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                               Fulbright Visit to McDonald

                                    January 20, 2008

Dear All, Soooooooo many things to share ka….but I’ll try to stay calm and let you
know why na ka.

At first, I wanted to tell you what I experienced going to schools in Ubon but that
could come later as I was so very impressed with McDonald management that it’s
become my priority for this email ka. I’d have to break the story in several emails, so
it won’t be far too long ka.

A bit about our own background –why we went to visit McDonald na ka:

It was because we wanted to strengthen alumni-grantee ties in the ‘Fulbright’ way,
which means it should be any activity that isn’t common to join in. It must spark
learning, ignite ideas and comments, and be fun. Of equal importance is an
activity that will also benefit the person/ company who is our host ka.

I personally know the Managing Director (Khun Thanin) who’s kindly agreed to spare
his Saturday morning to be with us, giving us a briefing and sharing his
management views with us while allowing us to visit a kitchen to see what actually
went on behind the counter ka.

What happened Saturday morning of Jan 19?

20 participants showed up…they all paid 100 baht for the lunch (which in fact was
complimentary but we collected it anyway and gave it to MD as donation to the
McDonald Foundation)

Khun Thanin came with his two key persons (Khun Saichon and Khun Sirisak),
one talking about the myths of McDonald and its branding efforts while the
other stressed on training. The three sure talked with great passion ka! Several
other people there including key person of ‘McCafe’ and ‘Event’ staff, the latter
giving us great service and warm hospitality.

What impressed me most?

In fact, it’s real difficult to digest all the information. I made a big mistake for not
taking any note as the slides were ‘for reading only’ ngai ka. Anyway, the more I
listened to the presentations, the more I thought about TQA and our own efforts on
quality improvement so let me do it ‘My little TQA way’ na ka.

My Little TQA Way

Alignment of the policies—As McDonald is a worldwide business (under QSR
Quick Service Restaurant), they have a common framework for all to follow….their

  FBKSharing is a knowledge sharing forum with the purpose of purely providing food for
thought for its members, not of commercialization.
priority on food standards, cleanliness, and people. Yet, they have flexibility for
each country to adjust some of the things to better respond to each context.

You may see and hear ‘I’m loving it’…we learned that ‘it’ means McDonald wishes
to give great ‘food’, ‘moment’ and ‘feeling’ for its customers. It focuses on their
customers and offer ‘experience’ for them.

Products—Their main products are hamburgers that must be of the same type
and taste everywhere in the country/ the world. To ensure that their products
meet the standard set, their partnership with their suppliers is unbelievable. For
example, Farm House which supplies buns for the burgers, will have to go through
the processes required by McDonald. McDonald would require a review of
Farmhouse’s financial status (to be sure that Farmhouse wouldn’t go out of
business which could seriously affect the Mc business!) It has to ‘pass’ the audit
given by McDonald as well.

The company also has regular checks of its products. Every year or two, there’s a
mission called, ‘Product Cutter’, in which ‘burger experts—my own term ka’, bring
burgers into the country to be prepared and then compare the tastes with those
made by its local restaurants here….scrutinizing the taste and ingredients in
detail, from lettuce to meat to see if the ingredients used are of the standard,
including the level of saltiness and others.

Pen ngai ka? Interesting laew mai ka? I know it’s getting long so I stop here and will
talk more in my next email about its services ka.



                                 January 23, 2008

Hi, again ka. As promised, in this email, I’ll share with you what McDonald has done
about their services ka.

Services—McDonald values the services as it sees that their products could be
quite similar to others but services would make the difference.

They’ve started their delivery, no matter how small the order is….even just one
cone of ice-cream but would charge 20 baht for the service. They’ll soon start
‘breakfast delivery’, when you can call before you reach your office and once there,
breakfast is ready for you ka. Khun Thanin said if the order is over 10,000 baht, the
Chairman of McThai will personally deliver the order ka! It’s a real ‘Wow’ for me
loei la ka.

Service quality checks—Every day, the employees have their templates to check
their own performances. Their manager could check their performance informally
and formally. The headquarters (they call it ‘Restaurant Support Center’ to show
their role as supporter, not boss!! good one na ka!) could send a team to
check the performance too. They also have ‘Mystery shoppers’ who could be
unknown to all in the restaurant. They’re hired full-time to visit all Mc restaurants,
observing how the overall services are given. This group could be of different age
and sex ka.
Immediately, I thought of our IQA and EQA but we may need to have this ‘Mystery
Quality Checker’ na ka.

Two other aspects they give great importance to are recruitment and training ka.

Recruitment --Their hiring process is quite extensive ka. For work crew, the
slogan is ‘hire to smile’. They look for people who’re friendly and can work in team.
For management level, the slogan is ‘hire to win’, putting emphasis on more
challenging side of the assignments.

The interview takes one hour with some questions posed for the interviewees to
share their stories especially about their reactions when working together, how they
spend their time, etc.

Training-- All of them have to understand the nature of the business well enough
from the first day, especially ‘I’m loving it’ (. There’re two orientations, one at the
beginning of their work, and the other 30 days after that so as to ensure that they fit
for their jobs. They’ll go through some sort of probation with ‘OJE’—on-the-job

The management, no matter what level, will have to go through extensive training
from cleaning the floor and restrooms to making fries and burgers. Khun Thanin got
this training already before he actually started his job ka. This level will also get
training from Hamburger University to learn more specific issues. Too bad they
only limit to their own employees. Otherwise, otherwise….know what I thought!! I
think many of you might have guessed it right! I’d be the first one to enroll ka!

Let me talk about employee engagement, customers, and social responsibility in
my next one which should be the last in this series na ka.


Porntip who’s still very sanuk from this visit ka

                                   January 24, 2008

Dear All, Last one about McDonald and for this week na ka....if I didn't have to go to
Sukhothai tomorrow, there might be another mail na ka as there seems to be quite a
few discussion points:))

I’d like to share with you what McDonald has done about its employees and social
responsibility ka.

Employee satisfaction and engagement—What is wonderful also is how they
boost their people’s motivation and creativity. I was very curious ka…as every step
of the work seems to be so very standardized, I wasn’t sure how robotic the work
crew could become na ka. They brainstormed to arrive at their ‘culture’ of ‘STEPUP’
which is from Sanook @ work, Team to win, Exceed customers’ expectations,
People, Ultimate ownership, Passion to win. The employees have the freedom to
suggest and do what is best for their restaurant with the support of their management.
Khun Thanin said the management is an upside down pyramid as the employees
are the ones doing the frontline work and so the management sees themselves as
those underneath who must give support to these people. His team confirmed
that it’s crucial that they themselves serve as good examples…..hands-on, tending to
customers’ different needs without having to ask their sub-ordinates to do it (like
some we commonly see in different bureaucratic offices??)

The staffers rotate to do different functions so they won’t get bored and at the
same time will be able to replace each other in case of sickness. They do have a
clear career path if they choose to stay on with the company. One of the people who
briefed us was there as management trainee until he is now manager who has to
take care of a few restaurants. He said he didn’t think of staying for long but the
training patterns struck him so much that he then aimed to be training manager...and
he achieved it….I was crazy enough to tell him to aim to be MD in the future. Good
thing Khun Thanin wasn’t around! Well! in fact, the current worldwide boss
stepped up from working as trainee na ka.

Customers-- They’ve changed the interior designs to suit different groups of
people in different locations. They offer wi-fi for all and even with one coffee or
none, the customers can sit there all day. Anyone’s free to use their restrooms
which are cleaned all day, using the standard cleaning liquid from the US. I
commented a bit about the smell as it didn’t seem to be ‘hi-so’ but when I was told of
the reason, my suggestion changed to say that ‘perhaps it’d be nice to post on the
wall what is used for what reason’ which will definitely impress the users.

Social responsibility—Though McDonald worldwide has its programs and activities,
especially helping kids in difficult situations, McThai also has its own initiative, yet
keeping the concept aligned with the Headquarters. In Thailand, it’ll have a
mobile unit to offer health services to people. They’ve already invested in an activity
room in some hospitals for sick kids (kids with heart operations). As they offer
mainly toys, I think it’d be nice for our alumni and grantees to help with reading as
well…..will see how I can sell the idea ka!

Personally, I think the way they select toys could be considered as another side of
social responsibility. You don’t just buy anything to show people that you’ve
donated a lot na ka….instead, all the toys they use both in donation and in their
restaurants have to pass through some globally certified agencies ka.

An important component of all the tasks in all the work processes and
management na ka—they research, they discuss and review work regularly
based on facts and sharing within and beyond the country ka.

One last thing ka….the three who briefed to us talked with passion mak mak ka!

The overall experience was great as our evaluation results showed that all attended
were very pleased and I shared the results with Khun Thanin too.

We’d love to learn more about their actions on the following: training, data and
information collection process as well as its loop of utilization and improvement,
PR on promotion of right exercise for the food consumed and selection of food
(not go for same old thing for far too often in a week), balance between work and
life of staff, and what they do to exceed their customers’ expectations.

Many ideas, what about lots of 'DO' ka?
I still have several little things but guess it’s time to draw this curtain to a close dee
gwa na ka.

Hope you find my sharing interesting and useful ka.


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