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					Automation Unit
TM 1703 ACP
Flexible automation and telecontrol

Power Transmission and Distribution
                                  Outstanding performance:
                                  TM 1703 ACP
                                  Automate simply – with TM 1703 ACP
                                  Highly complex and yet fully transparent automation solutions are not a
                                  problem with the new TM 1703 ACP automation unit. The ACP 1703 sys-
                                  tem concept creates the necessary technological conditions for combining
                                  automation and telecontrol in one device. The mechanical design is based
                                  on intelligent terminal modules that can be readily mounted on 35-mm

                                  Versatility is essential
                                  TM 1703 ACP permits systematic reduction of hard-wired I/O interfaces
                                  through the direct connection of actuators and sensors with wire cross-
                                  sections of up to 2.5 mm2. Modules for binary input and output up to
                                  220 VDC also open up streamlining potentials on the interposing level.
                                  For decentral input/output, individual modules can be distributed as much
                                  as 200 m from the master controller.

                                                           TM 1703 ACP puts everything on one card
                                                           The TM 1703 ACP receives parameter data via a
                                                           flash card. That means the required parameters
                                                           will always be available locally and loading via PCs
                                                           is no longer necessary. In the event that servicing
                                       Flash Card          is required, replacing the component is a simple
                                                           matter of plug & play, because you can very easily
                                                           import the parameter configuration into the re-
                                                           placement component using the flash card.
                                                           Therefore – and also thanks to the comprehensive
                                                           remote diagnostics functions – you can do more
                                                           to reduce downtimes to a minimum.

                                  TM 1703 ACP understands your system
                                  TM 1703 ACP allows you to utilize a host of different media for local and
                                  remote communication. The universal use of the IEC 60870-5-101/103/104
                                  standards guarantees consistent addressing from acquisition to output.
                                  IEC 61850 is also supported. The use of many third-party protocols, how-
                                  ever, also ensures the seamless integration into existing automation
Rising demands for efficiency      networks, thereby guaranteeing the long-term protection of your previous
in nearly all processes require   investments.
increasingly innovative auto-
                                  Consistently simple engineering
mation solutions to achieve
                                  An essential aspect in the overall economic assessment of a process is the
a more comprehensive and          costs for the erection and maintenance of automation systems. You’re es-
safer utilization of primary      pecially on the safe side with the SAT 1703 automation family. That’s be-
equipment. A prerequisite         cause the use of the object-oriented engineering system SAT Toolbox II
for this is automation systems    makes it possible to utilize the properties of the same types of primary
such as TM 1703 ACP with          units and equipment (such as pumps, circuit-breakers, feeders, etc.) also
various communications            for the parameter configuration.
interfaces and peripheral         In addition, the close interfacing with the design tool such as ELCAD en-
                                  sures the consistent, uniform documentation of the global system all the
elements that can be ex-
                                  way down to the circuit diagram level. Open-loop and closed-loop control
panded by adding modules.         functions are created in CAEx plus according to IEC 61131-3, thereby con-
                                  siderably reducing the necessary staff training times. SAT Toolbox II
                                  allows you to carry out all engineering, from system diagnostics to online
                                  testing, also from remote locations.
TM 1703 ACP:
The main benefits at a glance
TM 1703 ACP offers you automation           Simplified service through storing of
with integrated telecontrol for hydro-      parameters and firmware on flash
electric power stations (such as the        card; thus modules can be replaced via
TC 1703 turbine controller), distributi-    plug & play, even without a tool.
on and transmission of electric power,
oil and gas pipelines, traffic (railroads,   TM 1703 ACP, the intelligent terminal
tunnels, etc.).                             on 35-mm rails: direct connection of
                                            actuators and sensors through wire
TM 1703 ACP provides powerful               cross-sections of up to 2.5 mm2,
communication with up to four serial        distributable peripherals, and binary
interfaces, serial and LAN/WAN              input/output also for 110/220 VDC.
communication according to
IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, IEC 61850,
Profibus DP, and many third-party

Simple engineering thanks to the crea-
tion of open-loop and closed-loop con-
trol functions according to IEC 61131-3,
object orientation, and consistent data
management, as well as the option to
perform all engineering tasks from
remote locations as well.
                                                                          Process control system   SAT Toolbox II

                                       IEC 60870-5-101                                                                 NTP

                                                 IEC 60870-5-104

                                                 TM 1703 ACP
                                                                       Master control element

A TM 1703 ACP is an automa-                                                    16 mbps                        Peripheral elements

tion unit within the SAT 1703                    Profibus DP
system family, consisting of
the master control element
and the peripheral elements
that can be expanded by add-
ing modules and arranged in
distributed locations.

TM 1703 ACP
in practical use
               Master control element                              Peripheral element
                 Up to four communications interfaces via            One peripheral element consists of a
                 insertable serial interface modules for:            power supply, peripheral interface and
                 – serial communication (point-to-point,             up to eight I/O modules
                    multipoint, and dial-up traffic)                  Direct connection of the signal cables
                 – LAN/WAN (Ethernet)                                via pull-off screw terminals
                 – Profibus DP                                        Acquisition, processing, and output of
                 Interfacing of up to 16 peripheral elements         process data
                 via the serial Ax-1703 peripherals bus              Exchange of process data with the
                 (16 mbps)                                           master control element via the serial
                 Function diagram design according to                Ax-1703 peripheral bus
                 IEC 61131-3 with CAEx plus for open-loop
                 and closed-loop control functions
                 Configurable telecontrol functions with
                 and without time tagging
                 Time synchronization via minute pulse,
                 time signal receiver, serial communications
                 link or NTP server (LAN/WAN)
                 Parameter setting, diagnostics, and testing
                 by SAT Toolbox II, both locally or from
                 remote locations
                 Storing of parameters and firmware on
                 flash card
Technical data
                                 Model number
Master control element           CP-6003/CPC65             Processing and communication

Peripheral elements
    Periphery interfacing        PE-6400                   Periphery interfacing for A x 1703 electrical peripherals bus
                                 PE-6401                   Periphery interfacing for A x 1703 optical peripherals bus
    Power supply                 PS-6620                   Power supply module 24–60 VDC
                                 PS-6630                   Power supply module 24–60 VDC EMC+
                                 PS-6632                   Power supply module 110–220 VDC EMC+
    I/O modules                  DI-6100                   Binary input 2 x 8, 24/60 VDC
                                 DI-6101                   Binary input 2 x 8, 110–220 VDC
                                 DI-6102                   Binary input 2 x 8, 24–60 VDC 1ms
                                 DI-6103                   Binary input 2 x 8, 110/220 VDC 1ms
                                 DO-6200                   Binary output transistor 2 x 8, 24–60 VDC
                                 DO-6212                   Binary output relay 1 x 8, 24–220 VDC/230 VAC
                                 AI-6300                   Analog input 2 x 2, ±20 mA/±10 mA/±10 V
                                 AI-6303                   Direct transformer input (4 x 220 V, 3 x 6 A)
                                 AI-6307                   Analog input 2 x 2, ±5 mA
                                 AI-6310                   Analog input 2 x 2 Pt100
                                 AO-6380                   Analog output 4 x ±20 mA/±10 mA/±10 V
                                 TE-6420                   Speed measurement 2 x 2 5 VDC/24 VDC/NAMUR
                                 TE-6450                   Position measurement 2 x 2 SSI/RS-422

Open-loop and closed-loop        256 kB for user programs, approx. 50,000 variables and signals,
control functions                2,000 of which buffered, 250 buffered setpoint values

Third-party protocols            Modbus, DNP 3.0, IEC 61107, ...

EMC                              IEC 60870-2, IEC 60255, IEC 61000, EN 50082, ...

Supply voltage                   24–60 VDC +30 %/–20 %

Temperature range                Master control element: –25 ... +65 °C (depending on hardware configuration)
                                 Peripheral element: –25 ... +70 °C

Relative humidity                5 to 95 % non-condensing (IEC 60654, IEC 60870-2)

Vibration and shock resistance   IEC 60068-2, IEC 60870-2-2 Cl. Bm, IEC 60255-21 Cl. 1

Dimensions                       Master control element: 306 x 155 x 75 (W x H x D)
                                 Peripheral element: 630 x 127 x 72 (W x H x D) = fully equipped peripheral element with 8 I/O modules
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The information in this document contains general
descriptions of the technical options available, which
do not always have to be present in individual cases.
The required features should therefore be specified
in each individual case at the time of closing the

Subject to change without prior notice

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