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									College Credit Now
Dual Enrollment Opportunities & Articulation

ACCEL Program
Dual Enrollment-HOPE Grant
Joint Enrollment

Move On When Ready

 Would you like to get a head-start on
college or technical school during your
 junior or senior year in high school?

    If so, you may want to take
  advantage of College Credit Now
What is College Credit Now?
   College Credit Now includes several different Dual
    Enrollment options as well as Articulation. Confused already?
    Don’t be...we’re going to talk about what all of this means.

   First of all, you should know this...
    In order to be considered for any of these programs, you
    must be at least 16 years of age and a rising junior or
    senior. If you’re in 9th grade, pay attention to the following
    information because you may be interested in this in the
What is College Credit Now?
   At present, Dual Enrollment is an umbrella term that includes
    several different programs. The programs that we will
    discuss are the following:
       ACCEL Program
       Dual Enrollment-HOPE Grant
       Joint Enrollment
       Move On When Ready

   Articulation is a way for students to earn college credit at
    Athens Tech for courses taken during high school. We’ll
    discuss this more later.
What types of College Credit Now
Programs are Available at MCHS?

                                   College Credit Now

                     Articulated                                       Residential
                       Credit                                           Programs

                                                    Hope Grant

       Accel                    Move On                                  *Joint
                               When Ready                                Enrollment

  *Joint Enrollment is not technically dual enrollment—students only receive college credit
Defining the Programs
ACCEL Program
   The ACCEL program is for students who want to enroll in
    academic degree level courses (full time or part time) at a
    participating college or university while enrolled in high
    school and also taking high school classes

   Courses may be taken in the areas of Math, Science, Social
    Studies, English, or Foreign Language.

   Qualifying students enroll in courses that meet high school
    graduation requirements while simultaneously earning high
    school and college credit.

   Because these courses are degree level courses, credit
    earned through the ACCEL program is transferable to 2 and 4
    year colleges (check specific colleges regarding transfer
ACCEL Program
Participating Colleges
MCHS students generally take ACCEL courses through the following colleges:
Residential Programs
 The University System of Georgia also offers residential
 programs for gifted talented, and motivated students at:

 1) The Advanced Academy of Georgia is located on the campus of
 the University of West Georgia

 2) The Georgia Academy of Aviation, Mathematics, Engineering,
 and Science is located at Middle Georgia College (also known as

 If you’re interested in a residential program, please schedule an
 appointment to meet with Ms. Bruce regarding admissions
Defining the Programs
Dual Enrollment-HOPE Grant
   The Dual Enrollment-HOPE Grant program is for students
    who want to take vocational/technical courses at Athens
    Technical College

   Courses may be taken at the Athens or Elberton campus
    (some programs are only offered at one campus).

   Elective/CTAE credit is awarded at the high school level and
    students earn credit at Athens Tech toward diploma or
    certificate of credit level programs only.

   Credit earned through this program does not count toward
    associate or bachelor’s degree level programs and is not
    transferable to 4 year colleges.
Defining the Programs
Dual Enrollment-HOPE Grant
   Students may enroll in diploma or technical certificate of
    credit programs.

   Funding for this program is through the HOPE Grant
   HOPE Grant pays tuition and fees and provides a book
   Hours paid will count toward HOPE Grant Paid-Hours limit of
    95 quarter hours or 63 semester hours, unless program
    requires more for graduation
Defining the Programs
Dual Enrollment-HOPE Grant
   Some of the programs available through Dual
    Enrollment-HOPE Grant at Athens Tech include:
       Air Conditioning Technology
       Automotive Collision Repair
       Computer Support Specialist
       Criminal Justice
       Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism Management
       Patient Care Assisting (CNA)
       Shampoo Technology/Cosmetology
       Small Engine Repair
       Social Work Assistant

   Students may not enroll in courses/programs that we
    already offer at MCHS
Defining the Programs
Joint Enrollment
   Joint Enrollment allows high school students to enroll in
    technical certificate of credit or diploma programs of study
    at Athens Technical College in addition to being enrolled
    as a full time high school student.

   Joint Enrollment coursework earns credit at the college
    level toward a diploma or certificate of credit program, but
    does not earn high school credit. Courses taken through
    this program would be evening or weekend courses in
    addition to a full high school schedule of classes

   Students may participate in Joint Enrollment at Athens
    Technical College only. Joint Enrollment is arranged
    directly through the college.

   HOPE Grant pays tuition and fees and provides a book
Defining the Programs
Move On When Ready (MOWR)
   Move On When Ready allows eligible students the
    opportunity to take all of his/her classes (academic and
    elective) at an eligible college or university, not the high

   Students taking classes through MOWR must be enrolled
    full time in college (minimum of 12 semester hours each
    term) and must maintain full-time enrollment during the
    school year.
Defining the Programs
Move On When Ready (MOWR)
   MOWR is funded through FTE funding (state educational
    funding). Colleges have agreed to accept FTE funding to
    cover the cost of tuition, fees, and materials (including
    books). Students and parents are responsible for the cost of
    transportation, lodging, etc. Hours do not count against a
    student’s HOPE scholarship/grant limits.

   Students enrolled in MOWR courses may participate in high
    school activities/competitions but it is the student’s
    responsibility to meet all requirements and conditions for

   Students may take courses at any University System of
    Georgia school, all Technical Colleges in Georgia, and at
    participating private colleges upon meeting the admissions
    requirements set by the college.
Eligibility requirements
ACCEL Program Eligibility Requirements
For Students Interested in Academic Courses
    Students must be approved by the high school, meet
     institutional requirements set by the college, and meet
     all ACCEL eligibility requirements

    Minimums required for approval by MCHS:
      Minimum SAT Score of 970 (combined critical
        reading and math—writing scores are not factored in
        at this time) or ACT Score of 21
      3.0 GPA for rising seniors
      3.5 GPA for rising juniors

    Institutional requirements vary by college and may be
     much higher than these minimums. See Ms. Bruce for
     specific requirements by college
ACCEL Announcement
Attention—Current Juniors!!!
   If we have enough interest and qualified applicants,
    we are hoping to offer a section of English 1101 &
    1102 which will meet your senior English credit and a
    science course (both semesters) which will meet your
    4th science credit (specific course TBD) taught by an
    Athens Technical College Instructor next school year.

   If you think you may be interested in this, you will
    need to register for the SAT or ACT ASAP.

   Please see Ms. Bruce to discuss your interest and
    potential eligibility.
A Note about ACCEL at UGA
   The University of Georgia has the most competitive
    requirements for ACCEL and a select few juniors will
    meet these requirements.

   ACCEL program applicants to UGA must meet or exceed
    the average academic GPA and SAT or ACT scores for
    the previous year’s entering first-year class.

   The average for the Fall 2010 first-year class was a
    3.83 academic GPA and a 1263 SAT (excluding writing
    score) or a 28 ACT.

   Application deadline is April 15th—if you believe you are
    competitive enough for this opportunity please schedule
    a time to meet with Ms. Bruce ASAP.
Dual Enrollment-HOPE Program
For Students Interested in Career/Technical Courses at ATC

   Students must have a 2.0 minimum GPA to participate

   Must complete Athens Technical College application

   Students must submit ASSET or Compass test scores
    and meet requirements for individual programs—
    minimum scores vary by program of study
Joint Enrollment
For Students Interested in CTAE/Technical Course at ATC
(college credit only)

   Students must have a 2.0 minimum GPA to participate

   Must complete Athens Technical College application

   Students must submit ASSET or Compass test scores
    and meet requirements for individual programs—
    minimum scores vary by program of study
Move On When Ready
For Students Interested in Full-time Enrollment at College
(academic & elective courses)

   Students must meet institutional requirements for
       Minimum GPAs vary, set by each college
       ACT and/or SAT scores

   MOWR admission requirements are generally higher
    than ACCEL admissions requirements (except for ATC
    and Emmanuel)—see Ms. Bruce for specific
    requirements by school.
Next Steps:
Sign Up Today for More Information

   If you are a 10th or 11th grade student and are interested
    in any of the programs mentioned today:
        Write your name (legibly) on the Program Interest
        Indicate the program you’re interested in
           ACCEL
           Dual Enrollment-HOPE Grant
           Joint Enrollment
           Move On When Ready
        Indicate which college you are interested in

   Additional interest sessions will be held for students who
    genuinely want more information.
Next Steps:
Take Required Tests
   Students interested in the ACCEL Program or MOWR
    must take the SAT or ACT and meet specific institutional
    requirements to qualify—see next slide for SAT/ACT test
    dates/registration information.

   Students interested in Dual Enrollment-HOPE Grant will
    be required to complete ASSET or Compass testing to
    determine eligibility—the ASSET will be offered at MCHS
    later in the school year.
SAT/ACT Information
Required to determine ACCEL & MOWR eligibility
Register for the SAT online at              Register for the ACT online at              

Upcoming Test Dates to Determine ACCEL & MOWR Eligibility
SAT:                                       ACT:
March 12—Registration Deadline Feb. 11     April 9—Registration Deadline March 4th
May 7—Registration Deadline April 8
Important—The latest test date that will be considered for ACCEL eligibility
is May 7 (SAT) & April 9 (ACT). If you are interested in ACCEL and haven’t
taken the test, sign up now. Registration materials are available in the
Guidance Office and fee waivers are available for students who qualify for the
free/reduced lunch program. See Mrs. Bruce for more information.
    Articulation with Athens Tech

   If you are planning to attend Athens Tech
    after you graduate, you may be able to
    earn college credit for courses taken at
    MCHS by taking and passing an exam—
    this is called articulation.
     Articulation with Athens Tech
                                                        You could
                            If you have                 earn credit
                            taken these                  in these
                               classes                    classes

Program Area             MCHS Classes                 Athens Tech
Business                 Computer Applications I &    BUS 1140
                         Computer Applications II
Drafting                 Drafting I                   DDF 100, DDF 102,
                                                      DDF107, or DDF 111
Early Childhood          Introduction to ECE &        ECE 1030
Education                Human Growth and Development
Science and Technology   Computer Applications I      SCT 100
         How to Articulate Credit
   You must have passed the course(s) with a 70 in order
    to take the articulation exam.

   If you are a junior who has taken/passed the courses on
    the previous slide, and are interested in taking an
    articulation exam, please turn in your name to Ms. Ellisor
    in the Guidance Office by February 4th.

   If you are a freshman or sophomore, keep this
    information in mind for the future—this is a great way to
    earn credit at Athens Tech as a high school student.
If you have additional
   questions, please
  schedule a time to
see your counselor in
    the Guidance &
   Counseling Office

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