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Running as an excellent form of exercise, a long history. As early as 2000 years ago, the ancient Greek Ai Duosi rock section on the words inscribed: "If you want smart, run it! If you want strong, running it! If you want healthy, running it!" Over the years. Treadmill exercise is not only focused, but also the trend continues to grow. Now, running as a "cardio-pulmonary fitness Way" and popular around the world. Similarly, in the indoor place to run the method can be used to compensate for various reasons can not be carried out in the open running exercise defect.

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                                                 MIT’s Auto ID Center began work-         uniforms, food, and toiletries every
                                               ing on RFID technology in 1999.            day. Because these items are shipped
                             RFID              Within three years they had per-           all over the world, last year the DOD
                             UPDATE            fected plans to build a global network     asked its suppliers to start using
                             By                capable of tracking every product on       RFID to help them keep better track
                             Katherine         Earth. Their work attracted over 100       of their inventory.
                             Albrecht          global corporate sponsors and two            Around the same time, Wal-Mart
                                               significant government sponsors: the       told its suppliers that they had to put
                                               Department of Defense (DOD) and            RFID tags on crates and pallets con-
                                               the United States Postal Service. The      taining products being shipped to
                                               Department of Defense is one of the        their stores, as well. As the world’s
     Dept. of Defense to                       world’s largest consumers of goods,        largest and most powerful retailer,
     Coordinate Government-                    using massive quantities of clothing,                          continued on page 22
     Wide RFID

            understood the dangers of the
            private sector having access
            to a globally linked database
            of all consumer activity. It’s
     why I formed CASPIAN, Consumers
     Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion
     and Numbering, to fight it. My big-
     gest concern, however, was what
     would happen if the government
     started using radio frequency (RFID)
     technology. RFID consists of tiny
     computer chips hooked up to min-
     iature antennas that can be slipped
     into products to silently transmit data
     about them and the people who own
     them. This was the worst-case sce-
     nario, every Christian’s nightmare.
       The announcement came much                Implementation of RFID tracking systems will span product movement from
     sooner than I had ever expected: The        rail, to truck, to forklift, to warehouse, and finally, delivery to the retail
     Department of Defense is now orga-          store. This is the point in the delivery chain where RFID tracking will stop.
     nizing the U.S. government’s RFID           In a few years, however, tracking will extend to the item level in retail stores.
     program.                                    Sun Microsystems manages the inventory database. Image courtesy of Doug
                                                 Chaney from DC Logistics in Dallas, a company at the leading edge of such
       Will there be any place to run and
                                                 systems, and which is helping vendors comply with Wal-Mart’s new RFID in-
                                                 ventory tracking requirements.


     No Place to Hide continued
     Wal-Mart sets the tone for the entire      that we need an intra-government         government, Wal-Mart, and their sup-
     retail industry. Their decision to sup-    council going. I don’t see a lot of      pliers gear up for widescale RFID
     port RFID technology has reverber-         inconsistency with what the other        implementation, millions of dollars
     ated throughout the manufacturing          government agencies are doing. We        worth of contracts are going to the
     and retailing communities. The con-        all agree we should be [using the        manufacturers of RFID chips, anten-
     sequence is that those companies           same technology].”                       nas, tags and reader devices. This
     who choose not to use RFID may               On the commercial front, the           investment in infrastructure means
     soon be unable to sell their products                                               bigger factories, better fabrication
     to the retail market.
       The domino effect of these two
                                                 “companies                              methods, large scale production runs,
                                                                                         and other refinements—all of which
     giants—one in government, the other        who choose not                           are quickly lowering the cost of RFID
     in commerce—demanding RFID
     compliance from their suppliers has
                                                to use RFID                              technology and making its production
                                                                                         more efficient.
     been enormous. But the Department          may soon be                                In sum, here are the makings for
     of Defense has taken it one step fur-
     ther. Not content to merely blaze a
                                                unable to sell                           disaster: a standardized RFID format
                                                                                         that can eventually record and track
     trail for others to follow, the DOD        their products                           product data anywhere on the globe;
     is actively creating an intra-govern-
     mental RFID Council to coordinate          to the retail                            widescale RFID adoption driven by
                                                                                         both the world’s largest retailer and
     RFID plans. Their goal is to ensure
     that all departments of the federal
                                                   market.”                              its most powerful government; cheap,
                                                                                         ubiquitous tags; and a trend for gov-
     government are using the same ver-         Uniform Code Council (UCC), which        ernment and corporations to share
     sion of RFID technology—and that           handles American bar codes, has          people’s personal data for security
     everyone gets on board.                    teamed up with its European coun-        purposes. (Remember last year when
                                                terpart, EAN International, to create    Delta and Jet Blue airlines gave pas-
                                                a global standard for RFID. They         senger records to the government to
     Fully-coordinated                          have developed something called the      test an invasive passenger screening
     government-wide RFID                       EPC or “electronic product code,”        program? That was just the tip of the
     tracking                                   designed to replace the barcode,         iceberg.)
     The Food and Drug Administration           which some are hoping will be on           Of course, eventually all the com-
     said that it supports and will
                                                every consumer product by the end        mercial databases of the world will
     encourage the use of RFID tags
     on prescription drug shipments             of the decade. This global standard      be linked with the world’s governing
     to prevent counterfeiting and to           means seamless, worldwide integra-       powers for use against those who
     facilitate the flow of products. The       tion of all product data; the type       follow the Bible’s command to resist
     U.S. Department of Agriculture has         of inconsistency and incompatibil-       the global numbering and marking
     announced that it wants all animals        ity that emerged with VHS vs. Beta       system.
     raised for food in the United States       video formats, for example, will not       The pieces for that scenario are
     to be tagged with RFID and tracked         be a problem. They’ve seen to that in    rapidly falling into place. A time is
     in a federal database. The database
     would keep track of when they’re           advance this time.                       coming when every human being will
     born, when they cross state lines,                                                  have one card—or one chip—used
     when they change ownership, when                                                    to open the door of their car, get into
     they’re slaughtered and a host of other    The makings for disaster                 their office, turn on their computer,
     details. Eventually, all branches of the     Currently the high price of RFID       pay their bills, receive medical care, and
     Federal Government are expected to         tags is perhaps the main reason we       buy their groceries. This one crucial
     become involved in the numbering           are not seeing them on socks, pens       device will be essential to performing
     and tracking frenzy.
                                                and pencils, light bulbs, and every-     the functions of modern life, and it will
       Ed Coyle, chief of the DOD
                                                thing else we own. Once the cost         all hinge on one thing—a computer
     Logistics Automatic Identification
                                                decreases to a fraction of a penny per   chip and a number that every person
     Office (AIT), recently confirmed the
                                                tag, however, this structural impedi-    will have in order to buy or sell.
     plan, saying, “We’ve jointly decided                                                                                        e
                                                ment will disappear. As the U.S.           Enter RFID.


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