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									                                            Relay For Life Team Meeting Planning Kit

Relay For Life Team Meetings are often our only opportunity to be face-to-face with teams and participants prior to the Relay For
Life event itself, so naturally we want to make the most of them. Not only are they great for relationship building and getting to
know who’s who, they also provide us with a venue to recognize accomplishments and show appreciation, communicate important
information and motivate teams and participants to continue their efforts in the fight against cancer.

Putting together a meaningful Relay For Life Team Meeting requires thought and careful planning by the Event Chair/Co-Chair, Staff
Partner and other sub-committee chairs as needed. Having a good plan doesn’t necessarily mean creating a script that has to be
followed verbatim, but it does require advance planning and should incorporate several key elements.

Below you will find a suggested Team Meeting outline/agenda that details the key elements of a successful team meeting, the
appropriate person to deliver the information, as well as ideas for what specific information could be covered in each timeslot. Use
this as a guide when planning your own meetings, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box and incorporate additional elements
that fit the needs of your individual Relay For Life event.

Suggested Team Meeting Outline/Agenda
Meeting Element      Presenter/Speaker            Notes/Talking Points                                                                          Estimated
Welcome/             Anyone who has good          Take this opportunity to set the tone for a fun, informative meeting. Enthusiastically        5 minutes
                     public speaking skills, is   welcome everyone and thank them for taking the time to attend. Use this time to give
General Updates
                     comfortable in front of a    any brief general updates such as number of teams registered, dollars raised, etc., share
                     crowd and is enthusiastic    a quick anecdotal story, or get the crowd revved up about Relay For Life.

Recognition          Recognition Chair, Event     Get creative! We tend to recognize the same people at our meetings (i.e. the top              15 minutes
                     Chair or anyone who can      fundraisers). While it’s important to recognize our outstanding fundraisers, it’s also
                     effectively recognize        important that we celebrate every dollar raised and recognize those fundraisers that
                     individuals                  work tirelessly, raising $10 at a time. Think outside the box. Recognize the person who
                                                  has sent the most emails out through the Relay website, the team with the most
                                                  ambitious goal, the team that has already met their goal, the team that has Relayed the
                                                  longest, all teams whose members have raised over $100 each, etc. Make sure to keep it
                                                  fun and recognize as many different people as possible in a meaningful way.

Fundraising          Fundraising Chair, Top       Talk about it! It’s a proven fact that the more discussion there is about fundraising, the    15 minutes
                     Fundraiser or anyone with    more successful an event is in fundraising. Just as the Relay event has a fundraising goal,
                     fundraising experience       each team should have a fundraising goal. Use the team goal-setting worksheet to help
                                                  teams realize their fundraising potential and plan out a balanced approach (individual,
                                                  team, online and on-site). Provide them with fundraising ideas and let them share their
                                                  own and announce upcoming fundraisers that are planned. Some teams who are new to
                                                  Relay may not know how to fundraise. Teach them how and share the Team Fundraiser
                                                  Planning Guide which will help them plan and implement successful team fundraisers.
                                                  Promote the individual and team fundraising clubs, and recognize individuals and teams
                                                  as they achieve certain levels.

Event Specific       Event Chair or Co-Chair,     This is where you’ll communicate the who, what, when and where about your Relay For           15 minutes
                     Logistics Chair or anyone    Life event. Keep your participants informed about the event location, date, times and
                     who knows the specifics of   anything they need to know about the event itself. Is there a theme? Are there special
                     the Relay For Life event     instructions about parking, campsite set-up, etc.? Are there any rules and regulations
                                                  they need to be aware of? This is also an appropriate time to talk about the local Relay
                                                  For Life website, event registration and event-specific materials such as Team Captain
                                                  kits, luminaria forms, etc.

We Save Lives        Survivor, Caregiver,         It’s important that our Relayers know that the American Cancer Saves Lives and creates a      10 minutes
                     Mission Delivery Chair or    world with more birthdays by helping you stay well, helping you get well, by finding cures
                     anyone who can share a       and by fighting back. We tell the story of progress towards our mission in this context –
Inspiration and      personal story and give a    our value proposition. Share this message by incorporating personal stories into your
Motivation)          call to action               meetings, allowing teams and participants to make a connection and put a face behind
                                                  the important work of the American Cancer Society and the need to continue to raise
                                                  funds through Relay For Life.

Other                Appropriate committee        If time allows, consider adding other elements to your team meeting, such as an               TBD
                     member based on type of      icebreaker, mini-luminaria ceremony, Relay For Life videos, team challenges, door prizes,
                     information that needs to    online demonstration, committee updates, etc.
                     be shared
Another important part of putting together a successful meeting is making sure you have everything you need to make it happen,
from the people to attend to the materials you give them while they’re there. Use this as a guide when planning what’s needed for
your own meetings. Keep in mind that this is just a partial list to get you started as you’re thinking about your individual
community’s Relay For Life meetings. You can also reference the Relay For Life Materials Shopping Guide for suggestions on
materials needed specifically for meetings and item numbers.

Suggested Team Meeting Checklist
Meeting Task         Person(s)                    Things To Consider
Promotion            Event Chair/Co-Chair and        Postcards
                     ACS Staff Partner               Emails
                                                     RFL website
                                                     Facebook/Twitter
                                                     Reminder Phone Calls
Set-Up/Clean-Up      Volunteers as needed            Tables and Chairs
                                                     Decorations
                                                     Music
                                                     A/V Equipment
                                                     Signage
                                                     Make sure set-up is complete at least 30 minutes in advance to meeting start time
                                                     Having designated people in place to set-up and clean-up will allow the committee to answer
                                                      questions and network with teams both before and after meetings
Greeters             Anyone who is outgoing,         At least one person at each entrance/exit
                     friendly and informed           Serve as greeters, direct attendees to appropriate areas, answer questions as needed
                     about the Relay event           Don’t forget to have people in place before and after the meetings
Registration         Registration Chair and          Sign-In Sheet/Nametags
                     additional volunteers as        Laptop for online registration
                     needed                          Registration forms
                                                     List of registered participants
                                                     Ink Pens
Accounting           Accounting Chair and            Team Accounting Sheets
                     additional volunteers as        Team Donation Envelopes
                     needed                          Receipt forms
                                                     Holey Envelopes
                                                     Cash Box
                                                     Secure room for counting money
                                                     Security
                                                     Adding machine with tape
                                                     Night Drop Key
                                                     Bank Bags
                                                     Deposit Slips
                                                     Batch Headers
                                                     Coin rollers/money wrappers
Materials            Various Subcommittee            Team Captain Kits
                     Chairs, ACS Staff Partner,      Luminaria Bags and Forms
                     etc.                            Registration Forms/Survivor Forms
                                                     Danglers/Coin Cans/Fundraising Items
                                                     T-Shirt Samples
                                                     Team Captain gifts/Promotional products
                                                     Door prizes/Recognition Items
                                       Relay For Life Team Meeting Planning Worksheet

                            Event Name
                            Team Meeting
                            Meeting Date
                            Meeting Time
                            Meeting Location

Team Meeting Outline/Agenda
Meeting Element    Presenter/Speaker       Notes/Talking Points                         Estimated
General Updates



Event Specific

We Save Lives


Team Meeting Checklist
Meeting Task       Person(s)                What’s Needed






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