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									                    Joint Base Lewis McChord
                      Sustainability Program

  Paul Steucke                                                             Smart Growth Conference
  Environmental Division – Public Works                                    Seattle, WA
  JBLM, Washington
Paul Steucke/PW-ED/253.966.1670/ Slide 1 of   21   February 5, 2010 2010
                                                                                        05 February
                         The Little Blue Engine
                                      by Shel Silverstein (1932-1999)

                                                                     •     The little blue and a creak
                                                                           With a squeak engine
                                                                           looked up at the sigh,
                                                                           and a toot and a hill.
                                                                           With an was hope his
                                                                           His lightextraweak, and an
                                                                           extra try,
                                                                           whistle was shrill.
                                                                               would not stop — now
                                                                           He was tired and small,
                                                                           he neared the top —
                                                                           and the hill was tall,
                                                                                strong and proud he
                                                                           And his face blushed red as
                                                                           cried out loud,
                                                                           he softly said,
                                                                           “I think I can, I think I
                                                                           can, I think I can.”

                                                                     •      So he started up with a
                                                                     •     chug and a strain,
                                                                           He was almost there, when
                                                                           And he puffed and pulled
                                                                           — CRASH! SMASH! BASH!
                                                                           with might and main.
                                                                           He slid down and mashed
                                                                           And engine hash
                                                                           into slowly he climbed, a
                                                                           foot at rocks below...
                                                                           On the a time,
                                                                           And his engine coughed as
                                                                           which goes to show
                                                                           hethe track is soft, and
                                                                           If whispered tough
                                                                           “I thinkis can, I think I
                                                                           the hill I rough,
                                                                           can, I think I can.” just
                                                                           THINKING you can
                                                                           ain’t enough!
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                               Army Strategy
Foster a Sustainability                                                    • Save $ (long-term)
Ethic                Meet Test, Training
                             and Mission                                   • Social Influence &
                             Requirements                                    Improved image
Army                                                                       • Buying power
Operations                    Impacts and                                  • Remove conflict
                                                 Total Costs                 Incentives
        Drive                                                              • Force multiplier
        Innovation            Enhance Well-                                  – Logistics tail
                              Being                                          – Heat, noise signatures

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                          Army Sustainability Programs
                                                                                                       as of Apr 09

                                                                                                                                      Fort Drum
         Ft Lewis
          Fort Lewis                                                                                                               Ft Drum
                                                                       MN ARNG
                                                                                                                PA ARNG

                                                                                                                                              Ft AP Hill
                                                                                                          Letterkenny AD

                                    CO ARNG                                                                          Ft Detrick
                                         Fort Carson     Ft Riley
                                                        Fort Riley
                                  Ft Carson
                                        Pueblo Depot

                                                                                                                                       Ft Eustis
                                                                                                                                    Fort Monroe Fort Eustis

         Ft Irwin
            Fort Irwin     AZ ARNG
                                                                          Ft Campbell                      Ft Knox                  Ft Bragg
                         Ft Huachuca                   Lone Star AAP
                                                                                                                                Ft Jackson
                                                                                                                                    Fort Jackson

                                                       Ft Hood            Anniston AD                      Ft Benning                    Ft
                                                                                                                                    Fort Gordon

     Pacific                                                                             Pine Bluff                              Fort McPherson

                                                                                                      Ft Rucker
                                                                                                       Fort Rucker
                                                                        Ft Polk
                                                                             Fort Polk
                                                                                                                        FL ARNG
                                                                                                                            Fort Stewart                 Europe
   USAG Hawaii
     Ft Greely                                                                                                                      USAG Wiesbaden
        Ft                                                                                                                          USAG Baumholder
    Wainwright                                                                                                                             USAG
                              Installations with completed Sustainability Plans
   USAG Japan                                                                                                                        Kaiserslautern
                                                                                                                                       Ft Buchanan, PR
                               Installations in sustainability planning process
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                    What did Sustainability
                    have to do with Fort Lewis?
•   Facilities - 22 million square feet
•   Industry – maintenance & training
•   Major utilities
•   Hospital (MAMC)
•   Housing - family and single soldiers
•   Goods and services

                                                                               Ft. Lewis - 86, 176 Acres
                                                                               Yakima - 323,651 Acres

                                                               • Because compliance just
                                                                 isn’t good enough anymore!
                                                                      – The most pollution the law will
                                                               • “Sustainability is a leader’s
                                                                      – Difference between leadership
                                                                        and management
                                                                      – Both are needed
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                     Joint Base Lewis McChord
                       Sustainability Program
     • An acknowledged leader in the
       Army sustainability program

     • Established in February 2002

     • 8 aggressive goals - to sustain the
       military training mission

     • Partner in Army/ Corporate/
       Academic technology

     • Cooperative relationships with
       Regional Sustainability efforts

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                       Joint Base Lewis McChord
                          Sustainability Goals
   1. Reduce installation stationary source and non-source motor
      vehicle air emissions 85% by 2025
   2. Sustain all activities on post using renewable energy
      sources and generate all electricity on post by 2025
   3. Reduce total energy consumption by 30% by 2015
   4. Create sustainable neighborhoods for a livable Fort Lewis
      community that enhances the Puget Sound Region
   5. Cycle all material use to achieve zero net waste by 2025
   6. Maintain the ability of Fort Lewis to meet its current and
      future military missions without compromising the                        LTG Hill
      integrity of natural and cultural resources, both on the              addressing the
      installation and regionally                                          Attendees at the
                                                                              Fort Lewis
   7. Recover all listed and candidate federal species in the Puget         Sustainability
      Sound Region                                                         Conference, Feb
   8. Treat all wastewaters to Class A Reclaim Standards by 2025                2002.
      to conserve water resources and improve Puget Sound water             “It’s the right
      quality                                                               thing to do.”

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                                       Air Quality
   • Alternate Fuels
         – 47% of GSA vehicle fleet alternate fuel
         – Three alternate fuel dispensers - E85, B20 and
           CNG                                                              NEV and Charging
         – MCA project in construction to build a                               Station
           consolidated alternate fuel station

   • 23 Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV)
         – And more to come from the Army

   • Rideshare program
   • Increase availability of mass transit

                                                                           E85 fuel station opens in 2005

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                               ZERO Fossil Fuels
        0 MW                    70 MW                                                                 280 MW

                                                                   Fort Lewis
                                                                           Fort Lewis energy demand
      Fort Lewis renewable
         energy generation

          (Bio-mass, wind,
         solar, geo-thermal)

•Renewable Energy (1/4)                                     •Energy Conservation (3/4)
     Transition from fossil fuels                                 Utility partnerships
     Army pursuit of installation                                 Utility Energy Services
   potential                                                   Contract (UESC) for fed agencies
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• Utility Energy Service Contract (UESC)
      – $18M investment for $39M in Improvements
      – 556K MBTU/yr savings
      – $4.3M/yr cost savings
• ~21 %of electricity from Green
  (renewable) sources (FY07-FY10)
• Renewable energy
      – Biomass, solar and wind
• Innovative energy systems
      – Solar wall
      – Energy from decomposition of waste
            • Hydrogen demonstration project
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     Achieve Zero Net Waste
Material Reuse ~ Processing and Composting
Aggregates                 Organic waste
  - Generates estimated      - Generates estimated
  annual cost savings of     annual cost savings of
  $340,000                   $416,000
                         New Construction ~ Minimal
                         Impact on the Environment

                             Covered Bike Racks and              Native Landscaping – drought
                             Recycling Station                             tolerant

                         •     Direct Digital Controls- remote control
                               for energy savings                                                    Recyclable
Heat Recovery
from Dryer Vents
                         •     Finished concrete flooring                                            Carpet Tile
                         •     Compact fluorescent lights
                         •     Zero VOC paints and adhesives
                         •     20% of materials manufactured locally

Energy Star Horizontal       Underground Water             Plastic Lumber Picnic            Permeable wash pad
Axis Washers                      Cistern                  Tables
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                        More than just the Buildings
                        Building a Sustainable Community

                  Sustainable Master Planning Goal: Create sustainable
                  neighborhoods for a livable Fort Lewis community that
                           enhances the Puget Sound Region

                                      Current Real Property Master Plan
                                      Revision based on principles of
                                      sustainable community design

                                      For Example: American Institute of
                                      Architects 10 Principles for Sustainable

    Building                           1. Design on a Human Scale                Neighborhood
                                       2. Provide Choices
                                       3. Encourage Mixed-Use Development
                                       4. Preserve Urban Centers
                                       5. Vary Transportation Options
                                       6. Build Vibrant Public Spaces
                                       7. Create a Neighborhood Identity
                                       8. Protect Environmental Resources
                                       9. Conserve Landscapes
                                      10. Design [Excellence] Matters
    Installation                                                                        Region
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                      Joint Base Lewis McChord
                           Downtown Today

Paul Steucke/PW-ED/253.966.1670/   Slide 14 of 21   05 February 2010
                      Joint Base Lewis McChord
                          Downtown Vision

Annual Sustainability Benefits

780 families & 460 single soldiers can live downtown
  - Reduces VMT by 11.4 million miles
  - Decreases CO2 emissions by 12.9 million lbs
  - Lowers per family POV costs by $1,500 annually

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             Conserve water and improve
              Puget Sound water quality

  Treat all Wastewater Treatment Plant
effluent to Class A reclaimed water
standards and reuse
   • Puget Sound Partnership Federal
   Caucus Member
   • New WWTP

                                         Manage storm
                                           • Reuse of
                                           stormwater to create
         Sustainable Training Lands
                            •Army Compatible Use Buffer
                                   Partnership with non-govt agencies to
                                procure and manage acreage to provide
                                additional habitat for species of concern
                                  Provides a buffer between training
                                activities and surrounding neighborhoods

• Habitat preservation =
training land preservation
      Control of invasive species
      Management of maneuver

•Re-populate species of
concern to other regional areas
               Foster a Sustainable Culture:
               Becoming “Part of the Solution”

   New Community Campaign

   • Education (video)
   • Web site             (

                                                                            PART OF THE SOLUTION
   • Pledging/Commitment

   • Branding/signs

   •Prompts (Logo)

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                            Will we succeed?
     • I don’t know

     • I know I won’t quit
     • Edison
     • Parenthood
     • NGUNNGU
     • Stone Soup

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                        The Little Blue Engine:
                                   The Rest of the Story

                                                                        “Argue for your
                                                                        limitations, and sure
                                                                        enough, they are
                                                                              -Richard Bach


                                                      Paul T. Steucke, Jr.
                                                 Chief, Environmental Division
                                                    Public Works, JBLM, WA
                                           (253) 966-1760,
Paul Steucke/PW-ED/253.966.1670/   Slide 21 of 21           05 February 2010

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