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					                            “LEADERS LEADING LEADERS” SERIES

The action learning group on Intergenerational Leadership is another unique APEX and Coaching@
the Edge initiative. The program is designed for both newer and seasoned Executives interested in
working in small intergenerational groups to explore what it takes to be a leader who brings the
generations together, leads generational turn over, and embraces an emerging Public Service culture
which builds on the power of the different generations in the workplace.

Workplace culture is communicated through the stories we tell ourselves. These stories answer three
questions: who am I, who are others and what is important to do. For the first time ever the Public Service
culture is being informed by the stories of as many as four generations. Newer public servants often tell us
they see themselves as innovators and truth tellers, whose ideas are too often pushed back or ignored and
who believe that fast paced change is what we need. More seasoned public servants talk about how they
learned how to work with the system to get things done or they worked for years to become experts or to gain
a promotion and that sometimes they feel disconnected from their passion and authenticity. For them what is
important is not repeating errors from the past and ensuring that those who take on larger responsibilities are
ready to do so.

Without strong intergenerational leadership within the Public Service these different generations of employees
can drift into conflict with each other or begin to devalue or dismiss each other’s contribution to the
organization. This program provides Executives with an opportunity to talk about intergenerational leadership
issues with others and a forum to explore actions to enhance leadership in this new context.

The program provides Executives with an opportunity to work within an Action Learning group of 6 to 7 people
(each group will be a mix of newer and seasoned Executives to explore the realities of this new inter-
generational workplace. The Action Learning process is not a traditional workshop but instead provides two
distinct but complementary learning activities. In the first participants will follow a set of exercises which they
will do individually and then share with the group. In the second learning activity, the group will follow a
process of collaborative inquiry focused on the real issues group members’ bring forward.
As a result of participating in Intergenerational Leadership: An Action Learning Group, Executives will have an
opportunity to explore issues such as the following:

   •    Identifying what is common in all our stories regardless of where we are in our career and life cycle.
   •    Capitalizing on the strengths that people at different stages in their career bring to problem solving –
        multi directional mentoring.
   •    Gaining insight into how to bring forward new ideas, take unpopular positions and be resilient when it
        takes longer than you think it should to get things done.
   •    Exploring how to stay connected to one’s authentic self while making all those compromises that are
        needed when trying to get things done in a large organization.
   •    Examining the history of issues while exploring new perspectives and innovative solutions.
   •    Identifying stereotypical reactions and how to listen generously and challenge our limiting values and

The sessions will be led by certified professional Coaches including Roxanne Cameron, President of
Coaching@the Edge, who has over 8 years experience coaching executives and leading executives in Action
Learning groups and Ginette Brisebois who has 5 years leading Action Learning Groups and over 10 years
coaching experience in the private and public sectors.

A total of 6 one day sessions will be held over a period of; from 8:30 to 16:00. The dates for subsequent
meetings will be worked out in the first session.

ENGLISH:        Winter 2011 start dates to be announced for English group.
FRENCH:         Winter 2011 start dates to be announced for French group.

The meetings are held at APEX Secretariat, Fuller Building, 75 Albert Street, Suite 508, Ottawa.
The cost for the 6 meetings (you have to register for the full program) is $2,970 for members ($3,170 for non-
members) plus applicable taxes. The cost includes breakfast, breaks and lunch.

Please register with Alexandre Sincennes-Dufresne at