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Campus Partners
Winston-Salem, NC                                                                           October 31, 2006

INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                                                                           Holiday Closings

   Legislative Update                               Training Update                          Thanksgiving
   Education Department Update                      Conference Schedule                      Thursday, Nov. 23 &
   Product Development Update                       Holiday Schedule                         Friday, Nov. 24
   Student Loan Consolidation                       Cutoff Dates
   Publication Changes                              How to Use iPROMise                      Christmas
   Customer News                                                                             Friday, Dec. 22
                                                                                             Monday, Dec. 25
                                  Inside Campus Partners
                                                                                             New Year’s Day
                                     Anna Beauchamp
                                                                                             Monday, Jan. 1
                                      Business Analyst
                                                                                             Our on-line systems
                                  Customer Closeup                                           will be available during
                            Naomi Crawford and Trudy Taylor                                  normally
                                   University of Virginia                                    scheduled hours.

Changes Made by the HEA Extension Law                                                               LEGISLATIVE
The nine-month HEA extension bill signed into law by President Bush on September 30,                    UPDATE
2006 makes several changes to the HEA, including addressing loan forgiveness to
survivors of victims of the 9/11 attacks and further restricting institutions’ ability to
participate in the school-as-lender program. An article from NASFAA provides details
about the five changes made by the HEA extension, which can be found at http://

Here is a link to the legislation: http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/

First Draft of the 2007-08 SAR Available for Public Comment                                        EDUCATION
FSA announced that the first draft of the 2007-08 SAR and the SAR Acknowledgement                 DEPARTMENT
are available for comment. FSA also provides a link to an online reference providing a                UPDATE
description of the proposed changes and an electronic version of the draft. To read more
about this electronic announcement, visit http://www.ifap.ed.gov/eannouncements/
Page 2
EDUCATION                           A Federal Register Notice opening the 60-day public comment period was published on
DEPARTMENT                          September 21, 2006. Interested persons are invited to submit comments on or before
UPDATE                              November 20, 2006.
                                    Notice of FSAPUBS Web Site, FAFSA and FAFSA on the Web
                                    Worksheet Information
                                    In Dear Colleague Letter GEN-06-16, FSA announced the release of the enhanced
                                    FSAPubs Web site, a source for ordering all FSA’s free publications. FSA has also
                                    attached information on a few of its most popular publications for students and parents.
                                    You may read more about this Web site by visiting http://www.ifap.ed.gov/dpcletters/

                                    Institutional Accreditation for Distance Learning Programs
                                    Dear Colleague Letter GEN-06-17 provides information about the accreditation
                                    requirements for participation in Federal Student Aid programs and actions institutions
                                    may need to take if they offer distance education programs. If you have not received a
                                    copy of this letter directly from the Education Department (ED), you do not need to take
                                    action at this time. This DCL is being shared solely for informational purposes. For
                                    additional information, go to http://www.ifap.ed.gov/dpcletters/GEN0617.html.

PRODUCT                             Product Development Team Testing Windows Internet Explorer 7
DEVELOPMENT                         Microsoft recently launched Windows Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7), which is intended to
UPDATE                              improve ease of use and enhance online security of its Web browser. Your IT department
                                    may be deploying the product to computers on your campus soon, and we want to make
                                    sure that there are no conflicts between IE 7 and our products.

                                    Our product development team already has undertaken extensive testing of the updated
                                    browser to determine if the new interface will impact the functionality of online systems,
                                    such as WebConnect, MyCampusLoan.com, or our other Web products. We have not
                                    detected any issues with functionality, but are continuing to thoroughly test our products.
                                    We will provide updates on our progress over the next few weeks and publish informa-
                                    tion on any issues that we identify in future issues of this publication or via e-mail alerts.

                                    If you experience any issues with our products that you think may be related to IE 7,
                                    please contact your Customer Service Representative.

                                 E-mail Directory for Campus Partners Management Staff
Servicing Operations                                                     Servicing Support
Art McDonald, Dir. Loan Operations: amcdonald@campuspartners.com         Charles Parker, Director, Loan Accounting: cparker@campuspartners.com
Lisa Koniuto, Customer Service Director: lkoniuto@campuspartners.com     Paula Hall, Servicing Support Svr.: phall@campuspartners.com
Lando Little, Customer Service Director: llittle@campuspartners.com      Barbara Joyce, Accounts Rec. Supervisor: bjoyce@campuspartners.com
Sindy Martin, Mgr,Training and Curriculum: smartin@campuspartners.com    Sharon Cameron, Audit/Compliance Spec.: scameron@campuspartners.com
Kathy Riddle, Customer Service Mgr.: kriddle@campuspartners.com
                                                                         Marketing, Product Development, and Sales
                                                                         Brad Resler, National Sales Manager: bresler@campuspartners.com
Information Technology and IT Applications                               David Cox, Account Manager: dcox@campuspartners.com
John Elliott, Information Technology Dir.: jelliott@campuspartners.com   Carolyn Williams, Marketing Manager: cwilliams@campuspartners.com
Judy Smith, IT Applications Mgr.: jsmith@campuspartners.com              Donna Powell, Contract Administrator: dpowell@campuspartners.com
                                                                         Debra Pitts, Administrative Assistant: dpitts@campuspartners.com
  E-Mail Addresses for our Customer Service Representatives are          Sharon Swaim, Manager, Product Development: sswaim@campuspartners.com
    available via campuspartners.com, our corporate Web site.

10-06 Campus Partners Update                                                                                                  Continued on next page
                                                                                                                     Page 3

Product Development News                                                                               PRODUCT
Here is the latest news about recent product development efforts and other exciting new            DEVELOPMENT
enhancements to expect over the next few months.                                                         UPDATE
Available Now!
• System III Enhancements
   • Enhanced NSLDS reporting to include the report of loans in status MO
       (deferment type J: new military deferment)
• Web Enhancements
   • Extended iPROMise to include HPSL, NSL, LDS, and PCL loans
   • Added new search options for System 3i (Search by borrower name, SSN,
       Student ID and program number now available)
   • Added a credit card payment option to MyCampusLoan.com (at customer’s
       request only)

Coming Soon!
• System III Enhancements
  • Implementation of Metro 2 credit bureau reporting (1st Quarter)
• System 3i Enhancements
  • History Comment Functionality of System 3i

Eighty-four percent of customers responding to our customer satisfaction survey told
us that they wanted History Comment Functionality to be available through System 3i,
and we are pleased to respond to this request. Because System 3i provides an alternate
view of System III data and is not a separate system, any update to System 3i also
updates System III.

iPROMise Enhancements
Our product development team has been very busy lately making enhancements to
iPROMise in response to our customers’ needs. Thanks to their hard work and your
suggestions, iPROMise is now available for multiple loan types, including Health Profes-
sions Student Loans, Primary Care Loans, Loans for Disadvantaged Students,
and Nursing Student Loans in addition to Perkins Loans. In June of this year, we
also provided our customers with the option to offer each component of iPROMise--the
entrance interview, the question and answer session, the Master Promissory Note, and
the Total Loan Indebtedness Disclosure--as stand alone products. Customers also can

  Regulatory Wisdom from Sharon Cameron

  Question: Do HPSL/NSL regulations mandate when penalty charges may be assessed
  on a borrower’s loan?

  Answer: Yes. According to the “Fiscal Management” section of the Student Financial
  Aid Guidelines, Chapter 2, Section 2.C.2., “For any Nursing FCC Loan made on or after
  October 1, 1985, and for any Health Professions FCC Loan made on or after October 22,
  1985, the school must assess a charge for failure of the borrower to pay all or any part of
  an installment when the loan is more than 60 days past due, and in the case of a borrower,
  who is entitled to deferment, for any failure to file satisfactory evidence of the entitlement
  within 60 days of the date payment would otherwise be due.”

10-06 Campus Partners Update                                                                       Continued on other side
Page 4
PRODUCT                        choose both e-mail and letter options to notify students that their entrance interview is
DEVELOPMENT                    available online.
(Continued                     All these changes add up to big time-savings for you and convenience for your borrow-
                               ers. Handling the award process efficiently and in compliance with federal regulations is
                               one of the most important aspects of student loan administration. Let us take the burden
                               off you so you can focus on other aspects of student loan administration.

                               This month’s “How to” provides an overview of the functionality of iPROMise. For more
                               information, please contact your Customer Service Representative.

STUDENT                        Student Loan Consolidation – Changes to Consolidation Loans for
LOAN                           AY2006-07
CONSOLIDATION                  This summer the Federal Student Loan Consolidation Program experienced a number of
                               changes affecting student (and parent loan) borrowers with the passage of the Higher
                               Education Reconciliation Act of 2005.

                               The change affecting the largest number of borrowers is the elimination of the Single
                               Holder Rule. This rule required that borrowers with only one FFEL lender consolidate
                               with that lender, regardless of whether or not that lender offered the best consolidation
                               loan terms. Now borrowers are allowed to shop around for the best loan consolidation
                               offering they can find. Another program change is the elimination of the spousal consoli-
                               dation loan and the consolidation of student loans when borrowers are in an “in-school”

                               Consolidation still remains one of the best ways for student loan borrowers with more
                               than $7,500 in education loans to significantly reduce their monthly payments. Another
                               great benefit of consolidation is that borrowers can convert multiple variable rate loans
                               into a single fixed rate loan. The rate remains fixed for the life of the loan and can provide
                               borrowers, especially new graduates, with an opportunity to enter the working world with
                               smaller debt burdens and some financial breathing room.

                               Student loan consolidation is a no-cost benefit offered to all eligible student and parent
                               federal education loan borrowers. There are no fees associated with student loan con-
                               solidation, i.e. no application fees, no credit checks nor closing costs. Additionally, there

                                                         Customer Insight

                                “Campus Partners is wonderful. We are pleased with all the recent technology
                                updates and are looking forward to imaging."

                                                                          Trudy Taylor
                                                                          Manager of Student Accounts
                                                                          University of Virginia

10-06 Campus Partners Update                                                                             Continued on next page
                                                                                                                  Page 5
are no repayment penalties should a borrower choose to pay their loans in full or in part            STUDENT
at any time ahead of schedule.                                                                           LOAN
Campus Partners, in partnership with Student Trust, Inc., its sister company in Rockville,         (Continued)
MD, is delighted to offer your institution one of the nation’s lowest-cost student loan
consolidation programs available. As a valued Campus Partners customer, we want to
make you aware of this money-saving opportunity for your student loan borrowers.

Student Trust offers a Loan Counseling Program where Student Trust contacts your
borrowers, educates them about loan consolidation and helps them make an educated
choice regarding loan consolidation. This service is free to you and your borrowers, and
benefits you in another important way. As Perkins loans are paid in full through
consolidation, the proceeds are returned directly to your Perkins loan fund to lend again
to other needy students.

Loan Counseling Opportunity
One thing borrowers need to consider when consolidating is whether or not to consoli-
date Perkins, Health Professions (HPSL) and/or Nursing (NSL) loans because there are
deferment and cancellation opportunities unique to these programs.

Campus Partners and Student Trust are committed to providing all student loan borrow-
ers the very best advice and counsel, to ensure that their best financial interests are
always in the forefront. Student Trust will either suggest inclusion of a Perkins loan or
exclusion, if it appears the borrower’s cancellation benefits may be at risk.

Specific details on the deferment and cancellation opportunities for borrowers can be
found at www.EdLoanConsolidate.com or by calling our professionally trained consoli-
dation loan counselors 24x7 toll-free at 800-859-5105.

To join, please sign the attached form and fax it to 336-607-2025, or to learn more, call
Student Trust toll-free at 866-545-1970.

        Attachment: Student Trust Loan Counseling Authorization Form

Publication Changes                                                                               PUBLICATION
Over the next few months, we are going to make several changes to the Campus Part-                  CHANGES
ners Update newsletter, including giving the format a makeover. In addition to a new
look, we are also changing the date on the masthead to show the upcoming month
instead of the previous month. When the Update was published along with month-end
reports, it made sense that the issue date reflected the previous month. As a stand-alone
publication, it seems appropriate that the issue date reflect the coming month. As a result,
the issue scheduled for publication at the end of December, will display a January publi-
cation date. You will not miss any issues; only the issue date will change.

This month you will also find archived copies of the 2005 issues of the publication linked
to PDF files, and next month January 2006 through June 2006 issues will be linked. The

10-06 Campus Partners Update                                                                    Continued on other side
Page 6
PUBLICATION                    change makes our Web site more efficient, while still allowing you to view, print, and
CHANGES                        download back issues of the Update in a printer-friendly format.
                               No matter what changes are planned, you can count on the Campus Partners Update
                               to bring you the most current information about changes in federal regulations, new
                               products, the status of the Perkins Loan program, and much more.

CUSTOMER                       Long-term Customer Anniversaries
NEWS                           We are celebrating partnerships with quite a few long-term customers this quarter.
                               Included in this group are Erskine College and Morris College, which have been
                               customers for 40 years! Special recognition goes to Alice Lloyd College, the Cleve-
                               land Institute of Music, Maryland Institute College of Art, Myers University, St.
                               Joseph’s College (NY), and Virginia Commonwealth University, all of which have
                               been customers for 35 years. We also want to thank Career Colleges of Chicago,
                               Southern Virginia University, and the Stevens Institute of Technology for entrusting
                               us with their loan portfolios for 30 years.

                               Names of all customers attaining other milestone anniversaries with us during this quarter
                               are attached. Customers reaching anniversaries with us during the first quarter of 2007
                               will be listed in the January Update.

                                       Attachment: Long-Term Customer Anniversaries

                               Customer Closeup
                               This quarter we are mixing things up a bit by profiling not one, but two student loan
                               administrators from the same school. Since Naomi Crawford, Supervisor of Scholar-
                               ships, Fellowships, and Student Loans, and Trudy Taylor, Manager of Student
                               Accounts, have worked together at the University of Virginia for so many years, it
                               seemed fitting to interview them together. In their interview, they were very eager to
                               discuss AccessUVA, an initiative that provides funds for low-income students so they do
                               not have to graduate from college with student loan debt. Read more about this lively
                               duo and their pride in their institution in this quarter’s “Customer Closeup.”

 The Campus Partners Update, a newsletter for our customers, is published monthly by Campus Partners in Winston-Salem, NC.
 Editor: Carolyn Williams. Legislative and Regulatory Editor: Sharon Cameron. Contributors this issue: Sharon Swaim, Donna
 Powell, and Pat Shepherd. NOTE: This publication contains material related to the interpretation of federal rules and regula-
 tions of the Title IV Program of the Higher Education Act. While Campus Partners believes the information contained herein is
 accurate and factual, this publication has not been reviewed or approved by the US Department of Education. Please consult
 the Department of Education or your legal counsel with questions or concerns. Please send any correspondence to the
 Marketing Department, Campus Partners, PO Box 3176, Winston-Salem, NC 27102-3176 or directly to Carolyn Williams, Editor, at
10-06 Campus Partners Update                                                                             Continued on next page
                                                                                                       Page 7

Teleseminars and Web Conferences                                                              TRAINING
We have one more informative teleconference scheduled for this year. Look for our              UPDATE
2007 training schedule in next month’s Update.

         2006 Teleconference/Web Conference Training Schedule
              All teleconferences are presented from 2:00 to 3:30 Eastern time

 What is Rehabilitation and How Can Borrowers Benefit Friday, December 8

 To register for this training event, call Debra Pitts at 1-800-
 458-4492, ext. 2272 or via email at
 dpitts@campuspartners.com at least a week before the
 scheduled session.

   Look for our 2007 Training Schedule in next month’s Update!

Conference Schedule-See you there!                                                   CONFERENCES
Representatives from Campus Partners will attend the following conference:

PDG will present its 27th National Student Loan/Receivables Collection Confer-
ence (West) in San Antonio, TX on November 12-15 at the San Antonio Marriott
Riverwalk Downtown. For more information or to register for the conference, visit
www.prodev.com. Campus Partners is a Silver Sponsor for this event.

COHEAO will host its 2007 Annual Meeting on January 27-31 at the Ritz-Charlton
Pentagon City in Arlington, VA. For more information, visit the COHEAO Web site at

Holiday Schedule for 2007                                                                    HOLIDAY
Our 2007 Holiday Schedule is provided below.                                               SCHEDULE

New Year’s Day                                               Monday, January 1
Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday                            Monday, January 15
Presidents’ Day                                              Monday, February 19
Memorial Day                                                 Monday, May 28
Independence Day                                             Wednesday, July 4
Labor Day                                                    Monday, September 3
Thanksgiving Day                                             Thursday, November 22
Day after Thanksgiving                                       Friday, November 23
Christmas Eve                                                Monday, December 24
Christmas Day                                                Tuesday, December 25

10-06 Campus Partners Update                                                         Continued on other side
Page 8
CUTOFF DATES                   Cutoff Dates
                               Transaction                   Oct.    Nov.    Dec.    Jan.
                               Last day to receive           10/24   11/27   12/26   1/26
                               collection payments
                               Last day to receive regular   10/25   11/28   12/27   1/29
                               Last day for online           10/27   12/01   12/29   2/02
                               Date final post begins        10/27   12/01   12/29   2/02
                               Report date used for final    10/31   11/30   12/31   1/31
                               Last day deposits created     10/27   11/30   12/29   1/31
                               for deposit to bank account

10-06 Campus Partners Update
Please enroll my institution in the Student Trust Loan Counseling Program.

Name of Institution

_______________________________________________                __________________
Signature                                                      Date

Fax to:

Debra Pitts
Administrative Assistant

Or, mail to:
Debra Pitts
Administrative Assistant
2400 Reynolda Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

10-06 Campus Partners Update                                        Student Trust Authorization Form
                                 Fourth Quarter
                          Customer Anniversaries for 2006

                                        Forty Years
                                        Erskine College
                                        Morris College

                                     Thirty-five Years
                                        Alice Lloyd College
                                   Cleveland Institute of Music
                                Maryland Institute College of Art
                                         Myers University
                                    St. Joseph’s College (NY)
                               Virginia Commonwealth University

                                        Thirty Years
                                  Career Colleges of Chicago
                                  Southern Virginia University
                                 Stevens Institute of Technology

10-06 Campus Partners Update
                               Fourth Quarter
                        Customer Anniversaries for 2006

                                      Twenty-five Years
                                College of St. Joseph in Vermont
                                       Hendrix College
                    Lancaster General College of Nursing and Health Sciences
                                         Mercy College
                                      University of Tampa
                                  Winston-Salem Foundation

                                         Twenty Years
                                         College of St. Rose

                                         Fifteen Years
                                Laboratory Corporation of America
                                        Lander University
                               New York College of Podiatric Medicine

                                           Ten Years
                                           Miles College

                                           Five Years
                                 Baptist College of Health Sciences

10-06 Campus Partners Update
                                                                          Use iPROMise
                                                                 iPROMise provides your borrowers with the ability to
                                                                 complete their Entrance Counseling, the Loan Interview and
                                                                 the Federal Perkins Master Promissory Note (MPN) via a
                                                                 secure Web site, and is now available for Perkins, Health
                                                                 Professions, PCL, NSL, and LDS programs. The
                                                                 process is quick and allows your borrowers to electronically
                                                                 sign or manually sign their promissory note. You can now
                                                                 offer specific functions, such as the entrance interview
                                                                 only or the MPN only, to your borrowers. Best of all,
                                                                 iPROMise saves you time and keeps you in compliance
                                                                 with federal regulations. Read on to learn more!

 Here is an overview showing just how simple the complete process can be for you and your borrowers.

 •    Your student will visit the ipromise.campuspartners.com Web site. First time visitors will select their school and
      will be guided through the process of establishing their identity and registering for a User Name and Password that
      they will use to login to the site. (A student will only be allowed to register if Campus Partners has received
      notification of an award by the school.)

 •    Once logged in, the student will be taken through the Entrance
      Counseling session.

 •    After Entrance Counseling has been completed, the Loan In-
      terview is presented.

 •    When all required data has been entered on the Loan Inter-
      view, the borrower will be presented with both the MPN and
      Truth-in-lending disclosure or the Total Loan Indebtedness
      disclosure if a multi-year MPN has previously been signed.

 •    Students receiving the MPN may sign their MPN using their
      FSA PIN number. If the student prefers to pen and ink sign
      their MPN, they can print the documents at their location, or if
      they do not have access to a printer, can request that a copy
      of the documents be mailed to them.

 •    Students receiving the Total Loan Indebtedness Disclosure
      will be asked to accept or decline the award.

 •    The student can return to the Web site at a later date and view
      and print their MPN.

 Participating schools receive updated information on a
 daily basis of all activity by their awarded students.

10-06 Campus Partners Update                                                                                Continued on other side
 Getting Started

 iPROMise is an optional service that requires a separate contract. After the contract is signed, customers submit a file that
 contains specific information regarding the students and their awards to Campus Partners via FTP. This file is loaded into the
 iPROMise database and the student can access and complete their MPN.

 You can now offer separate components of iPROMise to your borrowers. For example, you can offer:

           o      Completion of the entrance counseling only

           o      Completion of the loan interview only

           o      Completion of the Total Loan Indebtedness
                  Statement only

           o      Completion of the MPN – e-sign or printed by
                  award recipient only

           o      Completion of the MPN – mailed by Company

 You can, of course, still offer the complete package to your borrowers or a combination of the above components.

 Borrower Notification
 Notification to the awarded students of the availability of their MPN is an additional optional service. If this service is selected,
 the student will be notified of their availability by e-mail and/or letter notification. We can also help you monitor whether your
 student has signed their promissory note or completed their entrance interview and send them a reminder, as another optional
 service. Notices sent to your borrowers will include instructions for accessing the Web site. The cost of the notification
 depends on the method of notification.

 We currently provide enhanced reporting for iPROMise customers. A file containing updated status information is available for
 download via FTP.

 For more information about iPROMise, please contact your Customer Service Representative
 or Account Manager.

                                             Available Now: iPROMise
                                            for Perkins, Health Profes-
                                             sions, PCL, NSL, & LDS

10-06Campus Partners Update
          Campus Partners                                                              University of Virginia

                     Naomi Crawford and Trudy Taylor

                         CUSTOMER CLOSEUP
This quarter we are mixing things       What are your responsibilities?          Both of you have been here for a
up a bit by profiling not one, but      Naomi: There are so many. I              long time. How has loan pro-
two student loan administrators         might have to provide you with a         cessing changed?
from the same school for our            job description. I supervise the         Naomi: At first (31 years ago),
“Customer Closeup.” Because             scholarship, fellowships, and loan       everything was manual. We had
Naomi Crawford, Supervisor of           areas and all military contracts and     many pieces of paper for each
Scholarships, Fellowships, and          department awards. I provide             account that we had to keep track
Student Loans, and Trudy                backup duties for the student loan       of. We had to batch all loans and
Taylor, Manager of Student              analysts.                                send them in for adjustments. We
Accounts, have worked together          Trudy: I rely on Naomi! I am             were ready for DataLink so we
at the University of Virginia (UVA)     responsible for all billing and          could go online and update ac-
for so many years, it seemed            receivables and tuition and fees.        counts. In fact, we were one of the
fitting to interview them together.     Naomi: It’s nice to say we are here      first colleges to test it, and we have
Read on to find out more about          for students—and parents. Work-          used it ever since. We want to
this lively duo                         ing with parents is just as impor-       become a paperless office as
                                        tant.                                    much as possible. It also seems
How long have you been at the           Trudy: I agree. Providing good           as if federal regulations change
University of Virginia?                 service for both is very important.      minute by minute. We rely on
Naomi: I’m not going to say too
long, but I’ve been at the University
of Virginia for 31 years—almost
since your company started
servicing loans for us. I’ve been
here through all the changes.
Trudy: I’ve only been here for 16

What are your job titles?
Naomi: I’m Supervisor of Scholar-
ships, Fellowships, and Student
Loans. Basically I’ve had the
same job since I started here.
Trudy: I’m Manager of Student
Accounts. I’ve worked in the
cashier’s office and accounts
payable, held several jobs in
student accounts, and progressed
to manager. I was away from
                                           Trudy Taylor (left), Manager of Student Accounts and Naomi Crawford,
students for a while, but now I feel
                                           Supervisor of Scholarships, Fellowships, and Student Loans pose in front of
that I have come back home.                the Access UVA sign at the University of Virginia.
10-06 Campus Partners Update
Campus Partners in this area         Trudy: The confidence that our          What are your hobbies and
because we don’t have enough         director, Yvonne Hubbard, has in        interests?
people to track these changes.       us. She lets me manage and              Naomi: I have always been in-
Trudy: Campus Partners is            doesn’t second-guess me.                volved in my children’s activities.
wonderful. We are pleased with                                               My son played football for 12 years.
all the recent technology updates    What do you find is the most            My daughter plays basketball. She
and are looking forward to docu-     rewarding part of your job?             is an intellectual and dreams of an
ment imaging.                        Naomi: Working with students and        academic future. I love to read and
                                     assisting them with all their finan-    like flat foot dancing with bluegrass
How has Campus Partners              cial aid needs. Helping other           and country music.
aided you in your job?               Departments within the University.      Trudy: Anything my children are
Trudy: Your staff is always acces-   Completing a project that is on         doing. I also love Harley
sible. Someone is always there if    time and well done. All are very        Davidsons. I always have. I saw
we need information. Terry           rewarding.                              an ad for one several years ago
Gaither, our Customer Service        Trudy: Being able to offer all we do    and I bought it. I already had a
Representative, does a wonderful     for students at UVA. We have a          training course and was ready to
job.                                 program called AccessUVA, which         ride. I have lived on it and have
Naomi: MyCampusLoan.com is           helps low-income students gradu-        traveled to events like Bike Week
great because borrowers can get      ate debt free. We have great            at Myrtle Beach. The boys love to
the information that they need on    donors who have contributed to          ride dirt bikes.
their own. We have received          this program. It’s rewarding to see     Naomi: I had a Harley for six or
really good feedback from stu-       students be able to progress here       seven years. I miss it.
dents about the Web site. This       who might not have been able to         Trudy: Another interest is visiting
leaves us with more time to          afford to come here previously.         Naomi’s office during holidays.
answer and research complicated      They tell us that they are thankful     She decorates for Halloween and
questions.                           that they are not going to graduate     Christmas and has a dancing
                                     with loan debt.                         Santa and Halloween monsters.
What did you do before coming                                                We all enjoy it.
to UVA?                              Where are you from?                     Naomi: Christmas and Halloween
Naomi: It’s been my only job.        Naomi: I’m originally from Greene       are my favorite holidays. And in
Trudy: I worked in accounts          County and now live in Fluvanna         addition to my decorations, I have
payable previously.                  County east of Charlottesville.         antiques in the office since I have
                                     Trudy: I’m from south of                been around for more than 30
What is your biggest challenge       Charlottesville. I’ve lived there my    years.
in your job?                         whole life.
Naomi: My biggest challenge is                                               Do you have a favorite book,
accomplishing the amount of work     Tell me about your families:            music, or movie?
we have in a reasonable time.        Naomi: I’ve been married for 31         Naomi: I like mysteries with a little
Trudy: Getting all the work done.    years and my family is the center       romance, actually, a lot of ro-
We can’t drop the ball. If one       of my life. I have a 25-year old        mance. Danielle Steele is my
problem occurs on an account,        son, who is a graduate of               favorite author, and my favorite
the problem seems to grow and        Shenandoah University. My daugh-        movie is Gone with the Wind.
grow and create more problems.       ter is 15 and is in her first year of   Trudy: My favorite movies are
One student who has a problem        high school. I have a wonderful         Dirty Dancing and Grease. I
out of 20,000 is one student too     family. Also, I have a dog named        remember going to see Grease at
many.                                Elvis.                                  the drive-in. I also like country
                                     Trudy: I’m divorced with two sons.      music and bluegrass.
What or who has helped you on        My family is it for me. One son is
the job?                             in his first year of high school and    Thanks for taking time to talk
Naomi: My coworkers. My man-         the other is 10 years old and in the    with us. You’re both so easy to
ager and coworkers continue to       fifth grade. My older son is in the     talk to that your students must
help me. The technology we have      same class as Naomi’s daughter. I       love you.
in our office also helps tremen-     also have a dog named Sheena.

10-06 Campus Partners Update
        Campus Partners                                                               Anna Beauchamp

                                  Anna Beauchamp
                                             Business Analyst

   Campus Partners recently expanded our business to include      Anna Beauchamp:
a Private Education Loan Program where schools and finan-         “It’s very rewarding to
cial institutions can customize a loan program that fits their    get where we are to-
unique business objectives. Anna Beauchamp, Business              day. We’re ready to
Analyst, has been instrumental in bringing this expansion of      service Private Loans!”
our organization to fruition.
    Anna is no stranger to the student loan business, having
previously been a Campus Partners employee for 17 years
prior to recently rejoining the team. During Anna’s early years
with Campus Partners, she worked as a forms processor be-
fore being promoted to borrower services and then customer
service. While in customer service, she began testing new
products and enhancements and started learning SAS, a soft-
ware language used for statistical analysis. This work peaked
her interest in the technical arena and she took a gamut of
classes in programming and ultimately became a Program-
mer Analyst.
   In her current role as Business Analyst, Anna serves as the
primary contact for the Private Loan project’s external ven-
dors, the project leader for the technical writers and performs   We’re ready to service Private Loans!”
business analysis such as creating the process to feed data           Outside the office, Anna is just as involved in numerous
files to our private loan insurer. “I’m here to track down the    projects in her community. She is currently helping to orga-
answers to everyone’s questions,” Anna said of her busy work      nize a Fall Festival as a volunteer with the Farmington Beau-
schedule.                                                         tification Committee of Davie County to raise money to re-
   Her extensive background in the industry and her familiarity   store an old elementary school for community use. She is
with our systems make her highly effective in her position.       also a trained weather spotter, having taken advanced meteo-
“Having worked with us in the past, Anna brings a wealth of       rological classes and reports severe weather in her county to
knowledge and experience to the position. She has done a          the National Weather Service. In addition, Anna has also
remarkable job working with Campus Partners staff, vendors        been an Independent Mary Kay beauty consultant for over 3
and contract workers on the Private Loan project. We are very     years.
fortunate to have her on the Product Development team,” states       A native of the area, Anna has one younger brother whose
Sharon Swaim, Manager of Product Development.                     family lives close by. Anna adores spending quality time with
    Anna says that the most challenging aspect of her job is      her 7-year old niece, Sydney, attending all of her soccer games
“trying to keep all involved parties going down the same path.”   and swim meets. She recently took Sydney on her very first
With so much to learn and the excitement of starting a new        spa visit, complete with pedicure and has even done mini
line of business, Anna states it’s important to always make       Mary Kay makeovers for her and her friends. An ardent ani-
sure the lines of communication stay open. She often relies       mal lover, Anna has had her beloved cat, Peaches, for over 10
upon Paul Lombardo, Executive Vice President, whom                years. She feeds all the animals in the neighborhood, includ-
she says has been a tremendous help. “Paul has been a             ing stray cats, dogs and the occasional possum that visits
great source for learning the Private Loan business,” Anna ex-    her carport. In her leisure time, she enjoys watching televi-
presses.                                                          sion shows such as “What Not to Wear” and “Animal Planet”.
   Anna said she is proud of what the team has been able to          In addition to Anna’s many activities, both at work and at
accomplish. “We’ve been able to roll with the punches and         home, she says one of her goals is to continue to look for
meet all of the requirements,” Anna said proudly. After months    ways to help Campus Partners grow. With such ambition
of hard work, research, programming and testing, Anna hap-        and enthusiasm, we are definitely looking forward to watch-
pily exclaims, “It’s very rewarding to get where we are today.    ing her succeed on all of her future projects.
10-06 Campus Partners Update

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