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					                                                      Personal Resume

Date              :         2010-JUNE-22
Name              :         Ray Bornert II
Address           :         4143 Red Laurel Way
City/State/Zip    :         Snellville, GA 30039
Phone Home        :         770-736-7870
Phone Fax         :         770-736-7890
Phone Mobile      :         770-309-7870
E-Mail            :,,
Age               :         48
Family            :         Wife & Two Children

Personal History
I grew up in Phoenix Arizona until our family moved to Dallas, Texas in 1977 where I graduated High School in 1979. I
then attended CFN Institute and graduated in 1981 with an Associate’s Degree in Theology. Our family moved back to
Phoenix where I worked in my father’s business. I met and married my wife Cynthia in 1982. We had a son in 1983 and in
1984 we moved to Tulsa Oklahoma where I attended Oral Roberts University. In 1987 I graduated with a Bachelor’s
Degree in Computer Science and my daughter was born a month later. For the next 3 years I worked for the William’s
Companies as a Systems Analyst. In 1990 we moved back to Phoenix where I worked for Honeywell as a System’s
Engineer. In late 1992 I left Honeywell and on 1, January 1993 I started my own business under the name of HixoxiH
Software. I moved to Austin, TX in April of 1995 to work for Origin Systems as a technical consultant. I left Origin in
May of 1996 to do contract work for Heuristic Park here in Atlanta. Since moving to Atlanta I’ve also worked on a
Telephony project for Panasonic and as a Senior Research Consultant on a large USAirForce project for Georgia Tech
Research Institute. Worked for the stock market industry doing database research and website development. Worked 2
years with Realtime Gaming developing online casino software for the PC. I have been self emplyed for the past 6 years
developing and marketing Winholdem - a subscription based online pokerbot. I also sponsored and organized the 2007
Pokerbot World Championship. In late 2009 I took a 3 month contract at Turner Studios Cartoon Network game group
where I continued development of the game servers for the MMO Fusion Fall. In early 2010 I ported Xisk from Win32-
C++ to Android-Java. In the early spring 2010, I built a highly proprietary custom Pokerbot for a WinHoldem customer.

Education History
Oral Roberts University                Tulsa, OK         1987 Bachelor Degree Computer Science
I was able to finish a 4 year degree in 3 years while maintaining a 4.0 GPA in my major with a 3.1 overall.

Christ for the Nations Institute     Dallas, TX          1981 Associate Degree Theology

Plano Senior High School             Dallas, TX          1979 High School Diploma

Project History
2009 – 2009       Turner Studios – Cartoon Network, Atlanta, GA
2003 -            Self Employed
2001 - 2003       Senior Project Engineer, Realtime Gaming, Atlanta, GA
2000 - 2001       Director of IT Development,, Norcross, GA.
1998 - 1999       Senior Research Consultant, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Atlanta, GA
1997 - 1998       Senior Consultant, Panasonic, Atlanta, GA
1996 - 1998       Senior Systems Developer, Heuristic Park, Atlanta, GA
1995 - 1996       Senior Software Engineer, Origin Systems Inc., Austin, TX
1993              Founded HixoxiH Software, Phoenix, AZ
1990 - 1993       System’s Engineer, Honeywell Phoenix, AZ
1987 - 1990       System’s Analyst , William’s Company, Tulsa, OK
1984 - 1987       Independent Consulting, Tulsa, OK
1981 - 1984       Programmer, Arizona Utility Control, Phoenix, AZ

From the age of 10-20 years I held the following jobs:
News Carrier, Cook, Waiter, Desk Clerk, Telemarketer, Direct Sales
                                                     Career History


For the past 5 years I have authored and developed 2 primary software applications - Winholdem and Poker Professional.
Both have their own websites: and respectively.

Winholdem - Client
Winholdem is a subscription based end-user windows application able to automatically play poker at various online poker
rooms for the end-user poker enthusiast. Winholdem is written entirely in Microsoft MFC/C++/C and some assembly
code. Winholdem has it's own webstite where it is hosted for public download. It knows how to automatically update
itself as well as scan itself for malicious tampering. Once downloaded/installed the end -user consumer has 24 hours to
test the full features after which they may buy a yearly subscription. I developed the entire website as well as the retail
checkout portal and the interface to the Verisign/Paypal credit card processor. Winholdem uses what is known as image
scraping to read and understand the visual gamestate presented in the window of an online poker room. This image
scraping process was pioneered by me and is in widespread use today. I created a spearate tool called Winscrape for the
purpose of managing the file/data that Winholdem needs to correctly scrape a poker table. Winholdem has it's own
functional scripting language entirely devoted to describing the popular poker game of Texas Holdem and thus it is
entirely programmable pokerbot. Winholdem can also be extended via a .DLL supplied by the end -user. The scripts
themselves exist in editable text files and can be loaded into Winholdem at anytime by the end -user and thus they can
realize an unlimited number of styles of bots. Winoldem has the ability to automatically click the buttons and controls
inside the poker room window and thus it can be fully automatic such that the end -user can walk away and let the bot
play. Winholdem appeared in a feature article in the 2005-SEP issue of WIRED Magazine.

Poker Professional - Client/Server
The Poker Professional platform is a networked based client/server application. I fully developed the entire client/server
technology and it can be seen at This is an excellent example of the caliber of my
graphics ability as well as client server communications and n -tier development. Project developed entirely with
VisualC++ and SQL 2000 on a Win2K platform. This platform was used in the 2007 Pokerbot World Championship.
Winholdem has the ability to talk directly to any PPRO server anywhere on the network.

Bring - Client/Server
Bring is an acronym that stands for Bring Remote Interactive Network GUI. In a nutshell it is a remote control
client/server application much like the commercial product PCAnywhere and Remote Desktop. The primary feature of
Bring is that it has the ability to remote controal a single window of the end -users choosing as opposed to only the entire
desktop. Bring is highly useful for Winholdem customers wanting to run the online poker room application on one
computer and run Winholdem and all of the poker analysis tools on another computer. The deeper purpose here is that
most professional level poker botters wish to hide the extent of their use of software tools to play the game. Bring allows
them to do this.

Xisk – Client/Server

In 2004 I began work on a personal skunk works project called Xisk. Xisk is a redesigned style clone of the popular board
game Risk. The client uses the same graphics engine as the Ppro client describe above and has full HDTV resolution
(2048x1536) and runs on Win32 PC systems. The server is a combination of native C++ and PHP running on
Linux/Apache/Mysql system. The computer player AI is written entirely in LUA. The client/server is currently online
and accessible and has been played by over 1000 players all over the world.
Turner Studios – Cartoon Network 2009
In the final quarter of 2009 I accepted a contract to finish the development of the game servers for the massive multi-
player online game (MMOG) Fusion Fall. I implemented design changes to the Win32 C++ server code and the SQL
server database. As the solo server engineer, I was responsible for all server side development/testing/debugging
combine with some client responsibilities where message protocols changed.

Realtime Gaming 2001-2003
For 2 years I was a Senior Project Engineer for Realtime Gaming. I was involved in all aspects of the
development/production n-tier client/server systems. I developed several new technologies. I performed end user market
analysis and database research. I developed 6 new Blackjack games that are currently in production in 40 online casinos
worldwide. I invented 2 entirely new casino games both in production. I was also involved in staffing decisions and
managed the third party contractors. VisualC++/SQL2000. 2000-2001
For 6 months I worked as the Senior Project Manager on the development of a forthcoming financial-stock-market web-
site headquartered in Norcross, GA. I developed and implemented the entire SQL-Server database. I designed and
developed the special purpose applications that populate the database daily from the latest market information. I
designed and developed a market simulator that assists the management in the analysis of various trading systems. I
designed and developed the necessary embedded .ASP code that allows the web -site to retrieve information from the
database. I designed and developed a set of .HTML pages that demonstrate the overall capability of the site.

For 7 months prior to the start of this project I actively engaged in DayTrading with real-money in real-time online as a
means of professional research and preparation. During this time I studied nearly every aspect of the trading market. I
analyzed securities and historical data. I designed and implemented several trading systems. I designed and developed
several tools that analyze historical stock-market data. This research was paramount to the project.

Georgia Tech Research Institute 1998-1999
For 18 months I worked as a Senior Research Consultant on the FalconView project for GTRI. FalconView is an ongoing
software effort funded largely by the USAirForce. FalconView is used by pilots all over the world for pre/post mission
planning as well as an in-flight mission system. I was responsible for the design and development of the Global
Positioning System (GPS) tracking and navigation software used by the pilots while in flight. This was a real-time system
with very high reliability standards and was developed entirely in MS VisualC++/MFC v5.0. Additional responsibilities
involved meeting with military officers to discuss and plan critical in -flight requirements for the FalconView GPS system.

Panasonic 1997-1998
For 6 months I worked as a Senior Consultant/Developer on the Telephony project for the Panasonic Digital Business
Systems (DBS) group. I upgraded their TAPI service provider from TAPI v1.3 to TAPI v1.4 using VisualC++.

Heuristic Park 1996-1998
I worked for over a year as a Senior Systems Developer & Designer for Heuristic Park in Atlanta on a large cutting edge
3D game. During my time there I developed the following game systems.
        Virtual World Editor (Visual C++ 32/MFC).
        2D Audio Layer system. (C,C++).
        3D Audio Layer system. (C,C++).
        CD Audio Playback system. (C,Visual C++/MFC).
        Video playback system. (C,C++).
        AI systems for path finding, camera motion (C, C++).
        Modeling systems for weather patterns, fluid motion, planetary motion (C,Assembly).
        Utilities, Utilities, Utilities, etc. etc. etc. (C,C++,Assembly).

Origin Systems 1995-1996
I took a full time job at Origin Systems, Inc. as a Senior Systems Consultant. During that time I worked on their core
technology for their star products - Wing Commander & Ultima. I assisted the programming staff with developing new
technology and provided advice to the producer groups and tools groups company wide. We worked with Win95
platforms using Visual C++, C and Assembly.
HixoxiH Software - established 1993
I am currently the President of HixoxiH Software. I founded the company 1993-JAN-1. I started this company as a means
to enter the Computer Video Game Industry. In the beginning our primary asset was a 3D first person graphics engine
called ‘XOX’. I completed the first version in late January 1993 and sold my first license in February 1993. We worked
with PC platforms using C++, C and Assembly. We currently do a wide range of software development.

Honeywell 1990-1993
I was hired by the Honeywell Commercial Flight Systems Group in Phoenix Arizona 15, October 1990 as a System’s
Manager. I headed a group of 4 individuals whose primary responsibility was the installation and system’s maintenance
of new computer equipment and software for about 1500 engineers. During my time at Honeywell we installed and
maintained and programmed about 200 new workstations. We maintained a central cluster of 8 VAX’s with an additional
13 LAVC’s that served about 500 workstations altogether. All of these computers were connected via an Ethernet.

I was also the corporate trainer for new workstation users. I held monthly classes for engineers needing training in the
latest technologies. I also provided support and technical information to our own group as I was the only system’s
programmer in the entire group.

During 1992 I was developing software at home on my PC that would eventually become the foundation for my company.
I left Honeywell in late 1992 to enter the computer gaming industry by starting my own software company - HixoxiH

William’s Company 1987-1990
After graduating from college I was immediately hired by the William’s Company as a Systems Analyst. I helped work on
a real-time control system for the worlds largest pipeline company headquartered in Tulsa, OK. We worked primarily with
VAX/VMS using C. And we used FORTRAN on some of the older systems.
Systems & Software experience

System            Year learned      Years experience
PC/WINDOWS        1993                      17
PC/Linux          1999                      10
PC/DOS            1984                      9
VAX/VMS           1985                      7
DG/AOS            1984                      6
IBM/JCL           1986                      1
VAX/POSIX         1990                      1
VAX/UNIX          1990                      1
NCR/MOS           1983                      1

Language          Year learned      Years experience
C                 1987                      22
C++               1990                      19
VisualC++/MFC     1995                      14
Assembly          1986                      22
LUA               2008                      2
Java              2001                      1
Basic             1982                      2
Pascal            1984                      3
Cobol             1986                      2
Fortran           1987                      1
ASP               1999                      1
HTML              1997                      3

Database          Year learned      Years experience
SQL               1987                      11
dBase             1984                      3


In my spare time I usually enjoy playing real-time strategy PC games and my favorite MMO - World of Warcraft. My wife
and kids and I love the movies and we collect our favorite DVD's. Once in a while I tinker with a chess program I wrote
that plays at or near a rating of 2000. I also evangelize 3D chess from time to time especially the version I invented seen
here at I own a jogging track next to my house and I enjoy running 1-6
miles on a regular basis and then swimming laps in the pool afterward. I would ski regula rly if it were possible. When I
turned 40 I bought a 2001 Convertible Corvette - something I wish I'd done when I was 30. We also love to BBQ and
entertain friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere. Our idea of a fine night out is sushi and a movie followed by a cup of
coffee and a book in the Borders coffee shop. I also thoroughly enjoy life changing conversation.

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