GLOSSARY OF TERMS ABC Acceptable Behaviour Contract ALMO Arms by hkksew3563rd


									                    GLOSSARY OF TERMS

ABC     Acceptable Behaviour Contract
ALMO    Arms-Length Management Organisation
ASB     Anti-Social Behaviour
ASBO    Anti-Social Behaviour Order
ASD     Autistic Spectrum Disorder
BCS     British Crime Survey
BME     Black and Minority Ethnic
BSF     Building Schools For the Future
BVPIs   Best Value Performance Indicator
BVR     Best Value Review
CAIS    Children’s Advice and Information Service
CAMHS   Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
CCTV    Closed Circuit Television
CEA     Cambridge Education Associates (now Cambridge Education Ltd)
CNRS    Community and Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy
CMB     Corporate Management Board
CPA     Comprehensive Performance Assessment
CYPP    Children and Young People’s Plan
DPP     Departmental Performance Plan
EAZ     Education Action Zone
ECM     Every Child Matters
EET     (in) Employment Education and Training
EPS     Educational Psychology Service
EWS     Education Welfare Service
GB      Great Britain
GCSE    General Certificate of Secondary Education
GLA     Greater London Authority
HFI     Homes For Islington
HIV     Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HR      Human Resources
ICT     Information and Communication Technology
IDAAT   Islington Drugs and Alcohol Team
IIP     Investors In People
ISCB    Islington Safeguarding Children’s Board
ISP     Islington Strategic Partnership
JAR     Joint Area Review
KS      Key Stage (e.g. KS2 = primary school key stage 2)
KSI     Killed or Seriously Injured
LAA     Local Area Agreement
LAC     Looked After Children
LBI     London Borough of Islington
LDA     London Development Agency
LGBT     Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
LGIU     Local Government Information Unit
MAGPI    Multi Agency Geographical Panels Islington
MPG      Members Performance Group
MTFS     Medium Term Financial Strategy
NCP      National Car Park
NEET     Not in Education, Employment or Training
NHS      National Health Service
NRF      Neighbourhood Renewal Fund
OfSTED   Office for Standards in Education
PCT      Primary Care Trust
PIs      Performance Indicator
PRC      Performance Review Committee
PSA      Public Service Agreement
PSHE     Personal Social and Health Education
PTWA     Planning The Way Ahead
RAP      Resettlement and Aftercare Provision
RIBA     Royal Institute of British Architects
ROAR     Rehabilitation Planning Group
SCS      Sustainable Community Strategy
SEAL     Social Emotional Aspects of Learning
SEN      Special Education Needs
SENCO    Special Needs Co-ordinator
SIP      Safer Islington Partnership
SLA      Service Level Agreement
SME      Small to Medium Size Enterprise
SRB      Single Regeneration Budget
TfL      Transport For London
VFM      Value for Money
UFAG     Under Fives Advisory Group
VCS      Voluntary and Community Sector
YOT      Youth Offending Team
YPS      Young People’s Services

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