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									                        Fashion of Medieval Costumes Inspired today's but How

Renaissance period in the history of Europe which can even be called as revolutionary period not only
brought changes in political situation but also in the living way of people of that era, the way people eat
and dress themselves. In renaissance festivals most of the people portray themselves as 16th century
people but some also love to dress as one who is from earlier history like Vikings, barbarians, wizards
and fairies or from 18th century as pirates.

Renaissance festival held weekly and is a great crow puller. People get time to spend with family and
friends. The renaissance festival is based on craft, fair, performance and partly historical restoration but
soul of the festival lies in the characters portray by people and is the easiest
and fastest way of getting desired renaissance costumes, medieval clothing stuff.

Renaissance-festivals provide wide range of theme based clothes such as medieval costumes,
renaissance costumes and also renaissance fairy costume for both men and women. Medieval clothing
was consist of Blouse, Chemise, Bodice, Skirts and Pants, Pirate Shirts, Cloaks and capes, coats and Vests
but in the sub categories to these stuffs, these are countless to name. Gowns with frills and large circle
endings were especially famous with the women’s of higher class for special occasions such as parties
and weddings. These gowns had skirt of Lenin beneath it.

Medieval Dresses was also used to distinguish among the class of people. Ladies of higher class were the
trend setter of medieval period. They used to wear luxurious fur Cloaks and precious jewels to show
their aristocracy or high social rank. Whereas ladies of lower social rank were deprived from such as
luxury renaissance dresses.

With the word pirates the first thing which comes to mind is notorious people with loose pirate shirt and
pants with high sea boots and a rope in hand. This is the most desirable character portray by men or
women in renaissance festival and is in line of Renaissance clothing. To get the feel of renaissance
period one has to be covered from head to toe and clothing line of this option too one can accessorized
with helmets, bracelets, male and female renaissance boots, Necklaces and rings, Scarf and belts and
head wear. These dresses are available in all sizes and targeted to all age groups.

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