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									                                                     SCOTT MIRER
                                       MARKETING and PRODUCT MANAGEMENT
                                                      San Carlos, CA

Accomplished marketing and software entrepreneur with broad and unique combination of skills. Focus on Digital Home
and Digital Media, including IPTV, internet-based video and music, and connected home technologies.

             Shipped Netflix for the PS3, 2009
             Winner, Best of Show, CES 2004 for the Denon Networked PVR
             #1 VOD Server Solution for IPTV at Kasenna
             Raised over $2M in venture capital for Actify
             #200 on Inc. 500 America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies at Pretzel Logic
             Created first industry-standard web visits report with I/PRO (first Yahoo! advertising rate card)
             In-depth knowledge of product lifecycle and software development processes
             Advanced business skills (MBA Berkeley) and analytical capabilities (MS Applied Mathematics)


Connecting people to movies and TV shows they'll love, streaming instantly over the internet to your TV plus DVDs by mail.
Recruited by former manager as leader for software that enables CE companies to integrate the Netflix service into TVs,
Blu-ray players, game consoles, mobile devices, and other consumer electronics products.
           Product manager for first Netflix application on the PS3. Coordinated internal and external development teams,
            working closely with marketing and operations to manage large-scale launch in time for holiday 2009. Delivered in
            target timeframe to positive reviews.
           Managed roadmap for software integrated directly into CE devices. Presented roadmap internally and to IC and
            OEM partners. Worked directly with IC partners (MediaTek, Broadcom, MSTAR, Panasonic, Sigma, Intel, Zoran,
            etc.), CE OEMs (Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Vizio, Best Buy's Insignia, Sharp, etc.), and technology partners
            (Microsoft, Dolby, Adobe, Widevine, etc.).

DIRECTOR OF PRODUCT MANAGEMENT, Espial Group (formerly Kasenna) (2007-2008)
Delivering IPTV middleware, TV UI, and Video-On-Demand software for telecommunications and cable TV companies. Formerly
Kasenna, acquired by Espial Group July 2008.
Recruited as business leader for Kasenna’s IPTV middleware solution. Job scope expanded to include responsibility for
Video-On-Demand (VOD) streaming server, key partner management, and general marketing.
  Product Management
           Recognized as #1 VOD Server Solution for IPTV by analyst group MRG (September 2007).
           Defined 10’ (TV) and 2’ (PC) user experiences for TV broadcast and video-on-demand (VOD) services.
           Introduced product management processes. Instilled discipline and transparency into procedures used to track and
            prioritize issues, identify market opportunities, and define new product releases.
           Worked with key partners including integrators (Ericsson, Huawei), set-top-box (STB) vendors (Amino, Motorola),
            embedded browser companies (Opera, Ant), conditional access providers (Verimatrix, SecureMedia, Widevine), and
            VOD content aggregators for major studio content (ViewNow).
           Marketed to Telco and Cable service providers worldwide. Represented company as panel participant and presenter
            at tradeshows and in webinars and promotional videos.
           Presented benchmark study with HP and Intel demonstrating scalability for 1 million IPTV subscribers. Helped
            generate 200+ inquiries and 50+ press mentions through panel, webinar, and analyst meetings.
Developing and integrating entertainment networking software that enables OEMs to create cutting-edge digital home products, in
partnership with ODMs and semiconductor providers. Acquired by Macrovision.
Selected as Senior Director Professional Services. Promoted to marketing team, then given additional responsibilities in
product management and business development. Participated in strategic planning as member of executive team.
         Oversaw award-winning projects for Denon (Best of Show, CES 2004), Creative (c|net Best Digital Audio
          Receiver), and DDi (TechHome Mark of Excellence). Helped win more than 20 awards.
         Represented company at major industry events, meeting with customers, partners, analysts, and press. Deployed 16
          events worldwide, collecting 1000+ leads resulting in new customers and partnerships.
         Served as contact point to Intel for marketing initiatives in Japan, Taiwan, and US. Helped create stage
          demonstrations featured in CES 2005 keynote and 2005 CEO Summit presentations given by Intel CEO.
         Gathered competitive data and delivered market updates to executive team and board of directors.
         Marketed solutions for digital media applications, incorporating home media networking (UPnP, DLNA), media
          formats (e.g. MPEG, DivX, MP3, JPEG), and Digital Rights Management (WM-DRM, DTCP-IP).
         Produced 45-minute sales DVD. Scripted and presented on-screen product demonstrations, participated in all
          phases of editing and post-production. Helped eliminate up to $200,000 in travel costs.
  Product Management and Business Development
         Authored Feature Maturity Matrix for managing product feature sets. This transformed release planning and
          became the primary method for communicating product definition and status across the company.
         Participated in Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) events as a member of the Certification and Logo
          Subcommittee. Guided Mediabolic reference designs through the DLNA Certification process.
         Established licensing agreements with Microsoft for Windows Media and DRM technologies, and facilitated
          exchange of technical information and procurement of security keys.
         Built partnerships and coordinated marketing programs with major semiconductor companies, including Freescale,
          Philips Semiconductor (now NXP), Marvell, Broadcom, and Texas Instruments.
         Provided sales, marketing, and technical support to Taiwan-based sales and development partner.
  Professional Services
         Managed project deployment team of 10 including project managers, designers, application engineers, and QA.
         Led multi-million dollar customer engagements with consumer electronics, PC, peripherals OEMs, and ODMS.
         Created assessment and survey documents to qualify prospective projects and measure their success.

Delivering enterprise and desktop solutions for design visualization used in supply chain, B2B, and collaborative applications within the
automotive, aerospace, medical, and manufacturing industries.
Recruited as VP Business Development to obtain Actify’s first outside investment. Subsequent to funding, built out
corporate infrastructure then assumed role of VP Marketing.
  Business Development and Operations
         Secured multi-million dollar venture financing. Closed first sale of advanced new product.
         Created business plan, presentations, and financial models that led to funding and subsequent growth.
         Managed corporate operations, including accounting and HR, and IT functions. Transformed company from a
          fledgling startup into a professional corporate organization of 20+ staff.
         Led marketing team of 3. Developed revenue models, generated forecasts, and tracked results.
         Initiated product management processes. Oversaw channel partner programs.
         Managed website, advertising, and tradeshows. Selected and engaged PR firm.
DIRECTOR, PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, Pretzel Logic Software, Inc. (1997 – 1999)
Deploying services and enterprise software products in mission-critical IT environments for Software Change Management, including
configuration management, defect tracking, and build and release processes.
Recruited to strengthen and lead professional services organization. Reported directly to CEO.
        Built and led professional services team of 17 full-time consultants. Grew consulting staff by 70%. Oversaw
         revenue generation exceeding $6M/year.
        Helped achieve #200 on the Inc. 500 List of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies.
        Instituted engagement management process, formalized job descriptions and compensation, and defined career paths
         to improve retention and encourage skills development.
        Contributed to product management of new software product, including specification, naming, packaging, pricing,
         launch, marketing communications, partner co-marketing, and sales.

Internet Profiles Corp. (I/PRO) (1995 – 1997)
Providing SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for independent measurement and analysis of large website traffic.
Selected as Director, Product Marketing to define and launch new offerings to the top 50 websites for on-site traffic
measurement and reporting. Promoted to Vice President, Product Development.
  Product Marketing
        Coordinated cross-functional activities with product management, marketing, sales, and account management.
         Wrote and presented customer proposals.
        Developed business plan for research services providing insights into growth patterns and trends at specific sites and
         across the internet, targeted at large websites and the press.
  Product Development
        Created the Internet’s first industry standard measurement of web visits that became widely accepted
         throughout the online advertising market, used in Yahoo!’s first advertising rate card.
        Managed staff of 22. Guided team through difficult downsizing. Coordinated cross-functional activities with
         product management, marketing, sales, and account management.
        Led design and implementation of large, scalable, Oracle-based system for processing web log files. Delivered a
         50% capacity increase with reduced computer and labor resources compared to initial implementation.

Manufacturing advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) medical systems.
Promoted, based on success as Senior Project Leader, to perform key role in the introduction of next generation imaging
system critical to company's competitiveness and growth.
        Managed engineering team of 10. Led joint US/Japan project, visited Japan to guide project to completion.
        Emerged as UI “czar” to define user experience and unify look-and-feel of imaging product.

SUPERVISOR OF SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, Intermagnetics General Corporation (1982 – 1989)
Developing industrial and research imaging systems utilizing low-temperature superconducting magnets. Acquired by Philips.
Selected to lead software team and commercialize advanced new imaging technologies.
        Managed staff of five engineers. Integrated software and hardware for real-time control and data acquisition.
        Coauthored two journal articles and several conference presentations.


MBA, University of California, Berkeley, 1993.

MS, Applied Mathematics / BS, Mathematics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1989.

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