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					Insect Bites & Bugs

It is never fun to get bitten by any type of insect or bug. Yet this does
happen quite often due to people trying to enjoy the outdoors. Some types
of insects and bugs will bite because that is how they survive. For
example the mosquito lives off of blood and the way they get it is by
feeding off of humans and animals. They don’t intend to do any harm as
they are merely attempting to survive as they instinctively know how.

Other types of insects an bugs such as bees will bite due to feeling like
they are being threatened. You may not think this is fair as you are just
trying to enjoy smelling the flowers or sitting under a shade tree. Ants
will also bite as a way to defend themselves. You may accidentally
stepped into their home but they view it as a direct threat to their own

You will find there are some types of insect bites from bugs that try to
live off of a live host. Lice will attach themselves to various parts of
a human body and even into the fur of animals. Fleas and ticks will do
the same thing as they can live off of the host for as long as possible.
At the same time they will continue to lay more eggs so the bites become
more frequent.

There are many different species of spiders that can pose   a threat as
well. The way you will feel after the spider bite depends   on which type
has attacked you. If possible capture the spider and take   it with you to
the doctor’s office. This isn’t always possible though as   it is common
for it to occur while you are sleeping.

For most types of insect or bug bites the pain will be minimal. You can
put on cortisone cream to stop the itching and reduce the inflammation.
For a bee sting you can place mouthwash on a cotton ball and place on the
skin area. Should you have extreme swelling, feel like you can’t breath,
have a fever, or be vomiting you need to seek immediate medical

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