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					                             Yogendra Prabhakar Ghatpande
       2618. E. Eastgate Lane. Apartment Number D. Bloomington. Indiana. 47408-4244. U.S.A.
                         Email: Cell: 812-272-6980

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Objective    To obtain a challenging full time position in the field of Computer Science.

Certification • Oracle Certified Developer. Exam Code IZO-007                                 (March 2009)

Education    • Indiana University Bloomington, Bloomington, U.S.A.           (Graduating in May 2011)
                  M.S. in Computer Science ( G.P.A. 3.37 / 4.00 )

              • Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune University, Pune, India.
                   Bachelor of Computer Engineering                                         (May 2007)
                      • Graduated First Class with Distinction

Work       University Information Technology Services (UITS)              (March 2010 – August 2010)
Experience          • Assist in the development of database systems and tools supporting the cyber
                    security incident notification processes of the Research and Education
                    Networking Information Sharing and Analysis Center (REN-ISAC).

            Opus Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Pune, India.
            Electracard ( Developer )                                          (July 2007 – July 2008)
                      • ElectraCard is a flexible and comprehensive solution for issuance of all types
                        of credit and charge cards including EMV chip and magnetic strip, to develop
                        and support Electronic Payment Solution.
                      • Developed a back-office tool for managing card holder accounts.
                 On Site Experience
                      • Have on site experience of three months in Kenya
                      • Did requirement analysis for the new version of the product
                      • Fixed issues in existing product
                      • Did testing of the patches sent by the developers
                      • Given a training on the new features of the existing product

Project    Fortune Decision System Pvt. Ltd. Pune, India.
Experience      Operating System and Server Management (Developer)               (June 2006 to May 2007)
                    • Analyzed the Windows Management Instrumentation class hierarchy in Windows
                      Operating Systems
                    • Developed a Web based application using Windows Management
                      Instrumentation for efficient remote monitoring and management of Operating
                      System, Server parameters
                    • Developed the Application using the .NET 2.0 Framework

Relevant     Graduate Key Courses : Advance Databases, Data Mining, Computer Networks, Distributed
Courses      Systems, Database Internal Design, Design Patterns in Java, Cloud Computing

Computer Programming : Java, C, C++, SQL, PL-SQL, PHP, Perl, Python, Processing,
Skills   Java, Script, HTML, SOAP, XML, XQuery, XPath, RDF, SPARQL
          Tools : Eclipse, Forms & Reports 6i, DreamWeaver, Apache Server, SVN, JIRA,
          Bamboo, Emma, Wiki
          Databases : Oracle 10g, MySQL
          Operating Systems : Windows, Linux

             Technology : Hadoop, HBase
Academic     Search Application using Hadoop and HBase
Project 1     Implemented a search application by using the concept of MapReduce Programming,
             Hadoop and HBase

Academic     Game Maker
Project 2    Implemented Game Maker using various and necessary design patterns such as
             Command Pattern, Observer pattern, Strategy Pattern, Singleton Pattern, MVC
             Pattern and Factory Pattern.

Academic     RayTracing Web Services
Project 3    Designed a graphic rendering web service which will break image into specified number of
             pieces and will join them together. User can change angle of view and user can see those
             views in the form of movie as well. This web service was run on Amazon S3.

Academic     Online DVD Rental System
Project 4    Built a web based DVD rental system by using HTML, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Java Script
             and CSS. Functionality of this website is similar to

Academic     Reliable UDP
Project 5    Built a file transfer application using built using UDP protocol and adaptive retransmission
             algorithm, to make UDP more reliable.

Academic     WireTap
Project 6    Built an application using Unix C which can perform statistical analysis on the given TCP
             and UDP packets. This application is similar to Wireshark and TCPDump.

Academic     Longest Prefix Match
Project 7    Built an application using Unix C which is based on a concept of CIDR in which IPv4
             prefixes and their corresponding next hop router addresses are given as an input.
             Application constructs a binary trie to load these prefixes and next hops and then performs
             longest prefix match.

Academic     Network Path Diagnostics
Project 8    Built an application using Unix C which uses Traceroute utility and does statistical analysis
             on the output given by traceroute such as finding number of BGP prefixes, find number of
             started hops, implement the concept of TLD and so on.

Academic     Movie Recommender System
Project 9    Studied various decision making algorithms. Used dataset of Movie Recommender System
             and analyzed the working of ID3 algorithm.

Academic     Dynamic filtering and querying of RDF data
Project 10   Built an application using RDF and SPARQL in a research project, in which user can provide
             the searching criteria in a graphical format and application will return relevant output.