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There are no morals in politics


									“There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he
is a scoundrel.” – Vladimir Lenin

The Democratic Party has a plan. Their plan is simple. Convert America to a Socialist state. The current
manifestation of that plan is to keep Americans distracted fighting their vile surface agenda while the
urgent action needed to correct our decimated economy is sidelined.

In reality, they couldn't give a damn about health care reform, carbon emissions or universal college
education (except insofar as these ideas entrance their pet demographics and increases their grip on our
collective throats). What they do care about is precipitating the downfall of the last vestiges of
Capitalism, national sovereignty, individualism and exceptionalism in America. In so doing, they are
preparing us to willingly accept their Socialist agenda.

"The goal of socialism is communism.” – Vladimir Lenin

James Carville, an advisor to Bill Clinton, coined a phrase to remind us of the only issue worthy of our
attention right now. “It’s the economy stupid.” But truly fixing the economy does not suit the
Democrats’ agenda, although they can’t openly admit this. Instead, they advance token gestures with
one hand while enacting policies that extend or exacerbate our economic woes with the other. In fact,
from the Democratic (Socialist/Communist) perspective, Carville’s admonition takes on a much more
ominous meaning.

Condemnation for this approach can rightly only be directed at the Democratic Party, because the
Republican Party has long been merely the “conservative” wing of the Democratic Party anyway. For all
practical purposes Republicans follow the same party line – spend, borrow, tax, expand government,
and generally stifle any sign of economic innovation or entrepreneurial spirit before it can have any
lasting positive effect.

The Democrats-in-name-also do this because economic deprivation is the most effective means to
obliterate all individual liberty, while providing a superficial rationale for more of what caused the
problem in the first place – government. The Republicans follow such a trend because they are for the
most part, spineless buffoons, ineptly bumbling to obtain their favorite intoxicant – power. The Dems on
the other hand are lucid, cunning, and ruthless in their deft manipulation of the public and
outmaneuvering their inconsequential “opponents” across the aisle.

Following are a few examples of how the Democrats employ economics to advance their Socialist

“The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency” – Vladimir Lenin

Monetary devaluation: The Federal Reserve Act of 1913; signed into law under Democratic President,
Woodrow Wilson, ceded all Congressional authority “ coin money and regulate the value thereof...”
to a privately owned, secretly operated Central Bank, designed on the model of the Bank of England (the
Rothschild model). This institution has only two functions:

• First, it is to manipulate the value of the currency in order to create a series of economic bubbles and
recessions by adjusting the interest rate; thereby expanding or contracting borrowing. As the bubbles
grow, their owners and a chosen clique of investors buy early and watch their fortunes grow with the
bubble. Prior to stimulating a recession, the cabal sells off their investments at the high – both
precipitating the recession and reaping unimaginable profits. Then when prices plummet and desperate
investors are selling at pennies on the dollar, the cabal buys up their holdings at bargain prices. Every
time the cycle turns, the cabal is enriched and everyone else is more impoverished.

• Second, the Federal Reserve is empowered to create fiat currency (having no intrinsic value), and loan
this money to banks and most importantly, the government. Under this arrangement, the government
may spend freely without the discomfort of raising taxes. The more they spend, and the more bankers
borrow and loan, the more the value of each individual dollar in circulation is diminished. This value
does not disappear though – it is transferred to the Federal Reserve and its owners. Since the inception
of the Federal Reserve, the dollar has been devalued 98% through inflation, with the majority of
Americans none the wiser and incrementally poorer. As a side benefit for bankers, this system
discourages thrift and encourages borrowing.

“The way to crush the [middle class] is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.” –
Vladimir Lenin

Progressive Income Tax: The Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution, dubiously ratified and signed
into law in 1913, under Democratic President, Woodrow Wilson, created the Income Tax, which gave
the federal government legal power to to directly tax the earnings of every American. By making the
income tax progressive (escalating rates based upon total income), the Democrats established a system
whereby economic excellence is punished.

The smarter, more innovative, harder-working one is, the more they must pay. While many still exhibit
these virtues, they are compelled under the progressive income tax to carry the burdens of those less
virtuous while working to enrich their own lives. An unacknowledged consequence of this process is that
those who are moderately gifted either never rise above mediocre economic standing, or are so hobbled
by taxes that success is denied them entirely.

“A lie told often enough becomes truth” – Vladimir Lenin

This twisted Robin-Hood-ism is justified by promoting the blatantly false idea that the rich somehow
exploit those of lesser aptitude; when in fact under progressive income tax, the exact opposite is true.
Blaming the rich for getting wealthy “on the backs of the poor” is classic misdirection because it is really
the political class that does this. Individuals lacking the advantage of the state’s monopoly on the use of
force, must earn money by voluntary trade. The state can take it at gunpoint.
The real producers don’t necessarily care to be your friend as long as you buy their products. If their
products are valuable to you, you will buy them – if not you won’t. The politician on the other hand is
entirely dependent on how much you like him or her. Businesses thrive by the creation of real value.
Their wealth is a physical expression of the value that people place upon their work. The politician must
pander to your emotions (mostly the negative ones) and give you unearned privileges to win your
loyalty. Ultimately, the only power the businessman has is that of creating value and the only power of
the politician is the forceful expropriation of what others produce.

“A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.” – George Bernard

Expand dependency on the government: The Social Security Act and the Labor Relations Act became
law in 1935 under Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Both established a dependent
relationship between their benefactor (the state) and their beneficiaries (Labor Union members and
retirees). The Great Society was enacted under Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson introducing
new government interventions that subsidized (meaning: transferred the cost from those using the
service to those actually producing wealth needed to fund it) education, medical care, urban
“problems,” and transportation.

All of these programs, from FDR’s New Deal to Johnson’s Great Society served to create two new state-
dependent demographics. One was the vast numbers of Americans who benefited directly from these
services and the other was the burgeoning bureaucratic class that administered the programs. As
dependency increased, so did taxes, inflation, deficit spending and the power of the state to muck about
in the lives of a growing segment of the population.

Today, the overwhelming majority of the federal budget goes to support Social Security, Medicaid,
Medicare and interest on the national debt. When we add to that the globalist agenda of the
Democratic Party, we can account for the vast majority of the defense budget as well. An estimated 70%
of the federal budget can be attributed to Democratic policies.

To assume, as Democratic leaders assert, that these programs are essential, untouchable and sacrosanct
is both untrue and economically destructive. In fact, they all serve the purpose of the Socialist agenda to
gut the Capitalist system, overwhelm the federal government with impossible obligations and ultimately
obliterate both the American economy and its chances for meaningful recovery.

In an American Thinker article by James Simpson, he observes that, “President Obama is not trying to
lead America forward to recovery, prosperity and strength – Quite the opposite, in fact.” According to
Simpson, Obama and the Democratic leaders in Congress are employing the “Cloward-Piven Strategy"
[which] seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of
impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.
Jack Kelly, of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette illustrates how even Obama’s “economic stimulus” strategy
mirrors Cloward-Piven. Kelly points out that the first round of Obama’s stimulus failed because “...funds
were used to preserve jobs state and local governments could no longer afford because of falling tax
revenues... Preserving government jobs may deepen the recession because government workers are not
engaged in wealth creation and their salaries must be paid by people in the private sector who are.”

When the Democratic strategies are seen in this light, it is impossible to accept their “economic
recovery” rhetoric any longer. It proves that those who actually understand what their policies are doing
are Lenin’s “useful scoundrels” and those who support the Democratic agenda without this insight are
those whom Lenin referred to as “useful idiots.”

However, in the midst of their plans lie the solutions to real economic recovery. Those are:

• The abolition of the Federal Reserve and the return to Congress the direct authority (and
accountability) for the value of our currency. Most importantly, the return to a hard-currency monetary

• The abolition of the Progressive Income Tax – and all property based taxes and their replacement by a
modest (no higher then 10% cumulative between local, state and federal) exemption-free national sales

• The abolition of all forms of government subsidy to individuals with family, churches and charitable
organizations picking up the slack.

• The abolition of labor unions.

• The revision of our foreign policy and military deployment to a non-interventionist approach, bringing
foreign-deployed troops home and mounting an impregnable and overwhelming defensive posture.

All of these measures are rooted in sound Constitutional Law, sustainable economic strategies and
unimpeachable moral legitimacy. The realignment will be difficult, but no more so than the absolute
devastation which will inevitably eradicate all of these programs anyway (along with any semblance of
national dignity and contentment) if we do not formulate and implement a strategic retreat from the
edge of the abyss we now face.

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