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					                                                          JOB SHADOWING


        OCCUPATION                    HOST              BUSINESS/COMPANY                 WORK       EXT    HOME/CELL

Accountant                 Connie Taylor        Krispin's Contemporary                 435-4730

Administration Manager     Carla Reedy          P & R Communications Service           512-8140

Administrative Assistant   Elizabeth Jackson    Legal Aid Advocate                     228-8088           837-2086

Administrative Assistant   Lucas McKay          Wright State University Men's Basketball 775-2370

Administrative Services    Chris Hurst          Speedway Super America                 863-7158           836-6970

Architect                  Michael Downing      Lorenz Williams                        223-6500           673-0475

Attorney                   Marilyn Donoff       M R Donoff & Associates                223-4400           885-1115

Audio & Video              Mr. Sievers          MVCTC                                  854-6260           833-3562

Auto Tech                  Bob Smith            Gallagher Tire & Service               228-2144           454-0719

Banking                    Amber Cercone        Liberty Savings Bank                   832-0043

Business Owner             Anita Phipps         About Face                             264-1338

Business Owner             Marc Bettman         Ribs & Company                         836-8227           558-1300

Chef                       Matthew Greene       Nothing But Noodles                    222-8433           689-2414

Chiropractor               Dr. Ferguson         Ferguson Chiropractic                  429-4445           602-7458

Chiropractor               Dr. Cook             Ferguson Chiropractic                  429-4445

Clerical Supervisor        Lorelei Hagans       Montgomery Co Parks & Recreation       496-7165

Clerical Supervisor        Kim Farrell          Montgomery Co Parks & Recreation       224-8086

Communication              Jack Johnson         University of Dayton                   229-4200           233-7000

Computer Programmer        Dale Debrosse        NCR Corporation                        445-3089           836-3466

Corrections                Stacy Trissel        Dark County Sheriff Office             548-3399           459-8021

Creative Services          Jeremy Yontz         Market Match                           832-7894

Culinary Instructor        Chef Stanziano       MVCTC                                  854-8078           836-9537

Curator of Wildlife        Becky Crow           Bruckner Nature Center                 698-6493

Dance Teacher              Jennifer Krauskopf   Margaret Leiber School of Dance        833-5184           898-6018
Dentist     Dr. Sutton           Dr. Sutton, PDS, LLC                    275-9585

Education   Ms. Rowlands         2nd Grade Teacher - Englewood Hills     832-5950

Education   Mrs. Schatzley       Union Elementary                        832-6700

Education   Mr. Boggs            Salem Christian Academy                 836-9910

Education   Mrs. Eby             Northmoor Elementary                    832-6825

Education   Mrs. Adams           Englewood Hills Elementary              832-5920   294-5782

Education   Mrs. Ditmer          Union Elementary                        832-6700

Education   Ms Ivey              Englewood Elementary                    832-5917

Education   Mrs. Stallard        Union Elementary                        832-6700

Education   Ms Smart             Creative Learning Center                898-8689   836-6760

Education   Mr. Porter           Northmoor Elementary                    832-6832

Education   Mrs. Craddick        Northmont High School                   832-6000

Education   Ms. Beach            Union Elementary                        832-6700

Education   Ms. Fisher           Union Elementary                        832-6700

Education   Mr. Frantz           Englewood Hills Elementary              832-5950

Education   Ms. Sarver           Englewood Hills & Northwood             832-5950

Education   Mr. Spieles          Northmoor Elementary                    832-6826

Education   Ms. Maxwell          Salem Christian Academy                 836-9910

Education   Mrs. Hess            Englewood Elementary                    832-5909

Education   Mr. Brisco           Phillipsburg Elementary                 832-6200

Education   Mrs. Schaefer        Phillipsburg School                     832-6200

Education   Ms. Wilmer           Phillipsburg School                     832-6200

Education   Becky Figlestanier   St. Peter Early Childhood (Preschool)   237-3526

Education   Ms. Bibler           Northwood Elementary                    832-6270

Education   Ms. Hickey           Northwood Elementary                    832-6240

Education   Ms. Day              O R Edgington                           832-6750

Education   Mrs. White           Northmoor Elementary                    832-6815
Engineering                  Jeff Anderson       Parker Hannifin Corporation         833-2527   832-1592

Firefighter/Paramedic        Lt. Sowers          Butler Twp Fire Dept                890-2491   673-7440

Flight Instructor            Timothy Hoke        Phillipsburg Aviation               884-9795

Geologist                    Don Pair            University of Dayton                229-3413

Golf Course Superintendent   Spiro Stiliano      Kittyhawk Golf Course               241-7011

Hair Stylist                 Heather Kimmell     Bellezza Hair Studio                836-6930

Hair Stylist                 Ruthann Crabtree    Castilian & Company                 836-9671

Hair Stylist                 Holly Sucher        Parkside Salon                      836-0028

Human Resource Director      Melissa Rider       Konecrances Inc.                    525-5557   836-4076

Human Resource Director      Andy Stidham        Appleton Paper                      847-7256

HVAC Service Engineer        Bryan Herchenbach   Waibel Energy Systems               264-4343   832-1151

Judge                        Judge McCollum      Montgomery Co Probate Court         225-4225

Kennel Keeper                Debbie Emrick       Humane Society of Preble County     456-7387

Meteorologist                Mike Terwilleger    WKEF/WRGT-TV                        262-1420

Minister                     Rev. Townsend       Northridge Church of Christ         274-6801   387-6415

Nurse (School)               Terri Brinegar      Mad River Local Schools             259-6603   237-0594

Pastor                       Paul Strozier       Salem Church of God                 836-6500

Pharmacist                   Ronald Rust         Southview & Grandview Hospitals     307-8916   428-7878

Photo Tech                   Sydney Trego        Motor Photo                         439-5157

Photographer                 Larry Burgess       University of Dayton                229-3565

Photographer                 Libby Allengee      Mazer Creative Services             264-2600

Physical Therapist           Carol Fisher        Kettering Sports Medicine           395-3941

Physical Therapist           Amy Sudimack        Kettering Sports Medicine           832-8982   428-7597

Physician                    Dr. Barrows         Samaritan North Family Physicians   836-5170

Physician (Emergency Room)   Dr. Ward            Premier Health Care                 440-4616   836-7342

Pilot Instructor             Rachel Thomas       PSA - US Airways Express            454-0100   315-491-1194

Police Chief                 Chief Brownfield    Englewood Police Dept               836-1194
Police Officer               Officer McCready       City of Englewood                   836-2678

Police Officer               Officer Garlitz        Englewood Police Dept               836-2678

Police Officer               Det. Hamlin            Clayton Police Dept                 836-3500   Ex 119

Police Officer               Officer Ridgway        Englewood Police Dept               836-2678

Project Manager              Mr. Broyles            Studebaker Inc.                     890-9510            832-9541

Radio Host                   Steve Kerrigan         WTUE                                259-2111

Research Boonemist           Nancy Kelley-Loughnane WPAFB - Applied Technology Branch   904-9498

Sales Representative         Travis Jones           Jack's Aquarium                     836-5145

Social Worker                Brenda Bonenberger     Miami County Health District        440-5441

Sports Anchor                Margaret Brosko        WHIO - TV                           259-2264

Store Manager                Tom Dietz              Gander Mountain                     236-9786

Supervisor                   Lisa Miller            Union Food & Gas                    836-4485            771-3517

Surgical Oncologist          Dr. Termuhlen          Wright State Surgical Oncology      424-2469

Veterinarian                 Dr. Goulker            Upper Heights Vet Clinic            233-0789

Veterinarian                 Dr. Sekula             Northmont Animal Clinic             836-4432

Veterinarian                 Dr. Dickey             Northmont Animal Clinic             836-4432

Veterinarian                 Dr. Hall               Shiloh Animal Hospital Inc.         278-3484

Veterinarian                 Dr. Ford               Banfield the Pet Hospital           431-0620

Veterinarian                 Dr Pumpeby             Airway Animal Clinic                426-3313            320-9925

Veterinarian                 Dr. Starr              Northmont Animal Clinic             836-4432

Education                    Ms. Gillespie          LaPetite Academy                    832-2891

Domestic History (Interpreter) Angela Weedon        Dayton History                      293-2841   X-131    513-423-7427

Police Officer               Officer McDaniel       Clay Township Police                833-4015            673-2853

Education                    Ms. Wiehe              Brookville Middle School            833-6731

Education                    Ms. Delaet             Union Elementary                    832-6728

Manager                      Sheila Sievers         Jet Express                         274-7033   x-3004

Recruiter                    Sfc Mitchell           US Army Recruiting                  837-6165            877-616-8693
Post Commander               Douglas Eck          Ohio State Highway Patrol       832-4794

Care Taker                   Lori Crank                                                                 698-0940

Interior Design              Beth                 From Inside Out                                       294-0400

Supt of contact Rervesenative Marlyn Lockwood     WPAFB                           257-6002              771-3107

Education                    Ms. Wackler          O R Edgington                   832-6794

Business Owner               William Turner       Evolution Title Agency          454-2978              832-5338

Realtor                      Sherri Deckard       Keller Williams                 475-8850

Accounts Receivables         Donna Groh           Englewood Family Practice       208-8122

Human Resource Manager       Cherry Smith         Economy Linen & Towel Service   222-4625   832-7510

Chef                         Curtis Sizemore      Bravo                           439-1294

Social Worker                Brandon Doss         Family First                    837-9505              269-2492

Education                    Mrs. Shively         Northwood Elementary            832-6843

Parts Manager                Marvin Flick         Boss Ross Buick                 433-0990

Paralegal                    Amy Banks            Title Quest Agency              228-0888              836-7578

CPA                          Alan Greenwell       Ernst & Young LLP               513-612-1466          513-697-1242

Business Owner               Antoinette Jackson   Allstate Insurance              837-6699

Youth Pastor                 Pastor Nagle         Christian Life Center           898-8811   Ex- 247

Education                    Ms Scott             Trotwood Early Learning         854-4511              854-6822

Firefighter/Paramedic        Anthony Terrace      Englewood Fire Dept             836-2399              248-1259

Education                    Judy Shaw            Creative Learning Center        898-8689

Deputy Sheriff               Brad Moore           Preble County Sheriff Office    456-6262              604-0502

President                    James Childers       First Group Insurance Agency    845-0138              771-3303

Aquatic Biologist            Jennifer Ortlepp     Newport Aquarium                853-815-1451

Business Owner               Keith Wildermuth     K & J Carport                   689-6467              436-9572

Web Designer                 David Plassnum       RCF Info Systems                904-9009

Graphic Arts                 Howard Norris        Warren Co Career Center         513-932-5677          529-9873

Program Manager              Avonta Miliner       CDO Technologies                476-2232              454-1947
Medical Physicist          Terence Chu        Dayton Physicians LLC         279-5850            832-4893

Judge                      Cynthia Heck       Vandalia Muncipal Court       415-2214

Financial Management       Denette Marshall   WPAFB                         904-4511            832-4855

Architect                  Rick Holmes        Artchtectural Group           223-2500

Lead Manater               Mark Witt          LaRosa's                      836-9051

Counselor                  Shawnday Fields    Job Corps                     205-1577            771-6639

Art Teacher                Abner Cope         Central State Unversity       376-6618            274-3358

General Manger             Lisa Ho            Yen Chin House                836-8868            836-4827

Purchasing Manager         Joe Schiavone      Proctor & Gamble              264-7303

Electrican                 Shawn Tate         ESI                           513-594-0058        513-423-4150

RN Nurse                   Aster Washeun      Good Sam Hospital             276-7641            890-8522

Business Owner             Larry McCoppin     Gem City Gynastic             667-4961

Social Worker              Nicholas Gambino   VA Outpatient Clinic          268-6511   X-5602   859-7062

Military Police            Lt Reiner          88 Security Forces Squadron   522-4211

RN Nurse                   Linda Becker       Dayton Heart Hospital         221-8277            479-6316

Interpreter                Gynthia Cosman     Dixie Middle School           838-9328

Prosecutor                 Lori Kirkwood      City of West Carrollton       435-8780

Truck Driver               J A Greathouse     Averitt Express                                   836-4650

Medical Transcriptionist   Ashah Wms-Clark    Miami Valley Hospital         208-3414

Fitness Counselor          Jackie Brockman    Kleptz YMCA                   836-9622

Dispatcher                 Jennifer Spohn     Ohio State Highway Patrol     773-1131            832-4911

Dental Hygenist            Kristy             James Shepler Dentist                             890-1927

Dental Assistant           Casey McGraw       Family Care Dentistry         836-3565            898-3963

Business Manager           Susan Strader      Sam North Surgery Center      567-6124            898-9689

Veterinarian               Dr Joseph          Vandalia Animal Clinic        898-4811

Veterinarian               Dr. Helsinger      Northridgte Animal Clinic     277-9344

Attorney                   Jason Treherne     Treherne Law Office           836-3296
Principal                     Mr. Dilbone           Covington Middle School                473-2833   335-0124

Supervisor                    Curtis Blake Sr       APS Materials                          266-5697

Biomedical Equipment Tech     Mike Jenkins          Kettering Medical Center               395-8804   836-9316

Outreach Manager              Luke Dennis           Victoria Theatre Assoc                 461-8520

Business Owner                Barbara Pontecorvo    Pontecorvo Ballet Studios              222-6880

Engineer                      Melissa Hohler        Henny Penny Corp                       456-8656

Reporter                      Margo Kissell         Dayton Daily News                      225-2094

Police Officer                Jeff Waite            Troy Police Dept                       339-7525

Engineer                      Dr Tyler              Air Force Research Lab                 904-4045   836-8929

Police Officer                Ptl Lee               Piqua Police Dept                      778-2027

Physical Therapist            Theresa Walchner      Good Sam North                         567-5956

Inspector                     Chris Mastrino        City of Vandalia                       415-2322

Physical Therapist            Nate Prickett         Kettering Sports Medicine              832-8482

Deputy Registrar              Jacqueline Williams   Public Health - Dayton-Montgomery Co   225-5493

                             Latricia Milhouse
Employee Relations Coordinator                      ABX Air, Inc.                          382-5591

Denty Hygienist               Jennifer Horstman     Bevelry Franz DDS                      836-7911   832-2633

Hair Stylist                  Heather Linder        Parkside Salon                         836-0028   832-8771

Pharamcist                    Lilly Tekle           CVS Pharmacy                           433-7618

Meteorologist                 Jamie Jarosik         WDTN-TV Channel 2                      294-2087

Architect                     Jonathan Gish         Brown & Bills Architects               832-1150

Occupational Therapy          Deb Hitchcock         Miami Co Education Service Center                 879-4019

Professor                     Shauna Adams          UD                                     229-3371   832-2673

Interior Design               Jocelyn Goodman       Ethan Allen                            434-6755

Hair Stylist                  Susie Harlamart       Uptown Hair                            832-2111

Police Officer                Greg Stout            Kettering Police Dept                  296-2555

Pastor                        Rev. Townsend         Northridge Church of Christ            274-6801   387-6415

Firefighter/Paramedic         Lt Sowers             Butler Twp Fire Dept                   890-2491
Firefighter/Paramedic      Mark Howard         City of Huber Heights       237-3614       836-8963

Athletic Trainer           Katie Jenkins       Kettering Sports Medicine   832-8982

Finance Manager            Don Peeples         Joseph Toyota               800-451-6511

Director                   Michael Leitz       Dayton Marriott             586-4162       832-7994

Ortho Assistant            Penny Chandler      King & Mayerson             433-0831       832-2589

Designer                   Jessi Yantis        FJM Inc.                    434-1121       837-3453

Education Coordinator      Tom Hissong         Aullwood Audubon Center     890-7360       898-0515

Executive Administrative   Tajauna Campbell    WPAFB                       257-0815

TV Producer                Ray Slone           Crusen's with E-Rider       837-2897       837-2029

Artist                     Willis Bing-Davis   Art Studio                  223-2290