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									                                   All about Rich Text Format

More often than not, abbreviated as RTF, it is a proprietary document file format that has
particular specification developed by one of the well-known names, Microsoft Corporation ever
since the year 1987 for document exchange process to be done easily over and across platforms.
A majority of word processors are capable at reading and writing a few versions of Rich Text
Format. There are many revisions and portability files that depend upon this format. It is wise to
understand that enriched text is different to this one. It was in the midst of late 1980s that the
original product had been developed and the initial reader and writer had been shipped in the
year 1987. The copyright is maintained by Microsoft itself. Not like other processing formats,
this one is very much readable by humans. When it is opened in a text editor, without having to
format, the alphanumeric text becomes legible. There are many control codes contained in most
of the programs like Microsoft Word which is for easy compatibility with older programs. The
usage or Word processor is able to directly edit. It is the internal markup language that is utilized
by Microsoft Word. All in all, ever since 1987, these files could be transferred to and fro between
a lot of old and new computer systems regardless of the differences in operating systems and
their editions. Each of the RTF implementations is in general implemented only in some of the
editions. A lot of the available converters are not able to understand all of the new features in the
most recent specifications of the format. It is one format that has its internal markup lingo
utilized Word.

Portable Document Format is another format that belongs to Adobe systems and it came up with
it in the year 1993. Earlier, creating such files was not available for free; the previous versions
had no support for external hyperlinks so as to lessen its usefulness on the Net. A lot of people
make use of software to edit pdf files to convert files from word to this format. PDF is highly
secure and dependable format as the publisher of the content can set a number of security
parameters to keep it safe from treats like content copying, manipulation or unauthorized
duplication of any kind. These are more attractive and captivating leaving a unique irresistible
appeal in the reader's mind making the content more readable and interesting.

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