Drug AbuSe and CrIMe by hkksew3563rd


									The Library of
Drug AbuSe and
Series Editor:

MAngAI nATArAjAn, John Jay College of Criminal Justice,
City University of New York, USA
Many countries around the world find themselves
grappling with problems of drug abuse. International
collaborative efforts and policies have been mostly
geared to obstructing the supply of drugs, while
efforts to control demand have been left to national
governments. Meanwhile, in recent decades extensive
programmes have been funded to research the
etiology and epidemiology of drug abuse as well as
the drugs-crime relationship.
The increase in drugs-related research is reflected
in this series which collects the most significant
published articles and papers on the sociology and
criminology of drug abuse. The journal articles are
selected from a variety of relevant disciplines including
economics, sociology, psychology, criminology, criminal justice, medicine and social work, and are
all peer reviewed. The articles provide a thorough review of recent literature, an intellectual critique
of the relevant studies and identify gaps in research and policy relating to drug abuse and crime.
Taken together, the three volumes offer an invaluable resource to students and scholars interested in
all aspects of drug abuse and crime.

                                      TiTles in The series:

                                      • Volume 1: Drugs of Abuse: The International Scene

                                      • Volume 2: Drugs and Crime

                                      • Volume 3: Drug Abuse: Prevention and Treatment

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The Library of Drug Abuse and Crime

NEW                                                                                           NEW
Drugs of Abuse:                                                                               Drugs and Crime
The International Scene                                                                       Volume II
Volume I                                                                                      Edited by Mangai natarajan, John Jay College of
                                                                                              Criminal Justice, City University of New York, USA
Edited by Mangai natarajan, John Jay College of
Criminal Justice, City University of New York, USA                                            The Library of Drug Abuse and Crime
The Library of Drug Abuse and Crime                                                           The essays in this volume consider the many and
                                                                                              complex ways in which drugs and crime could be
The essays in this volume highlight drug abuse as a                                           related beyond the simple causal link between drug
worldwide problem, affecting countries in both the                                            dependency and crime.
developed and developing world.
                                                                                              Contents and Contributors inClude:
Contents and Contributors inClude:
                                                                                              Part i the drugs-Crime ConneCtion:
Part i drug abuse in the develoPing World:
Reawakening the dragon: changing patterns of opiate use in Asia, with particular              drug abuse and Crime:
emphasis on China’s Yunnan Province, Clyde B. McCoy, H. Virginia McCoy,                       Drugs and crime revisited,
             Shenghan Lai, Zhinuan Yu, Xue-ren Wang and Jie Meng                                          Scott Menard, Sharon Mihalic and David Huizinga
Factors associated with recent-onset injection drug use among drug users in                   Addiction careers and criminal specialization,
Pakistan, Irene Kuo, Salman Ul-Hasan, Tariq Zafar, Noya Galai, Susan G. Sherman                           David Farabee, Vandana Joshi and M. Douglas Anglin
             and Steffanie A. Strathdee                                                       The relationship between drug use and crime: a puzzle inside an enigma,
Review of injection drug use in 6 African countries: Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria,                    Mark Simpson
South Africa and Tanzania, Sarah Dewing, Andreas Plüddemann, Bronwyn J. Myers                 The association between multiple drug misuse and crime,
             and Charles D.H. Parry                                                                       Trevor Bennett and Katy Holloway
Substance abuse among Czech adolescents: an overview of trends in the                         The 3-metros study of drugs and crime in South Africa: findings and policy
international context, Ladislav Csemy, Pavla Lejcková and Petr Sadílek                        implications,
Trends in production, trafficking, and consumption of methamphetamine and cocaine                         Charles D.H. Parry, Andreas Plüddemann, Antoinette Louw and Ted Leggett.
in Mexico, Kimberley C. Brouwer, Patricia Case, Rebeca Ramos, Carlos Magis-Rodríguez,         drug abuse and Juvenile delinquenCy:
             Jesus Bucardo, Thomas L. Patterson and Steffanie A. Strathdee                    Testing a longitudinal model of the relationships among high risk youths’ drug sales,
Ecstasy use in South Africa: findings from the South African community                        drug use and participation in index crimes,
epidemiology network on drug use (SACENDU) project (January 1997–December                                  Richard Dembo, Werner Wothke, William Seeberger, Marina Shemwell,
2001), Andreas Plüddemann, Charles D.H. Parry, Bronwyn Myers and Arvin Bhana                               Kimberly Pacheco, Matthew Rollie, James Schmeidler, Stephen Livingston
Household survey on drug abuse in Brazil: study involving 107 major cities of the                          and Amy Hartsfield
country – 2001,                                                                               Antisocial behavior among young Australians while under the influence of illicit
             José Carlos F. Galduróz, Ana Regina Noto, Solange A. Nappo and E.A. Carlini.     drugs,
Part ii the emergenCe of neW drugs and Poly drug use:                                                      Ian McAllister and Toni Makkai
The prevalence of methamphetamine and amphetamine abuse in North America:                     The effects of substance use on specific types of criminal offending in young men,
a review of the indicators, 1992–2007, Jane Carlisle Maxwell and Beth A. Rutkowski                         John W. Welte, Lening Zhang and William F. Wieczorek
Concurrent use of methamphetamine, MDMA, LSD, ketamine, GHB and                               Aggressive behavior and opportunities to purchase drugs,
flunitrazepam among American youths,                                                                       Marsha F. Rosenberg and James C. Anthony.
               Li-Tzy Wu, William E. Schlenger and Deborah M. Galvin                          drug abuse, violenCe and viCtimization:
Towards an explanation of subjective ketamine experiences among young injection               Methamphetamine use, self-reported violent crime and recidivism among offenders in
drug users, Stephen E. Lankenau, Bill Sanders, Jennifer Jackson Bloom and Dodi Hathazi        California who abuse substances,
Illicit opioid use and its key characteristics: a select overview and evidence from a                     Jerome Cartier, David Farabee and Michael L. Prendergast
Canadian multisite cohort of illicit opioid users (OPICAN),                                   Drug abuse and partner volence among women in methadone treatment,
               Benedikt Fischer, Michelle Firestone Cruz and Jürgen Rehm                                  Nabila El-Bassel, Louisa Gilbert, Robert Schilling and Takeshi Wada;
Trends in ecstasy use in the United States from 1995 to 2001: comparison with                 A 2-year longitudinal analysis of the relationships between violent assault and
marijuana users and association with other drug use,                                          substance use in women,
               Silvia S. Martins, Guido Mazzotti and Howard D. Chilcoat.                                  Dean G. Kilpatrick, Ron Acierno, Heidi S. Resnick, Benjamin E. Saunders
Part iii the normalization thesis and gateWay drugs:                                                      and Connie L. Best
Normalization Thesis:                                                                         Sex work and drug use in a subculture of violence,
The normalization of ‘sensible’ recreational drug use: further evidence from the North                    Hilary L. Surratt, James A. Inciardi, Stephen P. Kurtz and Marion C. Kiley.
West England longitudinal study, Howard Parker, Lisa Williams and Judith Aldridge             Part ii drug Crimes:
Is Hong Kong experiencing normalization of adolescent drug use? Some reflections              drug traffiCking and drug distribution:
on the normalization thesis, Nicole W.T. Cheung and Yuet W. Cheung                            Varieties of drug trafficking organizations: a typology of cases prosecuted in New York
Beyond ‘peer pressure’: rethinking drug use and ‘youth culture’, Hilary Pilkington            City,
Normal drug use: ethnographic fieldwork among an adult network of recreational                             Mangai Natarajan and Mathieu Belanger
drug users in inner London, Geoffrey Pearson                                                  Flexible hierarchies and dynamic disorder: the drug distribution system in Frankfurt
Gateway Drugs:                                                                                and Milan,
Stages of progression in drug involvement from adolescence to adulthood: further                           Letizia Paoli
evidence for the gateway theory, Denise B. Kandel, Kazuo Yamaguchi and Kevin Chen             Understanding the structure of a large heroin distribution network: a quantitative
Cannabis use and other illicit drug use: testing the cannabis gateway hypothesis,             analysis of qualitative data,
             David M. Fergusson, Joseph M. Boden and L. John Horwood                                       Mangai Natarajan
Variation in youthful risks of progression from alcohol and tobacco to marijuana and          King pin? A case study of a middle market drug broker,
to hard drugs across generations, Andrew Golub and Bruce D. Johnson                                        Geoffrey Pearson and Dick Hobbs
Ecstasy and gateway drugs: initiating the use of ecstasy and other drugs,                     British South Asian communities and drug supply networks in the UK: a qualitative
             Lesley W. Reid, Kirk W. Elifson and Claire E. Sterk.                             study,
Part iv methodologiCal develoPments in researChing drug abuse:                                             Vincenzo Ruggiero and Kazim Khan
Changing patterns of ‘drug abuse’ in the United States: connecting findings from              From Cali to Rotterdam: perceptions of Colombian cocaine traffickers on the Dutch
macro- and microepidemiologic studies, Zili Sloboda                                           port,
An ethno-epidemiological model for the study of trends in illicit drug use: reflections                    Damián Zaitch.
on the ‘emergence’ of crack injection, Michael C. Clatts, Dorinda L. Welle,                   drug markets and loCal level dealing:
              Lloyd A. Goldsamt and Stephen E. Lankenau                                       Investigating the connections between race, illicit drug markets, and lethal violence,
Rapid assessment and response: methods for developing public health responses to              1984– 1997,
drug problems, Gerry V. Stimson, Chris Fitch, Tim Rhodes and Andrew Ball                                   Graham C. Ousey and Matthew R. Lee
Computerized projection of future heroin epidemics: a necessity for the 21st century?,        Street-level drug market activity in Sydney’s primary heroin markets: organization,
              Jason Ditton and Martin Frischer                                                adulteration practices, pricing, marketing and violence,
Capture-recapture estimates of the local and national prevalence of problem drug use                       Ross Coomber and Lisa Maher
in Scotland, Gordon Hay and Maria Gannon                                                      The effect of a reduction in heroin supply in Australia upon drug distribution and
Typologies of drug dependence: comparative validity of a multivariate and 4                   acquisitive crime,
univariate models, Debasish Basu, Samuel A. Ball, Richard Feinn, Joel Gelernter                            Louisa Degenhardt, Elizabeth Conroy, Stuart Gilmour and Linette Collins
              and Henry R. Kranzler                                                           What drug dealers tell us about their costs of doing business,
Illicit drug use research in Latin America: epidemiology, service use, and HIV,                            Jonathan P. Caulkins, Bruce Johnson, Angela Taylor and Lowell Taylor.
              Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, María Elena Medina-Mora, Cristina G. Magaña,
                                                                                              Name Index
              William A. Vega, Christina Alejo-Garcia, Tania Real Quintanar, Lucía Vazquez,
              Patricia D. Ballesteros, Juan Ibarra and Heidi Rosales                          InCLuDeS 23 PrevIouSLy PubLISheD journAL ArTICLeS
Investigating how decisions to use marijuana change over time,                                MArCh 2010      510 PAgeS hArDbACk    978-0-7546-2772-2                £140.00 / $275.00
              Rashi K. Shukla and Margaret S. Kelley.
Name Index
InCLuDeS 28 PrevIouSLy PubLISheD journAL ArTICLeS
MArCh 2010      480 PAgeS hArDbACk    978-0-7546-2769-2                  £140.00 / $275.00
The Library of Drug Abuse and Crime

Drug Abuse: Prevention and Treatment                                                                 Part iv reduCing addiCtion through treatment and rehabilitation:
                                                                                                     The effectiveness of drug abuse treatment: a meta-analysis of comparison
Volume III                                                                                           group studies,
Edited by Mangai natarajan, John Jay College of                                                            Michael L. Prendergast, Deborah Podus, Eunice Chang and Darren Urada
Criminal Justice, City University of New York, USA                                                   Different needs: women’s drug use and treatment in the UK,
                                                                                                           Mark Simpson and Julie McNulty
The Library of Drug Abuse and Crime                                                                  Assessing sex differences on treatment effectiveness from the Drug Abuse
The essays in this volume review world-wide policies to                                              Treatment Outcome Study (DATOS),
control, prevent and treat drug abuse, assess their outcomes                                               Suddhasatta Acharyya and Heping Zhang
and compare different strategies.                                                                    Behavioral treatment approaches for methamphetamine dependence and HIV-
Contents and Contributors inClude:                                                                   related sexual risk behaviors among urban gay and bisexual men,
                                                                                                           Steven Shoptaw, Cathy J. Reback, James A. Peck, Xiaowei Yang,
Introduction                                                                                               Erin Rotheram-Fuller, Sherry Larkins, Rosemary C. Veniegas, Thomas E. Freese
Part i reduCing suPPly:                                                                                    and Christopher Hucks-Ortiz
Evaluating explanations of the Australian ‘heroin shortage’,                                  Drug user treatment within a criminal justice context, Mike Hough
             Loisa Degenhardt, Peter Reuter, Linette Collins and Wayne Hall                   Substance use, drug treatment and crime: an examination of intra-individual variation
Changes in Canadian heroin supply coinciding with the Australian heroin shortage,             in a drug court population,
             Evan Wood, Jo-Anne Stoltz, Kathy Li, Julio Montaner and Thomas Kerr                           Denise C. Gottfredson, Brook W. Kearley and Shawn D. Bushway.
Strategies to avoid arrest: crack sellers’ response to intensified policing,                  Part v drug PoliCy and PresCriPtions:
             Bruce D. Johnson and Mangai Natarajan                                            To legalize or not to legalize? Economic approaches to the decriminalization of drugs,
A spatial analysis of green teams: a tactical response to marijuana production in                          Anne Line Bretteville-Jensen
British Columbia,                                                                             The economics of drug prohibition and drug legalization,
             Aili E. Malm and George E. Tita                                                               Jeffrey A. Miron
Police officers on drug corners in Philadelphia: drug crime, and violent crime:               Drug policy developments within the European Union: the destabilizing effects of
intended, diffusion, and displacement impacts,                                                Dutch and Swedish drug policies,
             Brian A. Lawton, Ralph B. Taylor and Anthony J. Luongo                                        Caroline Chatwin
The multilateralization of policing: the case of illicit synthetic drug control,              Interpreting Dutch cannabis policy: reasoning by analogy in the legalization debate,
             Adrian Cherney, Juani O’Reilly and Peter Grabosky.                                            Robert MacCoun and Peter Reuter
Part ii reduCing demand:                                                                      Optimal control of drug epidemics: prevent and treat – but not at the same time?,
Reports of substance abuse prevention programming available in schools,                                    Doris A. Behrens, Jonathan P. Caulkins, Gernot Tragler and Gustav Feichtinger.
            Zili Sloboda, Amod Pyakuryal, Peggy C. Stephens, Brent Teasdale,                  Name Index
            David Forrest, Richard C. Stephens and Scott F. Grey                              InCLuDeS 29 PrevIouSLy PubLISheD journAL ArTICLeS
Promoting science-based prevention in communities,
                                                                                              MArCh 2010      500 PAgeS hArDbACk    978-0-7546-2775-3                     £140.00 / $275.00
            J. David Hawkins, Richard F. Catalano and Michael W. Arthur
aith-based prevention model: a rural African-American case study,
            Adam E. Barry, Mary S. Sutherland and Gregory J. Harris
Assessing the effects of school based drug-education: a 6-year multilevel analysis of
Project DARE,
            Dennis P. Rosenbaum and Gordon S. Hanson
Effectiveness of community-based outreach in preventing HIV/AIDS among injecting              	               	            	                                                              	
drug users, Richard H. Needle, Dave Burrows, Samuel R. Friedman, Jimmy Dorabjee,                   3-volume Series
            Graziele Touzé, Larissa Badrieva, Jean-Paul Grund,
            Munirathinam Suresh Kumar, Luciano Nigro, Greg Manning and Carl Latkin
                                                                                                   Special offer:
Evaluation of a media campaign aimed at preventing initiation into drug injection                  save up to £82.50/
among street youth,
            Élise Roy, Véronique Denis, Natalia Gutiérrez, Nancy Haley,                            $150.00!
            Carole Morissette and Jean-François Boudreau.
Part iii reduCing the harms or risks assoCiated With drug abuse:                                   This series is
HIV incidence among injection drug users in New York City, 1990 to 2002: use of
serologic test algorithm to assess expansion of HIV prevention services,                           available at a
             Don C. Des Jarlais, Theresa Perlis, Kamyar Arasteh, Lucia V. Torian,
             Sara Beatrice, Judith Milliken, Donna Mildvan, Stanley Yancovitz
                                                                                                   special offer price
             and Samuel R. Friedman                                                                if you purchase the complete series of 3 volumes
Patterns of HIV prevalence and HIV risk behaviors among injection drug users prior to
and 24 months following implementation of cross-border HIV prevention interventions
                                                                                                   (as opposed to buying each volume separately),
in Northern Vietnam and Southern China,                                                            enabling you to save £45.00/$75.00
             Theodore M. Hammett, Ryan Kling, Patrick Johnston, Wei Liu, Doan Ngu,
             Patricia Friedmann, Kieu Thanh Binh, Ha Viet Dong, Ly Kieu Van,
             Meng Donghua, Yi Chen and Don C. Des Jarlais                                          You can make an even bigger saving by ordering
Full participation in harm reduction programmes is associated with decreased risk
for human immunodeficiency virus and hepatitis C virus: evidence from Amsterdam
                                                                                                   the 3 volume series at the website price of £337.50/
cohort studies among drug users,                                                                   $675.00, making a total saving of £82.50/$150.00.
             Charlotte van den Berg, Colette Smit, Giel van Brussel, Roel Coutinho
             and Maria Prins                                                                                      3-volume series ISBN:   978-0-7546-2777-7   £420.00   £375.00
Characteristics of young illicit drug injectors who use North America’s first medically                                                                       $825.00   $750.00
supervised safer injecting facility,
             Jo-Anne M. Stoltz, Evan Wood, Cari Miller, Will Small, Kathy Li, Mark Tyndall,
             Julio Montaner and Thomas Kerr
Incidence of heroin use in Zurich, Switzerland: a treatment case register analysis,
             Carlos Nordt and Rudolf Stohler
Substance use and quality of life over 12 months among buprenorphine maintenance-
treated and methadone maintenance-treated heroin-addicted patients,
             Icro Maremmani, Pier Paolo Pani, Matteo Pacini and Giulio Perugi.
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