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									                              Fire Rescue News
                              V O L U M E      2   I S S U E    4                                     S E P T E M B E R     2 0 0 6

                          North Battalion News

•      Support            The North Battalion has re-          of months paid off the night       Just after dispatch, E-10 and R-10
       Services has
                          mained ever vigilante with con-      of August 12 when everything       diverted to a confirmed structure
                          tinuing education as proven by       fell apart. A summer after-        fire with flames showing in the
       both new
                          activities over the past three       noon thunderstorm swept            Marsh Landing subdivision. Due
       projects and
                          months. Considerable time has        through the Ponte Vedra area       to all the other apparatus respond-
       a new home.
                          been spent primarily training on     with heavy lightning striking      ing to the commercial structure
•      Notes from
                          rope technician, hazardous ma-       all over. Just after the storm     fire, E-10 and R-10 were respond-
                          terials, and extrication disci-      hit, E-1, L-1, E-10, R-10, and     ing with automatic mutual aid from
       the Chief
                          plines. At least once a month, in    B-1 were all paged to a com-       Jacksonville Beach. While E-1 and
•      Fire Rescue        cooperation with the Training        mercial structure fire with        L-1 were dealing with a gas station
                          Division the crews have been         reports of smoke inside the        full of smoke, E-10 and R-10 were
                          able to demonstrate these disci-     structure.                         dealing with an 8000 square foot
                          plines at the FCTI grounds per-                                         residence full of smoke. Besides E-
       in regional
                          forming drills or going to the                                          10, R-10, L-1, E-1, B-1, County 2,
       USAR train-
                          junkyard and cutting apart cars.                                        Rehab/Air-10, Jax Beach E-22, and
                          Vertical and horizontal stokes                                          the Jax Beach ladder. Crews from
                          lowering and rope transfers and                                         E-18, E-12, Sqd-17, and R-17 also
                          chorine emergencies are only                                            paid a visit. As it happens, both
                          an example of the drills con-                                           incidents were mitigated with mini-
INSIDE                    ducted.                                                                 mal damage to the occupancies and
THIS ISSUE:                                                                                       of course no injuries to any of the
                          Speaking of training, all fire                                          crews on scene.
    From the                                                        Rope Training in progress
                      2   training over the past couple
    Chief’s Desk

    QA Corner         2
                          Support Services is Keeping Busy
                          In case you’ve missed us, the        The Union membership has            Also, the donation of sick time to
    News from the     3
    Field                 EMS billing office has moved         recently approved the articles      the Union Time Pool, cleaning up
                          to the Dispatch Depot (3149          that were reopened this year in     of some language in the Holiday
    Special Events 3      Ponce de Leon Blvd.) Suites 9        contract negotiations. Changes      Time article, and increasing the
    “Its MDA Time         & 10, which are on the far right     for FY07 include a 4% Cost of       Paramedic Certification Pay to
    Again”                side of the complex. This move       Living Adjustment in addition       $1.00/hour.
                          was necessitated by the growth       to your merit step increase that
    Operations        4   of the County, with Personnel        accompanies your annual
                          and Risk Management waiting          evaluation of effective.            On the budget front, we are in
                          to move into the building we                                             good shape after facing several
                          just vacated, so that the Court                                          rounds of cuts. All requests for
                          can move some of their staff in                                          critical equipment and supplies
                          to Personnel’s old digs. The                                             have survived. Other highlights of
                          move was practice for us, as we                                          the FY2007 budget include a new
                          anticipate moving the entire                                             Quint, a new Ambulance, new
                          Department into our new Ad-                                              Extrication Equipment, 2 new
                          ministrative Headquarters in                                             (replacement) Engines, 28 new
                          about 18 months.                                                         firefighters, a new training officer
                                                                                                   and 2 new Inspectors.
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                            From The Chief’s Desk
                              Fire Station Construction Update
                           Some projects seem to take an         I am finally getting closer to      have been included in this
                           eternity to bring to fruition, so     vacating my double-wide. Plans      year’s budget.
                           finally seeing our construction       for the new Fire Rescue Head-
                           projects moving is heavenly.          quarters at FCTI are complete       Currently, negotiations for
                           (Get it?) Behind the scenes ef-       and construction should begin in    properties at Pine Island Road
                           forts are paying off and you          November. If the project stays      and US 1 North, Watson Road
                           can, and will see a lot happen-       on schedule, completion is          and US 1 South and property on
                           ing in the years to come.             scheduled for November of           a new road in the northwest that
                                                                 2007. The building will be built    hasn’t even been built yet are
                           If you haven’t been north on          to hurricane standards and has      currently underway. And fi-
SJCFR Chief,               A1A lately, take a ride. The          been verified to be at 33 feet      nally, those assigned to Stations
Robert V. Hall Jr.         new Station 9 is well under           above sea level.                    5, 6 and 10, do not loose faith,
                           construction and completion is                                            because there is hope for a bet-
                           planned for the fall. I under-        If fishing surfing and the beach    ter life. I have met with an ar-
                           stand that requests for this sta-     isn’t your thing, then consider a   chitect and your renovation
                           tion have already begun and a         round of golf following your        plans are in progress. So load
                           few unethical bribes have al-         shift at the World Golf Village.    the family in the car and take a
                           ready been rejected by several        The plans for this station are      ride. There’s a lot happening
                           battalion chiefs. Fishing, surf-      complete and construction is        beyond your station.
                           ing and other amenities are           expected to begin in November.
                           available prior to and immedi-        The staffing, rescue and quint,
                           ately following your shift.

                             QA Corner from Lt. Leddy
                              The Zoll system is in full swing. It                                     some documentation errors—
                              has been a fairly smooth transition                                      Officers review those reports be-
                              with some bumps in the road, and                                         fore syncing!!
                              the occasional pot hole. Over this
                              past quarter, the overall Quality                                        The Patient Assessment training has
                              Assurance is looking better. Reports                                     been going very well. We will con-
                              are being reviewed faster and more                                       tinue to work on this important foun-
                              efficiently as everyone is getting into                                  dation skill. This is a company func-
                              the rhythm of the system with the                                        tion, so train and review this skill at
                              exceptions of some glitches. The QA                                      your station. I will be sending out an
                              communications reporting flow                                            evaluation form in the near future,
                              sheet between Billing and the QA                                         please fill it out to help better the
                              Office is working very well. The                                         training you are receiving and to
                              past quarter, the QA office saw                                          help improve the training officers. It
                              less peer reviews; this is good                                          has been a fun training session!!
                              news. We are doing things right.                                         Any suggestions for further medical
                              Keep It Up!! We are still having                                         training are always welcome.

                FIRE     RESCUE     NEWS
  VOLUME           2   ISSUE       4                                                                                                     PAGE          3

  Fire Rescue Participates in Regional USAR Training
  Florida Light Technical Rescue Team 316                                                    all completed in the blistering heat of July and
  (LTRT-316) is the designation given to us by                                               August at the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue
  the state of Florida for our Urban Search and                                              (JFRD) training academy.
  Rescue Team (USAR). The state requires
  that we maintain a roster of at least 18 peo-                                              The classes were hosted by Jacksonville Fire and
  ple, with the ability to deploy personnel when                                             Rescue’s Task Force 5 USAR team at Florida
  the need arises. Currently we have 19 certi-                                               Community College of Jacksonville (FCCJ). All
  fied members on roster with more on track to                                               personnel that attended both gained a new per-
  complete the required training in the near                                                 spective in the aspects of technical rescue as well
  future.                                                                                    as an opportunity to hone some of the skills they
                                                                                             already know.
  During the last quarter, 12 more people con-
  tinued the steps in completing the rigorous
  training set forth by the State of Florida.
  Over the past 2 months, these people have
  completed 3 of the 5 required classes. Con-          SJCFR participates in both con-
                                                       fined space and extreme-case          Note: Special thanks to SJCFR Lt. Hank Epperson for
  fined space rescue, trench rescue and heavy                                                his contribution to this story both editorial and
                                                       extrication training as part of the
  vehicle machinery extrication. These were                                                  through pictures.
                                                       USAR series.

 Get Ready to “Fill the Boot” for MDA
Well guess what, its time to      Firefighters have partnered with the                                         This year we will have personnel
“Fill the Boot” for the MDA.      MDA for the past 50 years. SJCFR                                             stationed at the intersections listed
                                  supports the MDA by allowing our                                             below.
Each year the department          members to collect while on duty                                             • A1A and Solano Rd.
participates in several differ- and display fire apparatus. It bene-                                           • A1A South and SR 312
ent charity programs in the       fits our department by allowing us to
county, but probably the most join with a worthy well known
                                                                                                               • Main St. and SR 207
visible and well know one is      cause. Overall, the partnership al-                                          • SR 13 and Racetrack Rd.
the “Boot Drive” to benefit the lows the community to see that we                                              • I-95 and CR 210
Muscular Dystrophy Associa- not only save lives through our ef-                                                • SR 16 and US 1
tion (MDA).                       forts as a profession, but also       Eng. David Franklin working            • Old Moultrie Rd. and SR 312
                                  through our involvement with the      hard for the MDA                       We will be at these locations Sept.
So September 1-3 from             MDA.                                                                         1-3 2006. Contact Mike Dietrich
9AM—2PM St. Johns County                                                                                       for exact times at the locations
Firefighters will line the street                                       The MDA provides multiple ser-         and for on duty scheduling infor-
corners of numerous intersec-                                           vices to those suffering from neuro-   mation.
tions around SJC in an effort                                           muscular disease on the First Coast.
to raise funds for the MDA.                                             They provide assistance with wheel-    Last year SJCFR raised $38,000
                                                                        chairs and communication devices,      for the MDA. This year we have
The MDA coordinator for                                                 clinics at Nemours Children’s Hos-     raised that goal to a very attain-
SJCFR is Eng. Mike Dietrich,                                            pital and Mayo Clinic and, of course   able $45,000, although since we
who has been working hard                                               the MDA summer camp.                   did not have a spring drive, we are
with the MDA and Chief Hall                                                                                    really going to have to work hard
over the past few weeks to get                                          So this year make sure you make        this Labor Day weekend to make
all the details in line for this  Eng RJ Sluman does his part in time, both while on duty, and also            it happen.
years boot drive.                 support of the MDA.                   while off duty to “Fill the Boot”.
                                                                                                               Good Luck and BE SAFE!!
       St. Johns County Fire Rescue
       4455 Avenue A Suite 100
       Phone: 904-209-1700
       Fax: 904-209-1716
                                                            SJCFR Lt. Marc Grabert during a training
                                                                burn in the FCTI burn building.

             Operations Update “District Assignments?”
                       Each year at this time, goals and    of job proficiency through dis-   one apparatus? Can you main-
                       objectives are developed within      trict assignments. But what does tain learned skills without ever
                       the Operations Section for the       this mean?                        seeing the right tools or appa-
                       new FY. These goals help to                                            ratus? Slow stations versus
                       keep us on track, providing a        Simple, the expectation placed    busy stations—do they provide
                       framework of productivity that is    upon us by the citizens we serve the same level of opportunity?
                       easily measured. Some of the         is for a FULL service, multi-     Our department today has the
                       goals that we set at the beginning   dimensional, multi-tasking de-    ability to develop a strong
                       of FY 06 include:                    partment that can skillfully han- two-dimensional, primary mis-
                       • Add additional firefighters        dle their bad day, no matter the sion approach in EMS and
                            to specific engines.            reason. Understand this—no        firefighting throughout Opera-
SJCFR Operations       • Ensure officer accountabil-        public safety agency today can    tions using a district assign-
Chief, Carl Shank           ity.                            have a one-dimensional ap-        ment concept. Additional ele-
                       • Emphasis on the safety of          proach to protecting the public. ments such as hazmat, USAR,
                            our personnel.                                                    extrication, tanker support,
                       • Utilization of grant money         Considering the concept of        aerial ladders and marine res-
                            to purchase new SCBA’s.         multi-dimensions, conventional cue will add depth, and pro-
                       • Job proficiency through            wisdom should tell you that if    vide avenues for you to branch
                            district assignments.           you don’t use your skills, you    out in your profession. Never
                       You get the general idea, with       lose them. Your two primary job before has their been this
                       these being only a few of the        elements are medical provider     much opportunity to broaden
                       many goals we have set and           and firefighter. Can you really   and enhance all areas of our
                       strived to achieve in FY06. One      achieve your highest potential    department.
                       of the goals mentioned consisted     for both elements working on

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