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PDH now trading on CNSX - News Release - Premier Diagnostics


									News Release - Premier Diagnostics Health Services Inc. Commences Trading on CNSX

VANCOUVER, BC, November 2, 2010 - Premier Diagnostics Health Services Inc. (CNSX: PDH) (“the
Company”) announces that on November 1, 2010 it commenced trading on the Canadian National Stock Exchange
(CNSX) under the symbol “PDH”.

The listing of the Company is the culmination of the amalgamation, effective July 16, 2010, between two
companies: Premier Diagnostic Health Services Inc. (“Old Premier”) and Golden Hat Resources Inc. (“Golden Hat”)
to form the Company. All the shareholders of Old Premier and Golden Hat became shareholders of the Company.
Each Old Premier shareholder is the holder of 1.73 Company shares for one Old Premier share. Each Golden Hat
shareholder is the holder of one Company share for 12 Golden Hat shares.

For example, a holder of 1,000 Old Premier shares is now the holder of 1,730 Company shares. A holder of 12,000
Golden Hat shares is now the holder of 1,000 Company shares. These ratios were negotiated, and were part of the
Amalgamation Agreement, and are reflective of the relative values of the two amalgamated companies.

The shares and the share certificates of Old Premier and Golden Hat were cancelled and were replaced by the
Company shares issued to and registered in the name of the shareholders by way of the Direct Registration System
(DRS). Under this system, shareholders do not receive share certificates, but are recorded as a registered security

The Company has engaged Computershare as its securities transfer agent. They have sent to every Company
shareholder a Direct Registration System (DRS) Advice, which is a notification of the number of common shares of
the Company issued and registered in their name, which provides each shareholder with tradable shares.
Shareholders do not need to return the certificates of Old Premier and Golden Hat; they have been automatically
replaced by the Company shares.

Electronic shareholdings replace physical share certificates, providing for greater security, accurate record keeping
and ease of trading. The information received from Computershare is all a shareholder needs for confirmation of
issued and registered holdings of Company shares. For assistance, Computershare has a toll-free shareholder line at

Additionally, the Company has engaged GordAu Investment Management Inc. to provide business development and
fiscal advisory services. The agreement calls for payment of a monthly fee and the granting of incentive stock
options on a graduated basis, subject to the terms of the Company’s stock option plan and subject to regulatory

About Premier Diagnostics Health Services Inc. ("PDH")

As leaders in advanced health and education with the international medical community, PDH is rolling out its global
strategy of establishing a network of Centres for Advanced Diagnostics in Canada and China. By utilizing the most
advanced medical diagnostic imaging technology available, PDH is uniquely positioned to deliver continued
innovation, growth and profitability.

For Further Information Contact:

PDH Head Office

Francis Reynolds, Investor Relations
Phone: (604) 678-9115 Ext.223
Fax: (604) 689 7729

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