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Mba Project Report on Shawls Industry by uhd21257


Mba Project Report on Shawls Industry document sample

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									    Western Wellbeing
                                     The Newsletter of the Western District Health Service

                                                               Hospital Sunday was supported
                                                               by workplaces this year,
                                                               helping us reach a record total
                                                               of $50,000.                              Incorporating:
                                                                                                        Hamilton Base Hospital
                                                                                                        Coleraine District Health Service
                                                                                                        Penshurst & District Health Service
                                                                                                        The Grange
                                                                                                        The Birches
                                                                                                        Frances Hewett Community Centre

           WDHS CEO Jim Fletcher
                                                                                                      AGM Photo
           welcomes Mary-Ann Brown to
           the role of Board Chairperson.

                                                 Waste Wise Regional Education Officer Cydoni
                                                   Younie congratulates staff at The Grange on
                                                     their Waste Wise certification - Chris Storer,
                                                    Kevin Brown, George Donaldson and Peter
                                                Francis. Front: Marion Starkie and Janine Rhook

In this issue ...                            Exciting plans for Aged Care redevelopment
>   New Board President                       A fundraising campaign to raise $2.5 million for the expansion of facilities at The Grange

>   Farmer Centre opens                       Residential Care Service to provide extra beds, upgrade catering, diversional therapy
                                              and Home 3 facilities is well underway.
>   Go For Your Life’s 1st year
                                              We have raised $525,000 to date. The Aged Care Trust has contributed $68,000, we
>   Top of the Town award
                                              received a $35,000 Bequest and fundraising activities have boosted the figure.
>   Op Shop cleans up
                                              Western District Health Service Chief Executive Officer Jim Fletcher said The Grange was
>   Top report for WDHS
                                              preparing to take the next step Leadership,
                                                                              in its redevelopment, ensuring the aged care facility
>   Keyhole surgery advances                                             Innovation  and
                                              retained its premiere status in the region.
>   New units for CDHS                                                      Quality in
                                              “The proposed works include the development of a 7-Bed Wing, which will provide an
                                                                         Health Care
>   Virtual Visits bring joy                  additional five beds, taking the total to 50,” Mr Fletcher said.

                                                                                                                            Summer 2008/09
                                                                                                            Western District Health Service received the
                                                                                                                Premier’s Award for 2008 Primary Health
                                                                                                            Service of the Year and 10MMM received a
                                                                                                                            highly commended award..

                rom the
         On behalf of the
         Board of Directors,
         Management and
         Staff, I extend our best
         wishes to all for the
         Festive Season.

Heading #3                                       New WDHS Board Chairperson
This is body text, none of which will make       Western District Health Service Board of         Improvement Committee and Vice
any sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv,      Directors have elected Mrs Mary-Ann              President of the Board since November
xbcn kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c. This        Brown as their Chairperson for the next 12       2004”.
is body text, none of which will make            months.
                                                                                                  Mrs Brown said she was “delighted to be
any sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv,
                                                 Mrs Brown takes over the role following          elected by her fellow Board Members
xbcn kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c. This
                                                 the retirement of the inaugural WDHS             and was looking forward to the challenge
is body text, none of which will make any
                                                 Chairperson Mr. Richard Walter.                  of building upon the existing strong
sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv, xbcn
                                                                                                  governance framework, and outstanding
kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c. This is body     WDHS Chief Executive Officer Jim Fletcher
                                                                                                  work of Mr. Walter”.
text, none of which will make any sense.         said “Mrs Brown will bring a wealth of
askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv, xbcn kjdhrsg.   experience to the position with prior            “Richard has left big shoes to fill and they
cmxz ,bv, c.                          Board Executive roles with Community             will take some filling, however I am totally
                                                 Health, Professional Women’s Association,        committed to the role” she said.
This is body text, none of which will make
                                                 immediate past Chairperson of our Quality
any sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv,
xbcn kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c. This        Heading #4
is body text, none of which will make
                                                 This is body text, none of which will make any sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv, xbcn
any sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv,
                                                 kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c. This is body text, none of which will make any sense.
xbcn kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c. This
                                                 askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv, xbcn kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c. This is body text, none of
is body text, none of which will make any
                                                 which will make any sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv, xbcn kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv,
sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv, xbcn
                                                 c. This is body text, none of which will make any sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv, xbcn
kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c. This is body
                                                 kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c.
text, none of which will make any sense.
askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv, xbcn kjdhrsg.   This is body text, none of which will make any sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv, xbcn
cmxz ,bv, c.                          kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c. This is body text, none of which will make any sense.

This is body text, none of which will make
any sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv,
xbcn kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c. This
is body text, none of which will make any
sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv, xbcn
kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c. This is body
                                                                                                                 Celebrating a combined 90 years of
text, none of which will make any sense.
                                                                                                              nursing for two HBH nurses was Colleen
                                                                                                             Dunn (40 years), Leslie Stewart, Margaret
                                                                                                                  Langford (50 years), WDHS CEO Jim
                                                                                                                Fletcher and WDHS DON Janet Kelsh.

page 2
                                                     National Centre for Farmer Health
                                                     The National Centre for Farmer Health is a partnership between Western District
                                                     Health Service and Deakin University and is based in Hamilton. The Centre is a new
                                                     university research, service delivery and education centre that will provide national
                                                     leadership to improve the health and well being of farm workers and their families
                                                     across Australia.

                                                     The vision of the National Centre for Farmer Health is: A thriving centre inspiring
                                                     quality education, research and service delivery through innovative partnerships
                                                     that advance agrihealth locally and globally.

                     Susan Brumby and John
                                                     Ms Susan Brumby has been appointed Centre Director. She says the NCFH builds
                     Martin presented papers         on an industry-service-government partnership developed through the Sustainable
                      at the 6th International
                  symposium for Public Health        Farm Families program with the new Centre focusing on strengthening the human
                   and the Rural Ecosystem in        and rural service workforce to address prevention and identification of diseases
                         Saskatoon, Canada
                                                     associated with agriculture and develop appropriate and effective interventions.
                                                     There are five core areas of the NCFH they are:

                                                     1.     Professional Training and Education – initiate and provide undergraduate,
                                                            postgraduate and continuing education for health professionals, GPs, nurses,
                                                            allied health, vets, agronomists and associated primary industry personnel.

                                                     2.     Sustainable Farm Families - maintain and enhance the service delivery of the
                                                            SFF program with an emphasis on dissemination www.sustainablefarmfamilies.
New appointment                                   

                                                     3.     Applied Research and Development - improve the evidence base on what
Rosie Rowe has commenced as Deputy
                                                            works to improve farmers and agricultural workers health.
Director of Community Services based at
                                                     4.     Best Practice Clearing House - transfer knowledge through web-based
FHCC. Rosie brings experience and expertise                 information and advisory services and professional networks.
from her position as Executive Officer with
                                                     5.     AgriSafe Programs - introduce innovative occupational health services for farm
the SGG PCP. She has a background in
                                                            and agricultural workers.
Natural Resource Management and an
                                                     The NCFH is funded through the Department of Human Services and the Geoff and Helen
MBA and is looking forward to working with           Handbury Trust. Further Information: Susan Brumby, Director National Centre for Farmer Health

the community services team on delivering
services to our community.

10MMM commended                                  Challenging the stereotypes success
The 10MMM project received a highly              Thirteen workplaces promoted and improved the healthy messages in the workplace
commended award in the 2008 Victorian            in the first 12 months of the “Challenging the Stereotypes” Go for your life project in
Public Healthcare Awards.                        Hamilton. They have participated in activities including personal training sessions,
                                                 changing workplace food practices, providing water bottles and water stations, starting
The innovative project, aiming to improve
                                                 walking groups, developing a fruit/vegetable garden for staff and regular education
the well being, skills and capacity of local
                                                 sessions for staff and their families.
young people was piloted in the 10 rural
towns of the Shire in 2002, according to         Participating workers agreed to be weighed, measured and surveyed regarding their

WDHS Chief Executive Officer Jim Fletcher.       eating and physical activity behaviours for the research component of the project. 254
                                                 participants (working adults) were included in the initial survey which demonstrated the
10MMM is funded by Vic health and                following results:
led by WDHS in partnership with RMIT
                                                 o        Over 60% of participants were overweight or obese
Hamilton, and in collaboration with SGAE         o        The incidence of overweight and obesity increases as age does.
and Old Courthouse Community Centre              o        Approximately 10% of participants ate the recommended 5 serves of vegetables
                                                          per day
                                                 o        Approximately 50% of participants ate the recommended 2 serves of fruit per day
                                                 o        Approximately 30% of participants were physically active for the recommended 30
                                                          mins at least 5 times per week

                                                 Challenging the Stereotypes is a project delivering the messages of the ’Go for your
                                                 life’ initiative. It is funded byInnovation and Human Services and the Department
                                                                                   the Department of
                                                                               Quality The
                                                 of Planning and Community Development. in project is a partnership between
                                                                                Health Care
                                                 Western District Health Service, Southern Grampians & Glenelg Primary Care Partnership
                The Challenging Stereotypes      (SGGPCP) and Southern Grampians Shire.
                     Go for your life project
                coordinated the Giant Walk,
                which the rain did not deter.

                                                                                                                                               page 3
o              ur
         Our community’s
         generosity is
         extraordinary. In 2007-
                                                  The AGM report and Pic.

         08 WDHS raised a
         total of $767,000 to
         purchase equipment
         and deliver services.

Top of the Town wins                              Our Supporters
major award                                       CWA at The Grange
Top of the Town won the prestigious               Hamilton’s Country Women’s Association (CWA) has been busy knitting 24 shawls, 23
Australia Post Events and Tourism Award           pairs of bed socks, 2 knee rugs and five comfort bears for the residents at The Grange
in the 2008 Regional Achievement and              Residential Care Service. The
Community Awards.                                 Hamilton CWA also donated
Top of the Town won from a strong                 knitted items to the residents of
field of nominees at a Gala event                 The Birches.
including official guest The Hon Jacinta          RIGHT: CWA members Barbara
Allan, Minister for Regional and Rural            Trimnel, Dot Rowe, Pat Kenna, Bett
Development.                                      Basham, Merlyn Hermann and Peter

                                                  Francis Nursing Unit Manager of the
The Ball raised $182,000 in profit which
                                                  Grange with Grange residents.
purchased a Steriliser, intubating
bronchoscope and operating microscope             Murray to Moyne
for Theatre. The new steriliser saves 31,000
                                                  The Hamilton Base Bikers Murray to Moyne Team raised $9,512 this year to purchase
litres of water each year.
                                                  Bariatric Chair Scales, which can provide the weight of a patient in either the standing
                                                  or sitting position. The Hamilton Base Bikers team raised funds throughout the year, and
                                                  through sponsorship of their ride in the 2008 Woody’s Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay.

                                                  CDHS Auxiliary news
                                                  Coleraine District Health Service recently purchased an Electrocardiograph (ECG) ma-
                                                  chine, thanks to a donation from the Health Service’s auxiliary. The CDHS Auxiliary’s suc-
                                                  cessful fundraising year has resulted in the purchase of Procare alternative air mattresses
                                                  and Princess chairs, as well as the ECG machine,

ABOVE: Western District Health Service

Community Liaison Manager Deb Howcroft,

with Top of the Town committee members Tony

MacGillivray, Paul Aron and Peter Franklin with

the Australia Post Events and Tourism Award.         Coleraine District Health Service Manager/
                                                     Director of Nursing – Tim Pitt-Lancaster and
                                                     members of the Coleraine District Health
                                                     Service Auxiliary pictured with the recently
                                                     donated ECG machine.

page 4
                                                                                                       Siobhan is a winner
                                                                                                     Year 12 Casterton Secondary College student
                                                                                                   Siobhan Gill, joined The Birches staff as a school-
                                                                                                                         based trainee in April 2008.

                                                                                                      During her training, Siobhan was completing
                                                                                                    her Certificate II in Community Services (Aged
                                                                                                   Care) through South West TAFE. Under the care
                                                                                                   and guidance of Diversional Therapist, Julianne
                                                                                                    Gould, Siobhan developed into a considerate
                                                                                                    carer showing a keen interest in the residents’
                                                                                                                                holistic care needs.

                                                                                                   The residents adore her pleasant personality and
                                                                                                     glowing radiance. Siobhan, was nominated in
                                                                                                    October by WestVic Workforce, in the Australian
                                                                                                      School based Apprentice/Trainee of the Year.
                                                                                                    With approximately 150 entries over the area of
                                                                                                       Warrnambool, Portland, Colac, Hamilton and
                                                                                                     Camperdown, Siobhan was awarded the 2008
                                                                                                                   Australian School based Trainee.

                                                                                                    She is hoping to commence her Certificate IV in
                                                                                                       Nursing in 2009. WDHS congratulates Siobhan
                                                                                                   for her achievements and the staff at the Birches
                                                                                                         for their commitment in mentoring Siobhan
                                                                                                         throughout the year and supporting such a
                                                                                                                               worthwhile program.

Op Shop receives Volunteer Grant                                                                   Vale Doris Cross
The Hamilton Hospital Op Shop received a Volunteer Small Equipment Grant from the
Department of Community Services and Development, to purchase a washing machine,
drier and clothes press.

The Op Shop receives many items of clothing which
require cleaning and preparing for sale, and on many
occasions the volunteers have done this in their own
homes and at their own cost.

Op Shop volunteer Essie Hickleton said the volunteers
were pleased the preparation of items could now be
carried out at the shop, and thanked WDHS builder
Peter Smith who built new benches for the equipment.

Recently the Op Shop donated $19,500 to purchase a K-wire Driver for Orthopaedic                   The Western District Health Service Board,
Surgery and a 30 degree Telescope for surgery.                                                     Executive and Staff were saddened by

Aged Care Trust’s busy program
                                                                                                   the sudden passing of Mrs Doris Cross in
                                                                                                   late October.
The Hamilton & District Aged Care Trust maintains a full
program, which keeps the Trust volunteers busy.                                                    Mrs Cross was a hospital stalwart, not only
                                                                                                   working for the hospital for many years,
A Bridge Day in October raised $12,500 and an Open
                                                                                                   but later enjoying a role as a volunteer
Garden Day at “Harton Hills” in Macarthur with Lady
                                                                                                   member of the Hamilton Base Hospital
Renouf as guest speaker was a sell-out success. The
                                                                                                   Auxiliary. She was President of the Auxiliary
Trust is raising funds for The Grange redevelopment.
                                                                                                   when she died.

Support groups raise $13,500
The Cancer and Breast Cancer Support Groups have raised $13,500 for the
chemotherapy unit at WDHS from a Charity Night.

The funds have purchase a Welch Allyn Monitor, televisions, an ice machine and scales
for the unit, and furnishings for the palliative care rooms located in the HBH medical unit. and
RIGHT: Cancer & Breast cancer support group with CEO Jim Fletcher testing the new Welch Quality

Monitor, with Div 1 Nurses Leanne Deutscher and Rowena Farqhauson looking on.    Health Care

                                                                                                                                             page 5
a                 round the
         WDHS is the Premier’s
                                                        The latest Victorian Hospital report card shows that WDHS continues to perform above
                                                        state-wide benchmark expectations.

                                                        Patient numbers across all areas were higher than the previous year. CEO Jim Fletcher
                                                        said the 2007-08 financial year had been busy for the Health Service with acute hospital
                                                        inpatient numbers up 5.2 per cent from 6890 to 7181, non-admitted cases up 2.5 per cent
                                                        from 56,812 to 58,254 and Accident and Emergency cases up seven per cent to 5482.





                                                                98% of patients admitted through A&E were transferred to a ward bed within eight
                                                                hours - much higher than the Statewide benchmark target of 80%

                                                                92% of non-admitted A&E patients received treatment within 4 hours - Statewide
                                                                target is 80%

                                                                100% Category 1 emergency patients were treated immediately on arrival at A&E

                                                                89% Category 2 patients treated within 10 minutes on arrival at A&E - Statewide
         Victorian 2008 Primary
                                                                target is 80%
         Health Service of the                          •       89% of Category 3 patients treated within 30 minutes of arrival at A&E - Statewide
         Year.                                                  target is 75%

                                                        * The benchmark survey was conducted in the six months to June 2008.

                                                        Coleraine bequest builds independent units
                                                        A generous bequest of $428,000 from the Estate of MB Wishart has enabled three
                                                        independent living units to be built in St Joseph’s Court at Coleraine.

                                                        Member for Western Victoria Gayle Tierney officially opened the court development at
                                                        Coleraine, in the company of Peg Wishart’s relatives.

                                                        WDHS CEO Jim Fletcher said the new ILUs replaced three units currently on the Wannon
                                                        Hostel site, which will be domolished to make way for the total redevelopment of hospital
                                                        services at Coleraine.

                                                        Hospital Sunday’s intense campaign
                                                        Western District Health Service has purchased an Image Intensifier for its operating
                                                        theatre, following a successful fundraising campaign including this year’s Hospital Sunday
                                                        Appeal which raised a record $50,000.

                                                        The funds were raised through WDHS’ annual Christmas Appeal, philanthropic trusts and
                                                        significant support from hospital benefactors. Mr Geoff Handbury AO contributed $60,000
                                                        towards the purchase of the new equipment.

                                                        The mobile Image Intensifier will be used in theatre to assist in urology, setting breaks and
                                                        fractures, gall bladder surgery and surgery on joints, such as knees and hips.

                                                        WDHS CEO Jim Fletcher said upgrading essential medical equipment was vital to attract
                                                        and retain visiting medical specialists and provide a breadth of services to our residents.

                                                        “HBH is serviced by three general surgeons, a visiting urologist and orthopaedic surgeon
                                                        who all use the Image Intensifier in our operating theatres. Having an Image Intensifier
                                                        means that people in our community have greater access to services provided by these

 TOP: Coleraine District Health Service Manager/        specialists,” he said.
            DON Tim Pitt-Lancaster, CDHS Advisory
 Committee chair Gabrielle Baudinette. Member
   for Western Victoria Gayle Tierney, Peg Wishart      New management for dental clinic
        relative Noelle McCombe, WDHS CEO Jim           Western District Health Service has taken over the dental clinic from Dental health
Fletcher and Board president Mary-Ann Brown at
          the official opening of St Joseph’s Court.    Services Victoria, as part of a State government initiative to integrate dental health with
     CENTRE: Deputy Chief Radiographer Kate             mainstream health services.
 Comar demonstrates the new Image Intensifier.
       BOTTOM: Dental Assistant Carol Linke, Jim        A new dentist, dental assistance and reception staff have been employed and a
Fletcher, receptionist Shirley Standley and dentist
Dr Hau Chuen at the management handover of
                                                        portable building for the clinic will be located on the Frances Hewett Community Centre
                                   the dental clinic.   site early in 2009.

page 6
WDHS a smokefree workplace
Western District Health Service breathed fresh air on September 1, the day the
Health Service became a Smoke-Free Workplace.

Smoking is not be permitted anywhere on the grounds of all WDHS campuses.

WDHS CEO Jim Fletcher said the Health Service had a role to play in promoting
health initiatives within the community, and part of this leadership role was to reflect
healthy messages in the workplace.

A program to assist staff who smoke has been implemented, which includes
education sessions for staff, conducted in partnership with QUIT Victoria and the
WDHS QUIT education program. Brochures and literature has been distributed and
patients will be offered patches during hospital stays.

Mr Fletcher said the smoke-free environment would be safer and cleaner, and it
acknowledged that the majority of patients, staff and visitors did not smoke.
                                                                                              ADASS conducts activities Penshurst & District
“Our transition to a Smoke-Free Workplace included appropriate new signage at                 Health Service each Thursday. Dulcie Black
                                                                                              (centre) celebrates Grand Final Day with
each WDHS site,” Mr Fletcher said.                                                            ADASS co-ordinator Brenda Uebergang and
                                                                                              ADASS assistant Michelle Maslen.

Keyhole surgery improves patient recovery                                                         Virtual Visits bring
Hamilton Base Hospital surgeons have            Dr Clifforth says that the surgical team at       real joy to families
introduced laparoscopic surgery for the         Hamilton are held in high-regard medically        This is body text, none of which will make
treatment of Bowel Cancer, resulting in         due to the techniques and procedures              any sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv,
improved post-operative outcomes for our        used in surgery, as well as the high              xbcn kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c. This
patients.                                       standard of surgical equipment which              is body text, none of which will make
                                                is largely purchased through the Health           any sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv,
Bowel Cancer is the most common cause
                                                Service’s successful fundraising campaigns        xbcn kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c. This
of cancer in men and women in Victoria,
                                                and the generosity of the community.              is body text, none of which will make any
with 3,400 people diagnosed each year.
                                                Dr Clifforth said he and his colleagues           sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv, xbcn
Patients with bowel cancer in our region
                                                had put themselves through courses                kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c. This is body
have been able to undergo the surgery
                                                and gained hands-on experience,                   text, none of which will make any sense.
required at Hamilton Base Hospital,
                                                primarily in Melbourne to commence the            askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv, xbcn kjdhrsg.
enabling them to stay near the family
                                                Laparoscopic Colectomies for WDHS.                cmxz ,bv, c.
and friends who support them. But until
this year, bowel surgery has required a         The surgical team has worked together             This is body text, none of which will make

large incision across the abdomen, post-        to establish the service for WDHS and its         any sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv,

operative pain and seven to 10 days in          community.                                        xbcn kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c. This

hospital.                                                                                         is body text, none of which will make
                                                Advanced keyhole surgery is well-
                                                                                                  any sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv,
Now though, HBH’s three surgeons, Dr            established in Hamilton. This less-invasive
                                                                                                  xbcn kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c. This
Steve Clifforth, Dr David Bird and Dr Peter     surgical technique is used for surgery
                                                                                                  is body text, none of which will make any
Tung have initiated the introduction            on gall bladders and hiatus hernia for
                                                                                                  sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv, xbcn
keyhole surgery advances for bowel              instance, and for Bariatric Surgery such as
                                                                                                  kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c. This is body
operations, and this year performed the         lap banding.
                                                                                                  text, none of which will make any sense.
first laparoscopic colectomies at Hamilton
                                                Dr Clifforth added that the surgical              askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv, xbcn kjdhrsg.
                                                techniques and equipment levels at HBH            cmxz ,bv, c.
The benefits for patients include a small       assisted to increase the status on the
                                                                                                  This is body text, none of which will make
incision which means a lot less pain, and       Health Service as a teaching institution,
                                                                                            any sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv,
a much quicker recovery rate, reducing                                          Leadership,
                                                with resident surgeons being taught the
the hospital stay to one to three days.
                                                                           Innovation and xbcn kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c. This
                                                advance keyhole surgery techniques.
                                                                                 Quality in is body text, none of which will make any
The savings to the Health Service are also
                                                                               Health Care        sense. askjlfjgjlkjryn.d kfhyjksdfn bv, xbcn
significant with shorter hospitalisation.
                                                                                                  kjdhrsg.cmxz ,bv, c. This is body

                                                                                                                                               page 7
people in the Health Service

 Emma Kealy                                                       Deb Smith                                                                                                       Liska Greyling
 A new role of Business Support and                               Deb Smith is the newly-appointed                                                                                Liska Greyling took up the role of Unit
 Development Manager has been filled by                           Learning and Education Manager at                                                                               Manager, Operating Theatre at HBH in
 Emma Kealy.                                                      WDHS. Deb’s role involves coordinating                                                                          early October.
                                                                  Education programs for all staff at the
 Emma is a Biomedical Scientist and brings                                                                                                                                        She comes from The Alfred Hospital in
                                                                  Health Service and includes developing
 a background in management to the                                                                                                                                                Melbourne where she worked as an
                                                                  e-learning packages where staff can
 position.                                                                                                                                                                        Operating Theatre Nurse, involved in
                                                                  undertake training online.
                                                                                                                                                                                  cardiothoracic and neurosurgery, and
 Before coming to WDHS she was Regional
                                                                  Deb moved to the area two years ago                                                                             lung and heart transplants.
 Manager Victoria/Tasmania for Gribbles
                                                                  from Mt Isa and is still getting used to the
 Pathology.                                                                                                                                                                       Prior to The Alfred Liska nursed in London
                                                                  cooler weather of the Hamilton region.
                                                                                                                                                                                  for 10 years, 12 months in Trinidad in the
                                                                  Deb has many years experience in the                                                                            West Indies and previously in South Africa,
                                                                  Health Service education field. In Mt Isa                                                                       where she was born and raised.
                                                                  Deb co-ordinated Medical Education
                                                                  programs for doctors and co-ordinated a
                                                                  Research Unit.

                                                                  Deb lives on a hobby farm near Macarthur
                                                                  with her two small children and husband.

                                             Annual WDHS Christmas Appeal
                                                                                      All donations over $2 are tax deductable • WDHS ABN: 47 616 976 917

 I would like my donation to go towards:                                                                                                                    Western District Health Service will be replacing its two existing
    Operating Beds for Theatre                                                                                                                              operating tables with two new Skytron surgery tables. After a
                                                                                                                                                            great deal of research and feedback from medical staff who
    Coleraine District Health Service Redevelopment                                                                                                         work in the Operating Unit, the new tables were selected.
    Penshurst & District Health Service Aged Care Upgrade
                                                                                                                                                            They will have greater weight and useability capabilities, which
    Other areas (please specify)                                                                                                                            is increasingly important for patient comfort and staff safety, as
                                                                                                                                                            people are becoming larger.
 Here is my donation for: $__________________
    Cheque (make sure cheques payable to Western District Health Service)                                                                                   The cost of the two beds and accessories required for specialist
                                                                                                                                                            surgery is $227,000. The new beds will have a positive impact
    Bankcard                  Mastercard                  Visa
                                                                                                                                                            in the Operating Suite, primarily through increasing the weight
 Name on Card: _________________________________Exp:____/____                                                                                               restriction for elective surgery.
 Signature: ____________________________________________________                                                                                            Larger patients will be more comfortable and safer during
 Address: _____________________________________ Postcode:______                                                                                             surgery and the improved ease of operation of the new tables
                                                                                                                                                            will reduce the opportunity for injury to staff.
 Telephone: __________________________                                                                                                                                 Leadership,
                                                                                                                                                            The new operating tables mean that patients will not have to
                                                                                                                                                                 Innovation and
 Please forward to: Community Liaison Dept. WDHS, PO Box 283, Hamilton 3300                                                                                 be handled as much; therefore, enabling a quicker recovery.
                                                                                                                                                                      Quality in
                                                                                                                                                                    Health Care

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