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The Solent
Cruising and Racing in the area

The Solent provides a beautiful, sheltered sailing area between the Isle of
Wight and the Hampshire shores of Southern England. For the last century, it
has been internationally recognised as a sailing and yacht
racing mecca.

Zulu Yachting is based in Hamble Le Rice, only 90mins via car or train from
central London. When leaving the River Hamble, destinations to the south and
east include the famous harbours of Cowes on the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth,
with the ensemble of docked Royal Naval ships
and the Gun Wharf Quay marina development,
complete with the new Millennium Tower.

In contrast, if you long for a day of peace and
tranquillity, then cruising the waters of the wild
bird sanctuary of Newtown Creek, laying anchor
in Osborne Bay and enjoying a sumptuous lunch
onboard overlooking
the splendid stately home of Queen Victoria, or
experiencing a bygone era while travelling up the
Beaulieu River to the “Grand Master Builders” site,
will leave you feeling completely relaxed.

The Solent is host to many annual yachting events,
such as the “Round The Island Race”, where you
can see a mass of colour as more than 1200 co-
lourful spinnakers are hoisted, and the famous
“Cowes Week”, where the Solent is filled with
racing yachts and Cowes comes alive with boats
of all sizes and their crews.

For those worried about the English weather, the
Solent resides in its own micro-climate, which is
often far more forgiving than that experienced
only a few miles inland. The southern tip of the Isle
of Wight is, in fact, the sunniest spot in England.

The Solent offers the perfect sailing location for
the perfect sailing day.

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A Day aboard

Cetewayo is a classic yacht with a colourful
racing history. She is built for exhilarating yet
comfortable sailing, which allows us to tailor our
charters to suit our guests.

We are delighted to teach those willing to learn
how to sail, pamper those who prefer to relax
and, for the veteran sailor, there is a chance to
maximise boat speed by raising the distinctive
scarlet “Zulu” spinnaker and allowing Cetewayo
to demonstrate her true racing credentials.

At 50ft long, there is ample space onboard to
accommodate guests both on and below decks.
Lunch, often a splendid buffet of meats and
salads or a hot buffet, is served from the table in
the saloon, which also seats 8 people comfortably.

Cetewayo was originally built in 1955 and has
been painstakingly refurbished over the last 18
years to restore her to her original glory, yet with a
few ‘subtle’ modern additions. She is now a
superb example of truly beautiful craftsmanship.

The Solent has an array of options for guests to
explore, from idyllic bird sanctuaries to bustling
towns, from exhilarating yacht racing to swimming
in a beautiful bay.

Whatever you choose to do, our aim is to make
your day one to

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Additional Yachts

Infanta is an American racing yawl . Designed by
Phillip Rhodes in 1945 and launched in New York in
1947, she quickly became known in the New York
and Newport Rhode Island area for both her
beautiful looks and her racing prowess.

At 51ft long overall, including the bowsprit, and
with a towering spruce mainmast and a balanc-
ing mizzen mast aft, Infanta can carry a huge
amount of sail, making her not only a comfortable
passage maker, but also a fast and competitive
classic racing yacht. Reaching with the wind on
the quarter under mizzen, mizzen staysail, main-
sail, staysail and reaching genoa is an awesome
sight and there is always some trimming to do.
As with Cetewayo, there is ample space onboard
to accommodate guests both on and below
decks. Lunch, often a splendid buffet of meats
and salads or a hot buffet, is served from the table
in the saloon, which also seats up to 8 people.

                                                   M.V. THELMA VI
Thelma VI is a beautiful classic gentleman’s motor yacht.

Built in 1952 in Rosneath on the Clyde, Thelma VI is possibly the last surviving
“Bain 72” out of the few “Ormidales” produced, and although her wheel-
house and saloon roof were renovated in the early 1970’s, she still retains
much of her original character and style.

At 72ft long she can accommodate up to 12 guests, either below deck in the
saloon and dinning area or outside on her spacious decks, or can be used for
overnight accommodation for up to 6 guests in 4 cabins. Thelma VI not only
provides the perfect viewing platform from which to watch the variety of
events that take place in the Solent each year.

                                                                            corporate sailing
The itinerary is flexible and can be tailored to suit
guest’s individual requirements. A typical day is
often as follows:


10:00 Meet onboard your yacht, Cetewayo,
Infanta or Thelma, as per your reservation, for
10:15 Briefing of the day and safety procedures
10:30 Depart and sail around the Solent
13:00 Anchor/moor in a marina and enjoy lunch
14:30 Weigh anchor/depart the marina and sail
back along the Solent towards the River Hamble
17:00 Return to mooring, guests depart


    All specialised sailing equipment is supplied, including all wet weather
    clothing and safety equipment that may be needed

    Guests may wish to bring a swimming costume and a towel. However,
    warm clothing is imperative even if the forecast is for fine weather

   No black or leather soled shoes, preferably only deck shoes (bring a spare
   pair for the end of the day)

   Warm jumper and jacket

   Sun block

   Sunglasses and a hat


Cetewayo is sailed by an expert crew, but we encourage participation from
guests, depending on their enthusiasm!

Where the charter is for more than one day, we can arrange to take guests
on a more extensive tour, with overnight accommodation arranged ashore at
boutique hotels if required

All guests are responsible for their own medical
and accident insurance

                                                                         corporate sailing
                                                                                                                                                           Services & Prices
                                                                                                                                                                                               Unit    Price
         Type of Charter     Boat         Timing       Guests Crew     Catering Included                                              Description
                                                                                                                                                                                               Cost   EX VAT
                                                                           Continental breakfast.                         Start and finish your day from Hamble and
                                                                             Lunch onboard.                                spend a day sailing on the Solent on this
 1      One Day Charter      Cetewayo     10am - 5pm     8     3               Tea & cakes.                                     beautifully restored classic yacht                              1     £3,000
                                                                            Drinks & fine wines.

                                                                                Light lunch.                             This charter is designed so you can leave
                                                                             Dinner onboard.                         London at mid-day and spend the afternoon and
 2     Afternoon & Evening   Cetewayo     2pm - 9pm      8     3               Tea & cakes.                                             evening sailing.                                        1     £3,000
                                                                            Drinks & fine wines.
                                                                            Continental breakfast.          This one-day charter allows you to experience two fantastic, yet different,
                                                                         Lunch onboard or at a local        beautiful classic sailing yachts. We recommend that you have lunch at a
 3     Two Boat One Day
                             Cetewayo &
                                          10am - 5pm
                                                        16     6                 restaurant.
                                                                                Tea & cakes.
                                                                                                          restaurant, however, a buffet on board the yachts could be served, weather
                                                                                                                                                                                                2     £6,000
                                                                             Drinks & fine wines.
                                                                            Continental breakfast.        This one-day charter provides a unique combination of experiencing both a
                                                                         Lunch onboard or at a local        classic sailing yacht and a classic motor yacht. We recommend that you
                             Cetewayo &   10am - 5pm
 4     Two Boat One Day      M.Y Thelma                 20     6                 restaurant.
                                                                                Tea & cakes.
                                                                                                          have lunch at a restaurant, however, a buffet on board the yachts could be
                                                                                                                                   served, weather dependant.
                                                                                                                                                                                                2     £5,000
                                                                             Drinks & fine wines.
                                                                           Continental breakfast.          A two-day charter of Cetewayo, where clients can either spend the night
                                                                                                             ashore at idyllic hotels in Cowes, Yarmouth, along the Beaulieu River or
                                                                             Lunch onboard.
 5      Two Day Charter      Cetewayo     10am - 5pm     8     3               Tea & cakes.
                                                                                                          aboard M.Y. Thelma. Hotels require separate booking and are not included
                                                                                                          in the price. Accommodation aboard M.Y. Thelma is subject to a surcharge
                                                                                                                                                                                                2     £6,000
                                                                            Drinks & fine wines.                                             of 1 unit.
                                                                                                            A special charter where a couple can experience the freedom of
                                                                                                           sailing and living onboard a classic yacht. The duration of the cruise
 6     Two day get-away      Cetewayo     10am - 5pm
                                                         2     2               Fully Catered                                    can be extended at request.                                     2     £6,000
                                                                                                          A two-day weekday or weekend session is based on a new concept developed by
      Process Driven Team                                                  Continental breakfast.         David Murrin, focussing on the processes that allow a team to function at maximum

 7    Management Training
                             Cetewayo     10am - 5pm
                                                         8     4     Lunch,evening meal and soft drinks
                                                                                                           efficiency. This developmental course uses the nautical environment to highlight
                                                                                                          and resolve issues within the team. Suitable for up to 8 guests with accommodation    5     £15,000
                                                                                                                          provided onboard the 70ft motor boat, M.Y. Thelma.

Terms & Conditions
     A 50% non-refundable deposit is payable at the time of booking
     The remaining 50% is due six weeks before the charter date
     All units purchased during 2009 must be used within the year and are not transferable
     Prices exclude VAT
     Guests must wear soft, unmarking shoes whilst onboard
     No smoking

                                                                                                                                                                                                        corporate sailing
Zulu Yachting - Discount Scheme
We are pleased to offer a discount scheme that allows clients to buy multiple
units, at a discounted price, and have more flexible booking conditions.

                                                       Surcharges applicable
  Prices based on the number of units bought
                                                        per day and per unit

                            Discounted Unit Discount
  Units        Price             Price        Rate
                                                         Weekends        £250
    1         £3,000           £3,000         0%

    2         £6,000           £3,000         0%        Cowes Week       £500

    3         £8,550           £2,850         5%

    5         £13,500          £2,700        10%        Special Events   £500

   10         £25,500          £2,550        15%
   20         £48,000          £2,400        20%

Terms & Conditions:

All units purchased during 2009 must be used within the year and are not

Once units have been purchased, bookings should be made two month in

For units purchased under the discount scheme, we allow a two week
cancellation period, in which time the charter must be rescheduled,
otherwise the unit is forfeited. However, we will do all we can to make sure the
yachts are available to our discount users

Units will be allocated on a LIFO basis

Prices are EX VAT

Guests must wear soft, unmarking shoes whilst onboard

No smoking is allowed at anytime aboard our vessels

                                                                            corporate sailing
Menu Options                                                        Menu Option 1

Onboard                                                             Danish pastries

                                                     Char grilled salmon with roasted vegetable
          Continental Breakfast Menu                                     cous cous
                                                        Cajun king prawn and pepper salad
               Danish pastries                       Lime and lemon chicken skewers with sweet
             Selection of breads                                  chilli dipping sauce
Cherry and berry conserve/wild strawberry jam           Chicken and wild mushroom roulade
            Cornish cream butter                           Selection of continental meats

             Selection of Cheese                      Roasted tomato and mascarpone tartlet
Swiss gruyère, Comte, Demipont l’eveque and            Vine tomato, feta and red onion salad
          hand made Red Leicester                               with a balsamic dressing
                                                      Mixed leaf salad with avocado and spring
                   Meat Platter                                           onions
  Antipasto italiano, German paprika salami,            with light lemon and olive oil dressing
               green pepper salami                         German style new potato salad
   Wiltshire roast ha and prosciutto di speck                      Selection of breads

           Greek yoghurt with honey                       Baked white chocolate cheesecake
  Jordan’s maple and pecan cereal with milk         Berry and currant fruit salad with clotted cream
                  Fresh fruit                                      Selection of fruits
                                                             Coffee and mints/petite fours

                 Menu Option 2                                      Menu Option 3

                 Danish pastries                                    Danish pastries

Sweet chilli, lime and coriander king prawns and       Salmon, spinach and mascarpone tartlet
                    scallop salad                         Chinese shredded pork in a filo cup
  Char grilled salmon with fruit spiced wild rice     Sweet chilli king prawn and coriander and
 Cajun chicken skewers with sweet chilli dipping                      pepper salad
                        sauce                        Terrine of chicken with chorizo sausage and
Terrine of chicken with roasted red peppers and            roasted red peppers wrapped in
                         basil                                         Parma ham
         Selection of continental meats                     Selection of continental meats
                Wild mushroom tartlet                                  Greek salad
  Vine tomato, feta and red onion salad with a                   Seasonal green salad
                    basil dressing                   New potato salad with a Dijon mustard and
Mixed leaf salad and a light lemon and olive oil                    tarragon dressing
                      dressing                                      Brochette skewers
  Caramelized onion and whole grain mustard
                  new potato salad                                  Chocolate tart
                 Selection of breads                             Tropical fruit salad
                                                    Both served with a lightly flavour vanilla cream
                  Banoffi pie                                     Selection of fruits
            Strawberries and cream
                   Fruit bowl                                Coffee mints and petite fours

         Coffee and mints/petite fours

                                                                                                corporate sailing
Cetewayo is located at the end of “A" jetty,
Mercury Yacht Harbour, Satchell Lane, Hamble,
near Southampton, Hampshire, UK.

Look out for a large wooden mast.


Trains from London to Southampton depart from
London Waterloo.
Once at Southampton train station, it is a 20
minutes taxi ride to Mercury Yacht Harbour.
Del Boy Taxis have various mini-vans and can be
reached on 07971-460176.


Fly to Southampton Airport, Eastleigh
15 minutes to Mercury Yacht Harbour by taxi.


Take the M3 or A3 south from the M25
Join the M27 to Southampton and follow it until you get to Junction 8 and exit

Take the first exit left off the slip road
At the roundabout, take the second exit onto Hamble Lane sign posted to
Hamble (passing a large Tesco superstore on your left)
Go straight on over two mini roundabouts
At the third mini roundabout take the first exit left
After 10 metres turn left into Satchell Lane (sign posted to Mercury Yacht
Follow the road for the next 3-4 minutes until you reach the next signpost for
Mercury Yacht Harbour on the left.
The journey will take approx. 90 minutes from London.

                                                                          corporate sailing
For more information about Zulu Yachting, please contact:

Joe Hall

Medina Yard
Artic Road
Isle of Wight
PO31 7PG

+44 (0)1983 200901
+44 (0)7774 138777

We look forward to welcoming you aboard as our guest.

                                                            corporate sailing

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