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									     DB SCHENKERlogistics
- wide range warehousing
    solutions under one roof
    Product Overview

                                                                                        With DB Schenkers'
                                                                                        automated value based
                                                                                        warehousing solution; the
                                                                                        warehouse of the future can
                                                                                        be yours today

        Benefit from our
            many years of experience
        Reduce your logistics costs                               In the UK DB Schenker has dedicated logistics
                                                                  facilities in all parts of the country performing all
        A balanced supply chain is not just a concept, it is      elements of the supply chain.
        a formula to make your company more intelligent
                                                                  DB Schenker is the right partner for you to secure the
        and maximize your organization’s goals.
                                                                  flow of materials to ensure uninterrupted production,
        DB Schenker offer companies individual and flexible       reduce your inventories and improve your return on
        logistics solutions based on our many years of            assets.
        transport experience. We offer you comprehensive
                                                                  Logistics Services at a glance:
        and exclusive supply chain management solutions.
                                                                   Procurement logistics
        Our strategy
                                                                   Supply production logistics
        We offer what you need – simply and quickly.
        DB Schenker uses a structured method that increases        Finished goods distribution
        efficiency, reduces costs, and protects your basic
        supply chain. At the same time this strategy can be        After sales & logistics solutions
        quickly adjusted individually. Our balanced approach       Supply chain logistics
        offers you the opportunity to restructure your
        supply chain with an eye on achieving the greatest        No matter if you do business across Europe, across
        possible productivity.                                    the country or across town; or you’re a global player
                                                                  or plan to be one; if you want to outsource all or just
        Your advantage                                            part of your logistics activities…
        We’ll develop a plan that involves our own multi-
        modal, global modes of transport with access to           DB Schenker is the right partner for you.
        Europe’s biggest land transport network and a leading
        global air and ocean freight system. In order to assure
        you the optimal price/value ratio we will, if needed,
        work together with other providers. Our goal is to
        create a network that is not only faster – it provides
        you with exactly what you need, when you need it.

Branch Feature

Heathrow Logistics Centre
With our Heathrow Logistics Centre conveniently           About Schenker
located with easy access to both the M25 and the M4       With annual sales of 18 billion Euros, employing over
motorways, it is a perfect location to support any        88,000 staff spread across about 2,000 locations
customers in London and the South East.                   in all the important economic regions of the globe,
                                                          DB Schenker stands for the transport and logistics
With our team of logistics experts we would be able       activities of Deutsche Bahn.
to offer you a turn-key operation to suit your business
needs, and would be able to get your automated            With DB Schenker, Deutsche Bahn AG enjoys top
warehouse up and running with leading state-of-the-art    positions in air and ocean freight worldwide, operates the
technology.                                               most concentrated land transport network in Europe and
                                                          benefits from the rail competence of the first and biggest
Imagine what that would mean to your supply chain.        European freight railroad.

Facility Information                                      For further information, please contact:
 Warehouse space – 27,000 sq ft available                John White
 Up to 500 pallet positions available                    UK Supply Chain & Logistics Manager
 Controlled access all areas                             Schenker Limited
 Fully monitored security & CCTV systems                 Great South West Road
 Pallet racking system
 TAPA Certified
 ISO 9001 & 14001 Compliant
 2km from Heathrow Airport                               TW14 8NT
 Excellent connections to the ports of Felixstowe,
Tilbury, Thamesport and Southampton,                      Tel: +44 (0)208 818 7489
                                                          Fax: +44 (0)208 818 7474
Services                                                  Mob: +44 (0)7736 961191
 Inventory Management                                    Email: john.white@schenker.com
 Multi-Modal Freight Forwarding
 End to End Supply Chain Visibility
 Pick and Pack Fulfillment
 Electronic Communication
 Cross-Dock Handling
 Reverse Logistics
 Repair and Return Solutions
 Postponement and Kitting Solutions
 Seasonal Project Work
 Web Enabled Inventory Control

  Corporate Head Office

        Schenker Limited
          Schenker House
   Great South West Road
               TW14 8NT

Tel: +44 (0)208 890 8899
Fax: +44 (0)208 818 7474
  Version 1/08 - Oct 2008


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