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Talking Books
The titles in this booklist are just a selection of the titles available for loan from the
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Ablow, Keith
Psychopath. 2005. Read by Jeff Harding, 10 hours 8 minutes. TB 14118.
Forensic psychiatrist Frank Clevenger is tapped by the FBI to catch an elusive
murderer known as the 'Highway Killer', who has left twelve bodies strewn across
twelve states. Clevenger reluctantly accepts the case, but what he and the authorities
cannot know is that the Highway Killer isn't just a serial killer - he is also a
psychiatrist, whose brilliance as a doctor is matched only by his precision as a
murderer. Contains strong language. TB 14118.

Banerji, Sara
The waiting time. 2005. Read by Stephanie Beattie, 7 hours 35 minutes. TB
Julia has given up on love in her middle age but is searching for a vanished brother
and a lost identity. In doing so, she collides with Kitty, a woman of a different age,
lifestyle and aspirations. The proof of Julia's identity lies somewhere under Kitty's
home. The literal digging up of the past changes life for both of them, though what
they eventually find is very different to their expectations. Ahead are surprises,
conflict, terror, disappointment, love - and unexpected happiness. TB 14640.

Banks, Carla
The forest of souls. 2005. Read by Jilly Bond, 13 hours 3 minutes. TB 14700.
A passion for history cost Helen Kovacs her life. Helen had told no one of her
research; even her closest friend, Faith Lange, had no idea - until she began retracing
the dead woman's steps. She is troubled, too, by the presence of Jake Denbigh, a
journalist investigating her grandfather, a refugee from the Eastern front. Helen's
murder, and its consequences, will take Jake and Faith on terrifying journeys: from
the mass graves of the Kurapaty Forest to the heart of Faith's own family, where a
tragic secret lies hidden. Unsuitable for family reading. TB 14700.

Banville, John
The book of evidence. 1989. Read by Tom Crowe, 7 hours 41 minutes. TB 7855.
A remarkable blend of thriller, farce and dramatic tragedy, the book of evidence is the
first person testimony of Freddie Montgomery - convicted of the ghastly and
seemingly motiveless kidnap and murder of a young woman. Trying to make sense of
the crime that destroys his life, Freddie's monologue is also an attempt to come to
terms with 40 years of aimless drifting and dissolution. Contains violence. TB 7855.

Barker, Pat
Border crossing. 2001. Read by James Wilby, 6 hours 54 minutes. TB 13498.
Tom Seymour is a child psychiatrist who has worked in the north of England for many
years. One day, while walking by the river, he rescues a young man from drowning,
and realises it's a child murderer at whose trial he gave flawed evidence. TB 13498.

Black, Ingrid
The dead. 2005. Read by Tara Ward, 12 hours 44 minutes. TB 14818.
Five years ago Ed Fagan disappeared and since then nothing has been heard from
the serial killer known as the Night Hunter. Now a Dublin newspaper has received a
letter claiming to be from Fagan with a chilling message: he's going to kill again. At
first, the Dublin Metropolitan Police are inclined to dismiss the letter as the work of a
crank. Then the body of prostitute Mary Lynch is found and it's only too clear that a
murderer is at large again. But is it Fagan? Saxon, a former FBI agent, was writing a
book about Fagan when he disappeared and is certain that the killings are not the
works of Fagan. But how can she convince the police to look beyond the obvious and
to go after the real killer. Contains violence. TB 14818.

Bonner, Hilary
A moment of madness. 2002. Read by Gordon Griffin, 13 hours 27 minutes. TB
John Kelly series; book 1. When rock idol Scott Silver is found murdered, the prime
suspect lies dead next to him. For Silver's killer broke into his mansion home on the
South Devon coast and it appears that the rock star's mesmerising widow Angel killed
the intruder in self-defence. Gradually, however, an intense and complex tale of
intrigue and deception is revealed. Local paper journalist John Kelly, a man with a
past that still haunts him, begins to investigate. Unsuitable for family reading. TB

Bonner, Hilary
When the dead cry out. 2006. Read by Annie Aldington, 10 hours 55 minutes.
TB 14861.
John Kelly series; book 2. One summer day, Clara Marshall vanished without a trace.
A few days later, her two young daughters also disappeared. Clara's husband
claimed he had discovered his wife was having an affair with an Australian
backpacker and that she had run away taking the children with her. Police
investigations find no trace of a backpacker and no trace of them. It is 27 years later
that the case and the real truth is found. Contains violence. TB 14861.

Bonner, Hilary
No reason to die. 2004. Read by Richard Derrington, 12 hours 21 minutes. TB
John Kelly series; book 3. By a freak chance John Kelly, once a reporter, always a
maverick, becomes embroiled in the mystery surrounding a series of disturbing
deaths at a tough Dartmoor army training camp. Several young men and women
stationed at the bleakly remote Hangridge have died suddenly and tragically, mostly
from gunshot wounds that the army claim have been self-inflicted. The army has a
plausible explanation for each death individually, but when put together these

explanations look very suspicious indeed-Kelly takes his concerns to his old friend
Detective Superintendent Karen Meadows and together they attempt to break through
the wall of secrecy which the army has erected. Contains language which might be
considered offensive. TB 13775.

Bonner, Hilary
A kind of wild justice. 2001. Read by Julia Franklin, 13 hours 20 minutes. TB
He's a barbaric killer, guilty of the most terrible crime. He abducted and tortured an
innocent seventeen-year-old girl, brutally raped her, then left her to die. Yet when
James Martin O'Donnell stood trial at Exeter Crown Court he was acquitted. Twenty
years later a chance DNA test makes it tragically clear that there has been a shocking
miscarriage of justice. But the law of double jeopardy means that O'Donnell cannot be
tried again. Contains violence. TB 12905.

Brett, Simon
Singled out. 1996. Read by Simon Brett, 5 hours 55 minutes. TB 10972.
In 1973, successful television producer Laura Fisher sets out to have a baby before
her thirtieth birthday. The child will be the ultimate assertion of her independence, a
sign that she has overcome an upbringing of terrifying violence. Laura needs
someone to love. All goes according to plan. Then on the day she gives birth Laura
sees something in the newspaper which shocks her to the core. Something that
makes her see the father of her child in a totally different light... Contains strong
language. TB 10972.

Brown, Molly
Cracker: to say I love you. 1999. Read by Steven Hartley, 8 hours 20 minutes.
TB 12848.
Cracker series; book 2. Sequel to: Cracker: the mad woman in the attic, TB 12872.
Fitz can find a murderer, prevent catastrophe and still find time to flirt with a pretty
policewoman. But he knows only too well the motivations that drive Judith into
another man's bed and that push him to the edge of self-destruction. Compared to the
complications of Fitz's own life, tracking down a team of co-killers is simple. TB

Cordy, Michael
Crime zero. 2002. Read by Garrick Hagon, 12 hours. TB 12825.
The year is 2008. Violent crime has become an epidemic, nowhere more so than in
the United States. Everything from the death penalty to liberal reforms has failed.
Nothing has been effective, until now. Project Conscience promises to be the solution.
It is a bold attempt by a powerful group of scientists, politicians and senior law-
enforcement personnel to use gene therapy to treat male criminals and cure violent
crime. But among their number are those with a more sinister agenda, who would go

further and turn the dream of Project Conscience into the nightmare of Crime Zero.
TB 12825.

Diamond, Sarah
The spider's house. 2005. Read by Lucy Scott, 12 hours 15 minutes. TB 14719.
When Anna's husband is offered a job in Dorset she is as happy to move as he is.
After the move, however it's a different story. With few ideas for her new novel and
little else to do, Anna's getting increasingly restless when she makes a shocking
discovery - Rebecca Fisher, the notorious child murderess of the 1960s, was the
previous inhabitant of their picturesque old cottage. At first she is just curious, and
begins reading up on the case and then appalled and fascinated the nation decades
ago. Yet as she learns more, she becomes increasingly convinced that she's close to
discovering secrets that have been hidden for years... Unsuitable for family reading.
TB 14719.

Dobyns, Stephen
The church of dead girls. 1997. Read by Jeff Harding, 14 hours 23 minutes. TB
One after another, three girls vanish from a small American town. After the first
disappearance, the townspeople begin to mistrust outsiders, oddballs and strangers.
When a second girl goes missing, neighbours and lifelong friends start to look at each
other with suspicious eyes. Finally, with the third disappearance, the sleepy little town
wakens to an horrific nightmare. Contains violence. TB 12138.

Dostoevskii, F M
Crime and punishment. 1866. Read by Corbett Woodall, 23 hours 50 minutes.
TB 1507.
A psychological study of a young student who kills an old money-lender and his
subsequent fear and remorse. TB 1507.

Eco, Umberto
Foucault's pendulum. 1989. Read by David Banks, 26 hours 16 minutes. TB
Three editors in a Milan publishing house produce a computer file of mediaeval
occultism, after receiving a manuscript on Templar mysticism. "Foucault's Pendulum"
is a modern thriller wrapped around a maze of ancient mysteries, as people begin to
disappear without explanation. TB 8335.

French, Nicci
Catch me when I fall. 2005. Read by Beth Chalmers, 9 hours 18 minutes. TB
Holly Krauss lives life in a whirlwind her husband Charlie, her business partner Meg
and her colleagues at KS Associates are left breathless by her energy. But

sometimes her wild behaviour leads to reckless mistakes, which soon leave her life
spiralling out of control and Holly can do little to stop it. This is most definitely a
woman on the edge of a nervous breakdown. But is Holly solely responsible for what
is happening to her? Are her fears for her own safety caused by the paranoia of her
illness - or very real danger? Contains strong language. TB 14816.

French, Nicci
Land of the living. 2004. Read by Anne Flosnik, 10 hours 56 minutes. TB 14003.
Abbie Devereaux wakes in the dark, hooded and bound. She doesn't know where she
is nor who it is feeding her, talking to her, threatening to kill her. Yet Abbie has
courage and, above all, hope. She escapes her captor and runs back into the light.
But the real world, the safe one, isn't as she remembers it. There are days missing
before she disappeared - days when she quit her job and left her boyfriend, did things
she can't explain to the police, her friends or even herself. Why won't anyone take her
story seriously? Because if Abbie can't convince anybody that it really happened, then
maybe he will come for her again. Contains strong language. TB 14003.

French, Nicci
Secret smile. 2004. Read by Anne Flosnik, 9 hours 52 minutes. TB 14472.
When Miranda Cotton gets home from work to find her new boyfriend, Brendan,
reading her diary, she breaks off the relationship and throws him out. Getting Brendan
out of her life, however, is not so easy. When he starts seeing her sister, what begins
as an embarrassment turns into a nightmare. TB 14472.

French, Nicci
Beneath the skin. 2001. Read by various narrators, 10 hours 50 minutes. TB
Zoe, Jenny and Nadia, different ages, different walks of life, all receive anonymous
notes saying they are going to be killed. The three lives are turned upside down as
the police search for what has attracted the attention of a killer. Contains strong
language. TB 13414.

French, Nicci
The red room. 2001. Read by Jane Markham, 12 hours 20 minutes. TB 13514.
Kit Quinn is a young woman who inhabits dangerous worlds: crime scenes,
interrogations, hospitals for the criminally insane. Horribly wounded in a brutal attack,
she must return to the site of her worst fears. She is asked by the police to advise
them on a simple murder inquiry. A young runaway has been found dead near a
London canal and the chief suspect is the man who wounded her. But it isn't a simple
case. Contains passages of violence which may be offensive. TB 13514.

French, Nicci.
Killing me softly. 2000. Read by Julia Franklin, 12 hours. TB 12542.
Alice Loudon is a young woman who seems to have it all: close friends, a loving
boyfriend, and a successful career. Then she meets a stranger and immediately
embarks upon a passionate and dangerous affair. TB 12542.

French, Nicci
The safe house. 1999. Read by Julia Franklin, 10 hours 56 minutes. TB 13818.
When Dr Sam Laschen, expert in post-traumatic stress, agrees against her better
judgement to provide a haven for the survivor of a horrific assult, she thinks she's
helping out. Not putting herself - and her child Elsie - at risk. But as Fiona finds her
way into the hearts of her hosts, nowhere and nobody is safe any longer... Contains
strong language. TB 13818.

Fyfield, Frances
Blind date. 1998. Read by Rula Lenska, 10 hours 26 minutes. TB 12082.
Elisabeth Kennedy, a disgraced ex-police officer, is haunted by her sister's horrific
murder and her own humiliating attempts to lure the killer into a confession. Then she
is the victim of a senseless attack and, wanting to hide from the world, she flees the
comfort of her mother's house for her own eccentric home - high above the ground in
a disused London bell tower. But even the safest places are not sacrosanct. Contains
strong language. TB 12082.

Fyfield, Frances
Without consent. 1997. Read by Rula Lenska, 8 hours 7 minutes. TB 11500.
Police officer DS Ryan is accused of rape. He maintains a stubborn silence in the
face of the charge; indeed he seems obsessed with the capture of the stalker. The
evidence suggests to Prosecutor Helen West and her lover Superintendent Bailey
that he is guilty. But slowly Ryan's prey begins to emerge. A man who knows how to
avoid the law, a man who believes there is no legal formula to deal with someone who
brings chocolates and flowers, leaves without trace, and learns how to kill with
impunity. Contains strong language. TB 11500.

Gardner, Katy
Hidden. 2006. Read by Penelope Freeman, 10 hours 2 minutes. TB 14862.
A trail of blood winding through a squalid flat in Margate leads DCI Dave Gosworth to
the body of Jacqui Jennings, her skull smashed with a chisel. For Dave it is just the
start of a long and puzzling case. Forty miles away in South London, a young single
mother named Melanie Stenning is blissfully unaware of Jacqui's life and death. But
that trail of blood will one day lead straight to her door, with terrifying repercussions.
Contains strong language. TB 14862.

Hardy, Jules
Mister candid. 2004. Read by William Dufris, 12 hours 30 minutes. TB 14604.
The mind of a murderer; the heart of a saint. For seventeen years the FBI have been
hunting down "Mr Candid": a killer with a difference. His victims are evildoers the law
can't touch. But are his actions those of a maniac or a saviour? Born into a life of
privilege and wealth on America's East Coast, Charlie Kane was a child prodigy.
Reading the 'New York Times' at the age of three, a mathematical genius at thirteen,
he went to Harvard where he found the love of his life and a place in the world. Until
one Thanksgiving; seventeen years ago; when Charlie's world was torn apart and the
entire Kane family all but vanished. Contains violence. TB 14604.

Harris, Thomas
Hannibal. 1999. Read by Daniel Gerroll, 13 hours. TB 12602.
Hannibal Lecter Series; book 3. Sequel to: Silence of the lambs, TB 8469. One of
Hannibal's victims, the influential and rich Mason Verger - a paraplegic confined to a
respirator thanks to Hannibal - is bent on revenge and FBI agent Clarice Starling
provides the perfect bait. Contains violence. TB 12602.

Hayder, Mo
Birdman. 2003. Read by Damien Goodwin, 11 hours 20 minutes. TB 13838.
D I Jack Caffrey series; book 1. Greenwich, south-east London. The Met's crack
murder squad is called out by nervous CID detectives to a grim discovery. Five bodies
have been found, all young women, all ritualistically murdered, dumped on wasteland
near the Millennium Dome. Detective Inspector Jack Caffery, young, driven,
unshockable, finds himself facing hostility within the force and echoes of his past in
this. Tortured by a death long ago that he might have prevented, he now employs
every weapon forensic science can offer, he knows time is limited; this sadistic killer
will strike again. Contains strong language. TB 13838.

Hayder, Mo
The treatment. 2003. Read by Damien Goodwin, 13 hours 45 minutes. TB 13943.
D I Jack Caffrey series; book 2. In an unassuming house, on a quiet residential street
in south London, a husband and wife are discovered, imprisoned in their own home.
Badly dehydrated, they've been bound and beaten and the husband is close to death.
But worse is to come: their young son is missing. When DI Jack Caffery of the Met's
AMIT squad is called in to investigate, the similarities to events in his own past make
it impossible for him to view this new crime with necessary detachment. As Jack
attempts to hold his own life together in the face of ever more disturbing revelations,
the real nightmare begins. Contains strong language. TB 13943.

Highsmith, Patricia
The talented Mr Ripley. 1957. Read by Anthony Parker, 11 hours 25 minutes. TB
Ripley series; book 1. Tom Ripley is a wastrel and a villain intent upon every sort of
crime, and uses all his undesirable talents in the course of carrying out an unusual
assignment in Italy. TB 1509.

Highsmith, Patricia
Ripley under ground. 1971. Read by Anthony Parker, 11 hours 52 minutes. TB
Ripley series; book 2. For the sake of the firms which he has helped to set up in
England, Tom Ripley is willing to go to great lengths, trying always to prevent Heloise,
his beautiful wife, from discovering the full extent of his involvement. TB 1534.

Highsmith, Patricia
Ripley's game. 1974. Read by Peter Gray, 10 hours 15 minutes. TB 2454.
Ripley series; book 3. Further adventures of the atrocious Ripley, whose involvement
with the Mafia in Hamburg suddenly leads him into a situation fraught with menace
and violence. TB 2454.

Highsmith, Patricia.
The boy who followed Ripley. 1980. Read by Marvin Kane, 11 hours 49 minutes.
TB 3680.
Ripley series; book 4. A young American boy, befriended by Ripley, turns out to be
the runaway heir to a food chainstore fortune. Protecting the boy, Ripley becomes
involved in an adventure with a horrifying climax of disaster. TB 3680.

Highsmith, Patricia
Ripley under water. 1991. Read by Carmen Lynne Williamson, 10 hours 30
minutes. TB 9531.
Ripley series; book 5. Tom Ripley is a man who is fastidious about everything except
murder. His chic wife and his devoted housekeeper have taken little note of the
unusual phone calls he has been getting, and regard the Pritchards, a new American
couple in the village, as curiosities. Ripley is disturbed that they are well informed
about his past, and flaunt the knowledge. He is determined that these intruders will
muddy still waters at their peril. TB 9531.

Highsmith, Patricia
Strangers on a train. 1999. Read by William Roberts, 10 hours 10 minutes. TB
Two men, a tennis star and a psychopath, meet by chance on a train and 'swap'
murders. 'Some people are better off dead - like your wife and my father, for instance'

as Bruno, the rich psychopath puts it, before proceeding to carry out his part of the
bargain. A chance meeting and a rash conversation can lead to all sorts of trouble...
TB 13255.

Highsmith, Patricia
Found in the street. 1986. Read by Pauline Munro, 10 hours. TB 6204.
Elsie Tyler is fresh, childlike and vibrantly pretty - one of thousands of young people
who drift to the city. She has youth, ambition and a sexual magic that works fatally on
both men and women. A tale of sexual obsession and the dark side of violent desire
set in New York's Greenwich Village. TB 6204.

Highsmith, Patricia
People who knock on the door. 1983. Read by David Rider, 11 hours 2 minutes.
TB 4737.
The Aldermans seem to be an ordinary middle-class American family. When the
father, Richard, becomes a born-again Christian and his younger son Robbie
embraces the same moral fundamentalist convictions, the consequences are
shattering. Unsuitable for family reading. TB 4737.

Highsmith, Patricia
Edith's diary. 1977. Read by Carol Marsh, 14 hours 48 minutes. TB 3304.
Edith Howland's diary is her most precious possession, and as she is moving house
she is making sure it's safe. A suburban housewife in fifties America, she is moving to
Brunswick with her husband Brett and her beloved son, Cliffie, to start a new life for
them all. She is optimistic, but she has high hopes most of all for her new venture with
Brett, a local newspaper, the Brunswick Corner Bugle. Life seems full of promise, and
indeed, to read her diary, filled with her most intimate feelings and revelations, you
would never think otherwise. Strange then, that reality is so dangerously different.
Unsuitable for family reading. TB 3304.

Hoag, Tami
A thin dark line. 1999. Read by Stuart Milligan, 17 hours 52 minutes. TB 13203.
Terror stalks the streets of Bayou Breaux, Louisiana. A suspected murderer is free on
technicality, and the cop accused of planting evidence against him is ordered off the
case. But Detective Nick Fourcade refuses to walk away. He's stepped over the line
before. This case threatens to push him over the edge. He's not the only one. Deputy
Annie Broussard found the woman's mutilated body and wants justice. But pursuing
the investigation will mean forming an alliance with a man she doesn't trust and
making enemies of the men she works with. It will mean being drawn into the
confidence of a killer. TB 13203.

Holliday, Liz
Cracker: one day a lemming will fly. 1999. Read by Steven Hartley, 9 hours. TB
Cracker series; book 3. Sequel to: Cracker: to say I love you, TB 12848. Fitz has an
open and shut case. A schoolboy is found murdered. His teacher - male, single, living
alone - tries to commit suicide. It's obvious the teacher did it; it's just a matter of
obtaining a confession. But the truth is as elusive as trust and honesty, and the case
goes badly wrong. In his personal drama, Fitz also has to choose between Judith and
Jane. And that's the least of his problems. Contains strong language. TB 13266.

James, P D
Cover her face. 2002. Read by Stephen Hogan, 7 hours 55 minutes. TB 14053.
Adam Dalgliesh series; book 1. On the same day as the St Cedd's church fete in the
grounds of her home, Martingale, Mrs Maxie learns of her son Stephen's
engagement. By the next morning, her new parlourmaid, Sally Jupp, is dead.
Detective Chief-Inspector Adam Dalgliesh investigates murder in the Elizabethan
manor house. TB 14053.

James, P D
A mind to murder. 2002. Read by Stephen Hogan, 7 hours 39 minutes. TB
Adam Dalgliesh series; book 2. A hideous scream pierces the calm of the evening
psychotherapy session. The body of a woman lies sprawled in the basement of the
Steen Clinic, a chisel thrust through her heart. Superintendent Adam Dalgliesh,
relaxing at a literary party close by, hurries over to investigate the murder. Unsuitable
for family reading. TB 14054.

Joss, Morag
Half broken things. 2003. Read by Stephen Perring, 10 hours 3 minutes. TB
Jean, Michael and Steph are three reluctant loners. Damaged and fearful of life, they
cannot survive alone for much longer. A mixture of deceit, good luck and misfortune
draw them together to Walden Manor, a secluded country house that promises
sanctuary and freedom from destitution. Out of an invented past they shape a
beautiful present. Does it really matter if their sense of safety is built on delusion?
When the idyll is threatened, they discover that because their lives are now worth
living, they are also worth preserving, although at an appalling cost. Contains strong
language. TB 13988.

Joss, Morag
Funeral music. 1998. Read by Charlotte Strevens, 10 hours 26 minutes. TB
Sara Selkirk series; book 1. The charity concert in Bath's famous Pump Room was
vitally important to international cellist Sara Selkirk. It was her chance to regain her
lost confidence, the first time she would perform in public since the death of her lover.
But if she'd known what was to happen that day, she would have lost her nerve
completely... TB 13863.

Joss, Morag
Fearful symmetry. 2000. Read by Charlotte Strevens, 12 hours 16 minutes. TB
Sara Selkirk series; book 2. Exhausted after a gruelling world tour, cellist Sara Selkirk
is looking forward to a few months' recuperation at her cottage near Bath. Sara's
growing attraction to DCI Andrew Poole causes her to make the mistake of joining an
amateur operatics society. The Circus Opera Group is a motley crew. There's faded
diva Helene; vain, talentless Cosmo and his long-suffering girlfriend, Poppy; not to
mention Andrew's wife, Valerie, who's beginning to grow suspicious. With this uneasy
mix of fragile egos, both Sara and Andrew predict trouble ahead. What they don't
expect is sudden, violent death... Contains strong language. TB 12420.

Joss, Morag
Fruitful bodies. 2001. Read by Charlotte Strevens, 12 hours. TB 13516.
Sara Selkirk series; book 3. When she finds her first cello teacher having problems,
cellist Sara Selkirk sets her up as the resident music therapist at the successful Sulis
Clinic where her friend, James Balantyne, is a reluctant patient. But why isn't he
getting better? Sara delves into the mystery of the clinic. Contains language which
might be considered offensive. TB 13516.

Kellerman, Jonathan
The conspiracy club. 2004. Read by Jeff Harding, 10 hours 8 minutes. TB 14607.
Dedicated young psychologist Dr Jeremy Carrier is unschooled in the ways of violent
crimes and incalculable evil - until his life is irreversibly touched by both. When his
romance with nurse Jocelyn Banks is cut short by her kidnapping and brutal murder,
he is left emotionally devastated and being warily eyed by police seeking a prime
suspect in the unsolved killing. To escape the pain, he buries himself in his work. But
when more women turn up murdered in the same gruesome fashion as Jocelyn, the
suspicion surrounding Jeremy intensifies and the only way for him to prove his
innocence is to follow the trail of a cunning psychopath. Contains violence. TB 14607.

Koontz, Dean R
Velocity. 2006. Read by Jeff Harding, 10 hours 15 minutes. TB 14572.
William Wiles is an easygoing thirty-something, a bartender who lives a quiet life
alone until a serial killer singles him out - not to kill him, but to force him to decide who
the next victim will be. Billy finds the first note: 'If you don't take this note to the police
and get them involved, I will kill a lovely blonde schoolteacher. If you do take this note
to the police, I will instead kill an elderly woman active in charity work. You have four
hours to decide. The choice is yours.' Billy pays an informal visit to an acquaintance,
Lanny Olson, who is a policeman, and who thinks the note is a prank. The
schoolteacher dies. With more communications from the killer, Billy is drawn deeper
into an accelerating nightmare. Contains violence. TB 14572.

Lovesey, Peter
On the edge. 1989. Read by Di Langford, 7 hours 26 minutes. TB 7740.
Rose and Antonia had a good war. As WAAF plotters, they had all the excitement and
independence of a difficult and dangerous job, and all the fun of being two women on
an RAF base. Peacetime is a disappointment. Rosie's war-hero husband turned
brutal lout: Antonia, bored with her rich manufacturer husband, wants to move to
America with her lover. But what are the plotters for, if not to plot? And Antonia's
ruthless scheme would give them both what they want.... TB 7740.

McDermid, Val
The mermaids singing. 2003. Read by Stephen Thorne, 12 hours 9 minutes. TB
Tony Hill series; book 1. A serial killer is on the loose in the northern city of Bradfield.
Four men have been brutally killed by savage knife wounds. In each case, the men
have been mutilated and tortured, though the mutilations are not identical and nothing
obvious appears to connect the victims. Fear grips the city; no man feels safe. Clinical
psychologist Tony Hill is brought in to profile the killer, to work alongside Detective
Inspector Carol Jordan. Contains strong language. TB 14341.

McDermid, Val.
The wire in the blood. 2004. Read by Michael Tudor Barnes, 15 hours 13
minutes. TB 14257.
Tony Hill series; book 2. Tony Hill is asked by the Home Office to form a national task
force of trained psychological profilers, a hit squad capable of moving in on particular
complex cases. He gives his new team the details of thirty missing teenagers and
asks them to discover whether there is a sinister link between any of the cases. Only
one officer, Shaz Bowman, comes up with a concrete theory. She is ridiculed by the
rest of her group until a killer murders and mutilates one of their number. Contains
strong language. TB 14257.

McDermid, Val.
The last temptation. 2003. Read by Vari Sylvester, 17hrs 19mins. TB 14275.
Tony Hill series; book 3. Mapping the minds of murderers is what Dr Tony Hill does
better than anyone. So when a twisted killer starts targeting psychologists across
Northern Europe, he's the obvious choice to track the executioner's mental and
physical journey. Except he no longer wants to delve into the minds of serial killers.
Soon, however, the case comes too close to home. The next victim is a friend of his.
Hill's former partner, DCI Carol Jordan, is herself in Germany, working undercover in
a world where human life is cheaper than a drugs deal. She needs his help as much
as the hunters of the killer. Contains violence. TB 14275.

McDermid, Val
The torment of others. 2004. Read by Vari Sylvester, 13 hours 57 minutes. TB
Tony Hill series; book 4. A new murder scene bears horrific resemblance to a series
of murders two years ago - murders that ended when irrefutable forensic evidence
secured the conviction of Derek Tyler. But he has been locked up in a mental
institution since his trial, barely speaking a word. So is this the work of a copycat? All
his years of experience tell top criminal pathologist Dr Tony Hill that it isn't. While Hill
tries to crack Tyler, DCI Carol Jordan and her team mount a desperate undercover
operation to trap the murderer, a decision that will have terrible consequences.
Contains violence. TB 14276.

McDermid, Val
The distant echo. 2003. Read by Joe Dunlop, 16 hours 25 minutes. TB 14023.
It’s four in the morning, at the end of a cold December, and snow is smothering St
Andrews. Student Alex Gilbey and his three best friends are staggering home from a
party when they stumble upon the dying body of a young woman. Rosie Duff has
been raped, stabbed and left for dead. And the only suspects are four young men
stained with her blood. Twenty-five years later, Fife police mount a cold case review
of the murder. But when one of the original four students dies in a suspicious house
fire and another in a bungled burglary, it looks as if somebody is inflicting their own
twisted brand of justice. Someone is taking revenge for Rosie Duff. If Alex Gilbey
wants to stay alive, he must find out who it is and who really killed Rosie all those
years ago. TB 14023.

McDermid, Val
Killing the shadows. 2000. Read by Vari Sylvester, 16 hours 50 minutes. TB
Fiona Cameron, academic psychologist, uses computer technology to help the police
track serial offenders. She vowed never to work again for the Met when they went
against her advice and compromised an investigation. But then a fellow crime novelist
is murdered. TB 12607.

McDermid, Val
A place of execution. 1999. Read by Paddy Glynn, 17 hours 50 minutes. TB
George Bennett decides to tell journalist Catherine Heathcote the story of his
investigation of the disappearance of thirteen-year-old Alison Carter in 1963 from the
isolated hamlet of Scardale. But just as the book is poised for publication, Bennett
unaccountably tries to pull the plug. TB 12776.

McEwan, Ian
Enduring love. 1997. Read by Crawford Logan, 8 hours 25 minutes. TB 11340.
The story begins on the day that Joe Rose meets Jed Parry. Something that passes
between them gives birth in Parry to a powerful obsession, that will test Rose's
scientific rationalism, threaten the love of his wife Clarissa, and drive him to take
desperate measures to stay alive. It is the story of how an ordinary man can be driven
to the brink of murder and madness by another's delusions. Contains strong
language. TB 11340.

Mortimore, Jim
The mad woman in the attic. 1999. Read by Stephen Thorne, 8 hours 48
minutes. TB 12872.
Cracker series; book 1. When one of his students is murdered, Fitz can't resist
becoming involved. The police have a suspect; they are sure he's a serial killer, but
he's claiming complete amnesia. As Fitz investigates, he finds the police theory
doesn't fit the facts. TB 12872.

Myerson, Julie
Something might happen. 2003. Read by Di Langford, 8 hours 36 minutes. TB
On a Monday night in October in a small seaside town in Suffolk, a woman is brutally
murdered. As the police go about their routine investigation, Tess's world of nappies,
Elastoplast and fish fingers begins to unravel. Suddenly nothing is certain, the
mundane becomes charged with significance, established relationships begin to
crumble to and places that once were safe are safe no longer. Some passages of a
sexual nature may be considered offensive. TB 13375.

Peters, Ellis
The assize of the dying. 1991. Read by Di Langford, 6 hours 48 minutes. TB
Two vintage tales of murder most foul. "The assize of the dying": Louis Stevenson
tells the four responsible for his conviction for murder that he will call them to meet
him at the Assize of the Dying. Two unexpected deaths follow, and a young couple

determine to unmask the real murderer. "Aunt Helen": a story of blind obsession and
psychological suspense starting with what looks like the perfect murder. TB 9398.

Potter, Dennis
Blackeyes. 1987. Read by Raymond Sawyer, 6 hours 50 minutes. TB 7649.
This disturbing psychological thriller centres on Maurice James Kingsley, an ageing
novelist who, after 20 years of writer's block, produces a new book which becomes
the surprise hit of the season. Kingsley's niece believes the story to be hers, and
sudden death soon intervenes in this subtle and complex thriller of the literary world.
Unsuitable for family reading. TB 7649.

Rayne, Sarah
Spider light. 2006. Read by Diana Bishop, 13 hours. TB 14810.
Following the shattering and all too public tragedy in her life, Antonia Weston has
come to the sleepy market town of Amberwood seeking peace and anonymity. But
that peace is soon threatened by a series of disturbing incidents - incidents that eerily
echo of a past she is trying to forget. Contains violence. TB 14810.

Rendell, Ruth
A sight for sore eyes. 1998. Read by Jonathan Hackett, 15 hours 54 minutes. TB
Teddy Brex emerges from a loveless childhood as a handsome young man. Francine
Hill, traumatized by the murder of her mother, grows into a beautiful young woman.
Teddy rides to the rescue, but he is a man who has already committed two murders.
Contains violence. TB 11715.

Rendell, Ruth
Keys to the street. 1996. Read by Simon Russell Beale, 11 hours 55 minutes. TB
Mary Jago had donated her own bone marrow to save the life of someone she didn't
know. However, this generous act led directly to the bitter break-up of her affair with
Alistair. For him, it was as though her beauty had been plundered. But the man whose
life she had saved would change Mary's life in a way she could never have imagined.
TB 11607.

Rendell, Ruth
Make death love me. 1994. Read by Robbie MacNab, 8 hours. TB 11193.
Alan Groombridge had a fantasy. Husband to a woman he didn't like, father of two
children he had never wanted, and manager of a tiny branch of the Anglian-Victoria
bank, Alan was doomed to a life of domestic boredom and tedious routine. All that
saved him was that one fantasy: stealing enough of the bank's money to allow him
just one year of freedom - one year in which to live a different sort of life. But one day
the bank was robbed, the manager and cashier disappeared and what was once a

place of dull and dreary repetition became one caught in a brutal, chilling nightmare
that might never, never end... TB 11193.

Rendell, Ruth
The crocodile bird. 1993. Read by Patricia Jones, 10 hours 48 minutes. TB
When her mother, Eve, tells Liza she must leave their remote home, the gatehouse of
a country mansion, Liza is terrified. Although 17, she has never been on a bus or a
train or played with a child of her own age. She has almost no knowledge of the world
her mother describes as evil and destructive. Their strange, enclosed life together is
over because Eve has killed a man and he is not the first. Liza is cast adrift but is not
alone. She keeps her love affair secret from her mother, and from her lover she learns
about the world and about herself. TB 10189.

Rendell, Ruth
The secret house of death. 1982. Read by Joe Dunlop, 7 hours 40 minutes. TB
Susan Townsend was the only resident with no interest in the affair going on next
door, or the neighbourhood gossip about it. Yet it was she who found the bodies of
the lovers, locked not in passion but in death. And it was Susan whose own life would
be imperilled by a monstrous crime far beyond the imaginings of the vilest tongues.
TB 9326.

Rendell, Ruth
The face of trespass. 1974. Read by Arthur Bush, 7 hours 25 minutes. TB 2417.
Gray was obsessed with the rich girl who had loved him and, though he gradually
began to recognise Drusilla's sinister face, he could not break away. TB 2417.

Smith, Carol
Family reunion. 2000. Read by Rachel Atkins, 10 hours. TB 12345.
Odile Annesley is approaching eighty and has been living alone in France for forty
years. Upon contacting her scattered grandchildren to give them details of her will, the
granddaughters see it as the perfect opportunity for a family get together. Clemency,
the perfect wife and mother; London property dealer, Madeleine; Paris dress
designer, Elodie; academic Canadian Isabelle; Cherie, the misfit and Harry, the
golden haired boy. Then the killing starts, the secrets spill and it is clear that despite
their shared characteristics, one of them is very different indeed... Contains passages
of a sexual nature. TB 12345.

Starling, Boris
Messiah. 1999. Read by Joe Dunlop, 15 hours 10 minutes. TB 13900.
London is in the grip of a heatwave: airless days, strange steamy nights and a killer
stalking the streets. Wealthy men are being murdered to some mysterious pattern,

with no clues left behind, only corpses with silver spoons in place of their tongues. Set
against this merciless butcher is Detective Superintendent Red Metcalfe. But as the
city swelters and the body-count rises, Red's own tortured past beings to turn against
him - and the city is safe for no one. Sometimes, it is said, it takes a killer to catch a
killer. Contains strong language. TB 13900.

Swift, Graham
Waterland. 1983. Read by Jonathan Oliver, 14 hours 36 minutes. TB 5025.
In 1943 lock-keeper Henry Crick finds a drowned body in his lock. Nearly forty years
later his son Tom a history teacher, is driven by a bizarre marital crisis and the
provocation of one of his pupils to forsake formal teaching. He decides to tell stories
of his native fens, a turbulent heritage, and of the fateful repercussions of that
morning in 1943 which still trap the old man. TB 5025.

Tallis, Frank
Mortal mischief. 2006. Read by Richard Burnip, 13 hours 15 minutes. TB 14679.
Liebermann Papers series; book 1. In the world of 1900s Vienna, Dr Max Liebermann
is a young psychoanalyst - and disciple of Freud. Liebermann's good friend Oskar
Rheinhardt is a Detective Inspector - hard working, but lacking Liebermann's insights
and forensic eye and so it is through Rheinhardt that Libermann is called upon to help
with police investigations surrounding the death of a beautiful young medium, in what
seems at first to be supernatural circumstances. TB 14679.

Tracy, P J
Want to play? 2003. Read by Laurence Bouvard, 11 hours 59 minutes. TB
Magozzi & Grace MacBride series; book 1. In this electrifying debut, the slaying of an
old couple in small town America looks like one-off act of brutal retribution. But at the
same time, in Minneapolis, teams of detectives scramble to stop a sickeningly
inventive serial killer striking again in a city paralysed by fear. When the two separate
investigations converge on an isolated catholic boarding school, decades old secrets
begin to fall away. It seems an old killer has resurfaced. Yet still the killer's real
identity remains dangerously out of reach ... Contains strong language. TB 13752.

Tracy, P J
Live bait. 2004. Read by Laurence Bouvard, 10 hours 19 minutes. TB 13961.
Magozzi & Grace MacBride series; book 2. When elderly Morey Gilbert is found lying
dead in the grass by his wife, Lily, it's a tragedy, but it shouldn't have been a shock -
old people die. But when she finds a bullet-hole in his skull, the blood washed away
by heavy rain, sadness turns to fear. It looks like an execution. And soon a whole city
is fearful as new victims are found killed with the same cold precision. Contains strong
language. TB 13961.

Tracy, P J
Dead run. 2005. Read by Laurence Bouvard, 9 hours 59 minutes. TB 14423.
Magozzi and Grace MacBride series; book 3. Monkeewrench founders Grace
MacBride and Annie Belinsky, along with Deputy Sharon Mueller, are driving from
Minneapolis to Green Bay, Wisconsin, where they believe a new serial killer is just
warming up, when their car breaks down, deep in the northern woods, far away from
civilisation and cell towers. A walk through the forest leads them to the crossroads
town of Four Corners, where they had hoped to find a landline and a mechanic, but
instead find absolutely nothing. TB 14423.

Vine, Barbara
Grasshopper. 2000. Read by Emilia Fox, 17 hours 30 minutes. TB 12566.
In a semi-fictionalised North London, a group of twenty-something slackers spend
their nights walking the roofs of Maida Vale. On one of these walks they see a couple
through an open window, a sighting with profound consequences that reverberate
through all their lives. TB 12566.

Vine, Barbara
The chimney sweeper's boy. 1998. Read by Rachel Atkins, 12 hours 14 minutes.
TB 11473.
The obituaries for Gerald Candless were respectful - an admired and popular writer,
once a candidate for the Booker Prize. The trouble was, as his daughter Sarah soon
discovered when she embarked on a memoir of him, very few of these facts were
true. It seemed that her father had taken on a different identity at some point in his
life... that he wasn't Gerald Candless at all. But if he wasn't Candless, who was he?
And what had driven him to conceal his real identity even from his wife and children?
TB 11473.

Vine, Barbara
Brimstone wedding. 1996. Read by Juliet Stevenson, 11 hours 53 minutes. TB
Unlike the other residents of Middleton Hall, Stella is elegant, smart and in control.
Only Jenny, her care assistant, knows that she harbours a painful secret, and only
she can prevent Stella from carrying it to the grave. As the women talk, Jenny pieces
together the answers to many questions that arise: Why has she kept possession of a
house that her family don't know about? What happened there that holds the key to a
distant tragedy? Only when Stella leaves Jenny her tape recorder, into which she has
recorded the true events of the past, can the truth be finally - and shockingly -
revealed. TB 11649.

Vine, Barbara
No night is too long. 1994. Read by Mark Elstob, Patricia Jones and Hugh
Tremayne, 12 hours 12 minutes. TB 10659.
In a silent house by the North Sea, a young man sits down nightly to a confession he
can never complete. For Tim Cornish, graduate of England's most prestigious
creative writing course, even imagination is no escape; he waits to be found out,
knowing he is beyond redemption. Within a month of meeting palaeontologist Ivo
Steadman he had moved into his flat. Was it here that love turned to disgust, or later,
on an empty sea at the edge of the world, where he found someone who loved him
and whom he could love. Contains passages of a sexual nature. TB 10659.

Vine, Barbara
Asta's book. 1993. Read by Norma West, 14 hours 47 minutes. TB 10042.
Asta and Rasmus come to Hackney in 1905 from Denmark. Asta keeps loneliness at
bay by keeping a diary, and these, published seventy years later uncover the truth of
an unsolved crime, and much else besides. As Asta's grand-daughter reads, they
refer to a Mrs Roper, and connect with a documentary film on the disappearance of
Lizzie Roper's daughter. Will this throw some light on the mystery, and who was
Asta's mysterious daughter, Swanny? TB 10042.

Vine, Barbara
The house of stairs. 1988. Read by Helen Bourne, 13 hours 5 minutes. TB 7712.
Dark, rich and sinister, this narrative tells of brooding obsession brought into the light
of day when Cosette, recently widowed, buys a large dilapidated house in London at
the end of the 1960's. Her young cousin Elizabeth comes to stay, as do many young
people absorbed into the drug culture, lured by Cosette's wealth. In this compulsive
atmosphere conspiracy and sudden death take root. TB 7712.

Vine, Barbara
A fatal inversion. 1987. Read by Pauline Munro, 11 hours 36 minutes. TB 7073.
In the long hot summer of 1976 a group of young people are camping in Wyvis Hall;
Adam, Rufus, Shiva, Vivian and Zosie scavenge, steal and sell the family heirlooms to
live. Ten years later the bodies of a woman and child are discovered in the Hall's
animal cemetery. Who were they? The horrifying truth slowly unfolds. TB 7073.

Vine, Barbara.
A dark-adapted eye. 1986. Read by Norma West, 11 hours 10 minutes. TB 6359.
Set in the respectable middle-class countryside of Essex soon after the Second World
War, this traces tensions between Vera and her sister, Eden. At the centre of the
drama is a child whose parentage remains in doubt to the final page. Complex,
engrossing and real, Barbara Vine relentlessly grips the imagination. TB 6359.

Walters, Minette
The breaker. 1998. Read by Nigel Carrington, 11 hours 1 minute. TB 11695.
Twelve hours after a woman's body is washed up on a deserted shore on the south
coast of England, her traumatised three-year-old daughter is discovered in Poole,
apparently abandoned. But why was Kate killed and her daughter, a witness allowed
to live? Police suspicion centres on a young actor, obsessed with pornography, but
attention shifts towards the murdered woman's husband. Contains strong language.
TB 11695.

Walters, Minette
The ice house. 1998. Read by Nicolette McKenzie, 10 hours 41 minutes. TB
The people of Streech village had never trusted the three women living up at the
Grange. Ten years before, Phoebe Maybury's husband David had vanished from
there. But does the discovery of an unidentifiable corpse in the old ice house now
mean that the police can finally close the case? Deep-buried prejudices surface when
Inspector Walsh and Sergeant McLaughlin delve into private lives and secret
passions. TB 11501.

Walters, Minette
The echo. 1997. Read by David Thorpe, 10 hours 12 minutes. TB 11059.
Why did Billy Blake, a homeless alcoholic, die of starvation in the garage of wealthy
architect Amanda Powell? Six months on from the bizarre tragedy, Amanda is
suddenly obsessed with her dead visitor, and is eager to talk to journalist Michael
Deacon. Deacon's curiosity is intense, particularly as Amanda's wealth can only be
explained if her husband is dead. TB 11059.

Walters, Minette
The dark room. 1995. Read by Diana Bishop, 13 hours 38 minutes. TB 11542.
Jane "Jinx" Kingsley, fashion photographer and heiress, apparently tried to kill herself
after being jilted by her fiance, who has since disappeared with Jinx's best friend. But
when she awakes from her coma, Jinx can remember nothing about the alleged
suicide attempt. With the help of Dr Alan Protheroe she slowly begins to piece
together recent events. Then the memories surface - memories of utter desperation
and absolute terror. Contains violence. TB 11542.

Walters, Minette
The scold's bridle. 1994. Read by Elizabeth Proud, 12 hours 56 minutes. TB
Mathilda Gillespie's body, her face obscured by a rusted scold's bridle, was found
nearly two days after she had taken an overdose and slashed her wrists. The police
are inclined to record a verdict of suicide. Then comes the reading of the will. Dr
Sarah Blakeney - Mathilda's GP for barely a year - has inherited everything. Only

Mathilda's diaries can fully explain the life she led before her terrible death, but they
have disappeared. Contains strong language. TB 11505.

Wignall, Kevin
Among the dead. 2002. Read by Glen McCready, 6 hours 42 minutes. TB 13197.
When a group of friends accidentally kill a fellow student they decide not to own up.
After all, they weren't at fault - the girl ran out in front of the car. Some things are not
so easily forgotten, however. Ten years later, they're all haunted in their own ways,
and strangers to each other. But they're about to become reacquainted. Two of them
die within the course of a few weeks and the circumstances arouse unanswered
questions. TB 13197.

Wilson, Laura
A thousand lies. 2006. Read by Anna Bentinck, 11 hours 14 minutes. TB 14874.
Whilst clearing out her late mother's flat, investigative journalist Amy Vaughan
discovers letters and a newspaper cutting about the disturbing Shand case. Having
never heard of the Shands and curious about the link between their two families, Amy
decides to visit Sheila Shand's elderly mother, Iris. Contains language which might be
considered offensive. TB 14874.

Wilson, Laura
Hello Bunny Alice. 2003. Read by Anna Bentinck, 10 hours 4 minutes. TB 14487.
Seven years after the suicide of her lover, the brilliant comic Lenny Maxted, former
Bunny Girl Alice Jones is leading a quiet, almost reclusive life in an Oxfordshire
farmhouse. In the long hot summer of 1976, Lenny’s comic partner, Jack Flowers,
turns up on her doorstep out of the blue and in distress. At the same time a car
containing human remains is fished out of a Wiltshire lake. Contains strong language.
TB 14487.

Wilson, Laura
My best friend. 2002. Read by Anna Bentinck, 9 hours 35 minutes. TB 14532.
A quiet Suffolk village, 1944. At 14 Gerald Haxton is a lonely boy who regards his still-
born twin, Jack, as his only friend. His mother, a famous children's writer, guards
Jack's memory fiercely, claiming him as the model for her fictional boy detective, and
Gerald, disturbed and unpopular, has no hope of competing. Playing in the woods, he
discovers the body of his elder sister. She has been beaten to death and her
boyfriend, a young G.I., is hanged for the crime. TB 14532.

Wilson, Laura.
Dying voices. 2001. Read by Lucy Scott, 7 hours 11 minutes. TB 12631.
It was the media circus that only the British tabloids can create: the kidnapping of
beautiful Susan Blackstock by a radical group - and the refusal of her multimillionaire
husband to pay the ransom. Eight-year-old Dodie never saw her mother again. Now

twenty-nine Dodie has struggled to step out from the shadows of the past tragedy and
her father's wealth. But a visit from two policemen changes everything. They bring the
news she has waited for years to hear. Her mother's body has been found - but she
has been dead only forty-eight hours. Contains strong language. TB 12631.

Yorke, Margaret
A small deceit. 1997. Read by Garard Green, 8 hours 7 minutes. TB 11435.
William Adams is a killer who has never been convicted. He's served time for rape
and assault but has not been sentenced for murder. When he takes on a new identity,
his dream world becomes a nightmare when, in a rural guesthouse, he meets
someone from his past. TB 11435.

Yorke, Margaret
Dangerous to know. 1993. Read by Diana Bishop, 8 hours 12 minutes. TB 9928.
For years, Hermione had been the domestic slave of her husband, Walter. Before
their marriage he had seemed loving and protective, but now he was demanding and
brutal. Shy and vulnerable, Hermione blamed herself, but Walter was a man whose
emotions were running out of control and, as Hermione tries to acquire a measure of
independence, her husband's desire to dominate women is becoming pathologically
dangerous. TB 9928.

Yorke, Margaret
Christopher. 1992. Read by Lindsay Sandison, 6 hours 11 minutes. TB 10371.
Christopher is nine. His mother doesn't love him and he doesn't know his father. Upon
returning to boarding school for the summer term of swimming and cricket, several
members of staff notice his unhappiness and become involved in his life. At school he
finds the security missing at home and begins to blossom, until the day of the school
concert. A near fatal accident reveals the cause of Christopher's earlier unhappiness
and the school tries to intervene but events move rapidly, until it seems that nothing
will prevent tragedy overtaking not only the boy but also those who care for him. TB

Yorke, Margaret
Evidence to destroy. 1987. Read by Josephine Tewson, 9 hours 22 minutes. TB
Lydia Cunningham - a respectable, solitary widow - knows she's in for trouble when
her restless, twice-married daughter Thelma returns home. Thelma has brought with
her a young man with an unsavoury past who quickly sets about ingratiating himself
with Lydia. But it is Lydia's own past that finally overtakes her, sending her headlong
to the very edge of insanity. TB 12273.

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