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									      Association Objectives

 Promote the ideas of organized Rescue and Emergency Medical
  Service throughout the State of North Carolina, and,

 Promote and assist in the establishment and training of Rescue
  and Emergency Medical Services organizations; and,

 Promote safe and innovative advances in Rescue and patient care
  techniques so as to better serve the citizens of North Carolina;

 Stay abreast of, and inform its membership of legislation and
  regulation changes affecting Rescue and Emergency Medical
  Services units and personnel on the state and national level; and,
       Association Objectives

   Promote and encourage high ethical standards among Rescue and Emergency
    Medical Services personnel; and,

   Encourage and promote a harmonious spirit of kinship among Rescue and
    Emergency Medical Services personnel and others devoted to the cause of
    saving life and aiding the sick and injured; and,

   Promote the general welfare of the members and squads of the Association;

   Communicate with organizations, governmental agencies and commissions
    whose objectives are accident prevention, safety education, rescue and/or
    patient care related; and, to cooperate with these bodies to the extent that
    their efforts benefit the Association’s membership; and,

   Bring together in a common Association all organizations.
      Current Membership

• As of October 25, 2010
  – Member Organizations - 588
  – Total Membership – 23,647
  – Brotherhood Members – 227 Organizations
  – Total Brotherhood Membership – 6595
   How Are We Governed

10 Areas Across the State
   Each Area elects 2 Directors and each Director appoints
    an alternate.
   Each Area has an Area Secretary
   Each Area may conduct Area Meetings as needed.
   Meetings are held at various organizations
   A Commander and Vice Commander is elected each
    odd number year at the annual meeting
 How a Department Becomes A
  Recognized for a Standard

Department Makes Application
   Complete online application
   Send complete roster (including mailing address, DOB,
    & SS#) to Association Office
   Verification will be made of member certifications,
    corporate/municipal documents, and application
How a Department Becomes A
 Recognized for a Standard

 Department ensures the necessary equipment is in
 Requests an inspection
 Upon successful completion of inspection
  certification is granted.
 Recognition as by our standards is part of the
  eligibility criteria for the Rescue Relief Fund
  Equipment Grant.
   History of the Standards

 Several questions and complaints about departments
  calling themselves “rescue” providers
    However, not having personnel, training or equipment
     to provide services

 Association established 30 member committee to study
  these issues
   The Original Committee

 Committee was composed of 40 personnel
   Fire-rescue instructors
   Chiefs/Captains
   Training officers
   Other fire-rescue personnel
  Charge to the Committee

 To look at minimum standards for rescue squads
   Using the ERT program as a training consensus.
      That switched to the RT program and was changed
      to the Technical Rescuer program on October 1,
   Match appropriate equipment accordingly
        Standards Adopted

 Final committee meeting in December 1998 led to the
  standards going to the Board of Directors

 The Board of Directors met in January 1999 and
  approved the standards and charged the Membership
  Committee with their upkeep and maintenance.
 Today the Training and Standards Committee has been
  charged with maintaining our standards which were
  again revised June 1, 2010.
    Standards Available for
 Medical responder
    Minimum equipment and defibrillator

 Ambulance rescue provider
    Permitted ambulance

 Rescue provider
    Light, Medium, and Heavy
    Specialized Provider (Trench, Confined Space, etc.)
        Number of Agencies
        Certified by Standard
 Agriculture: 11           Rescue Provider: 27
   Air operations: 9         Structural collapse: 11
   Ambulance: 388            Trench: 18
   Confined space: 22        Water (Stillwater): 47
   Heavy vehicle: 13         Water (swift): 33
 Heavy Rescue: 99          Water (ocean): 8
   High angle: 54            Water (Ice): 2
   Light Rescue: 69          Water (Dive): 24
   Medium Rescue: 82         Land search: 18
 Medical Responder: 153   As of 10/25/2010
             Eligible Rescue and EMS Workers

Death Benefits (In-Line-Of-Duty)
   Federal - $318,111.64 + COLA
   Rescue Relief Fund $100,000.00 (Administered by the
   North Carolina State $50,000.00
                  Eligible Rescue and EMS Workers

 Disability Income (Relief Fund)
      10% of weekly salary when injured in-line-of-duty. Must notify
       NCAR&EMS within 30 days of injury. Must be non-
       ambulatory Application must be made. Administered by the

 Health Insurance
      Major Medical Health Insurance & Universal Life Insurance
       Coastal Benefits Group 800-567-8914
      State of N.C. Comprehensive Major Medical Plan                       800-
       422-4658 or

 Dignity Memorial Public Servant Program
    Offers dignified and honorable tribute, at no cost, for Fire, Rescue, EMS,
     and Law Enforcement Officers who die in the Line of Duty.
    Providers located across NC
    Personal Planning services also available
                   Eligible Rescue and EMS Workers

 Children of Member Scholarships - $820,000 per year
    10 - $8,000.00 scholarships awarded – (2 years, transfer to 4 year
    35 - $12,000.00 scholarships awarded – (4 years)
    35 - $ 2,000.00 scholarships awarded – (2 years)
    Scholarships for Children of in-line-of-duty death
    Children may choose two (2) or four (4) year school. Two (2) year
     scholarship shall be $2,000.00. Four (4) year scholarship shall be
   Applicants must apply by March 31 in the year they graduate from high school.
       Parents must be an eligible Rescue or EMS worker. On-Line Applications
       are available on our website from January 1 to March 31 each year.
              Eligible Rescue and EMS Workers

 Pension fund
  $170.00 per month after 20 years of service at age 55.
  The Fire & Rescue Pension Fund is administered by the
  N.C. State Treasurer's Office, in Raleigh, N.C. Members
  must Pay $10/Month or until $2400.00 is paid.
               Eligible Rescue and EMS Workers

 AFLAC Insurance Program
    Insurance Policies
    Pays cash when you get hurt or miss work.
    Complete Information on our website.

 Local Government Federal Credit Union (Visa Debit Card
    Eligible Rescue and EMS worker members can get accounts at
    Request a NCAREMS Visa debit card and 50% of the merchant
     fee will be given to the NCAREMS.
    NCAREMS Visa Debit Cards can be requested by anyone with a
     LGFCU account.
            Eligible Rescue and EMS Workers

 In-The-Line-Of-Duty Death Children of Member

   Children may choose a 2 year or 4 year school.

   $ 2,000.00 scholarship (2 year school)

   $12,000.00 scholarship (4 year school)
  Association Member Benefits
                Members pay yearly dues.

 Member Scholarships - $210,000 per year
   35 - $4,000.00 scholarships awarded
   35 - $ 2,000.00 scholarships awarded
     Applicants must be a NCAR&EMS members. On-Line
     Applications are available on our website from January 1 to
     March 31 each year.
   Association Member Benefits
                 Members pay yearly dues.

 Scholarships – for spouse of in-line-of-duty death
    Spouse may choose a two (2) or four (4) year school.
    Two (2) year school $2,000.00.
    Four (4) year school $12,000.00.
   Association Member Benefits
                Members pay yearly dues.

 Benevolent Brotherhood (must be an Assn. member to join)
   Death Benefit is $5,000.00 which is payable upon death
     of a member to the designated beneficiary in the fund.
     (Benefit increases $1,000.00 with each increase in
     membership of 1,000.) Administered by the
   $4.00 Join fee
   Monthly Assessments for Deaths $1/death of a BH
   Join within 5yrs of joining Association unless entire
     department joins and before age 65.
   Association Member Benefits
                   Members pay yearly dues.

 Accidental Death & Dismemberment
    Death Benefit $20,000.00 - Coverage is 24 hours a day.
     (Administered by the NCAR&EMS)
     $3,000 Member provided by American Income
    Dismemberment Up to $20,000 Coverage is 24 hours a day.
       (Administered by NCAREMS)

 Natural Death ( Must have spouse or dependent)
    $1000.00
   Association Member Benefits
                    Members pay yearly dues.

 Monetary Compensation
      $200.00
      Member must show evidence to type of natural or man made catastrophe
       or proof of monetary loss. Must have a minimum estimated loss of
       $1000.00. Does not include motor vehicle crashes.

 NC Vision Health Plan
    $55 Wellness exam
    25% Discount on eyeglasses-off total purchase including upgrades
     (Excludes Budget Eyewear)
    25% Discount Sunglasses (unless prohibited by manufacturer
    20% Discount on contact lenses (excludes disposables)
    10% Discount on 1 yr supply of Disposables
    For more information and locations visit the website or

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