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									                                  Ragin Family Reunion
                                Planning Meeting Minutes

                                   27 Nov 2008

Open meeting
       The meeting was call to order by Timothy Cochran at 2:00 pm on the 27 Nov
2008and prayer was lead by Willie A Weeks. The meeting was located at the home of
Larry and Crystal Nelson in Manning, South Carolina. In attend was Timothy Cochran,
Ira Cochran, Myrna Cochran, Willie Weeks, Roudell Weeks, Crystal Nelson, and Larry

Reading of minutes

       The reading of the minutes for Sep 12, 2008 were accepted and approved with
proper correction.

Treasurer Report

       There was one payment of $42.00 for the renewal fee Post Office Box. There is a
remaining balance in the Family reunion account of $1174.52.

Financial Secretary’s Report


Committee Reports

         Crystal reported on the hotels and tours for the next Family reunion. She brought
some broche and what the hotels offer. The following is a list of entertainment and
activities that is offer at Myrtle Beach. Crystal is still trying to get a cost estimate for
these hotels so we can put it out to the family.

The Hard Rock Park which have over 50 shows, rides and attraction for the whole family.

Broadway at the beach has a park with over 350 acre of shopping, dining and
entertainment complex.

The hotels we are looking at are Holiday Inn Express and the Fairfield Inn Marriott.
These are the two hotels is located out side of the Broadway at the beach park.
Unfinished Business

        We talk about during fund raiser for the 2010 Family Reunion to help with the
cost. So we talk about during candy bars, and during a raffle. Also we can still generate
money from the coupon books on the Ragin Family Reunion web site. The coupon book
can also be brought by your friend also.

New Business

        Any updated information for the family will be sent to cousin (Willie) to maintain
a roster for mailing and email address. His email address is willie.weeks@us.army.mil
and phone number is 803-735-9855 (H) and 803-609-0748 (C).

Next Meeting

       There were no times for the next meeting it will be set at a later date.

Meeting Adjourned

       The meeting was adjourned at 3:15 pm by Timothy Cochran.

Timothy Cochran                                              Willie A. Weeks
Chairperson                                                  Secretary

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