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					ebXML: Moving Forward
- Technical Overview
Patrick Gannon
President & C.E.O.

                     Copyright OASIS, 2001
   ebXML enables
anyone, anywhere
   to do business
  with anyone else
  over the Internet

      Copyright OASIS, 2001
ebXML Provides a Standard Way to:

• Exchange business messages
• Conduct trading relationships
• Communicate data in common terms
• Define and register business

                                  Copyright OASIS, 2001
ebXML History
• Begun as 18-month initiative in November
• Specifications delivered on schedule in
  May 2001
• Developed in an open process by more
  than 4500 participants representing 2000
  organizations in 150 countries on virtually
  every continent

                                     Copyright OASIS, 2001
• United Nations          • World’s largest
  Center for Trade          independent, non-
  Facilitation and          profit organization
  Electronic Business       dedicated to the
                            standardization of
• Developers of
                            XML applications
                          • More than 400
• One of four
                            members in 26
  organizations in the
  world that can set de
  jure standards
                                      Copyright OASIS, 2001
What does ebXML do?
• Lowers the cost/complexity of electronic
• Facilitates global trade and puts SMEs and
  developing nations in the picture
• Expands electronic business to new and
  existing trading partners
• Converges current and emerging XML efforts
• Eliminates dependence by supporting any
  language, any payload, any transport
                                     Copyright OASIS, 2001
ebXML Specs--Modular Suite

• Technical Architecture
• Business Process
• Registry and Repository
• Collaboration Protocol Profile and
• Message Services
• Core Components
                                       Copyright OASIS, 2001
ebXML: Built on Existing Standards
• XML                         Copyright OASIS, 2001
The ebXML Technical

        Copyright OASIS, 2001
ebXML Architecture
          Business Process and Information Models
                      UML to XML conversion
                                   Registration    Retrieval of Profiles &
  Retrieval of New or                              new or updated ebXML
  Updated ebXML Models                             Models
                                   Retrieval of ebXML Specifications & Models

Internal Bus App   Build    Implementers                  Shrinkwrap App

  Biz Service                                               Biz Service
                           ebXML Transport                   Interface
                                                              Copyright OASIS, 2001
                                        Usage Example



   DO     8 TPA Accepted
BUSINESS!                                   6
             7 Submit TPA
                                                10           Specifications

                         5                                        Profiles


                     ebXML BO Library

                     ebXML BP Model                  Copyright OASIS, 2001
ebXML Technical Framework

                            Copyright OASIS, 2001
ebXML Business Operational
                                  Lexicon                  Library
  Business Knowledge        Core Components &       Business Objects &
                              Core Processes        Business Processes

                             Analysis Artifacts      Design Artifacts
 Requirements Artifacts
                              Activity Diagrams    Collaboration Diagrams
   Use Cases Diagrams
                             Sequence Diagrams         State Diagrams
  Use Cases Description
                               Conceptual Class            Final Class
                                  Diagrams                 Diagrams

                 Business Process and Information Models

                                                           Copyright OASIS, 2001
ebXML Functional Service

                       Copyright OASIS, 2001
Transformation Rules

                       Copyright OASIS, 2001
ebXML metamodel in a staged
• You may use TRP section without the rest
   – To exchange your own message structures via TRP

• You may use Information section without the rest
   – To define message structures to be used in some other TRP

• You may use Process section without the rest
   – You may optionally define contract semantics of a process

• You may use Market section without the rest
   – To create an independent set of yellow or white pages

• Or: - Use all of them to reach the full vision of ebXML

                                                        Copyright OASIS, 2001
Trading-Partner Agreement

• Define a specification for creating the IT
  part of a partner profile and a TPA, which
  is a combination of two partner profiles
• IT configuration file, specifies only things
  that TRP messaging service can manage
  and enforce
• No business information
• Derive from BP metamodel

                                    Copyright OASIS, 2001
Trading-Partner Agreement


                      Copyright OASIS, 2001
                               Business Process
                                  Business Operational Map

           Business Category             Business Process


           Partner Type           Business Collaboration
                                                             Economic Resource

Business Requirements View

                                                              Request Document

               Role                 Business Transaction

                                                              Response Document

Business Transaction View

                                                                Request Message

         Business Service             Service Transaction

                                                               Response Message

Business Service View

                                                                      Copyright OASIS, 2001
Context                                 Core Components
Domain: Matl Mgmt
Industry: Auto       Create Long Term          •Ship Notice                 ProdId
Regulatory: Safety

                     Forecast Component
                                                                                     Change Lvl
                                                         Part Number
                     Send Planning Document

                      Place Order

                     Ship Materials                      Serialized ID          Ship’d Qty

                      Arrange Payment

                                                                                     Copyright OASIS, 2001
Core Components

                  Copyright OASIS, 2001
     Registry & Repository

ebXML specification
Schemas TPP
Objects w. MetaData
Reference Content
                             Copyright OASIS, 2001
Registry & Repository

                        Copyright OASIS, 2001
                    Messaging Services

e.g. HTTP or SMTP
                       Transport Envelope
                       Message Envelope
An XML document
 inside a MIME                                               Manifest
    Body Part
Each Header Part                                             Header
   is a top level
element within an
 XML Document                                                 Error

                               ...                               ...
 • a single MIME            Payload
                                            <EdNote>It is likely that additional Header
   body part, or
                           Message           Parts will be specified in later versions of
 • a multi-part MIME
                          Payload Part             this specification </EdNote>
                          Payload Part

                          Payload Part


                                                                       Copyright OASIS, 2001
Now that ebXML specs are available...
• Do I have to choose between EDI and ebXML?
• How does ebXML fit into web services?
• How does ebXML work in relation to other
  standards such as UDDI, SOAP…?
• Who’s implementing ebXML now?
• Is ebXML going to replace industry specific
• Can I implement some ebXML specs and not
• What’s next?
                                      Copyright OASIS, 2001
Do I have to choose between
EDI and ebXML?

            Copyright OASIS, 2001
“ebXML is not a replacement for EDI.
Large companies that have spent billions
developing EDI systems can run those in parallel
with ebXML. ebXML allows large companies to
trade with smaller partners who don’t have EDI.”

                   Copyright OASIS, 2001
No business communicates
solely in its supply chain
EDI                     ebXML
• Limited to large      • Takes advantage of
  organizations           cheap Internet
• High cost-of-entry      technology
• Rigid message sets    • Built on EDI
                          experience with input
• Used by 5% of           from EDI community
  enterprises outside
  the Fortune 1000      • Preserves EDI
                        • Designed for the
                          other 95%
                                       Copyright OASIS, 2001
How does ebXML fit into
web services?

            Copyright OASIS, 2001
“ebXML, SOAP and XHTML have
 emerged as technologies likely
 to provide the foundations for
 future Web services.”

                           Copyright OASIS, 2001
Web Services
• Step 1: Description
   – WSDL
   – ebXML CPP Spec and ebXML Business Process Spec

• Step 2: Publication and Discovery
   – UDDI
   – ebXML Registry Spec

• Step 3: Invocation
   – SOAP over HTTP
   – ebXML Messaging Spec integrating SOAP, HTTP
                                           Copyright OASIS, 2001
WSDL provides:         ebXML CPP provides:
 Service name          Service name
 Service parameters    Service parameters
 Endpoint for          Endpoint for
  invocation             invocation
                        Role of an
                         organization in the
                         context of a service
                        Error-handling
                        Failure scenarios
                                      Copyright OASIS, 2001
WSDL identifies        ebXML BP identifies
 Business processes    Business processes
                        Roles an organization
                         must play
                        Messages being

                                      Copyright OASIS, 2001
“ebXML and UDDI are likely to end up as
 complementary solutions in E-business
 systems... UDDI should help accelerate
 the integration of systems used in
 marketplaces, while ebXML aims to
 standardize how XML is used in general
 business integration.”

                                 Copyright OASIS, 2001
“Although ebXML does not rely on the UDDI
 service registry, instead providing one of its
 own, it does not exclude interoperability with
 UDDI, making it possible for businesses to
 locate ebXML-ready services through UDDI
 registries. Because ebXML goes beyond UDDI
 to include key data for building b-to-b
 partnerships and transactions, there's a clear
 advantage to its use.”
                                     Copyright OASIS, 2001
UDDI and ebXML Registry Spec
UDDI                         ebXML Registry Spec
 Basic identification        Basic identification
 Industry                    Industry
  classification               classification
 Technical capabilities      Technical capabilities
                              Search capability
                              Retrieval of objects in
NOTE: ebXML offers a way to use UDDI to locate ebXML
                                                Copyright OASIS, 2001
ebXML Messaging Spec and SOAP
• ebXML uses SOAP with Attachments,
  wrapping XML SOAP format in MIME
• MIME envelopes allow SOAP/ebXML
  messages to include non-XML content
  such as digitized images or programming
  code as attachments

                                  Copyright OASIS, 2001
An Important Distinction
SOAP, UDDI, WSDL         ebXML
• Developed by a small   • Developed in an open
  group of vendor          process by more than
  companies                4500 participants
                           2000 organizations in
                           150 countries on
                           virtually every

                                        Copyright OASIS, 2001
Who’s implementing
ebXML now?

            Copyright OASIS, 2001
Backed by Vendors

                    Copyright OASIS, 2001
Is ebXML going to replace
industry specific vocabularies?

             Copyright OASIS, 2001
“ebXML provides a platform on which to
build standards that are developed faster
and yet supported by a rich set of
software tools.”

                  Copyright OASIS, 2001
ebXML Adoption Making Headlines

• RosettaNet Adopts ebXML in RNIF
• Covisint (GM, Ford, Daimler-Chrysler)
  Supports ebXML for Automotive Industry
• OpenTravel Alliance Specs Recommend ebXML
• Open Applications Group Integrates ebXML into
  182 Business Transaction Standards
• Global Commerce Initiative (GCI) Adopts ebXML
  in Data Exchange Standard for B2B Trade in
  Consumer Goods

                                      Copyright OASIS, 2001
“Unlike the general category of Web
 services, which has seen its share of
 vendor adaptation, ebXML has been
 successful in attracting the support of
 industry heavyweights across all

                                    Copyright OASIS, 2001
       Backed by Industry Groups

The Open Healthcare Group

                                   Copyright OASIS, 2001
“We've got to pound a stake in the ground
and move forward. ebXML is the stake
we've chosen.”
Jeff Cripps
Director of Industry Relations
(eBusiness exchange founded by General Motors, Ford and Daimler-Chrysler)

                              Copyright OASIS, 2001
What’s next?

               Copyright OASIS, 2001
ebXML Work Continues

•   OASIS UN/CEFACT ebXML Coordination Cmte
•   OASIS UN/CEFACT ebXML Marketing Team
•   OASIS UN/CEFACT ebXML Tech Architecture
•   OASIS ebXML Collaboration Protocol Profile TC
•   OASIS ebXML Implementation/Interoperability TC
•   OASIS ebXML Messaging Services TC
•   OASIS ebXML Registry TC
•   UN/CEFACT e-Business Transition Ad hoc WG
                                         Copyright OASIS, 2001
What do I need to remember
about ebXML?

            Copyright OASIS, 2001
ebXML Moving Forward
• ebXML specs are complete and publicly available.
• ebXML integrates SOAP and seeks convergence
  with other standards.
• ebXML is being adopted by standards groups around
  the world including RosettaNet, GCI, Covisint, OAGI,
  OMG, OpenTravel Alliance, HL7…
• ebXML products are being announced daily by
  companies that include Bind Systems, XML Global…
• UN/CEFACT and OASIS jointly support ebXML.

                                          Copyright OASIS, 2001
Get involved in ebXML
• Download the specs from
• Join OASIS
• Subscribe to ebXML-DEV mail list
• Review public archives of OASIS ebXML
  TC work
• Encourage your industry group to adopt
  ebXML specifications in standards
• Specify ebXML-compliance from
                                  Copyright OASIS, 2001
“With its long list of provisions, from security
 and messaging to workflow processes and
 QoS (quality of service) agreements between
 trading partners, ebXML is shaping up to
 provide the most comprehensive way to
 advance e-business integration.”

                                      Copyright OASIS, 2001
“ebXML is our only chance this decade
to establish an international
e-commerce standard.”

                 Copyright OASIS, 2001

     Copyright OASIS, 2001

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