TUMOUR BOARD by nikeborome


									                        First case    :

Rawan ali hasan 6 yr female
 c/o of left eye proptosis
Examination: lt maxillary sw & mild lt eye projection. No
organomegaly. No LN
no intra- buccal extension
C.T orbit: S.T fill lt maxillary sinus with destruction of wall
C.T chest: free
Surgical biopsy:PNET with neoplastic diff
Received outside 3 cycles (A B A) chemo every 3 weeks
                  A (oncovin-adria-endoxan) for 1 day
                      B(Ifosfamide--vp16) for 5 days
C.T paranasal sinuses: increase mass size with lt eye compression
                            Refered to N.C.I
BMA:free                BMB:pending Slides are broken so block is
Bone scan: increase tracer uptake at maxillary sinus & lt ethmoid
MRI local: pending         C.T chest&Abd: pending

C/O: recurrent fever&chest wheezes
C.T Chest: lt posterior hemithorax mass
Biopsy &pathological ex:N.B
NSE:324             Ferritin:76       BMA:free     VMA:pending
Slide revision in N.C.I
                N.B fibrillary stroma with +ve reaction to NSE
Examination :diminished air entry on lt side of chest. Otherwise free

3 yr male
C/O: lt ocular swelling
U.S orbit: distorted ocular contour,high amplitude calcification of intra-vitreal
mass? R.B with extension& infilteration of optic nerve head with the
mass infilterating post.
BMA, CSF, Bone scan: free
C.T Brain&orbit: S.T mass in post lt globe, breeching with extension along
optic nerve. NO C.T evidence of intracranial extension
Fundus examination of RT eye: free , preserved visual acuity
Examination: lt ocular fungating mass, no L.N
PROF. DR: EMAD EBEED advised for enucleation.
Faten mohamed 5 monthes female

•   C/O: Abd distension
•   ABD U/S :multiple hepatic focal lesion with lt supra-renal
•   C.T Abd: lt supra-renal mass 6*4*3 with multiple hepatic
    focal lesion
•   BMA, BMB, Bone scan :free NSE:135 Ferritin:73
•   C.T chest &Abd in N.C.I: well defind mass at lt adrenal 3*4
    inseperable from lt renal upper pole, small retro-caval&lt
    para-aortic L.N, enlarged liver with multiple hypodense
    focal lesion of both lobes, likely metastatic.
•   Biopsy is not taken yet
•   Examination: hepatomegaly, no L.N, no other masses felt

•   10 yr male
•   C/O: fever &sever vomiting, followed by squint
•   C.T Brain: large RT parietal subcortical SOL
•   Surgical excision &path ex: Astrocytoma grade 3 (in 57357)
•   Received 60 CGY/ 30 sessesion ,end 14/11/07 (in NCI)
•   MRI: regression of the mass
•   Later: sever proj vomiting , C.T BRAIN : dilated ventricles
•   Shunt operation is done in 57357
•   New MRI : RT parietal SOL        MRI spectero: tumour necrosis(in
•   CSF: -ve for malignancy
•   New MRI: intracranial &intraspinal nodules
•   No improv of vomiting despite shunt functioning
•   Slide revision in NCI: anaplastic astrocytoma ,
•   MRI spectero in NCI: active les
•   PROF. DR : EMAN SEDHOM advised for VCR(1,5mg/msq d1,d8),
•        CCNU(100mg/msq d1 on empty stomach, Pred 40mg/msq d1-d14
•   The shunt is opened &he is sent for neurological consultation.
Nader tarek

•   13 yr male
•   C/O: vomiting& blurred vision
•   C.T Brain: brain tumour ? No available report
•   Surgical excision & path ex: ependymoma low grade
•   CSF: free
•   Received 5580 CGY ended 10/99
•   C.T Brain: post fossa lesion. Put under follow up
•   2 monthes ago , he developed sever vomiting, blurred
    vision, bulbar palsy.
•   MRI(3/08): Ependymoma, local recurrence ,with extension
•   EXAMINATION: lat divergent squint ,intact motor&sensory
•   CSF: suspecious cells ,for cytological ex.
•   Patient is on dehydrating measures.

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