           The SARC at March ARB, though               crime.
to make sure the victim is safe and to      meaning something for something. She           specializing in sexual assault, also of-
check and see if they need any medical      explained that in this scenario it some-       fers crisis intervention for various areas:       *Full story written by Master Sgt. Orville
attention. The SARC is under no obli-       how becomes a game for the victim              mental health, domestic violence, sui-         F. Desjarlais Jr. can be found at http://www.
gation to inform anybody or release any     and they feel coerced into doing it. The       cide and gambling to name a few.

                                                                                            Local rape crisis center
                                                                                              partners with base
                                                                                                                                         that explains and goes with victims
                                                                                                                                         through the entire process, including
                                                                                              March ARB completed a memoran-             forensic exams.
                                                                                           dum of understanding with the River-             “Most often a victim of this type of
                                                                                           side Area Rape Crisis Center earlier this     crime has no knowledge about their
                                                                                           week.                                         rights,” said Debora Monroe-Heaps,
                                                                                              The MOU, signed by the 452nd Air           Director of Programs for the Riverside
                                                                                           Mobility Wing Commander, Brig. Gen-           Area Rape Crisis Center. “We are the
                                                                                           eral James Melin, is an official agree-        members of a sexual assault response
                                                                                           ment outlining the direct relationship        team. All of our responsibilities are
                                                                                           between the base and the center. March        completely different, but we work as a
                                                                                           has always been part of the service area      team to provide the best care possible.”
                                                                                           the center has provided for, just without        They offer psychological support,
                                                                                           the formality.                                in person counseling, active support
                                                                                              The MOU was initiated by the base’s        groups, rape prevention education,
                                                                                           Sexual Assault Response Coordinator,          women and children’s self defense
                                                                                           Debby Ross, in an effort to encourage         classes, parenting classes and child
                                                                                           sexual assault victims to begin breaking      abuse prevention classes.
                                                                                           the silence. The center gives victims an-        In April, during National Sexual
                                                                                           other place to reach out to.                  Assault Awareness Month, the center
                                                                                              “Part of breaking the silence is part-     will provide several of their classes on
                                                                                           nering with the Rape Crisis Center, Al-       base throughout the month. Separate
                                                                                           ternatives to Domestic Violence, with         classes will be taught either in Spanish
                                                                                           the commander, with the first sergeant,        or in English. More information will
                                                                                           with a trusted friend – you break that si-    become available at a later date.
                                                                                           lence and then you start working on it,
                                                                                           because it’s very hard to work on it by       Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center
                                                                                           yourself,” she said.                             1485 Spruce Street, Suite C
                                                                                              The center provides a 24 hour cri-                Riverside, Ca. 92507
                                                                                           sis hotline that people can call and get                (951) 686-7273
                                                                                           information, referrals and counseling.            Toll Free: (866) 686-7273
                                                                                           They also have an advocacy program                E-mail:
8                January 18, 2008                                                                                                                Beacon
    Civilian personnel              mance-based by next year, but          have had difficulty adjusting        Mr. Dominguez said.                will work with organized labor
     offers workers                 under an agreement with Con-           to the new performance-based           He stressed that leaders at     to bring even more employ-
      opportunities                 gress, the split will remain 60        culture. However, they said, it     every level, including military    ees under the system, she said.
                                    percent and 40 percent, as it          is a welcome change because it      leaders who have employees           Because DOD is such a large,
    Continued from page 1           is this year, Ms. Lacey said.          gives employees a clearer un-       or colleagues under NSPS,          complex organization, it will
creases for employees who re-          Ms. Lacey said she has seen         derstanding of what is required     need to understand the system      continue to take time to get ev-
ceive a final rating of 2 or high-   data on about 60 percent of the        of them to advance and even         completely and ensure their        eryone trained and under the
er on their evaluations, which      payouts that will be made under        gives them the opportunity to       subordinates understand it.        new system, she said. In fact,
includes virtually all federal      NSPS this year, and the results        advance more quickly than they          NSPS is a system that is       pay systems for some employ-
employees. Forty percent of         are promising.                         could under the old system.         first designed to support           ees -- those in the intelligence
the base salary increase will go       About 5 percent of employ-            “To some extent, it’s a choice    DOD’s national security mis-       field, for example -- are cov-
to “pay pools” to be allocated      ees are being rated as level 5,        for employees in terms of how       sion, Mr. Dominguez said. It       ered under statutory authority,
as performance-based salary         or “role model,” about 60 per-         they want to approach their         is also designed to update the     and they will never come under
increases to employees with         cent of employees are rated            work, and ... if they want to       civil service system to meet       NSPS. Overall, about 500,000
a rating of level 3 or higher.      at level 3, and practically no         rocket up the scale, if you         the demands of the 21st cen-       civilian employees will come
   Mary E. Lacey, program ex-       employees are rated as level           will, (be) hard-driving (and)       tury, where workers expect to      into NSPS over the next three
ecutive officer for NSPS, said       1, or “unacceptable,” she said.        take on the tough challenges,       be rewarded based on perfor-       to five years, Ms. Lacey said.
that in last year’s NSPS payout,      “I think most employees will         then there is the potential there   mance, instead of how long            “This is probably the most
the January salary increase was     find, at the end of the day, ... that   for them to take on more re-        they’ve been in a job, he said.    significant investment we have
not at all tied to performance.     they did pretty darn well under        sponsibility and increase their      “In NSPS, you can go as fast      made in our civilian work force
However, this year the depart-      NSPS, and some of those fears          salary because of their per-        and as far as you want to go,”     in terms of their leadership,
ment changed that to bring          will die down,” Ms. Lacey said,        formance,” Ms. Lacey said.          Mr. Dominguez said. “It’s not      management and soft skills
the annual pay increases more       referring to some employees’             To ensure that employees and      a time-driven system; it’s a       (such as communication and
in line with the performance-       anxieties about the new system.        managers understand the sys-        performance-driven system.”        coaching employees) ever, in
based management system,             Ms. Lacey and Mr. Dominguez           tem, DOD officials have invest-         DOD officials plan to bring      my career, at least,” Ms. Lacey
she said. DOD officials had          agreed that implementing a new         ed a lot of time in training and    about 57,000 more employees        said. “We will continue that
planned to make January pay         system is challenging, and su-         education about how the system      under NSPS in the spring, Ms.      pace as we train folks up to
increases exclusively perfor-       pervisors and employees alike          works and why it is beneficial,      Lacey said. The department also    bring them in.”

         You can view the Civilian personnel offers workers opportunities and other stories at
                          Beacon                                                                                                               January 18, 2008                              9

                                                                           News Briefs
Empty billboards                       Students will access the AFVEC           Omega Travel                           ensure that the troops and their      Operation Purple Camp
Tell local Air Force Reserve           via AF Portal:        Omega Travel is open on Saturday       families know about them. Get         The Army Reserve Child
recruiter, Tech Sgt. Kamala Thigpen,   mil. For assistance, call base           of the B UTAs in order to better       involved in supporting America’s      and Youth Services is getting
if you know of an empty billboard      training at 655-4442 or 4441.            serve the needs of their customers.    troops. Check it out at http://       ready to host the OPC in Santa
location so they can advertise in      Officers will still need to sign the      If they don’t have enough usage to               Barbara, California, July 15 - 27.
that space. Call Sergeant Thigpen      Reserve Service Commitment               support this UTA service, they will    AFSA meets on UTAs                    Registration began March 15. The
at (951) 655-6969.                     Form at Base Training.                   not be able to continue offering it.   The     Air     Force    Sergeants’   camp is open to all branches of
Motorcycle training                    Flight line driving                      Help America support the troops        Association, Chapter 1360, will       the United States Armed Services
The ground safety office conducts       Flight Line driving instruction will     “America Supports You” is a            now hold its meetings on both UTAs    for children ages eight to 15. For
motorcycle rider training for          be offered by Airfield Management         program launched by the Defense        in the Daedalian Room of the Hap      more details go to www.arfp.ord/
beginner and experienced riders.       on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1           Department to showcase the many        Arnold Club at 11 a.m. Members        cys or
For schedule and information, call     p.m. For more information or to sign     ways America is supporting its         and visitors are welcome to attend    CAP meets at March Field
Cedric Perry 655-2229.                 up, call 655-4404.                       military men and women. The            and learn more about AFSA and         The Civil Air Patrol Squadron at
On-line Tuition Assistance             Top Three                                program is designed to gather          what the organization has to offer.   March Field meets each Monday
AFRC students now have the             The March Top Three meets on             information about and recognize        For more information, contact         from 6:30 to 9 p.m. in Bldg. 441,
opportunity to apply for TA on-line    Sunday of the A & B UTAs at Bldg.        the multitude of support activities    Senior Master Sgt. Terri Higgins at   Room 8. Contact Lt. Col. Jessica
via the Virtual Education Center.      441, education and training, at 9 a.m.   Americans are engaged in and           655-5435 or (909) 238-3409.           Black at (951) 655-2048.

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12            January 18, 2008                                                                                    Beacon

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.”

                                                                          Assistant Chief of
                               Air Terminal                                   Training,                                         Desk Sergeant,
                           Operations Manager,                             452nd Mission                                        452nd Security
                            452nd Aerial Port                            Support Group Fire                                    Forces Squadron
                              Support Flight                                  Protection                                         Hometown:
                               Hometown:                                    Hometown:                                        Oklahoma City, OK
                              Riverside, CA                                  Omaha, NE                                            Hobbies:
                                Hobbies:                                      Hobbies:                                           Church, kids,
                                RVing and                               Quilting, bowling and                                computers and sports
                             12-string guitar                                  reading
Master Sgt. Philip Cheng                         Ms Billie Edwards                              Tech Sgt. David House, Jr.
Do you feel that Dr. King’s dream has            Do you feel that Dr. King’s dream has          Do you feel that Dr. King’s dream has
materialized in today’s society? Collec-         materialized in today’s society? No, not       materialized in today’s society? No. We
tively, we have come far by placing our          totally across this nation. However, in my     still have individuals who refuse to think
focus more on values and what each of us         career field, changes toward equality have      forward. As long as they have “neutral”
has contributed versus appearance on the         been made and I believe for the better! I      mind sets, Dr. King’s dream can only par-
outside. We need to continue emphasizing         have a dream to be happy, healthy and          tially materialize. Education and patience
our awareness in acceptance or we could          loved. I hope to live long enough to see       will materialize his dream. I have a dream
end up back where we were before. I have         my dream flourish.                              that one day the reality of Dr. King’s dream
a dream that we keep striving to build                                                          will come full circle. I, as a black man, will
teamwork and friendships as the common           Beacon stories can be read online at the       no longer be stereotyped.
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ground for our next generation.

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