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									               Light Bites…                                   Larger Appetites…
Crusty Bread Basket                       £2.85     Cumberland Sausage & Mash                 £6.95    Prawns or Crayfish in
selected breads and buns with butter, add extra     8oz Cumberland curl with creamed potato, sage      Spinnaker Sauce                     £5.65
virgin olive oil or pesto & sun-dried tomato
                            sun-                    &onion gravy and peas.                             Curry (changes daily)               £6.55
olive oil – 50p                                     Locally Sourced Beef                               Chilli Con Carne                    £6.55
                                                    Burger                                    £7.65
Garlic Dough Base                         £2.95     4oz prime beef burger in a freshly baked bun,                  Hot Baguettes...
9” base with our own garlic butter
                                                    served with chips & onion rings                       Freshly cooked fillings in a white or
                        with cheese       £4.15
                                                    Spinnaker Hearty Feast                    £8.75      wholemeal baguette served with chips
Bowl of Nachos                            £4.85     good old favourite, sausage, bacon, eggs, beans                and dressed salad.
topped with salsa, sour cream and melted local      & chips - sure to fill you up. Vegetarian option
cheese, available to share £7.95                    available (v)                                      Cumberland Sausage
                                                    Lasagne al Forno Bolognese                £7.95    with Fried Onions                   £7.85
Homemade Soup of the Day                  £3.75                                                        Sliced Chicken Breast               £7.85
                                                    with dressed salad
with local crusty bread                                                                                Local Steak & Onion                 £8.95
                                                    Please                        dishes
                                                    Please combine the following dishes with           Local Back Bacon                    £7.25
Chicken Caesar Salad                      £5.55              a choice of side order...
sliced chicken breast with bacon and herb                                                              Roast Beef with Gravy               £7.25
croutons, available as a larger portion £10.25      5oz or 10oz Horseshoe                              Stilton, Grape & Apple              £8.15
                                                    Gammon Steak                   £5.95/ £10.95
Chef’s Own Chicken Pâté                   £5.55     with fresh pineapple and free range egg                               Pizzas…
drizzled in Cumberland sauce with melba toast       Beer Battered Haddock                     £10.15   Start with our 9” Cheese & Tomato Pizza
                                                    local fresh fish with mushy peas & lemon.              then customise it with your own
Ice-chilled Canadian
Prawn Salad                               £5.95                  Jacket Spuds...                               combination of toppings
juicy prawns in our Spinnaker sauce, with                                                              Cheese & Tomato               £8.75
buttered brown bread
                                                    Plain with butter                         £4.25
                                                    Cheese                                    £5.25    Toppings (each)               £0.70
Wensleydale Cheese Pâté                   £5.75     Baked Beans                               £5.25    spicy beef, pepperoni, onion, mushroom, prawns,
infused with port , served with redcurrant jelly    Tuna & Mayonnaise                         £5.45    baked ham, sliced tomato, tuna, sweetcorn,
and melba toast (v)                                                                                    pineapple, egg, extra cheese, peppers, crayfish
                                                    Baked Beans & Cheese                      £5.65

                                                   Daytime Menu
                 Platters...                                                      white
                                                      Choose from locally baked white or       combine it with as many extra ingredients
                                                      wholemeal sandwiches, served with                 like!
                                                                                                 as you like! Served with salad or chips.
  Ideal for a larger appetite or for 2 to             dressed salad & tortilla chips, if you   Plain                         £5.95
  share! All platters are served with a              would prefer a crusty baguette please     With Cheese                   £6.65
 dressed salad and with a compliment of                            add £1.25
     homemade pickles & chutneys                                                               Extras (each)                 £0.70
                                                   Locally Produced Cheese          £4.55      peppers, mushroom, prawns, baked ham,
Fish Platter                             £10.95    Cream Cheese                     £4.65      diced tomato, tuna, sweetcorn, pineapple,
prawns & crayfish in our own Spinnaker sauce       Baked Cumberland Ham             £4.65      extra cheese, crayfish
combined with smoked salmon and buttered           Tuna & Mayonnaise                £4.65
brown bread, also available with smoked            Locally Sourced Roast Beef       £4.75
mackerel and breaded lobster tails instead of
                                                                                                           On the Side...
                                                   Sliced Chicken Breast            £4.75
smoked salmon £11.95                                                                                  Boiled New Potatoes £2.45
                                                   Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato          £4.75
                                                   Chicken Breast & Mayo            £4.75                Bowl of Chips £2.45
Ploughman’s Platter                      £11.95
three specially selected local cheeses served      Prawn in Spinnaker Sauce         £4.95               Creamed Potato £2.45
with our own honey baked ham, locally made         Smoked Salmon                                          Curly Fries £2.95
pork pie with a compliment of grapes & apples      & Cream Cheese                   £5.55             Seasonal Vegetables £2.45
                                                   Cajun Spiced Chicken             £4.95                 Onion rings £2.45
Cheese Platter
Cheese                                   £10.95                                                        Dressed Side Salad £2.45
a selection of six award winning local cheeses
                                                   Crayfish in Spinnaker Sauce £5.25
                                                                                                           Coleslaw £1.65
selected by our head chef, served with grapes,        Please note your table number
celery & apple                                                                                            Buttered Bap 70p
                                                     before ordering at the bar. Your                    Grated Cheese 70p
Meat Platter
Meat                                     £11.25    food, cutlery and condiments will be
our own honey baked Cumbrian ham, combined                                                       Where possible we always source our
                                                           brought to your table
with whole chicken breast & mustard glazed                                                        ingredients from local producers.
locally sourced roast beef                         Please see advertised opening times
                                                          for food service hours
 Why not combine your platter with our
     crusty bread basket - £2.85                                Omelettes...
               Sandwiches…                         Made with organic free range eggs, start
                                                    with a plain or cheese omelette and

                                                  Daytime Menu

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