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					SEPTEMBER, 2010
Volume 4, Issue 4

Warm Springs Owners & Mutual Water Association / 719-836-0759

 Greetings Everyone:

 My apologies for not getting the July President’s letter out. It seems each time I had it done, something new came up, and things
 were changing daily in regards to the Water Project.

 But before we hit the Water Project, let us cover a couple of other issues first.

 Burn Ban:
 First of all, Park County is in a burn ban. NO OPEN FIRES AT ALL. With a number of major fires on the Front Range and the
 extremely high fire danger we are currently experiencing, no bon fires, no burn pits, not even charcoal grills are allowed. When the
 burn ban is lifted, you must have a burn permit issued annually from North West Fire. A burn pit must be fully contained, complete
 with screen guard, and not hold more then one cubic foot of wood at a time. We don’t need to see our neighborhood go up in
 flames like what occurred in the four-mile fire outside of Boulder. If you see an open fire, please contact North West Fire at 719-

 Chipper Program:
 Bryan has been keeping up with the chipper program. There are still a few dates left if you have slash to chip.

          Cost: $25.00/30minutes ($25.00 minimum)
          Rates are doubled if property owner is not present during chipping.

          Dates: The following dates still have openings: October 2nd, 8th and 30th.

          Limit of 10 sign-ups per day, first come/first served.

               o 8 inches or less in diameter
               o Branches should be cut into narrow sections (No wide “Y” pieces)
               o Stack in neat piles with butt ends on the same side
               o Piles should be located where the truck & chipper can easily access them on the property. Ranch Manager can
                   walk property to verify before piles are created.
               o Piles should not exceed 3 ft. in height.

 Reservations can be made using the online form, CHIPPER REGISTRATION, or by calling or emailing the office: 719-836-0759, Be sure to leave your name, your first and second choice for dates, a reach number and your lot number
 or physical address.

 Table of Contents
 Letter from the President – Page 1    Minutes from 07-03-10 Board Mtg – Page 6      Minutes from 09-11-10 Board Mtg – Page 9

 Upcoming Events – Page 17             Contact Information – Page 17
   President’s letter                continued

       Annual Meeting:
       It was great to see so many of you at the Annual Meeting and even more of you at the BBQ. We had 77 lots represented at the
       Annual Meeting and we fed around 260 people.
       The three Board members who were up for re-election were all re-elected. Along with that, the officers were all re-elected to
       serve in their positions for another year. The one change that occurred was that Matt Propst stepped down as the Water
       Committee Chair and Dino Roth accepted that committee leadership position. We’d like to thank Matt for all of his time and effort
       in helping us secure the USDA RD funding for the water project and for getting this project back on track when it appeared to be
       derailed three years ago. Moving forward, I can’t tell you how many hours Dino has already put in. It has been virtually a full-
       time job for him working with contractors, Bryan, and with McLaughlin Water Engineers. Honestly, he has put in 25-35 hours a
       week tracking and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Water Project. Dino, thanks for the job you are doing!
       Fishing Ponds:
       At the Annual Meeting we covered the issue of fishing licenses and the ponds. First of all, let me say that we were advised by
       representatives from the Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW), who gave their best-case answers, that per Colorado regulations
       we had two options for our fishing ponds:
       Option A would be to apply for a Private Lake license, in which case the Association would need to have a representative at the
       ponds during fishing times and write receipts for any and all fish taken. Clearly, we don’t have the resources to have someone
       man the ponds from 6 am till 9 pm 7-days a week.
       Option B would be to require that each individual (age 16 and over) have a state fishing license to legally fish at the ponds.
       At that time we chose Option B.
       Several community members questioned this and contacted the DOW themselves. It turns out that the Private Fishing Lake
       policy is geared more towards private businesses and doesn’t quite apply to a situation like ours, where a group or organization
       owns and stocks the lakes/ponds for their members. Due to these questions, we have been informed that this whole issue is
       being placed on the agenda for the DOW’s general counsel for review.
       With all of that said, we were instructed to apply for the Private Lake license. We will not be required to write the receipts as
       indicated previously, but, as I said, this entire issue is up for review by the DOW’s general counsel, so things still may change.
       At this time we plan to send in an application for a Private Lake license and are hoping to be grandfathered in should changes
       occur in the fishing regulations going forward. Until that time, I would strongly urge folks to have a CO State fishing license
       when fishing at the ponds.
       Other issues have arisen where people have been fishing at the ponds and claiming they were given permission from property
       owners or were guests of property owners. Currently, there is no way for us to verify if this is, in fact, the truth, or if someone is
       poaching our ponds. It was suggested at the Annual Meeting that ID tags on lanyards be issued to each property owner and,
       when fishing the ponds, whether property owner or guest, those fishing must be in possession of the lanyard and ID tag. This
       would, in fact, eliminate outsiders from coming in and fishing the ponds and taking the fish that we, as property owners, have
       paid to have stocked into the ponds. The Board would like your input on this. You may submit your suggestions via our website, The link to the form will be on the NEWS & ANNOUNCMENT page once you sign in. You may also email
       us at
       Golf Carts:
       While addressing the membership at the Annual Meeting, Sheriff Fred Wegener shared with us that a new law in Colorado
       allows golf carts to be driven on private roads where the speed limit is 25 mph or less. This would mean that per Colorado
       statues, golf carts could be allowed on our roadways. However, our own governing documents state that no unlice nsed vehicle
       is allowed on the roadways, and that snowmobiles are allowed only in the bar ditches. So, before everyone runs out and buys
       golf carts or gas powered vehicles with 50cc engines or less because state law will now allow this, that doesn’t mean o ur
       Covenants have changed. Unlicensed vehicles are still not allowed on Ranch roadways

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President’s letter             continued

 Covenant and Rule Enforcement:
 The Board recently asked our attorneys to draw up a Resolution Regarding Policies and Procedures for Covenant and Rule
 Enforcement. The document was reviewed at the September Board meeting and approved by all members pending minor
 editing. You may view the document on our website, > Resource Center > Governing Documents.

 Financials and Audits:
 Financially, we are in good shape. We are setting aside funds to wrap up some capital projects that were put off while waiting
 for the Water Project to commence. We will be looking at some additional renovation work in the clubhouse; replacing some
 fencing along the back side of the Ranch; and some upgrades to the gates. We are currently working with our CPA and the
 USDA RD in putting together what will be required for a full financial audit of our books. This audit is not only required by our
 own governing documents but is also one of the conditions of the USDA RD loan.

 Medical Marijuana:
 During his presentation at the Annual Meeting, Sheriff Wegener also informed us of what is contained in the new laws
 concerning medical marijuana. The county commissioners are currently reviewing the new State laws which give the counties
 and municipalities the right to develop regulations concerning dispensaries and grow operations. As many of you are aware,
 some months ago the Sheriff’s Department conducted raids and found a number of grow operations here on the Ranch,
 totaling over 1000 plants. One of the items the Sheriff’s Department is requesting from the Commissioners is that grow
 operations be restricted to R20 or larger zoning codes. This would mean that a grow operation could not exist inside a
 subdivision such as ours as we are considered an R1 zone (one acre lot). R20 parcels are those that are 20 acres or larger.
 My personal feeling on this is that if the state is going to legalize it and tax it, then it should be located in a commercially-zoned
 area and not in a residential area at all. I believe that is why there are zoning laws in the first place. But that is simply my
 personal opinion. Overall, whether you are for it or against it, please contact our County Commissioners and let them know
 your feelings ( / PO Box 1373, Fairplay, CO 80440). This issue will most likely be on the ballot come

 There have been questions concerning the entrance gates. First of all, in no way is the Board or our Ranch Manager ignoring
 the issues of the gates not functioning. We have looked at the ongoing issues with the gates, coupled with the issue of having
 lots of heavy equipment coming and going via both CR 20 and CR 5 during the Water Project.

 Not too long ago we lost power between the clubhouse and the front gate. We have done the necessary paperwork with IREA
 and are having a transformer placed at a power pole near the front gate. We have received the cost estimate from a local
 electrician and will be installing a service connect at this pole, thus supplying power from a much closer proximity rather then
 pulling off of the clubhouse.

 Concerning the rear gate, we have a faulty in-ground exit loop. This loop, when we have moisture, is shorting out and not
 allowing the gate to open. Add this to past issues with people hitting the rear gate due to speed, and we have opted to have
 power moved farther out near the intersection of High Creek and Breakneck Pass Road and to relocate the rear gate farther
 out where drivers would need to slow down for the intersection anyway, thus giving us the opportunity to re-install a new exit
 loop and have the gate in a position where folks would naturally slow down, regardless. It does not make sense to do this
 work prior to the Water Project’s completion. We don’t want to have damage done to the exit loops due to heavy equipm ent.
 This work will be done later in the season when we have a better handle on how the Water Project is going.

 The dumpster is for household trash/garbage only . Just because you can fit an oven or a dishwasher in
 doesn’t mean it belongs there. New signage is being created for the dumpster and reviewed by our attorneys. Apparently, we
 still have folks who feel that tires and appliances belong in or near the dumpster. An additional note to this: If you are a home
 owner and have renters in your house, you should probably let them know what is allowed and what isn’t, because, ultimately,
 you are responsible for the actions of your renters. This means that you would be responsible for any fines and/or legal fees
 that might be incurred if the renters are caught dumping illegal items into the dumpster.

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   President’s letter               continued

       Please remember that the Architectural Review Committee has applications for improvements to your property, such a s
       putting in an asphalt driveway, putting on a new roof, redoing decks, or painting and/or staining of your house. There are
       items which, per our governing documents, need to be reviewed and approved. This also includes making sure that
       proper building permits are submitted and handled by the County. If you have questions, please either drop Karen or
       Rusty an email ( or or give Karen a call (719-836-0759) during office hours.

       If you are developing your lot, make sure you review the water tap application for information on type and size of water
       lines as well as trace wires and insulation requirements.

       Water Project:
       Let’s start with an overview. The Water Project is underway. The bids were opened, authorized, and awarded to Stan
       Miller Inc. (SMI) of Breckenridge for the pipeline and Diesslin Structures Inc. (DSI) of Salida for the tank portion. We are
       still working on awarding the meter installation portion of the project.

       On July 26, 2010, Stan Miller started installation of the 10-inch backbone line from just below the 6 upper ponds up to the
       100,000 gallon tank, which will be located at the intersection of Sheep Ridge and High Creek. Diesslin started work on
       the 100K tank on Aug 2nd.

       Here is the most recent report from Dino Roth, Water Committee Chairperson:

                1) DSI continued then completed rebar work at the 100K tank. Tank floor concrete pour is scheduled for Mon,
                13 Sep @ 0900. Prefab tanks were delivered on schedule and placed at the cul-de-sac below their intended
                permanent location. The access to and digging of prefab tanks was completed on Fri, 10 Sep.

                2) SMI continued with pipeline installation, laying approximately 632 ft of 6" and 159 ft of 4" pipe. The pipeline
                up to the upper tanks was completed then SMI turned over the area to DSI for the upper tank installation.
                Additionally, service connections to existing homes began on High Creek Rd and Ahrens Ct.

                3) At Thursday's coordination meeting the 'one pour' of the walls at the 100K tank was confirmed. This will allow
                some time savings for this portion of the project. Bill Perkins (SMI) thought they were 4-5 days behind schedule
                but would make this time up as they proceeded down Sheep Ridge. If they do not then an additional crew will be

                5) Bryan and I discussed the Saturday, 11 Sep Board meeting and coordinated the upcoming terrain walk. It
                was conducted as scheduled and a greater understanding was accomplished by the attending membership.

                6) We currently have laid approximately 6760 ft of 10", 2418 ft of 6", and 1914 ft of 4" pipe.

                7) We are still within acceptable time-lines and within budget. As discussed at the Board meeting, only one
                work change was submitted by SMI and approved by me for a cost of approximately $1700 USD. This is an
                abbreviated update as I believe we discussed the project at length on Saturday.”

            Dino articulates it a lot better and more concise than I ever could. Thanks for the update, Dino.

       Road Closures:
       During the construction process there will be sections of roads closed. It will be necessary for residents to work around
       the closures when coming and going from the Ranch or when going over to the dumpster or clubhouse. We understand
       that there are inconveniences, but it is a necessary evil for getting this project done. We will do our best to keep people
       informed via email blasts, door hangers and phone messages concerning our water line installation. We are posting
       signage at both Park County 20 and 5 to let you know where the closures are.

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President’s letter            continued

 The following link,, will give you an idea of what is being
 done. A picture really is worth a thousand words when it comes to explaining why “No Thru Traffic” is posted.

 For all of you who are being supportive and understanding of the importance of the work that is going on, thank you -- we
 really do appreciate it!

 Water Outages:
 There will be short water outages as the lines and service connections are done in front of your property. We will try to g ive
 you notice a day or two before this happens. We know that breaks in the existing water main will occur. When this happens,
 the crew laying the pipe will jump over into repair mode and get the water back online as soon as they possibly can.

 Oversight of the Project:
 Bryan Shane, our Ranch Manager, has taken on the added responsibility of being the HOA’s representative on this project.
 No section of water line will be buried without Bryan actually visually inspecting it and seeing how it is being put in. Bryan is
 working hand in hand with Dino Roth, Board Member and new Water Committee Chairperson. Between these two
 gentlemen, I am confident our best interests will be insured. They in turn will be working with Mike Miller from McLaughlin
 Water Engineering, who is the Quality Assurance Specialist for McLaughlin. If you have questions, we would request that
 you call our toll free number, 888-673-0500 / option 7. Selecting this option will send the message directly to Bryan’s email
 and he will get back to you as soon as he possibly can. I know he placed his cell phone number on the fliers, but that
 number is for emergency situations only. If you have general questions for Bryan, please go through the office during office
 hours or leave him a message at the above-referenced 888 number. If an emergency pertaining to the Water Project arises,
 contact Bryan directly via his cell phone. But remember, an excavator digging a trench in the road in front of your house
 isn’t an emergency -- it’s part of the Water Project.

 A lot of people have put in countless hours to get us to the point of new lines going into the ground. I’d really like to th ank
 Karen Koy, Bryan Shane and Dino Roth for how each of them has stepped up to the plate to get us to this point, and for the
 load each is carrying now and over the next three months. We can’t thank each of them enough for the job they are doing!!

 Best Regards,

 Bruce A. McCown

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   Board Meeting Minutes JULY 3, 2010
                                       WARM SPRINGS OWNERS & MUTUAL WATER ASSOCIATION
                                              ANNUAL BOARD MEETING – JULY 3, 2010

                                                   Recorded by Bev Benzing, Board Member

       1. Meeting Called to Order:
          10:10am by Pres. Bruce McCown
       2. Roll Call / Board Proxies:
          Present: Bruce McCown, Rusty Whitner, Matt Propst, Bev Benzing, Ed Schans, Steve Conner, Dave Thompson, Dino Roth.
          Absent: Tommy Ryan, proxy given to Rusty Whitner.
       3. Approval of Agenda:
          Motion made by Ed Schans, seconded by Rusty Whitner to accept the agenda with the order as published with the
          exception to reverse items 5 & 6. Approved unanimously. Motion made by Dave Thompson, seconded by Dino Roth to add
          to the agenda the need to approve the May minutes as written with the addition of the Boards approval of the McLaughlin
          contract. Approved unanimously.
       4. Electronic Votes:
          Tommy Ryan has records and minutes of business conducted by the Board since the May meeting and he is to attach to
          them to these minutes upon his return.
       5. Water Project Update:
          USDA-RD approved and funded the water project loan for $3.45 million dollars. McLaughlin Engineering Inc. has been
          contracted by the Association for the project. Stan Miller has been contracted for the installation of the pipe and
          Diesslin Structures for the installation of the water tank. We are still awaiting State approval from the Department of Health
          on the plans for the water tank. Hopefully pipe line construction will begin in 14 days. Contractors will be doing sections of
          line to ensure that home owners are only without water for limited amounts of time (4-8) hours. A schedule is to be
          developed so owners will have an idea of down time on water or access to their property. Tags have been made to give to
          contractors to hang from their vehicle’s mirrors so people can be identified as to properly be on ranch property. Also the
          Sheriff’s dept. will have an increased presence to watch the ranch property, speeding, suspicious activity, etc. Cost to ranch
          is $35/hour. Normal patrols are limited to outside the gate boundaries because we are considered private roads.
          Goal - pipeline will be in this year. Tank needs to be awarded by July 15 th to have completed this year. We are awaiting the
          State approval as listed above. Contingencies are in place for both possibilities, completion in one year or carryover to ne xt
            Water Meters are required by the USDA in case of default and they need to bill to recoup their investment. They required a
            tiered system that doesn’t kick in until 60,000 gallons/month/meter. Initially they wanted a meter pit at the road. McLaughlin
            did research and showed no outside meter pit installs above 9,000 feet. The USDA agreed to meters in the houses with an
            electronic outside read. The office will co-ordinate access with owners to allow contractors to get inside the property to
            install. Our ranch manager will probably be the person, moving forward, to be doing the water readings on a quarterly basis.
            Bruce thanked everyone on the board and staff in getting this project to this point.

            a. Ranch Mgr – New shop awaiting final approval by county. Roads - one grading this season and with construction to
               start, no other grading. Watch speeds as this deteriorates the roads. Thistle spraying has started using ATV. Pine
               Beetle – Forest service reports activity is down. Owners encouraged to walk and watch their properties. Ponds are
               stocked, last one scheduled for Labor Day. Chipper schedule is out, get with Bryan for the treating your lot. Full report
               posted on the web site.
            b. Office Mgr – 17 delinquent, 9 in collections. 156 properties paid in full. 194 partial pays with reminder final payment
               due in July. 19 properties sold since last Annual HOA meeting. Full report posted on the web site.
            c. ARC – Full report posted on web site.
            d. Financial – Full report posted on web site.
            e. Water Committee – Full report posted on web site.
            f. Water Operations – Full report posted on web site.
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Board Meeting Minutes JULY 3, 2010 continued
  Fishing pond update – Bruce gave update that since the signs have been posted, further contact with the government
  (within the last week) has contradicted some of what was previously communicated. The current advice is to apply for the
  Private Lake license and then we don’t have to have someone there to sign off on fish taken out of the lakes. Board is
  looking at a requirement that owner be present with any guests and a way to verify. A reminder to home owners: The limit
  is 3 fish per day per lot, not per person. The Department Of Wildlife is to determine if we are an open or closed water
  system, though work for water project clearly shows us as an open system. Until they work through this it is unknown if we
  are going to have to have licenses to fish. For now, to be safe, we are requiring licenses.

  Gates – Front has broken wires. IREA will set a new power pole. Back gate – sometimes has been hit but the last time
  evidenced showed no physical impact damage, suspect that a tow strap was used, vandalism is suspected. Solution is the
  gate will be moved lower to the bend to get people to slow down where they naturally have to slow. Surveillance is to be
  added. Bruce’s neighbors, Brian Muller / lot 345 & McCarthy’s, lot 368 have donated beetle kill pines to dress up our front
  gate entrance when that project is addressed.

  6. Board Seat Elections – 79 ballots cast all incumbents re-elected, no write-ins.

  7. Presentation by Park County Sheriff Fred Wegener
     Off duty officers are to be used in compliance with the contract with the WSO ranch. The State has approved use of
     Golf carts (motors of 50 cc’s or less) for use in private communities that have speed limits of 25 mph or less. ATVs are
     covered in this exemption as well. It is up to this community to develop the standards.

      With the difficult economic times his office has seen an increase in break-ins county wide. On the ranch they have
      been on the back side. Some have been vandalism while others have been specifically targeted.

      Medical marijuana – a ballot is being considered for the area by the County Commissioners. Question asked on the
      difference between grow houses and dispensary. Houses supply and dispensary is where patient goes for supply.
      Four known grow houses are on the ranch. Once the issue is decided with the county commissioners and the
      November election, then the Sheriff’s office can act appropriately.

      Hunters and weapons - the law generally provides for a minimum of ¼ mile into the forest but some areas are
      designated as no shoot area. If someone thinks they see someone operating in an unsafe manner or on the ranch
      property, call 911.

      Fire bans are not in place right now.

      Bears – there are several in the area. Three have been identified. Watch the bird feeders. A Clorox water mixture is
      good to cleanup with to deter the bear’s interest in food.

  8. Election of Board members – 79 ballots cast all incumbents re-elected no write-ins.

  9. Adjourn Annual Meeting
      At 11:53am, motion made by Dino Roth and seconded by Dave Thompson to adjourn. Approved unanimously.

                                                                                                                                Page   7
   Board Meeting Minutes JULY 3, 2010 continued
                                                      REGULAR BOARD MEETING

            1. Election of Officers – Motion made by Ed Schans, seconded by Dave Thompson to re-elect same officers. Approved.

            2. Water Meter Resolution – Motion made by Matt Propst and seconded by Rusty Whitner to accept resolution drafted
               by attorney. Approved

            3. Land Use Violations – For un-licensed vehicles and improperly constructed structures currently before the ARC, a
               motion was made by Dino Roth, seconded by Matt Propst to use county land use violation form to get the county
               involved and get owner to comply. ARC Chair will notify board prior to using county form on future issues. Approved
               Dumpster – still having issues. Motion made by Matt Propst and seconded by Dino Roth for Matt to look into other
               examples around the area on signage to advise residents on what can be deposited in receptacle.

                Motion made by Matt Propst, seconded by Dino Roth to send warning letter to home owner, on recent issue involving
                a tenant illegally dumping.

            4. Adjourn Regular Meeting – Motion made by Dino Roth and seconded by Rusty Whitner at 12:05pm.

                                                         EXECUTIVE SESSION
       9:45am – Opened

       Resolution proposed by Dino, seconded by Ed to approve and sign McLaughlin water project. Unanimously approved.

       9:55am - Closed

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Board Meeting Minutes SEPTEMBER 11, 2010
                            September 11, 2010 Board of Managers Meeting Minutes

1.   Meeting called to order by Bruce McCown, President, at 4:20 pm.

2.      Roll Call: Present: Bruce McCown, Tommy Ryan, Dave Thompson, Dino Roth, Ed Schans, Bev Benzing
                   Absent: Steve Conner, Rusty Whitner, Matt Propst
                   Proxies: Matt to Bruce, Steve and Rusty to Dino

3.   Approval of Agenda: Motion made by Bev and 2 nd by Dave, to approve the agenda. Approved unanimously.

4.   Electronic Voting since last meeting:
           (a) The minutes of the 03-July-10 board and executive session minutes were approved unanimously.
           (b) Motion made by Steve and 2 nd by Tommy that we allow employees of WSO&MWA selected by the
                Home Owners Board to accrue PTO (paid time off) at the rate of .06 hours for each full time hour
                worked, and that this PTO be retroactive to 01-Jan-10 when the new arrangement was put into place
                for the Office Manager and Ranch Manager. Approved unanimously.
           (c) Motion made by Rusty and 2 nd by Dino that we move forward with the lawsuit against the owner of
                lot 204 for failure to finish the house in a timely manner. Voting to approve: Rusty, Dino, Bruce,
                Tommy, Matt, Ed and Bev. Voting no: Dave. Abstaining: Steve. Motion approved.
           (d) Motion made by Rusty and 2 nd by Bruce that Dino be appointed water chair. Voting to approve:
                Rusty, Bruce, Tommy, Ed, Steve, Bev, Dave. Abstaining: Dino. Motion approved.
           (e) Motion made by Steve and 2 nd by Matt that we draft a letter to be reviewed by the board and then
                sent to the owner who was observed violating the covenant rule regarding the use of unlicensed
                vehicles on Ranch roadways, stating the purpose of the covenants and the bound agreement to which
                an owner is held by purchasing property on the Ranch; that we copy the section of the covenant which
                states no unlicensed vehicles on roadways; that we state that the board is bound to uphold and enforce
                the covenants; that further actions of this kind could lead to fines/legal actions/loss of Ranch privileges,
                which includes use of the ponds/dumpster/water; and that the board requests that the rules of the
                association be followed, making no further action by the board necessary. Voting to approve: Steve,
                Matt, Rusty, Tommy, Bruce, Dino and Ed. Motion approved.

5.   Reports: (All reports presented via email to board members for review prior to the meeting. Copies of all
     reports are posted online)
          (a) Ranch Manager’s Report presented by Bryan Shane, Ranch Manager
          (b) Office Manager’s Report presented by Karen Koy, Office Manager.
          (c) Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Report presented by Rusty, ARC Chair.
          (d) Financial Reports presented by Matt, Treasurer.
          (e) Water Committee Report presented by Dino. In addition to his regular report, Dino reported that several
               board members, along with the Ranch Manager, did a drive-around of the water project earlier today;
               that approximately 20% of the project has been completed; and that we are on both schedule and
               budget. Also, regarding interim financing, we were supposed to have received a commitment letter by
               yesterday from CoBank, but they had found a mistake in the USDA RD’s paperwork, which the
               government is presently correcting. We should hear by Tuesday 14-Sept-10 of the corrections and final
          (f) Water Operator’s Report presented by Jeff Goble, Water Operator.

6.   Old Business/Updates:
          (a) Governing Documents. Bruce reported that the re-write of the governing documents will be a high
              priority for the board once the water project is completed. Trish, our attorney, is presently working on
          (b) Lot #204. See 4. (c) above.
          (c) Pine Beetle Mitigation. Bryan reported that the Colorado State Forestry Service is scheduled for a walk-         Page   9
              through soon to check for pine beetle infestation.
   Board Meeting Minutes SEPTEMBER 11, 2010 continued
               (d) Commercial Businesses on Ranch. Most of these commercial business properties on the Ranch are
                   presently up for sale. The problem will possibly take care of itself with new laws coming in.
               (e) Law Enforcement on Ranch. The sheriff’s department, while patrolling on the Ranch over the Labor
                   Day weekend, issued citations to several people fishing at the ponds without state fishing licenses.
                   Also, one owner, along with 5 others representing his lot, was observed by a board member to have 5
                   fish over the prescribed limit (a total of 8 fish) on a stringer while continuing to fish, in direct violation of
                   our covenants and posted signs of 3 fish/per lot/per day. In response to this and other covenant
                   violations issues, the board asked our attorneys to draft a “Resolution of the WSOMWA Regarding
                   Policies and Procedures for Covenant and Rule Enforcement,” which was provided via email and
                   acted upon at the meeting (copy attached). Motion made by Ed and 2nd by Bev to accept the
                   resolution as presented by our attorneys (with one minor typo). Approved unanimously.
               (f) Shed/Barn on Horse Pasture C (Lot 308). The shed/barn in question is presently being dismantled.
                   The HOA will place a covenant lien on the property for non-payment of legal fees in addressing this
                   issue, in the amount of $726.50.
               (g) Sheriff’s Sale (Lot 310). The Association has foreclosed on Lot 310 and now holds the warranty deed
                   for the property. This action will cause the bank to move forward with their foreclosure of said
                   property and place it up for sale. Currently, the bank is now liable for payment of dues moving forward
                   until such time as the property sells.
               (h) Wildlife/Fishing Policies. The state is presently trying to figure out where they stand on the issue of
                   whether or not a Colorado state fishing license is necessary to fish in our privately-owned ponds.
                   More on this later. Presently, we are abiding by the original determination of the DOW that licenses
                   ARE required. Until we hear differently, we will continue to abide by this policy.
               (i) Short-Term Funding – Bridge Loan. Addressed in the water committee’s report above -- 5. (e).
               (j) Trail Maintenance. Mark Winter, trail maintenance coordinator, reported that there was only one
                   workday this summer, and that recently purchased equipment for this ongoing project proved to be
                   inadequate for the task. He presented information about a DR Brush Hog which would be more in line
                   with our needs to keep the trails within the Ranch up to par. Also, he stressed the need for markers to
                   delineate the trails once hikers have entered the trails. Motion made by Ed and 2 nd by Dino to
                   allocate $3,000 for the purchase of needed equipment. Approved unanimously.

       7.   New Business:
                (a) Fines for Covenants Violations. Refer to 6. (e) above.
                (b) Chuck Crume and Joyce Feld (Lot 071) were present and asked questions regarding two issues:
                     Trailers parked on lots and signs posted on properties and structures. Bruce went over the policies
                     and procedures for these issues as listed on our covenants.
                (c) Flat Fee to Risk Sharing. Motion made by Dino and 2nd by Ed to approve a policy of risk sharing
                     with our attorneys when items are sent for collections, replacing the previous policy of paying a flat
                     fee for these services. Approved unanimously.
                (d) 2011 Budget. Matt is working on the proposed budget to be ratified at the 13-Nov-10 board
                     meeting. He would like to have a volunteer committee assist him in this project. The following have
                     volunteered to serve on the budget committee: Matt, Karen Koy, Rusty, Bruce and Mark Winter.
                     They will meet on Wednesday, 06-Oct at Matt’s home, time TBD.
       8.   Meeting adjourned. There being no further business to conduct, a motion was made by Dino and 2 nd by
            Bev, to adjourn the meeting. Approved unanimously.

       Respectfully submitted,

       Tommy Ryan, Secretary


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                        Next ARC Meeting                                                                     October 7th
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                        Next Board Meeting                                                                   November 13th
                                                                                                             at 4:pm in the Clubhouse

                 Contact Information
                    BOARD MEMBERS:                                   COMMITTEE CHAIRS:
                    Bruce McCown                     ARCommittee   Rusty Whitner 
                    Rusty Whitner                      Water Project Dino Roth     
                    Matt Propst
                    Tommy Ryan                     RANCH STAFF:
                    Bev Benzing                 Ranch Manager-Bryan Shane             719-836-0759-phone & FAX
                    Ed Schans                                             
                    Steve Conner                                                       EMERGENCY CELL: 719-839-1110
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