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					Tumor Biology Center
      Klinik für Tumorbiologie
          Freiburg im Breisgau
    Tumor Biology Center

    Freiburg - Capital City of the Black Forest
    The Tumor Biology Center is located in Freiburg, a beautiful university city
    on the edge of the Black Forest in the heart of Europe. The town is situated in
    the midst of beautiful countryside known for its lush forests and meadows,
    mountains and crystal-clear lakes that have long attracted visitors from all
    over the world.

    The Tumor Biology Center is a member of the BioValley and thus part of the
    „BioRegio Freiburg“, which represents an international conglomeration
    of biotechnologic institutes and companies in this „three-country
    corner“ of Europe (Germany, France and Switzerland).

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Tumor Biology Center

                                         A new dimension in
                                         clinical cancer research
                                         and drug development.

                                         Combining cancer therapy,
                                         rehabilitation and cancer research
                                         is the best way to help
                                         cancer patients.

Center of Excellence for Cancer Therapy and Research
The Tumor Biology Center was founded in 1993 as a novel and unique
institution within Germany. The Center has a close relationship with the
Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg, which is reflected in its special title
„An-Institut an der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg“. It is a center of
excellence for cancer treatment and research which combines acute
medical care with modern diagnostics and therapies with supportive care
including rehabilitation strategies. It encompasses the Clinic for Medical
Oncology (80 beds), the Oncological Rehabilitation Clinic (120 beds) and a
large Research Department with 3500 square meters lab space.

    Clinic for Medical Oncology

    The Clinic for Medical Oncology at        The Prostate Center
    the Tumor Biology Clinic is               As a co-founder and member of the
    specialized in drug-based therapy for     regional Prostate Center, it is an aim of
    cancer. We offer both tried and           the Tumor Biology Center to improve
    tested standard procedures as well as     the care of patients with prostate
    new medications that are                  cancer. Interdisciplinary consultation
    investigated in clinical research and     form the basis for optimum
    administered during closely-              prevention, diagnostics and treatment.
    monitored clinical trials. Our            In addition, innovative approaches are
    therapeutic principle is based upon       investigated preclinically as well as
    the Tumor Biology Center’s                clinically in order to improve therapy
    integrated concept that focuses on        of prostate cancer.
    the physical, emotional and social
    needs of our patients. State-of-the-art
    nursing care, nutritional therapy and
    consultation, palliative care and pain
    therapy, psychological counselling
    and physiotherapy are all important
    pillars of our integrated therapeutic
    concept.                                                          Nursing Care
    Tumors of the digestive system
    (stomach, intestine, pancreas, gall                               The spectrum of our nursing care
    bladder), kidney and urinary tract,                               includes naturopathic treatment such
    male and female reproductive organs                               as herbal medicine, wetpacks, breath-
    (prostate, testicles, uterus, ovaries),                           stimulating embrocations, and
    breast, lung, skin, bone, soft tissue                             phytotherapy; we also give instructions
    and in particular cases, cancers of                               to our female
    the blood and lymphatic systems.                                  patients for
                                                                      correct breast
    Palliative Care Unit                                              self-examination.
    Patients are looked after by                                      Our nursing staff
    specially-trained staff who address                               offers special
    the needs of the individual patients                              counselling for
    and their families. We offer                                      cancer patients
    palliative care for terminally-ill                                who must often
    patients in consultation with                                     come to terms
    relatives as well as complete therapy                             with the
    for pain, nausea, emesis, and                                     numerous
    psychological and spiritual                                       physical,
4   counselling.                                                      psychological
                        Oncological Rehabilitation Clinic

                        The Oncological Rehabilitation        rehabilitation concept combining
                        Clinic, a part of the Tumor Biology   medical, psycho-oncological and
                        Center, offers a broad treatment      creative-therapeutic procedures. The
                        programme for cancer patients         desirable objective of rehabilitation
                        suffering from after-effects of the   is agreed upon by the patient in
                        disease and/or therapy. The focus     consultation with his or her
                        of treatment is on scientifically-    physicians. We aim to help each
                        proven methods of rehabilitative      patient achieve as many personal
                        medicine together with an open-       goals as possible by addressing
                        minded approach to                    individual problems while optimising
                        complementary therapeutic             individual resources. In so doing, we
                        procedures. The basis is a            recognize that cancer rehabilitation
                                                              has physical, emotional, spiritual and
                                                              social dimensions.

                                                              Tumors of the breast, digestive
                                                              system (oesophagus, stomach,
                                                              intestine, liver, pancreas, gall
                                                              bladder), the respiratory organs
                                                              (lungs and bronchi), kidneys and
                                                              urinary tract, bladder, male and
                                                              female reproductive organs (prostate,
and social side effects of chemo-                             testicles, as well as female genitalia),
therapy and/or radiation. This includes                       skin, and cancers of the blood and
problems with incontinence, stoma                             lymphatic systems (known as
(artificial anus), chronic wounds,                            malignant systemic diseases) and the
fatigue, the impairments after stem-cell                      thyroid gland.
                        chemotherapy                          Additional indications
                        and/or radiation,                     Eating disorders, wound-healing
                        and skin care.                        disorders, chronic pain, impairments
                        We also offer                         after surgery, radiation and
                        counselling for                       chemotherapy.
                        breast cancer
                        patients,                             Particular emphasis
                        terminally-ill                        Particular emphasis is placed on
                        patients                              rehabilitation after autologous or
                        (palliative care),                    allogeneic stem-cell transplantation.
                        and those                             as well as rehabilitation for patients
                        suffering from                        with diseases of the lymphatic
                        chronic pain.                         system.                                    5

    Experimental Research                discovered that at least 20 to 30 of
                                         these protein kinases are altered in
    Experimental research at the Tumor   tumor cells and play a role in cancer
    Biology Center aims to develop new   growth. Our research is directed at
    drugs for treating cancer with a     developing substances that can
    focus on two main areas: protein     inhibit specific protein kinases.
    kinases and drug delivery
    technologies.                        Drug delivering technologies aim at
                                         delivering anticancer agents
    Protein kinases are a family of      specifically to the tumor site in order
    enzymes which comprises more         to enhance the efficacy of anticancer
    than 500 representatives in the      drugs while reducing their toxicity
    human genome. Scientists have        and associated side effects.

                                         Protein kinases
                                           - small molecule protein
                                             kinase inhibitors for tumor

                                         Drug delivery technologies
                                          - macromolecular
                                          - phospholipid/
                                            therapeutic concepts


Clinical Research                       We examine the quality of the
                                        nursing care from the patient’s
  - New therapies in clinical trials    perspective, seek to enhance
    in the Clinical Trial Unit (i.e.,   employee satisfaction, and give
    anti-angiogenic therapies,          advice on self-support once
    metronomic- and immune              patients return home.
    therapies, macromolecular
  - target-oriented therapies,
  - individualised cancer treatment,
  - dietary medicine (antioxidants).

Prostate Cancer Therapy
  - Innovative therapies for treating
    hormone-refractory prostate
  - trials examining dietary
  - vaccination therapy
  - PSA-cleavable prodrugs
  - liposomal gemcitabine

Rehabilitation Research
Long-term after-effects of
haematopoietic stem-cell
transplantation and multiple
myeloma/plasmocytoma, causes of
and therapeutic approaches to the
somatic and psychological after-
effects suffered by cancer patients
(such as quality of life, fatigue,
cognitive impairment,
posttraumatic disorders)

Nursing Research
We subject our nursing techniques
to constant review and evaluate
complementary nursing methods.                                            7
    Our Facilities

    You will most likely be surprised by     cosy recreation room, and numerous
    how little the Tumor Biology Center      corner seating units. The inner court-
    resembles a hospital. The spacious       yard has a waterfall and a pond with
    foyer with its comfortable lounge        waterlilies – perfect places to relax.
    creates a welcoming atmosphere,
    and the tastefully decorated cafeteria   There is a kiosk and clinic shop
    a pleasant environment for patients      selling toiletries and much else.
    and their families.
                                             We offer an extensive information
    Our building’s ambience is               and entertainment programme
    enhanced by attractive pictures, a       consisting of lectures, concerts and
                                             cultural events. There is also a
                                    the patients’ disposal. We
                                             offer a large variety of recreational

                                             The patients’ rooms are bright and
                                             cheerfully decorated, each has its
                                             own modern bathroom equipped
                                             with toilet and shower, and the
                                             rooms are furnished with a corner
                                             sitting unit, telephone, desk and
                                             color television. Colorful pictures on
                                             the wall enhance the pleasant

                                             For those patients interested in
                                             keeping fit, we offer water gymnastics
                                             in our swimming pool. In addition, a
                                             well-equipped workout room and
                                             many ergometers are at your
                                             disposal. Should you wish to become
                                             acquainted with Freiburg and its
                                             surroundings, you are welcome to
                                             borrow one of the clinic’s bicycles.

                                             The Clinic for Medical Oncology has
                                             over 80 beds.

                                             The Oncological Rehabilitation
                                             Clinic has 120 beds; each patient has
8                                            his or her own private room.

Tumor Biology Center                    Management
Postal address: Breisacher Straße 117   Prof. Dr. Hans Helge Bartsch
Visitor address: Lehener Straße 86      Medical Director Oncological
D-79106 Freiburg, GERMANY               Rehabilitation Clinic
                                        Phone: 0049 761 206-2201
Hotline: 0049 761 206-1220              Fax:      0049 761 206-2205
Fax:     0049 761 206-1814              e-mail: platzer@tumorbio.uni-
e-mail: pdir@tumorbio.uni-              
website: www.tumorbio.uni-              Birgit S. Etzel                    Director Nursing Care and
                                        Research in Nursing
                                        Phone: 0049 761 206-1811
Clinic for                              Fax:      0049 761 206-1814
                                        e-mail: pdir@tumorbio.uni-
Medical Oncology                        
Phone: 0049 761 206-1801
Fax:    0049 761 206-1899               Dipl.-Kfm. Arno Fritzen
e-mail: felice@tumorbio.uni-            Commercial Management                     Director
                                        Phone: 0049 761 206-1102
                                        Fax:     0049 761 206-1105
Oncological                             e-mail: stadelmayer@tumorbio.uni-
Rehabilitation Clinic
Phone: 0049 761 206-2201                Dr. Christoph Schächtele
Fax:    0049 761 206-2205               Research Director
e-mail: platzer@tumorbio.uni-           Research Divison ProQinase                     Phone: 0049 761 206-1701
                                        Fax:     0049 761 206-1781
                                        e-mail: rudolph-brame@
Prostate Center                        

Hotline: 0049 761 206-1877              Prof. Dr. Clemens Unger
Fax:     0049 761 206-1814 or           Medical Director Clinic for
         0049 761 7084-124              Medical Oncology
e-mail: info@prostata-zentrum-          Phone: 0049 761 206-1801                   Fax:      0049 761 206-1899
website: www.prostata-zentrum-          e-mail: felice@tumorbio.uni-                                  9
     Arrival / Journey

     Arrival by plane:                      connection between Basel and
     You can reach Freiburg either from     Frankfurt. There are hourly services
     the airports in Basel or Frankfurt.    both north and south.
     From the EuroAirport in Basel the      Should you wish, our driver will be
     fastest connection is by taxi (45-60   happy to pick you up at Freiburg’s
     min). Alternatives are an airport      main train station.
     shuttle bus to Freiburg (Central
     Station/ Hauptbahnhof, 60 min, 8       Arrival by car:
     connections per day) or by             Freiburg is usually approached from
     commuting to Basel Central Station     the A5 motor way (Autobahn). Leave
     and taking a train to Freiburg (more   the Autobahn at exit Freiburg-Mitte,
     than 60 min). From the railway         and follow the direction Stadtmitte
     station at Frankfurt airport you can   (town center). Leave this highway
     take an ICE train connection leaving   (B31a) at the third exit direction
     every 60 min in the direction of       Universitätskliniken. Follow the
     Freiburg. This convenient ride takes   signs to Universitätskliniken up to
     about 2 h 10 min. It is advisable to   Sundgauallee. Turn left into Lehener
     reserve seats on Monday mornings       Strasse (direction Tumorbiologie).
     and Friday afternoons.                 Turn right at the first street following
                                            the signs to Tumorbiologie. Turn left
     Arrival by train:                      again to enter the Tumor Biology
     Freiburg is situated at the ICE        Center parking area.

     How to reach us:

Tumor Biology Center, Freiburg

Postal address:
Tumor Biology Center
Breisacher Straße 117
D-79106 Freiburg

Editorial Office:
Barbara Riess, M.A.
Public Relations
Tumor Biology Center

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