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                     This Fortnight in IITD
                                          NEWS BULLETIN OF INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY DELHI

Vol. XII.No.XXVIII                           Website :                       Monday, August 28, 2006.

                                     Convocation 2006
The 37th Annual Convocation of the Institute was held on Saturday, the 12th August, 2006 at 9.25 a.m. in the Dogra Hall.
Mr. Azim Premji, Chairman, Wipro and the Chief Guest of the function, delivered the Convocation Address. Prof. V.S.
Ramamurthy, Chairman, Board of Governors, IIT Delhi presided over the function. A report of the Institute’s achievements
made since the last year’s convocation, was presented by the Director, Prof. Surendra Prasad.
At this Convocation, 1285 students were awarded their Ph.D., M.Tech., DIIT, M.Sc. and B.Tech. degrees. 59 Awards/
Medals/ Cash Prizes were received by the graduating students for their special achievements. The President’s Gold Medal
from among all the B.Tech. graduating students was awarded to Mr. Ashutosh Nayyar, Department of Electrical
The Institute conferred the Distinguished Alumni Award to seven to its Alumni Viz:-
1)    Mr. Asim Ghosh, B.Tech. in EE in 1969. MBAfrom the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania in 1970, Mr.
      Ghosh, presently working as Managing Director of Hutchison Essar, branded as Hutch
2)    Prof. Renu Malhotra, received M.S. Degree in Physics (five year Programme) in 1983. Ph.D. from Graduate School
      at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, in 1988. Presently, Professor at the University of Arizona’s Department
      of Planetary Sciences.
3)    Mr. Navin Chaddha received Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1992. He was awarded Stanford
      Graduate and IBM Fellowship to pursue MS and Ph.D. studies at Stanford University and Graduated at the top of
      his class for his MS in Electrical Engineering in 1994 from Stanford. He is currently working as Managing Director
      at Gabriel Venture Partners.
4)    Dr. P.S. Rana received Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering in 1970. P.G. Diploma in Town and Country Planning
      from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi in 1972. Ph.D. from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, U.K.
      in 1983. Presently Chairman and Managing Director of Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO).
5)    Mr. Ravi Uppal received his Behcelor’s Degree in Machanical Engineering form IIT Delhi in 1973. He completed
      his post graduation in Business Management from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad in 1975. Mr.
      Ravi Uppal is presently Vice Chairman & Managing, Director of ABB in India and also Country Manager, South
      Asia-Pacific Region.
6)    Mr. Ashwini Gupta received his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi in 1974. He completed
      his MBA from Columbia Business School in 1977. Mr. Ashwini Gupta is presently Executive Vice President and
      Chief Risk Officer, American Express Company, New York.
7)    Mr. Pradeep Singh received his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi in 1979 and thereafter
      his Master’s Degree in Business Management from Harvard Business School. Mr. Pradeep Singh is presently
      Chairman and CEO, Aditi Technologies. Mr. Pradeep Singh has founded two known software companies: Aditi
      Technologies and Talisma.
      The Director in his concluding address thanks to Shri Azim Premji, our Chairman Prof. Ramamurthy, and all the
      distinguished visitors for their participation on the 37th Convocation.
                                          Awardees for the Year 2005
 The Director is pleased to announce the names of the following as "Awardees for the year 2005" who performed
 exceedingly well during the year.
  Sr.    Group                  Name                     Designation                   E. Code    Department
  1.    `B' Technical           Sh. Vinay Kr. Ghosh      STA (SG)(SS)                  25949      Biochemical Engg. & Bio-
                                                                                                  Technology Deptt.
  2.    `B’ Admn.               Sh. M.S. Patwal          Sr. Steno (SG)                25768      Office of Dean of Students
  3.    `C’ Technical           Sh. Hardip Singh Mavi    JLA                           26324      Bio-chemical Engg. &
                                                                                                  Bio-Technology Deptt.
  4.    'C' Admn.               Sh. Surender Singh       Sr. Security Inspector        25889      Security Unit
  5.    `D’ Gr.                 Ms. Shama Sharma         Attendant                     50734      Counseling Unit
  6.    `D’ Gr.                 Sh. Krishan Kumar        Attendant                     50473      CAS
  7.    `D’ Gr.                 Sh. Kartar Singh         Attendant                     50470      Estt.-II Section
  A special outstanding Employee Award for the year 2005 goes to Shri. Surender Kumar, Sr. Lab Asstt. (Employee
  Code:26244) from CPSE.
  The award in terms of BG/32/97 has presented at Independence Day Ceremony on 15th August 2006 morning.

        Editor's Note                       FITT Awards for Best Industry Relevant Ph.D. and M.Tech./
                                                         M.S.(R)/M.Des./MBA Projects
The Publication Cell of the Institute     Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT) has instituted two
brings out a fortnightly bulletin         awards, one each for Ph.D. and M.Tech./M.S.(R)/M.Des./MBA Projects adjudged
"This Fortnight in IIT Delhi". The        as the best Industry Relevant Projects. The award carries an amount of Rs.60,000/
bulletin is scheduled to be out on        - for Ph.D. & Rs.40,000/- for M.Tech./M.S.(R)/M.Des./MBA project. The award
every alternate Monday, and covers        money will be shared 50:50 between the concerned faculty supervisor(s) and
events like seminars/workshops/           students(s) for both Ph.D. and M.Tech./M.S.(R)/M.Des./MBA work.
conferences/lectures and other            In term of the guidelines approved for the above awards, the projects of the
major activities scheduled for the        undermentioned M.Tech. students which were approved for the award of degree
datelined fortnight. It also covers       during June 1, 2005 to May 31, 2006, have been adjudged as the Best Industry Relevant
information about the faculty and         M.Tech. Projects by a duly constituted Appraisal Sub-Committee. Accordingly, the
staff members joining/leaving the         undermentioned students are declared eligible for the FITT Awards as follow:
Institute during the fortnight as
also          honours/awards/             1. Mr. Anant Kulkarni (2004 JOP 2644) - Student of Interdisciplinary M.Tech.
fellowships etc. received by the             Programme (Opto-Electronics & Optical Communication ) Project Titled, "De-
faculty and staff besides                    sign & Development of Multi-Channel Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier Module".
information of general interest. The         Amount of Award Payable : Rs.10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only).
material for the bulletin is received     2. Mr. Ajay Uniyal (2004 MET 2659) - Student of M.Tech. Programme (Thermal
from various departments/                    Engineering) Project Titled, "Performance Study of Hermetically Sealed
centres/sections/units of the                Reciprocating Refrigerant Compressor by Creating Foaming in the Lubricant)"
                                             Amount of Award Payable : Rs.10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only)
The Editor, therefore, requests all       Further, the proportionate share of award money payable to the Faculty
Heads of Departments/Centres/             Supervisor(s) mentioned below are indicated against their names:
Sections/Units/Student bodies to
kindly send in advance                    1.    (i) Prof. K. Thyagarajan          : Payable amount Rs.5,000/-
information of all programmes/                       Deptt. of Physics              (Rupees Five Thousand only)
activities planned in their                     (ii) Dr. M.R. Shenoy              : Payable amount Rs.5,000/-
respective Departments/Centres                       Deptt. of Physics              (Rupees Five Thousand only)
etc. to the Publication Cell or mail to   2.     (i) Prof. R.S. Agarwal                : Payable amount Rs.5,000/- to maintain                      Deptt. of Mechanical Engg.         (Rupees Five Thousand only)
periodicity and continuity of the
                                                 (ii) Prof. R.K. Pandey                : Payable amount Rs.5,000/-
                                                      ITMMEC                             (Rupees Five Thousand only)
               The Salient Feature of the IITD Staff Welfare Scheme

Many people, at one time or another, are hard pressed for money and need financial assistance to
meet their immediate and compelling needs. Quite often these needs arise rather unexpectedly. The
rising cost of living has put a strain on the resources of the low and middle income salaries groups
so that it becomes difficult for them to meet their obligations and commitments.

In order to provide financial assistance to meet immediate needs, the IIT Delhi established a staff
welfare scheme in 1975 which is known as "IITD Staff Welfare Scheme".

The salient feature of the IITD Staff Welfare are given below:

1.   Any permanent employee of the Institute can become member of the scheme by subscribing
     Rs.30/- every month through salary bill.

2.   Interest will be given on the accumulation of the monthly subscription, when the amount
     exceeds Rs.1000/-.

3.   The accumulated monthly subscription will be refunded, as and when member leaves the

4.   Members will be given Loan upto Rs.25000/- and the interest will be charged @6% per annum.

5.   Ex-gratia grant of Rs.2500/- will be given to the family of the deceased member.

6.   When a member dies, a sum of Rs.20/- will be deducted from the salary of each member on the
     roll and the accumulated amount will be given as a help to the family of the deceased member.

All permanent staff members (Academic and Non-Academic) of the Institute are eligible for
membership and only those staff members who apply for membership and subscribe to the funds of
the Scheme shall be considered as member.

All the staff members are requested to become a member of the scheme and also encourage other
colleagues to become available member of the scheme. A copy of the membership form is enclosed.
Forms are also kept in the reception counter as well as in the Institute's Website.

           Annual Election                                           Grievance Committee
        IIT Staff Canteen-2006
                                                     The Composition of the Grievance Committee appointed
                                                     by the Board of Governors to examine the appeals/
On the basis of election held on August 25,          representations from the staff members of the institute
                                                     and to make recommendations thereon to the Board for
2006, the following staff members have been
                                                     consideration will henceforth be as under:-
elected following three Executive Members for
                                                           1.    Dr. G. Narendra Kumar     :   Chairman
the IIT Staff Canteen.
                                                           2.    Shri S.P. Oswal           :   Member
1.   Chandi Lal, Electrical Engineering                    3.    Prof. K. Gupta            :   Member
     Department.                                           4.    Prof. D.K. Pandya         :   Member
                                                           5.    Director, IIT             :   (Ex-officio)
2.   Joginder Singh, Accounts Section.
                                                     The above Committee shall continue to function till a
3.   Prem Singh, Air-conditioning Unit, Works.       new Committee is constituted by the Board.
                                                   Preventative Measures in Residential Area
  Independence Day
                                          & in Office Complexes for Prevention of Mosquito Breeding
Celebration at IIT Delhi
                                          1.   In 2003, Delhi faced an outbreak of Dengue Homorrhagic Fever (DHF)
 Independence Day function was                 resulting in more than 2290 cases and 34 deaths. The detection of breeding
 celebrated at the Satpura Hostel with         of Aedes Mosquito is a matter of great concern & require vigilance as to
 full patriotism and enthusiasm. Prof.         prevent any fresh outbreak of this diseases during this year.
 Surendra Prasad, Director of the         2.   The disease is transmitted by Aedes aegypti mosquito that breeds in
 Institute hoisted the Flag and Chaired        artificial containers holding clean water in and around houses/habita-
 as the Chief Guest of the function.           tion. Common breeding sites of this mosquito are coolers, overhead water
                                               tanks and other receptacles lying in open holding water e.g. broken cups
 All the Institute community was               bottles, flower vases & discarded tyres.
 invited to the function to celebrated    3.   Effective control of the disease, therefore, is not possible unless steps are
 the programme, organized by the               taken in residential area and in office complexes to prevent mosquito
 Student Affairs Section.                      breeding. Therefore, All residents are requested that following steps given
 Music Club if R.C.A., children of             below may be regularly taken:-
 Nursery school and Kendriya                   (a)     All coolers should be cleaned once a week and mopped dry before
 Vidyalaya, IIT Delhi performed                        refilling.
 Group Song and Dance programme.               (b)     In the coolers that can not be cleaned, put one table spoon of petrol/
 Prof Surendra Prasad gave the Award                   kerosene.
 to BHM and Institute employees for            (c)     Overhead and other water tanks should be kept covered.
 their outstanding contributions to the        (d)     All water containers/haudis used to store water for any purpose
 Board and the Institute.                              should be drained once in a week and kept covered after refilling.
 Tennis Ball Cricket Match was                 (e)     Collection of stagnant water should not be allowed inside or
 played between Staff and the Students                 around office premises and if the same stagnant waste water
                                                       collection not for human use.
 which was won by the Staff.
                                               (f)     Unused/broken bottles, cups and tyres that can hold water should
 The function was concluded with a                     not be left in open.
 vote of thanks by General Secretary,                  It may be pertinent to mention here that individual employees
 BHM.                                          concerned will be responsible for creating mosquitogenic condition and
 Following BHM employees have                  failure to take specified preventive measure are punishable with fine upto
 been selected for special Award for           Rs. 5000/- under Delhi Municipal Corporation (Malaria & other vector
 their meritorious service:                    Born Diseases) By-laws, 1975.
                                               This is for information concerned.
 1. Sh. Khilab Singh,
    60079 Head Cook, Zanskar.                                   Chairman, JAM 2007
                                                       and Vice-Chairman JAM 2007 Appointed
 2. Mrs Bishambri Devi,
    60133 Masalchi, Kailash.              The Director is pleased to appoint the following as Chairman & Vice-Chairman,
                                          JAM 2007 :
 3. Sh. Vijay Naudiyal,
    60144 Cook Helper, Jwalamukhi.        1.    Prof. T.C. Kandpal                 : Chairman, JAM - 2007
 4. Sh. Neem Lal,                               Vice-Chairman, JAM-2006
    60081 Cook-II, Satpura.                     and
                                                Chairman, GATE-2007
 5. Sh. Bhupendra Dutt,
                                          2.    Prof. S.N. Singh                   : Vice-Chairman, JAM-2007
    60155 Cook Helper, Karakoram.
                                                Vice-Chairman, GATE-2007

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