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                                 Official Newsletter of the U.S. Navy League, Pasadena

                                                       Summer, 2002

                    “Full Ahead”                                       and its corresponding Marine Corps Devil Pups Program. We
       President’s Column, By: William S. Garr, Esq.                   also help both local ROTC units and JROTC units. More
As I write the President’s Column for our new news-                    information about all of these events will be coming to you in
                                                                       our new newsletter.
letter to all hands, I want to start out by first stating
how humbled and honored I am to have been selected                     As your new President, my priority has been -- and will be --
by your Board of Directors for this leadership position.               the revival of our newsletter. In my opinion (which is shared
Inside, you will find a photograph and a brief summary                 by our Board), regular communication with our membership
of our change of command ceremony, wherein our fea-                    base is a key element of our existence. LTJG Alfred V. Pena
tured speaker was Captain Dale Nees of the Squadron                    (our newest Board Member) will be editing the newsletter, for
Five Submarine Development Group. If you were                          which I thank him. If you have any suggestions, please
there, you know that it was a wonderful event.                         contact him at the address indicated inside. Please also
As many if not most of you have heard, this year cele-                 contact him if you need to change your address.
brates the Navy League’s 100 th anniversary. Our Vice                  So, as we get our Pasadena Navy League Council underway,
President, Todd Moore, will head up our local Centen-                  the order is: “Full Ahead!” I look forward to meeting each of
nial Celebration, in which there are several surprises                 you during various opportunities and upcoming events this
in store for all members during the month of Decem-                    year.
ber. Todd will be explaining more about this. In addi-
tion to Todd, we have a very talented Board of Direc-                  Thank you.
tors, consisting of your other officers who are, in the position
of Secretary: Jane Mason (former Commander), and Treas-                Pasadena Council Awards Sword To
urer: Ken Colborn (another former Commander). I would                  Outstanding UCLA Midshipman Ryan Tashma
like to thank, in advance, all of our officers for their upcom-
ing service. I would also like to thank our immediate Past             The Pasadena Council of the Navy
President, Fred Soldwedel, Jr., for his past service.                  League has traditionally co-sponsored the
Our Council’s greatest asset is our membership. We have an             award of an officer’s sword to an
extremely strong membership base, along with an exception-             outstanding senior member of the Navy
ally high retention level. It is for all of you that our               ROTC’s “Bruin Battalion” at UCLA.
Pasadena Council of the Navy League exists. Therefore, if you          This year, council officers Ken Colborn
have any ideas or would like to contact me, please feel                and Todd Moore awarded the sword to
free to write to me directly                                           Midshipman Ryan Tashma during                Ryan Tashma
at my e-mail address here at                                           ceremonies held on May 28, 2002.             Midshipman
my law firm, Hahn & Hahn,
Pasadena, which is                                                     Midshipman Tashma hails from North Hollywood, California.
wgarr@hahnlawyers.com.                                                 He will graduate with a degree in Geography and a minor in
                                                                       Naval Science. He has held many leadership positions during
Our Pasadena Council                                                   his tenure at UCLA, including Battalion Commander during
supports a variety of                                                  Fall, 2001. He has been selected for the submarine service,
worthwhile endeavors.                                                  and will report to Nuclear Power School in Charleston, South
These include, most                                                    Carolina this August.
notably, our support of
the U.S.S. Pasadena (our                                               Captain Cory Cunningham, Marine Officer Instructor at
namesake nuclear fast                                                  UCLA, stated that Midshipman Tashma is “an outstanding
attack submarine), the                                                 midshipman, very intelligent and will be a great Naval
local Navy Sea Cadets                                                  Submariner.”
                                  William S. Garr, President

                                Navy League In The News
                             By Tom Gerfen, USS Pasadena Foundation

On April 11, 2002, the USS Pasadena held a Change of                 USS PENNSYLVANIA (SSBN 735) (GOLD). During his
Command Ceremony at the Naval Submarine Base, Pearl                  tour, the PENNSYLVANIA was awarded the Battle E for
Harbor, Hawaii. Commanding Officer, Commander Mark S.                1999.
Ginda was relieved by Commander Donald C. Fritts, Jr. as the         Shore assignments for Commander Fritts include Tactics
CO of the boat.                                                      Director at Naval Submarine Training Center Pacific, United
Commander Fritts graduated from Duke University in 1985              Nations Command Military Armistice Commission
where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and          (UNCMAC), Advance Secretary at Panmunjom, Republic of
was commissioned through the NROTC scholarship program.              Korea, conducting military to military negotiations with
He earned a Master’s degree in National Security and Strategic       North Korea’s Korean People’s Army. He most recently
Studies after graduating from the Naval War College in               served as Deputy Commander for Training, Submarine
Newport, Rhode Island in 1997.                                       Squadron One, Pearl Harbor.

Commander Fritts’ sea tours include a tour on the USS                Commander Ginda and family will be transferred to Guam,
ASPRO (SSN648), service as the Engineer Officer aboard               where he will be part of the Submarine Squadron command
USS BUFFALO (SSN715) and as Executive Officer on                     staff for the Pacific area.

Your local council swore in a new slate of officers during
ceremonies held on March 12, 2002. Captain Dale Nees,
Commander and head of Submarine Development Squadron
5, spoke regarding recent and forthcoming developments in
submarine warfare and safety as well as how the Navy is
responding to potential terrorism at sea and in our ports.
The new local council officers are:
William S. Garr, President. Bill is a longtime member of the
Navy League and a partner in the Pasadena law firm of Hahn
& Hahn LLP. Bill serves as a Judge Pro Tempore in the
Pasadena Superior Court, as a Reserve Police Officer for the
Los Angeles Police Department and is a leader in many other
community organizations.                                             L to R: Ken Colborn, Jane Mason, Capt. Dale Nees, Todd
                                                                     Moore, William Garr
Todd R. Moore, Vice President. Todd is new to the Navy
League, but brings extensive experience in community
service to the Navy League. Todd also works for Hahn &
Hahn LLP, as an associate attorney.
                                                                     Cdr. Kenneth Colborn (Ret.), Treasurer. Ken is a
Cdr. Jane Mason (Ret.), Secretary. Jane excels at everything         distinguished Past President of the Pasadena Council, a
she does. She has actively worked as a technologist,                 former U.S. Navy Commander, and a tireless supporter of
consultant, manager, teacher and U.S. Navy Commander. As             the Navy League. As the principal of the Kenneth Colborn
a naval officer, her duties were wide ranging and spanned the        Company, Ken consults with the U.S. Navy on issues
globe. She currently is a Math Instructor at Saint Elizabeth’s       relating to our national missile programs.
Parish School.

                           By Tom Gerfen, USS Pasadena Foundation

Even among the best, there are those                                            Each PACFLT Sailor of the Year finalist
who shine above others. At an April                                             represents tens of thousands of Sailors
5, 2002 luncheon, Adm. Thomas                                                   throughout the Pacific area. All were
Fargo, Commander in Chief Pacific                                               very humble in the face of such a
Fleet (CINCPACFLT), named USS                                                   prestigious competition. "I think I was
Pasadena Machinist's Mate 1st Class                                             selected for my maturity and my ability
(SS/DV) Lorenze Tate as Sea Sailor                                              to maintain a positive attitude through
of the Year, honoring the best in the                                           good times and bad," said Tate. "The
Pacific Fleet. "It's a tremendous                                               best part of my job is taking someone
honor because I know I represent the                                            who doesn't know his potential and
Pacific Fleet, especially the                                                     giving them the self-respect that they
submariners out there," said Tate, Board Member Tom Gerfen poses with Lorenze     didn't know they had." Petty Officer
who came to the competition by Tate, PACFLT Sea Sailor of the Year.               Tate will be in Washington D.C. for
being named USS Pasadena's (SSN                                                   ceremonies honoring the Sailors of the
752) Sailor of the Year. "With over 200,000 Sailors in the Year during the week of July 7-13. Tate will be advanced to
fleet, it's overwhelming." The Sea Sailor of the Year was  Chief Petty Officer and receive a 5-day vacation anywhere in
chosen from a field of six finalists who were selected     the continental United States. In addition, once he has
from the Pacific Fleet Sailors of the Year. The finalists  completed his tour of duty at his current command, he will
were divided into three shore and three sea Sailors.       have his choice of his next duty section.

              SEA CADETS’ CORNER                                        MARINE DEVIL PUPS REPORT
                 By Gerald Peterson                                          By Richard Hotaling
Most maritime nations in the world have youth organizations     Your Pasadena Council of the Navy League also supports the
devoted to training young men and women for the sea             United States Marine Corps Devil Pups program. Devil Pups
services. In the 1950’s, the U.S. Department of the Navy        is a summer youth program that teaches leadership, discipline
requested that the Navy League of the United States establish   and honor and to young men and women. This year, two
such an organization for young Americans. The Navy              Increments of Devil Pups will establish encampments at
League agreed, and the Naval Sea Cadet Corps and Navy           Camp Pendleton.
League Cadet Corps were established in 1958.                    The First Increment will encamp from July 18 to July 27,
Your Pasadena Council co-sponsors a local unit in each          2002. A graduation ceremony will take place on July 27th at
corps. The first is the Pasadena Division of the Naval Sea      1200 hours.
Cadets. This unit is comprised of young men and women           The Second Increment encamps from August 1 through
ages 14-18 from throughout Pasadena area high schools. The
                                                                August 10, 2002. They have planned a banquet for August
second is the Training Ship Conifer of the Navy League
                                                                9th at 1830 hours and a graduation ceremony at 1200 hours on
Cadet Corps. TS Conifer members are boys and girls ages 11
                                                                August 10th .
to 13.
                                                                To give your support to the Devil Pups, or for more
Both units meet from 7 to 9 p.m. the first three Wednesday
                                                                information, please call Jan Austerman at (805) 379-4400.
evenings of the month and from 8 a.m. to noon on the last
Saturday of the month at the Army Reserve Center just south
of the Rose Bowl. (The units hope to return to the Marine
Corps Reserve Center when it is completed shortly.)
In addition to their monthly meetings during the school year,
the Cadets attend summer training each year. Naval Sea
                                                                               ~ SAVE THE DATE ~
Cadets attend two weeks of training and Navy League Cadets
attend for just one week.                                           Be sure to save DECEMBER 1, 2002 for the
The Sea Cadets perform Color Guard duties at local sporting         Pasadena Council’s United States Navy League
events, graduation ceremonies, Memorial Day and Armed
Forces Day celebrations. They have also taken part in Flag          Centennial Celebration. All council members and
Ship competitions against units from throughout southern            friends are invited and encouraged to attend this
California and Arizona.
                                                                    opportunity to toast 100 years of citizens supporting
This is an excellent program for teaching young men and
women team work and discipline. We can always use                   our sea services. More details to follow.
support, however, so please call me at (818) 248-0444 if you
wish to donate your time or other resources to it.
             NATIONAL REPORT                                       If we do not support programs that keep our nation strong, the
     By John Watkins, National Board Member                        world will again see us as a “paper tiger” and we will lose our
                                                                   ability to influence international thinking, much as we did
                                                                   during the 1970’s, when support for our military was at
This is the first in a series of reports regarding the focus and
                                                                   historic lows.
activities of the Navy League of the United States at the
                                                                   If you are not actively involved in supporting our national
national level. I have been our area’s representative on the
                                                                   security in some way, now is the time to start.
National Board for over twelve years.

The Navy League of the United States was founded as a              EDITOR’S CORNER By LTJG Alfred V. Pena
national organization 100 years ago this year. The support
we give to our sea services is especially needed and important     This is the first issue of our quarterly Newsletter since the
now, at a time when the very security of our own nation is         swearing in of our new President, William S. Garr, Esq. Our
under attack. We have concern for not only harm that befalls       goal is to keep ALL members fully informed of our Navy
us from foreign interests, but from internal politicians and       League Council’s news and activities. Any suggestions,
special interest groups who seek to advance “pet programs”         comments or submissions for Underway are welcome and
at the expense of our collective national security. Because        can be sent to my attention at:
we are a civilian organization, with no active military
members, we can, and do, educate our elected national              Alfred V. Pena
officials to support our collective national security through      c/o Hahn & Hahn Lawyers
programs that assist our military, both active and retired.        301 East Colorado Blvd. Suite 900
                                                                   Pasadena, CA 91101
One of our most important functions as “Navy Leaguers” is
one of education, not only of elected officials, but of the        Or you may E-mail me at: apena@hahnlawyers.com
community at large. Many questioned the need for such              I would also like to thank our Vice President Todd R.
education after the fall of the Soviet Union. All we have to       Moore, Esq. Of Hahn & Hahn for his great help in the
do, however, is observe the many locations around the world        editing of this first issue.
where there are active and potential dangers of major
consequence to us. Our nation’s role in the world has              LTJG Alfred V. Pena, Chaplain– United States Navy Reserve
become one of “peace keeper.”

USS Pasadena Foundation
Pasadena Navy League                                                                                              Non-Profit ORG
                                                                                                                   U.S. Postage
P.O. Box 70768
Pasadena, CA 91117                                                                                                   PAID
                                                                                                                    Permit #479
                                                                                                                   Pasadena, CA
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