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					                       feng shui academy

                         'The Heart of Feng Shui in the Heart of England’
      Administrative office: 20 Shobrooke Village, Crediton, Devon EX17 1AZ ~ UK Tel: 01162 987 450
 Outside UK: +44 1162 987 450 E-mail: ~


                  Feng Shui Society Accredited (FSSA)                     Duration: 2 days
                        Venues: Leicester, York, Exeter Area (Devon) or Home Study

 This course covers the fundamentals of Feng Shui. It has been accredited by The Feng Shui Society (FSS)
 as covering the required ‘Key Concepts’. It is a self-standing course and you will find it extremely beneficial
 if you intend to apply Feng Shui at home or informally for friends and family.

 You need to have completed this accredited ‘key concepts’ course should you wish to follow our Accredited
 Professional Practitioner Training Course (PTC). Please note that if you book the Practitioner Course
 Programme as your first course you receive the Home Study version of this Foundation course free of
 charge (see below for further information and visit our website to hear an audio sample of the Home Study
 – virtual classroom format).

 This is an excellent course for:

   1.   Complete Beginners;

   2.   Those seeking clarification or wishing to progress their Feng Shui;

   3.   Those feeling ‘stuck’ with health, finances, relationships or any area of their lives.

   4.   Professional Practitioners – as it is the first essential step in your training

Although a 'Foundation course' we cover lots of useful information, ancient and modern, and guide
you through simple techniques which can be employed easily and cheaply at home, to facilitate
tremendous personal progress in your life.

This course is presented by various Academy teachers, and can be completed at a variety of
locations throughout the UK and occasionally overseas. For Locations, dates & Fees see our
'Booking & Fees' page. It is approved and accredited by The Feng Shui Society.
                                                   Day 1

After an introduction to Feng Shui we will look at how many different environmental factors may be
helping or obstructing you in your life. These include:

■ The hidden messages in pictures and ornaments that subtly affect our progress;

■ The residue of energies left over from the previous occupants of your home or workplace;

■ The unhelpful effects of 'geopathic stress' as well 'electro-smog' increasingly common in our
homes and workplaces;

■ Astrological phases that each of pass through and their effects on our progress and emotions;

■ The implications of physical and emotional clutter in your home or workplace and the resulting
blockages that may occur in your life.

                                                    Day 2

During the day we will briefly examine the different Feng Shui Schools in order to dispel any
confusion about conflicting approaches.

We will focus on how the nine areas of your home relate to individual aspects of your life and
then guide you through a step-by-step process of applying Feng Shui to your own home. Through a
simple but valuable 'taking stock' formula, we will help you to select which aspects of your your life
you most want to improve. We will then explain how to apply simple and inexpensive
enhancements to your home to facilitate progress in these areas.

This process is tailored to your needs rather than a 'one size fits all' approach.

        “I think the course has been excellent value for money; the teaching has been second to none,
        well presented and very clearly taught. I received far more knowledge than expected and I
        thoroughly enjoyed it.”                                                Ayesha Walker, London

This course is available in 2 formats:

   1)   Attending the weekend course at one of our venues around the country

   2)   Home Study (Virtual Classroom): Take the course in the comfort of your own home where
        you can apply the changes gradually as you go through.

In brief, the benefits are:

√ Study at your own pace;

√ Receive 7 CD’s recorded live in class plus 40 pages of detailed notes;

√ Re-visit the bits you are most interested in again and again;

√ Study whilst travelling or doing other things;
√ Save money – the distance learning is cheaper and you also save on travel
and accommodation costs.

If you would like to get a flavour of the course and hear snippets from the
cd's, please visit: audio sample of the Home Study – virtual classroom format).
                                         What is Feng Shui?
The official Feng Shui Society definition: ''Feng Shui is the practice of analysing and influencing the
interaction between people, buildings and the environment in order to enhance quality of life.
Originating in Ancient China, its basis is chi, which is vital energy present in everything”
As the definition explains, Feng Shui evolved out of the realisation that we are substantially affected by our
environments. Your home and workplace affect you in so many ways that you are probably completely
unaware of, and many of these are now scientifically validated:
The colours used; the gases emitted from man-made, materials, fibres
and printers; the psychological impact of artwork and ornaments; the
electro-magnetic fields emitted from appliances and mains supply
inside and out; harmful earth energies; the physical and
psychological impact of clutter; the views from the building; the air
quality with respect to oxygen level, ionisation, dust etc.
These are just some of the plethora of factors impacting our lives for which
there is supporting scientific evidence. There is a lot more to Feng Shui
which remains outside the current realm of scientific analysis and that
millions of people around the world have found from experience to be
entirely valid.
For many of those people Feng Shui has brought about incredible life
transformations including new or improved relationships, career
progression, better health & vitality, improved finances, selling and
renting difficult homes, to name but a few. Whether you are interested in
having a consultation, attending a workshop or training as a
practitioner, Feng Shui has a lot to offer, and we at The Academy would
be delighted to help you take your next steps.

              Day 1: Clearing Blockages to Create Harmony in your Life
 After an introduction to Feng Shui covering the ‘Key Concepts’ we will look at how the following factors
 may be obstructing you in your life.

 1)    Symbolism: You will learn how the home accurately reflects your own life and why. Also the
      important role that artwork plays in your home and in your life. Discover which images are helping
      you and which are undermining you.

 2) Predecessor Chi: How the energy of past occupants and your own negative experiences in the
    home can affect you today. Learn about this energy, which is embedded in the fabric of your home,
    & understand the influence it may have on your life. Simple techniques can be used to rid your home
    of these unhelpful influences.

 3) Geopathic Stress: Where there are distortions in the natural earth radiation around your home you
    may experience major blockages in your life, including ill health. We will explain the tell-tale signs of
    its presence and demonstrate how to detect the problem through dowsing.

 4) Your personal energy: We will briefly explain the importance of astrological factors in any analysis
    of a client’s issues and priorities. You will learn how to calculate your 9 star Ki energy based on the
    planetary set up at your time of birth, and the effect of the planetary cycle on your moods, romantic
    and career prospects.

 5) EMF: You will discover how to avoid the harmful effects on health of EMF (Electro-Magnetic
    Fields) emitted from everyday appliances, the mains power system, and the supply from outside.

 6) Clutter: We will look at the implications of physical and emotional clutter in your homes and
    offices and the resulting blockages that may occur in your life. A fundamental prerequisite to letting
    go of clutter is to understand the reasons (practical and emotional) why you have collected it. You
    will discover how this often overlooked aspect of Feng Shui can greatly obstruct your
   achievements and enjoyment of life, whether it be through poor relationships, ill-health, financial
   difficulties or career problems.

   We will help you discover what drives us to ‘hang on’ to stuff and teach you how best to ‘let go’ and
   clear these stagnant areas, a critical step before applying any traditional Feng Shui enhancements
   and cures (see Day 2). You will learn how to “go with the flow” rather than fighting against it.

Feng Shui can be described as ‘acupuncture in
space’. Just as acupuncture clears blockages in your
body for good health, this workshop teaches you how
to clear your blockages to allow the energy to flow
easily and effortlessly into all areas of your life.
It is a truly transformational workshop, giving you
all the knowledge and tools you need to clear out
the past and plan for a brighter more successful

                    Day 2: Maximise your Potential with Feng Shui
During the day we will briefly examine the different approaches to Feng Shui and then focus on how the
nine areas of your home relate to individual aspects of your life. We will clearly demonstrate how to lay
the Bagua (Feng Shui template) over your own house plan, ensuring that all participants understand
exactly which areas of their own home relate to each life area.

People rarely find the time to consider what’s really working well in their lives and what isn’t. For that
reason alone, many have found a great benefit in that the course provides the opportunity to ‘take stock’
of what we really want and get back on track. We provide a ‘life evaluation questionnaire’ which will
help you with this, and you can then decide which of the 9 areas of your life you most want to improve.
                                                  Having discovered which aspects of your
                                                  surroundings are helping or hindering your progress,
                                                  you will learn how to use simple inexpensive
                                                  enhancements and cures to profoundly improve
                                                  your health and vitality, relationships, career and

                                                  You will discover the fascinating relationships between
                                                  Yin and Yang as well as the five elements, who’s
                                                  nourishing and control cycles pervade Oriental culture.
                                                  An understanding of this simple but important concept
                                                  will enable you to properly harmonise and balance
                                                  your own environment.

                                                  We will teach you about the appropriate use of
                                                  mirrors, crystals, wind chimes, colour, fabrics,
                                                  light, water, plants, artwork, music and symbolism
                                                  to create a more harmonious and happy life for

                                                  Additionally you will discover the importance of
                                                  positioning your bed, chair or desk to gain ‘command
                                                  of the room’ (Form School Feng Shui).
                                                 You will need to bring along plans of your home or
office in order to understand clearly the Feng Shui of your own environment and therefore obtain the
most benefit from the day. You need to have completed this course should you wish to follow our
Accredited Practitioner Training.

You will receive a booking confirmation giving details of the venue with directions etc after we
receive your booking. Workshops run from 10:00 am to 5.30pm
A heart-warming letter from a student …
"This is a letter of thanks. During the Foundation Weekend, I enjoyed an extremely informative
and fascinating introduction into all aspects of Feng Shui. Since putting this into practice, I have
noticed a dramatic improvement in my life….

Having been taught to dowse I was able to avoid Geopathic Stress in the home which I now know
was causing my family a lot of harm. I cannot express how grateful I am that this is included
within your course.”…….

....Finally, my whole outlook on life has changed and my daughter keeps saying to me ‘Mummy’s
so happy’. You’ve no idea how good that feels. Thank you for your wonderful course just when I
needed it most.”

Joy Devereux. Derbyshire.

Students can either take this course at one of the venues around the
country but… Please note that this weekend course can also be
studied via 'home study – virtual classroom'

With this home study option you will receive the same notes but also a
digitally recorded CD programme (around 10 hours) recorded live on
the course. So it’s just like being there except you have the added
advantage that you can stop and start the course just as you please.

This way you can implement your knowledge at home while you learn !!
Also, you have a permanent record of everything that was said so that
you can re-visit the material whenever you like.

Considering this is cheaper than attending it represents great value for
money. ! If you have any queries simply email or phone us and we’ll do
our best to help you.

  “I think the course has been excellent value for money; the teaching has been second to none,
 well presented and very clearly taught. I received far more knowledge than expected and I
 thoroughly enjoyed it.”                                           Ayesha Walker, London

                          Foundation Course Locations, Dates & Fees
The course is usually offered twice annually in Leicester, York and Exeter (area) and occasionally in
International locations such as Athens, Copenhagen and Brazil. For locations, dates and fees please
review the 'Booking & Fees' page.
                                  Who’s going to be teaching?

All Academy Teachers are registered consultants with the Feng Shui Society (FSSA).

                     ROBERT GRAY: (FSSA) Our Founder, Director and Principal Consultant, Robert
                     Gray, [B.A. (hons) Applied Sociology] has for the last 30 years been studying
                     Eastern philosophy and culture as well as human and environmental energetics. For
                     many years he has practised advanced meditation, Reiki and Qi Gong.
                     Since 1993 Robert worked as Senior Interior Consultant for one of Europe’s leading
                     commercial interiors organisations before establishing The Feng Shui Academy in
                     1996. His Feng Shui expertise has come from many years of practise, following
                     extensive training with the world’s most respected Feng Shui teachers and
He was a guest speaker at the International Feng Shui Conferences in London and Florida where his
seminars were amongst the most popular received. His work has been featured in National Press and
Television and he was a major contributor for many years to ‘Feng Shui for Modern Living’ magazine.

Robert has been a registered accredited consultant with the Feng Shui Society (FSSA) since 2001and
was a member of it's executive committee and also the sub-committee for establishing Industry Standards
of training and practice for about 10 years.
He has consulted for Home-owners through to multi-national Corporations as well having taught all levels
from beginners to established Practitioners in the UK, Europe and The Americas. He has a tremendous
gift for teaching, which he approaches with great enthusiasm.
Robert teaches Accredited Foundation Weekends in Leicester as well as being the voice you will
hear on the Home Study-Virtual Classroom courses. He also teachers the Accredited Practitioner
Training Course (PTC) and most of the Special Interest Courses.
                             The rest of The Team

FRÉDÉRIQUE COOKE (FSSA) runs the Foundation Course in the Exeter area and
also runs our office. She assists on the Practitioner course live in the classroom
sessions as well as being personal tutor to the Home Study Students. Frédérique
runs one of our specialist advanced courses: 'Professional Space Clearing
Diploma' which are held annually in the Exeter Area..

Having worked as a Foreign Languages teacher for many years, Frédérique has a
gift for imparting knowledge in a clear and comprehensible manner. She has been a Tai Chi teacher for
more than 15 years and has therefore acquired an extremely sensitive appreciation of Chi energy, which
is the basis of Feng Shui. Having graduated from The Feng Shui Academy in 1999 she now brings her
own unique teaching style, humour and years of ‘energy’ experience to the world of Feng Shui.

                      CAROLINE HETHERTON (FSSA): teaches our Foundation Course
                      Weekends in York and like Frédérique, runs our specialist advanced
                      course: 'Professional Space Clearing Diploma' which is held annually in
                      Caroline counts amongst her numerous residential and corporate clients,
                      Barclays Premier Bank. For many years she has studied and practised Classical
                      and Intuitive Feng Shui. Her particular specialities lay in dowsing, clearing
                      Geopathic Stress and space clearing which she successfully combines with other
                      aspects of Feng Shui.

"I have attended many programmes in my life but this was one of the very best. A superb trainer,
interesting fellow delegates and a fascinating insight into an ancient Eastern art, demystified and
brought right up to date for our busy 21st century lives. I am already benefiting from applying the
skills which have helped me move towards achieving my business and personal dreams. I can't
wait to extend my knowledge further." Sandra Lawes MBA MCIM MMRS BA (Hons).
                            DVD: Transform your life with Feng Shui
In 2003 Robert released a DVD and Video which covers the essential Feng Shui principles and provides
a great accompaniment to the Foundation Course. (Currently offered at half price if bought together with
the Home Study Foundation course – select this option on the booking form

● How to properly use key Feng Shui ‘Cures and Enhancements’ ~ SEE how it's done

● Grasp Feng Shui more fully how to apply Feng Shui correctly by watching a live consultation

● It's great to convince sceptical partners as Robert explains things with easy to understand 'no nonsense'

● It makes a unique and thoughtful Present too

● Great for Practitioners to show to their clients whilst they assess the home so that the recommendations
are much easier to understand afterwards.

The 84 minute programme covers all the essentials of good Feng Shui Practice, much of which is not
covered elsewhere and because it is a film, not a book, it is so much easier to follow:

You will discover….

● How to use colours, artwork and ornaments to improve Health, Wealth and Relationships

● How to properly use key Feng Shui ‘Cures and Enhancements’

● How to correctly apply the 5 elements in your home for your benefit

● How to apply the Feng Shui bagua so that you can easily locate which area of your home relates to
which are of your life

● Understanding exactly what is Clutter and why it can restrict your progress

● How to position beds to maximise your health and wellbeing

● Significantly improve your sleep and be less susceptible to illnesses by:

● knowing how to detect and alleviate harmful earth radiation (Geopathic Stress)

● Seeing how to minimise your exposure to high electro-magnetic fields (EMF’s) from the wiring and
appliances in your home

and much more besides….

The second half of the programme shows a home with good Feng Shui applied and then you will be taken
around a home where many improvements can be made and these are explained in plenty of detail.

This will allow you to see how to make simple and inexpensive changes to your own homes and
significantly improve your lives accordingly.

We have focused our efforts on the Health, Wealth and Relationships as through almost a decade of
Consultancy and Training I have found that these are the areas of life that people most want to

Just £20 (Or just £10 when bought in conjunction with the home study Foundation Course)

      You can buy this great film in the 'Foundation Course Options' section of the order form:
                               Special Interest Courses
There are a number of courses available to you after your foundation course:

For those who may not wish to become a practitioner the following courses give an opportunity
to learn more about specific areas of interest within Feng Shui. In addition to a wide variety of
‘extra courses’ many of the modules or individual days from the Practitioner Training Course
can be taken as a special interest course. Some require prior learning in order for you to really
take full advantage of the course.

Courses outside the Practitioner programme include: Chi Management & Mastery; True
Prosperity; and ‘The Amazing Power of Colour’.

Simply review our 'Special Interest Courses' page to browse the options.

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