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									                                                           Lean & Green Conference
                                                                How retail and food businesses
                                                                           can go green for free

                                                                                    03 March 2011

                                                            Benefits of attending
                     Hunter Lovins, President, Natural
                     Capitalism Solutions
                                                            ∗     To gain an overview of the future of the retail
                     World famous leader in helping com-          and food sectors in the light of increasing en-
                     panies and communities profit from           vironmental pressures
                     more sustainable practices.
                                                            ∗     To see how leading companies have become
                                                                  lean and green simultaneously
 Other speakers include:
                                                                  To understand the benefits of a systematic
 Richard Gillies (Director of Plan A, M&S)                        combination of lean and green solutions
 Andy Wood (CEO, Adnams Brewery)                            ∗
 Keivan Zokaei (S A Partners); see attached speaker list          To be introduced to tools, techniques and
                                                                  solutions developed for lean and green
Introduction                                                ∗     To receive your free copy of Staying Lean
Lean Thinking is a business paradigm for continuous
improvement and relentless elimination of all types
                                                            Who should attend?
of waste. Sustainable development is widely
recognised as the new wave of innovation which is           ∗     CSR Directors/ Managers
leading companies towards more innovative use of            ∗     Business Executives
resources and waste free operations.
                                                            ∗     Lean Practitioners
This conference brings together leading thinkers            ∗     Think Tank Representatives
and industrialists from the retail and food sectors to      ∗     Academics
share ideas on how best to exploit lean concepts
and tools to boost innovation for a more sustain-           Venue and timings
able future. There will be several case studies dem-
                                                            09.00-17.00, at a London venue to be confirmed
onstrating how greener operations also boost com-
                                                            Price: £375 plus VAT (book before the 25th Jan
petitiveness and make perfect business sense.
                                                            2011 and only pay £285 plus VAT)

Hunter Lovins, President and Founder of Natural Capitalism Solutions
A worldwide recognized leader in helping companies and communities profit from
more sustainable practices, Hunter Lovins has authored and co-authored numerous
books, including Brittle Power (1982), Energy Unbound (1986), Factor Four – Doubling
Wealth, Halving Resource Use (1997), Green Development (1998), Natural Capitalism
(1999), and hundreds of papers and articles. She was named one of Time magazine’s
“Hero for the Planet” in 2000 and Newsweek dubbed her a “Green Business Icon” in
2009. Hunter has consulted for governments and the private sector, briefing senior
management at such groups as Interface, Mitsubishi, Bank of America, Royal Dutch/
Shell Group, and numerous utility companies. She was also a founding Professor of
Business at Presidio Graduate School.

Richard Gillies, Director of Plan A Sustainable Business, Marks & Spencer
Richard Joined M&S in 1989 and has worked in stores and regional roles across the UK
and in Canada. He made the transition to a central functional role in 1995 as a Head
of Human Resources in the Personnel Group. He went on to hold a series of company
wide positions including Group Head of Change and Programme Management, Group
Head of People Development, Head of Store Planning and Facilities, Executive
Assistant to the CEO, and Operations Executive for the Clothing Division. Promoted to
Director of Store Design, Development and Non-merchandise Procurement in 2006 he
was responsible for the £1.5bn store modernisation programme and the
centralisation of purchasing.

Dr Andy Wood, CEO Adnams Brewery
Andy Wood joined Adnams in 1994 with responsibility for developing its customer
service and supply chain operations. He joined the board in 2000 with the additional
responsibilities of sales, marketing and the wine business, becoming managing
director in 2006 and CEO in 2010. Andy is also chairman of a drug and alcohol harm
reduction charity and lectures at a number of business schools throughout the UK.

Professor Peter Hines, Co founder and Honorary Professor, Lean Enterprise
Research Centre
Peter has been advising business leaders for more than 20 years on the
implementation of Lean Systems Thinking as an operating model for sustainable
continuous improvement. His work to extend the boundaries of Lean Thinking has
earned him widespread international acclaim, including the coveted Shingo Prize for
                        Speakers cont.

Dr Keivan Zokaei
Keivan joined leading Lean consultancy S A Partners from the Lean Enterprise Research
Centre at Cardiff University where he was director of an executive MSc course in Lean
Management. Recently, he has expanded his thinking to include 'Lean & Green' - a better
understanding of how removing waste through Lean improvement also helps to achieve
environmental targets.

Ray Baker, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Kingfisher Group
Ray Baker is accountable for developing the group’s international environmental and social
policies and programmes. Ray is a member of the Institute of Personnel and Development,
the Cambridge University BEP Climate Change group and the Business in the Community
Market Place practitioner’s taskforce. He is also Chair to both the EuroCommerce and British
Retail Consortium policy advisory groups on Corporate Responsibility and was a member of
the European Multi Stakeholder Forum on CSR.

Louise Nicholls, Head of Ethical Sourcing , M&S
Louise Nicholls has worked for Marks and Spencer for 19 years; 8 years as a Food
Technologist, and then short placement with IT and HR before developing and managing M&S
leading Ethical trade programme 9 years ago. As time has gone on her role has developed to
encompass managing for foods implementation and development of M&S Plan A, a 100 point
5 year plan to address a wide range of environmental and social issues. She deals with issues
as diverse as sustainable fish sourcing, labour and environmental standards in factories,
animal welfare, food miles, genetic modification, fair trade and climate change.

Helen Sisson, Technical Director, Greencore
In this role Helen is responsible for all aspects of food safety, health & safety and the
environment as well as leading the company’s health agenda and unique food first
programme. Helen was appointed Group Technical Director in 2004 having held a number of
technical and operational roles within Greencore. During this time Greencore has made
tremendous progress in each of these key areas of risk management achieving recognition
from a number of sources including its customers, insurers and national government offices
and more importantly contributing to the progress and profitability of the Group

Tara Garnett, Food Research Climate Network
Tara initiated, and co-ordinates the Food Climate Research Network, building on her
experience of working on food sector issues for 15 years. She writes and presents extensively
on food and climate change issues. Her main interests lie in the relationship between food
GHG reduction objectives and other social and ethical concerns, including human health,
animal welfare, international development and biodiversity.
                           Conference Agenda
09.00—09.30             Coffee and registration                   Topics

09.30—09.35             Chairman’s opening, Professor Peter Hines

09.35—10.00             Tara Garnett                              Cooking Up a Storm
                        Food Climate research Network             Future trends in retail and food sector
                                                                  What are the key hot spots in food systems?
                                                                  Opportunities and challenges ahead

10.00—10.40             Richard Gillies                          Plan A—Lessons Learnt and Road Ahead
                        Director of Plan A, M&S                  Plan a journey to date
                                                                 Key economic benefits delivered by Plan A
                                                                 Why is lean green?
                                                                 Road ahead and future plans
10.40—11.00             Coffee and networking

11.00—11.40             Dr Andy Wood                             Case Study of Adnams Lean and Green
                        CEO Adnams Brewers                       Implementation
                                                                 Key economic benefits delivered by in-
                                                                 vesting in green
                                                                 The business case for investing in green
                                                                 Plans for the future

11.40—12.20             Dr Keivan Zokaei                         Lean and Green in Food Manufacturing
                        S A Partners                             and Retail Supply Chains
                                                                 The lean and green toolbox

12.20—13.20             Lunch and networking

                                                                   Drivers of Change: The business case for
13.20—14.20             Hunter Lovins
                                                                   Climate Protection
                        Founder, Natural Capitalism Solutions

14.20—14.40             Coffee and networking

14.40—17.00             Panel Discussion
                1. Professor Peter Hines (Chair)
                2. Hunter Lovins (Natural Capitalism)
                3. Louise Nicholls (Head of Ethical Sourcing)
                4. Helen Sisson (Technical Director, Greencore)
                5. Ray Baker (Director of Corporate Responsibility at Kingfisher Group)

              Supported by
                    Lean and Green Conference
    How Retail and Food businesses can go green for free
                                                     03 March 2011, London

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