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WEC 2011 by gjjur4356


									                                          Survival Guide
                                             Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
                                                  January 26-30, 2011

                                          Welcome to the Western Engineering
                                          Competition 2011. Congratulations
                                          on being selected by your school as a
                                          representative! Here at the University
                                          of Saskatchewan, we are proud to
                                          host you in the fair city of Saskatoon,
                                          Saskatchewan. Please look over this
                                          guide to find information to prepare
                                          you for the competition. We want you
                                          to be equipped so that you can focus
                                          on competing and having fun! We
                                          wish all delegates the best of luck in
                                          the competition.

Please pack...
2 pieces of government issued photo ID    Spending Money
Business casual and formal clothes        Casual clothes
Theme Night clothes (see dress code) Weatherproof shoes
WARM clothes (winter coat, mitts, toque,  All required chargers (phone,
  scarf, see weather)                       camera, laptop, etc)
Laptop (optional)                         Camera for scavenger hunt

                              WEC 2011
                              Western Engineering Competition
                               “From Seeds to Gold”
                                        Dress Code
Weather in Saskatoon                    Wine & Cheese
We have two words for weather
                                        During the Wine and Cheese, you will be interacting
in January in Saskatoon: cold and
                                        with industry representatives and enjoying an
windy. Over the past three years,
                                        evening of conversation with your peers. To create
temperatures at the end of January
                                        an appropriate environment, business attire is
have ranged from -38°C to +1°C.
The average low is -24°C and the
average high is -14°C. And if the
temperature isn’t bad enough for        Competitions
you, the wind at the end of January     Junior Design, Senior Design, and Consulting
can be as high as 61km/hr. For the      Engineering require business attire for presenting
worst case scenario (-38°C and          to the judges; however, they may wear casual
61km/hr), the windchill is -62°C        attire during the design and construction phases.
and frostbite will occur in less        Impromptu Debate, Engineering Communication,
than 3 minutes for exposed areas.       and Innovative Design should dress in business
What we are trying to get at is that    attire for their entire event to ensure a professional
you definitely need to bring a          atmosphere.
winter coat, scarf, toque, mitts,
and weatherproof footwear.              Career Fair
The weather can be sunny, rainy,        The dress code at the career fair is at each delegates
snowy, foggy, or cloudy, so be          discretion; however, if you intend on networking or
prepared for anything.                  exploring job opportunities, it is recommended that
                                        business attire is worn.

                                        Awards Banquet
Survival tips                           The final banquet is a formal meal and awards
Bring the appropriate outerwear.        ceremony. Formal attire should be worn
See Weather.                            throughout this event in honour of the occasion.

Also note: Several of the               Evening Events
establishments   we     will    be      Casual attire may be worn to the evening events.
patronizing have policies against       We will also be having a “rubix cube” themed night
bandanas. Therefore, it is best if      at The Scuz! At this event, each person wears six
you wear them only in the hotel.        articles of removable clothing to match each colour
                                        on a rubix cube. Then, by trading clothes, the goal
If you are wandering around             is to end up with six articles of clothing that are all
downtown, travelling in packs is a      the same colour by the end of the night!
safer way to travel. If you get lost,
please call Wayne Balion at (306)
270-5537. He will endeavour to
return you to the hotel ASAP.
The Competitions
Senior Team Design        Engineering                          Consulting Engineering
In this event, upper year Communications                      In this section, teams of four
students    are   presented    In this event, competitors are participants are given four
with an engineering design     asked to describe a technical to six hours to devise an
problem. Each team is given    subject in lay-man’s terms innovative solution to a real-
a hint one week prior to the   and present an analysis of its world problem prescribed by
competition and can prepare    societal and environmental a hypothetical client. Each
accordingly. On competition    impacts. Judging is based on team is expected to assess the
day, the teams have eight      the participant’s presentation economic and social aspects
hours to implement their       and verbal skills.             of the problem and present a
solution with the materials                                   proposal to the client.
provided. Teams must also
prepare a short presentation                                   Innovative Design
on their approach to solving   Impromptu Debate                This category requires the
the design problem, followed   The     Impromptu     Debate    competitors to present an
by a demonstration of their    concept challenges students     innovative and commercially
prototype.                     to argue a topic from a given   viable solution to a problem of
                               viewpoint, which is disclosed   their choice. The participants
Junior Team Design             just prior to the event. Each   are expected to carry out
Exclusive to first and second team is composed of two          market research and feasibility
year students, this event members who are expected             studies, as well as draft a
challenges teams of four to present a structured               business proposal for their
students with a physical proposition or defence of the         product. The competitors
engineering problem. Each assigned issue.                      are also required to promote
team is given four hours and                                   their product to the public
the necessary materials to                                     and other attendees of the
devise a solution to the given                                 competition.
We will be staying at the Sheraton Cavalier Hotel,
located at 612 Spadina Crescent East, right in the
heart of downtown Saskatoon.

Arriving in Saskatoon
If you are arriving by plane, someone will be at the
airport to greet you. They will be holding a sign and
will drive you to the hotel.
If you are arriving by road:
From Highway 11/16 (from Regina and/or
Winnipeg): Take Circle Drive W until it turns into
Idylwyld Drive. Turn right on 22nd St E. Turn right
on Spadina Crescent.
From Highway 7 (from Calgary): Turn right onto
22nd St E. Follow until it turns into 22nd St W. Turn
right on Spadina Crescent.

Check In
The WEC 2011 registration table will be located in
the hotel lobby from 2pm until 6pm (After that,
please go to the WEC 2011 office). When you             Amenities
arrive at the hotel, please register with us first as   The following list displays some of
you must sign a waiver form before proceeding to        the more relevant amenities of the
the hotel concierge to check in.                        Sheraton. If you are interested in
                                                        seeing the full list, you may contact
Damage Deposits                                         Kaitlyn at vp.communications@
One credit card per room must be used as a    
damage deposit. Damage deposits are handled by
the hotel upon check-in. All charges will be added      •    Hair dryer
to the hotel room account, and upon check-out the       •    Iron/Ironing board
card holder will be asked if they wish the charges      •     Internet service (single cable
to be paid for by the given credit card. Otherwise,         hook-up in each room)
debit or cash will be used for payment.                 •    Swimming pool
                                                        •    Fitness Center
Check out time is 12pm on Sunday, January 31st.
If your departure time is later than this, please
ensure you have made arrangements so that you
are not left out on the street.
The Schedule

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